FEEDBACK: Torghast, Tower of the Damned

Rising Heat is a frustrating debuff and I seriously hope this is not a test of adding soft timers to Torghast. This feeling of being rushed through my dungeon run is exactly the very thing that makes me LOATHE Horrific Visions. Please reconsider debuffs and soft timers like this. There are MANY ways you can make Torghast challenging WITHOUT being TIMED.


I didn’t even noticed this debuff to be honest, never got higher than 2 stacks before I was done (2% hp/sec). My passive HP regen was outhealing this.

It also only appears in the soulforges, would expect something like that from forges.

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Tested The Soulforges, ran on DH 2X

Specific to The Soulforges, the Rising Heat debuff did not seem too bad, though at 5% it was definitely noticeable. I feel like it’s going to be harder on some classes without self-healing. Using the frozen orbs on the 6th floor pretty much negates it for the boss fight, so I don’t think it’s any cause for concern. If it is an issue, having a small frozen section (like the patch before the floor exit on 5) where you could stand and gain immunity might be helpful.

The fire swirls all over the place seemed well-tuned to me. Often enough so you needed to pay attention, but not so crazy as to be frustrating.

Guessing the Partially Infused Souls are related to the quest, freeing them gave the freed soul currency and buff, choosing to bind them did nothing and gave nothing.

Mini-map on level 6 needs a look, has a “62” in it.

General Feedback:

The darker anima loot color is a bit hard to see. I guess it fits the theme, but I’d like to see a little purple or red in there to make it have better visibility.

The animation of “Vandalize” on the Ashen Phylactery has grown on me, I really did not like it at first. I do think there need to be more of a smashing/breaking sound on the jars, though. You know the one I’m thinking of…

The popups for the mini-quests on the floors seems to not happen all the time. Maybe it doesn’t show if you are in combat when it triggers, I just know I missed it a few times. Won’t really be an issue if it ends up being voiced.

Overall, was fun- so yay!


I’m not sure, should the exit portals stay walk-thru or be click to exit. I had a mob fear me through the portal and I left the floor without actually completing it. The other time in moving around in combat I accidentally moved through the portal, same result as above. Not a big deal, but thought I would mention it.

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I’ll have more feedback later, but I wanted to give some based on Arms Warrior. A lot of the mobs feel very unforgiving on Normal. Warriors in general lack a lot of self sustain and even the ability to mitigate damage in a meaningful way outside of playing Protection. I shouldn’t be encouraged to waste my rage (a resource I have a hard enough time generating at low gear levels) towards a small shield on Ignore Pain.

This makes the first two-three floors a big gamble for Arms Warrior. Did I get access to a power that helps my self sustain? Did the the floor spawn with Skeleton Spawner (Seriously the exploding Skeletons are an absolute pain)?

In addition to that, to what others have echoed, but the Warrior anima powers feel kinda bland. While gaining 40% additional health is great for continuing forward, it’s also really boring.

The charge and leap gains 200% damage was a lot of fun when mixed with the Mawrat Stompper (Resets the CD of Heroic Leap), but overall most of the powers felt uninteresting.

Finally a different color for the Warrior Anima orbs please. The Gray is so hard to see against the tower’s metal scheme.


First impression on feral:

Some of the abilities don’t really help, or work against the spec. First run gave me Orbit Breaker in the first choice, but cats and moonfare don’t mix well without LI. So I left, tried again, and it gave me some thing that makes physical damage have a chance to charm mob, which means wasted openers and rips.

Obviously not everything has to be great for every spec. But with, say, Havoc, at least the tanky abilities help with survival. Which is better than getting something that makes you just want to leave the tower right after you enter…


Updated May 6

Torghast, Tower of the Damned

  • The following classes now have Anima Powers available, and can access Torghast, Tower of the Damned:

    • Druid
    • Shaman
  • The following class has received new Anima Powers for testing:

    • Mage
  • A new cell block is now available in Torghast. Speak to the Wayfinder to access Coldheart Interstitia.

  • Most bosses have been slightly increased in difficulty. This includes increases to boss health and damage, as well as some new abilities.


First impression of the shaman.
Good god I was glad a friend of mine suggested that I should start with Resto spec on floor 25, I sure felt a lot more squishy as Enh in comparison to my Arms warrior.
But I must say, once I got the ball rolling, with huge uptimes on Bloodlust, Ascendance and lets be honest, some very very bugged and completely broken Animas, I experienced what I can only describe as the most fun I’v ever had inside Torghast on Heroic.

What an absolut blast of dmg, speed and almost zero downtime, while playing the Enh spec. For anyone who hasen’t tried shaman yet on the alpha, I strongly recommend it.

A solid 5/7 experience

Now just down below are a few bugs, that I only wish could just stay as is, but it has to be mentioned.

Major BUGS

  • Draining Hex: “Hex now drains 4% of the target’s maximum health every 2 sec.”

What it really does is draining between 33-55+ % hp every 2 sec, depending on how many stacks you have.

  • Energetic Totems: “Each active totem increases your damage and healing by 40%.”

Currently it gives between 480-600% increased dmg, ALWAYS, with or without totems being up.

  • Flowing Streams: When healing stream totem heals a target, you also cast a free, instant Chain heal at the same target.

While Healing Stream Totem was placed, and I discovered that I kept casting chain heal on myself, even when feared. I dont think thats intended, but it sure was a life savior.

  • The anima power that gives 5 minute uptime on “Vesper totem”,

That Anima power does not work as intended atm, it lasts for it normal duration of 30 seconds. - Side note, if the totem lasts for 5 minutes but still only allows for 3 dps & healing spells, it feels like a pointless anima power.


Did a run as Elemental shaman yesterday and absolutely loved it, but that was partially due to some broken anima powers:

  • The one where capacitor totem stun lasts 100% longer and drops a 2nd capacitor totem when it expires appears broken. One capacitor totem becomes an infinite loop of them in a location AND they don’t go away when you drop them. This becomes slightly annoying because any downtime you have becomes filled with the sound of a totem being placed and your character performing the animation. Going to a new floor does NOT reset the sound/animation portion so it got to a point where my character was infinitely dropping totems and I had to turn my sound off.
  • The 40% per totem is broken and is just a flat 200% per stack permanently. I got this before the capacitor totem anima power so it does not appear related to me having infinite capacitor totems. This also stacks at 5 “stacks” even though I was able to drop 7 totems: healing stream, tremor, capacitor, searing, earthbind, vesper and wind rush. I am thinking this doesn’t count vesper and wind rush and only counts the 5 base totems.
  • The draining hex is awesome, but a single stack of it will kill a mob since 2% per second over 60 seconds gets to 120% of a mob’s HP. This can also be used on elite mobs and is kind of hilarious to watch them just get depleted. I think the healing portion does not stack as I had a couple stacks of this and mobs were losing thousands of HP but I would only be healed for hundreds.
  • There are anima powers that seem to be tied to an old build of vesper totem like giving target 20% haste and there was one that was something like 200% more mastery granted. These did nothing.
  • The ghost wolf bonus 20% speed seemed to cap at 3 stacks. I think I took 5 stacks of this, but ghost wolf never got faster than 90% (30% base + 60% from 3 stacks).

I also got some other fun anima powers like earth elemental cooldown reduction and earth elemental having a permanent earthquake attached to it, but those came at a point where I was just ridiculously overpowered and mobs would die before earth elemental could aggro so it became kind of pointless to use it.

I had a blast with Elemental Shaman and even when some of these absolutely broken anima powers get fixed or tweaked, this feels like a fun class to climb the tower with. I’ll try to do more Druid today but initial runs yesterday felt much worse compared to Shaman, but I think that is due to the # of powers and iterations because Shaman did have powers two weeks ago when we were able to get into Torghast with the party trick, so maybe Druids are just behind on their iterations.


Speaking from a Resto perspective as that is what I play a majority of the time on live and don’t want to really address the other specs as I don’t think I would do them justice…

Druid definitely feels worse, especially compared to Shaman, but I think the reason is because going through the list of available anima powers, almost all of them are non-spec specific and I think that puts a bit of a ceiling on how good any individual spec can perform. I went through the list of datamined ones on Wowhead and by my count, Guardian has two specific, Feral has zero, Balance has zero and Restoration has one. All of the other ones are non-spec specific. If you want to you can actually count 3 for each spec given the ones that buff damage to an item in that spec.

For Resto that is Tranquility cooldown (I think this is 30% even though the % isn’t show in the buff), shapeshift increasing healing of next Regrowth and Swiftmend healing increase.

A lot of the power seem tied into Ironbark, Barkskin, Entangling Roots and Moonfire which is fine, but it would be nice to see more that impacts spec specific spells. For Resto outside of the faster hots, I couldn’t find anything that impacts Lifebloom, Rejuvenation, Wild Growth, Efflorescence or Innervate. Similarly, there isn’t anything for Typhoon, Ursol’s Vortex or Cyclone.

The one power I think is bad is the one that buffs your damage and healing by 50% when Moonfire is on 3 or more targets. Given that at some of the higher levels, and even if starting in a fresh heroic, you can’t really do big pulls this power doesn’t do much. I think if it was reworked to something like Moonfire increases damage and healing by 15% per target it is applied to, with a cap of 3 or 4 stacks so you can hit around the 50% bonus, but have it also work if you are just doing one mob.

I think these are solid for a first pass but would like to see them fleshed out more. Some ideas I had for Resto specifically:

  • Ursol’s Vortex duration increase.
  • Enemies affected by Ursol’s Vortex take X% increased damage.
  • Cyclone duration increase.
  • Enemies are slowed for X seconds after Cyclone expires.
  • Efflorescence has a chance to apply one of your heal over time spells to anyone standing inside of it.
  • Lifebloom reduces damage taken by its target by X%.
  • Wild Growth leaves behind Rejuvenation when it expires.
  • Typhoon applies Entangling Roots to all targets hit by it.
  • Sunfire causes enemies to take X% more damage from Wrath.
  • Moonfire causes enemies to take X% more damage from Starfire.

Just some thoughts I had.


I noticed the other night a couple issues for Demo Lock. The mawrat mount disables your current pet which makes the maw rat ability not as good for destro. There seems to be a UI limit to your non pet demons which makes managing them a little weird once you get the multiple dreadstalkers and Tyrant anima powers.

Some mobs are punishing to demo for not having a kick (the ones that cast inner fire) plus lock pets feel super weak and you basically can’t do heroic unless you get the instant summon early.

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So, some thoughts on warrior abilities, specifically Protection feedback:

  • Smouldering Inertia feels great, although if you don’t have multiple enemies in a particular pull, it often makes you a little annoyed that Charge is usually on cooldown after you catch out a single non-elite enemy on its own. This aggravates somewhat my feelings that Intervene really should not have been unpruned out of Charge into a seperate ability- this ability could be even cooler if it gave you a defensive buff on using intercept in the Intervene style, and an offensive one for using it as a charge.
  • Pleonexian Command (5 Phantasma each usage of victory rush) is WAY overpowered soloing, but yet won’t be very good at all for Protection in group content. DPS warriors might still enjoy it. It will probably make you want to take Impending Victory in groups, I’d say. I can pretty much buyout the vendor’s stock of anima powers whenever I see him soloing with this, though. This was a similar case with trying Torghast on my destruction Warlock, as the Kyrian power that fed her Phantasm was also providing way more than she could even reasonably spend without buying all the health potions. Cut it down to 1 or 2 Phantasm, IMO. It still does a REALLY good job of giving you an incentive to rush without a hard timer. I’d say any similar powers REALLY need to be low-single digits in their rewards.
  • Soulcarved Vow might be interesting when Torghast legitimately goes on forever. Right now enemies largely don’t last long enough for it to matter, at least on solo- this goes for all the other powers affecting Spear of Bastion. This may feel better in Live assuming we’re currently getting very overtuned amounts of Anima powers- I really do hope if so that we get to do some testing of the version with less Anima powers so we can check that it feels fun and which powers are too easy to get.
  • I loved how many Anima powers interacted with Shield slam, and Avatar. See feedback RE: Whirlwind being a bit useless for Prot regarding Fan of Longswords (Shield Slam has a 33% chance to proc WW), though. It’s hardly noticable when you do proc vs when you don’t- I only ever noticed it when I caught the animation.
  • I forget if Curious Miasma is a general ability, (I think it is?) but it’s not really noticable, and for warriors it feels a lot like duplicating the base functionality of Victory Rush, but worse.
  • I note there’s still some PH traits like Venthyr’s Gratitude showing up, which may have been an error given you’re currently assuming we’re all Kyrian for Torghast testing?
  • Hurricane Heart makes me realise how much I want a self-healing ability that’s not a cooldown, lol. Great job, I love that it’s stackable.
  • Resonant Throatbands is pretty amazing. It turns Demo or Intimidating Shout into noticable DPS buffs., which is really awesome.

The more permanent utility powers (lightning bolt ones) given here feel a lot better, despite their not competing well with combat-rated powers. (crossed swords or heart powers) I still maintain utility powers should probably drop in their own pools- perhaps all the anima powers that reside in jars should be utility ones, whereas the ones on enemies or in chests should be combat ones?

I note that some of our existing feedback has already been implemented, too. Good work on the small things here, it helps. Overall I’m liking most of the non-covenant abilites I’ve found as they are, but I’ll play around more later and do another post. Solid start, but feels like it needs some tweaks as-is.

A lot of the random void zone traps and spike traps do still feel quite laggy, unfortunately, but that may not be entirely fixable due to the inherent nature of latency to a server-based MMO experience.


I tried Coldheart Interstitia on a feral druid and I think there is way too much incoming damage for floor one. I don’t think I should have to stop and heal myself up after every pull. It gets better after you get some abilities but this is the easiest of the easy…

I still just find this content so boring. It was better on normal but if I had to go through those first 5 levels to get there I would never make it.

Also, there should be some way to just leave that content other than just log out. Maybe there is and I missed it.

While my first impressions on cat weren’t all that great, my subsequent run was quite fun.

Getting Sash, Tendrils, Thorns, and Bramblepatch then zooming around killing all the things with roots is kinda bonkers.

Also fought a boss named Maw of the Maw, which was quite funny. Until he tried to eat all my armor lol.

10/10, would root all the things again.


Going through Torghast has inspired additional ideas about Shaman design.

  1. Anima power that causes Flame Shock to extend the duration of Searing Totem.
  2. Anima power that causes Searing Totem to attack all enemies with the Flame Shock DoT
  3. Rockbitter seems forgotten. (Maybe consider removing it entirely if it is only a vestigial remnant of the legion builder/spender version.
  4. An Anima Power that increases Feral Spirit duration or grants permanent Feral Spirits
  5. An Anima Power that causes you to ascend when you cast Feral Spirits
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I tried Torghast yesterday with a raider from my raid team and we did a double Resto Shaman run! For perspective, I am a career Resto Shaman and I am currently 12/12M Ny’alotha in BFA.

My friend has done the tower since it was released on alpha, so I followed his guidance throughout the run. We started on floor 25 and completed the run, as we reached floor 72. The run took approximately 3 hours.

I had a lot of fun doing the run, as the varied floor layouts, creatures, NPC, traps, and chest were really interesting. Due to the fact we started at floor 25, we really had to pull carefully, as we had no sustainable Anima Powers to aggressively pull. We had to rotate Wind Shears, Hex dangerous mobs, rotate Earth Elementals, and pull rooms carefully.

We went into this run mostly blind, as we did not look into the Shaman Anima Powers in advance. When my friend got Energetic Totems (each active totem increases your damage) and I got Totemic Warrior (Dropping a totem gives 5 sec of Bloodlust) we really started to have fun and laughed a bunch, as I would spam every totem I could think of to generate as much Bloodlust as possible for him while he was doing insane DPS with all of his spells buffed. You could really feel this gameplay evolve, as I gained more stacks of Totemic Warrior, cooldown reduction on certain totems (Earth Elemental for example), and Totemic Calling generating random totems. We got to the point where we had permanent Bloodlust from floor 45 to 72.

Some of the other Anima Powers were really fun, such as Maximum Capacity (Cap Totems recursively spawning), Storm Conduit (LB and CL damage increase), Fatal Freeze (Frost Shock Execute), Draining Hex (Hex deals damage as a DOT), Deep Tremors (Earth Ele Earthquake), Chilled to the Core (Frost Shock reducing damage from enemies), Astral Protection (extended Astral Shift), and Ancestral Fury (additional haste during Bloodlust). Eventually, both of us had all of these effects (as well as numerous others not mentioned).

The biggest concern I have is once we were at floor 40, we were both unstoppable forces and nothing really mattered. We were both spamming infinite totems and frost shocking, flame shocking, and chain lightning spamming and were just annihilating each floor quickly. I would say that we spent the same amount of time from floors 25 to 35 as we did from 35 to 72. Obviously the floor layout will be different each time, but I am concerned that as a Resto Shaman Torghast will just turn into “I just need to get Bloodlust for 5 sec every time a drop a totem + spawn a random totem for each totem I drop + one damage amplify to one of my DPS spells” and then the whole run will just be free. I would be curious to hear the developer’s thoughts on how varied our builds should be from to run to run, as I feel like we get way too many anima powers right now. It got to the point by floor 50+ where none of the choices really mattered, as I had BFA level health pools, 100% crit, and permanent Bloodlust. The lower levels at 25 to 35 actually felt difficult and the choices felt important. I would argue the lower levels are better than the later levels. Sure, being super powerful is an awesome feeling, but I feel that the power gain should be slowed down a bit.

I think that the pool of Anima Powers should increase substantially so the odds of seeing the same choices from one run to another is lower and the builds are a bit more varied. I think effort should be put into more DPS anima powers for healers and morphing their healing spells into DPS abilities (a form of Kiss/Curse), as healing in roguelikes is not much of a thing - you are either dead or alive not really somewhere in between.

A bigger conversation as well is how long should a run last? This run took 3 hours from floor 25 to 72. I doubt the majority of players will want to put in that type of commitment, especially since Paul Kubit on Towelliee’s stream confirmed there will likely not be a pause/resume feature. Kubit did mention a “M+15 weekly cutoff” point to cap/max your legendary materials. What floor this cutoff is at will great impact my opinion on the pacing of the power gain within Torghast.

I would like to see more varied environments. Kubit did mention three environment tile sets and I am hoping we have only seen one or two, as I felt the environment will start to feel stale overtime. There should be more mobs with signature spells and abilities on later floors, as nothing really mattered at a certain point. Rare events, such as treasure goblins, mail muncher mount rares, and complicated optional puzzles with massive payoffs would be super cool as well.

Some bugs I found:
-Maximum Capacity is in an infinite loop sometimes with dropping totems
-Energetic Totems is broken, as it is just a permanent 200% damage increase and never fades.
-Totemic Warrior did not count Vesper Totem for the Bloodlust increased duration
-When a party member dies, the rest of the party has to cancel their Bloodlust in order to restart Totemic Warrior for the party member who dies. This is not fun and should not function this way.
-Some Anima Powers reference the older version of Vesper Totem from the Blizzcon build
-Ghost Wolf Speed Increase is capped at 3 stacks, is this intended?
-The procedural generation of certain floors led to my character running up in the air near the ceiling
-Certain mobs stopped casting their spells when close to them

Some abilities without Anima Powers
-Spiritwalker’s Grace - Crazy move speed increase
-Far Sight - Break pots/open chests when using this?
-Water Walking - Move speed increase?
-Reincarnation - Maybe when you ankh you cause a corpse explosion from your body?
-Earthgrab Totem - Druid entangling root power here?
-Primal Strike - Melee damage amplify to become a feral druid?
-Spirit Link - Drain health from enemies inside of it?
-Water Shield - Heal people nearby?
-Turn healing spells into DPS spells? Riptide into a DOT?


I’ve been playing this a lot because it’s really fun but I hadn’t given feedback because it didn’t think there was i more i could add especially since i’m not a good enough player for heroic difficulty.

I have thought of a couple of suggestions today.

The first is that I would like an item to be able to destroy the cauldrons with infinitely spawning skeletons. I like to backtrack and explore the zones before i leave them and constantly having to kill skeletons to get past the cauldron gets annoying. I think hiding an item that can destroy them will encourage exploration of the leave. Alternately you make the cauldrons attackable or have the item purchasable from the broker but both of those options seem less fun to me.

My second suggestion is that if you click on the ashen phylacteries as a druid you should stay in your shapeshift form. Currently it removes you from any shapeshift form and while you can swipe to kill them, it’s annoying to lose your shapeshift because you accidentally clicked on them.

I also had a slightly weird bug where I didn’t have the empowered enemy at the exit portal like there normally is. It was only for the first 6 levels( minus the break and boss obviously) and I got my expected amount of anima powers so it might not have been a bug. It was definitely unusual though.


Shaman Feedback


  • Energetic Totems: Please DONT fix it, everyone who has tested this anima LOVES the way it is, please please please LEAVE IT ALONE Blizzard.

Playing as elemental shaman. giving the earth elemental a permanent earthquake was excellent. Frost shock instant killing maw rats went well with exploding maw rats. The vesper totem seemed like a better ability than the Kyrian ability I had on my mage. I felt like it added something valuable. There was an ability that randomly caused a lightening strike with about 5k damage when I used a spell. It was fun, but it seemed like I mostly wasted it on maw rats.

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Ran Coldheart Interstitia on DH 2X

I like the Dissonant Bell giving the Song/Dirge/Hymn buff/debuff. The positive effect slightly outweighs the negative, though on a class without any self-healing you would have to watch it a little more.

First floor was pretty easy, but the second floor got a lot more trappy- actually died from one of the skulls shooting out Anima Missles. It seems the mob types spawn randomly, as I didn’t have this on my second run, but when a caster mob is standing right beside a trap stream it kinda sucks for melee. At least with a melee mob you can pull them away, but the casters just stand where it puts you in a bad spot. I think every melee class has a way to get around it (we’re used to it).

The Coldheart Ambushers could use a bit of tweaking. As it is, even if you fail to get out of the zone that tells you they are coming, they just do a small knockback and then kind of drunkenly fly away. Feels like they should be a little more annoying.

Both quests I got on level four had the objective just around the corner from the quest giver. Not a bad thing, especially if this is an introductory quest, but really easy,

The number of bound souls I ran into in both runs seemed high- I kept count the second time and had gotten 17 soul’s blessings.

Overall I liked the architecture, and it was a fun run.

Anima Power Feedback:

DH specific:
Tormentor’s Spiked Noose-
Nice concept, not quite working. If you grab a mob that is all by themselves, it seems to work okay, they become a minion for a minute. However, if you pick one out of a group, they seem to turn hostile again as soon as any of the group they were in attacks you. Also noticed their nameplate would sometimes turn blue, and sometimes turn green- but I couldn’t find any correlation with it working or not.

It doesn’t work on “boss” elites- however it did work on “empowered” mobs, and it worked on a rare elite, which it probably shouldn’t.