FEEDBACK: Vigilant Guardian (Mythic)

Please use this thread for feedback and bug reports regarding this encounter, or related issues. Noting the nature of your group (Mythic guild premade, PUG, etc.) is helpful, as are any logs. Thank you to everyone who has come out to help test!

Is Vigilant Guardian supposed to be out to start the fight? That’s different from the Heroic testing.

For the Spikes of Creation that spawn after Refracted Blast, the blast impact seems to sometimes spawn multiple in one spot, causing multiple stacks of the DoT to go off when triggering them.

Healer aggro needs to be addressed on this fight, adds will spawn randomly and healers will instantly get 1 shot

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• Spikes give you 3 debuffs if you trigger them within a few seconds
• The amount of animation bloat (with the same animation) is insane
• The HP of the adds felt a little bit too high
• The frontal of the tank add was rarely in front of the add
• Boss being out right away seems like a late change, but it makes the fight more interesting

Core issue:
This fight really highlights how bad tank snap threat is. I was losing threat to healers regularly and we found 3 tanking this fight to be easier.


Why does this boss melee for 50k on a Prot Paladin with SotR/Consecration up? In terms of % of my HP, that’s as high as Sire (an end boss).

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The boss has a much slower attack rate than most, so it hits harder to compensate. Average DPS should be a fair bit lower than an end boss.

That said we’re open to making adjustments if it feels oppressively bursty.

The good:

  • Though it may have been a late change judging by the dungeon journal not reflecting it, the fight was a lot more dynamic with the main boss being active from the beginning. However, it may have communicated the wrong idea of allowing the Unstable Cores from the Automated Defense Matrixes to do the bulk of the work until Vigilant Guardian reaches 40% health.
  • It was nice that more or less every add on the fight could be cc’d, stunned, moved, etc.
  • There is a lot of room for power growth to make the fight easier or faster on farm compared to a first progression kill.

The Bad:

  • There was an issue where a Spike of Creation could trigger multiple debuffs from one impact zone as the spike was appearing and having its circle expand to the full size.

  • Waves of Disintegration often ended up being more of a “somewhere” than a “frontal” directed at the tank.

  • No debuff to indicate the target of a Refracted Blast that will create a Spike of Creation. (this may be intended, but feeds into the next issue)

  • Refracted Blast, Searing Ablation, and Sear all use the same basic gold beam graphic on the target, leading to potential confusion (although Searing Ablation and Sear debuff the victim).

    • In a similar vein, Refracted Blast, Deresolution, Wave of Disintegration, and Split Resolution all use the same golden hexagon graphic for their ground effects. These all communicate the same purpose, but it causes the Spikes of Creation spawning from Refracted Blast in particular to be very hard to notice when the targeting beam is also a shared graphic with other mechanics and has no debuff. This is made all the worse from the possible bug of multiple Spike of Creation debuffs from an “expanding” Spike.
  • Tank damage taken was fairly intense from just autoattacks if the group even remotely started falling behind on adds.

The Ugly:

  • This boss is a nightmare from a threat management standpoint on tanks, with many adds spawning from halfway across the room and running straight for healers who will have built up a natural threat lead by that point. Three-tanking felt necessary just to stop random dps/healer deaths by a single add’s autoattack from being a grim reality.

  • Many of the fight’s duties fall almost entirely to tanks, be it taunt swapping tank adds and the boss, to building threat on adds spawning from every direction (of which some will just teleport away upon making it into the melee stack) while also dodging Spikes of Creation and possibly running the Unstable Cores into the boss (assuming the tank is a druid, warrior, monk, or demon hunter).

    • A DPS player, by comparison, mostly has to DPS the enemies and move out of all the hexagon graphics on the ground.

Overall: This fight will be a pretty fun AoE-fest once there’s a little more clarity between the graphical effects of the mechanics, but a consistent tanking nightmare without adjustments to threat generation

This boss also has adds that also melee very hard and if you get threat on a Custodian and/or a Drone as the boss tank, you could easily just die from all the incoming melee damage.

This is the first boss of the raid and it’s the hardest hitting boss encounter that I did in testing by a lot in terms of threatening melee swings. I think it needs to be tuned down.

As a melee dps the fight is hella fun. Loved it.

Amazing fight for first boss.

This fight is way to hectic for a first boss. I see that dps Love all the adds and the cleave but this should be easier boss at all and felt way to complicated. I might be to dumb but when other first mythic bosses just fall down in the first hour we didn’t come nearly to 70 % with a full 10/10 m group in world 400-700 ranking in the actual content.

Adds cleave down, the stars get just exploding because there are so many adds that melee can’t even see the star traps properly etc.
Other bosses way further in tjevcontent felt a lot easier.

Great first boss the only problem is the adds spawning and bonking players for melees of almost their entire HP. Also the boss could die from 20 to 0 and never do his soft enrage phase using cores. The add that was by far bonking the most people randomly was the shield adds the moment they became active would melee the closest target immediately 1 shotting most dps / healers.

Other than that spike of creating was bugged proccing multiple dmg events and sometimes having multiple stacked in 1 location.