FEEDBACK: Torghast, Tower of the Damned

I scrolled through some of the post and didn’t see anything about getting to higher floors. Which I believe is a total of 36. You can enter level 1 and go to 18, if you chose to go to level 7 or 13 you only go to 12 or 18
Suggestion: Why not make each choice a possible 18 floor run. If you chose to start on 7 you end on 24, 13 you can go to 30. 19 to 36

For every 6 floors you complete in Twisting Corridors, you unlock the 7th floor as a starting point via the Wayfinder on your next run. Runs are maximum 18 floors, so if you complete the first run, you’ll unlock 19 as a starting point. This continues up to Floor 72, which is the cap as far as I am aware.

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Yeah with 0 anima powers.
I’ve tried starting on level 19 it’s pretty painful with no buffs. Now once raid or M+ geared maybe. Even though you have gear higher than 170 it’s 170 capped

I was answering this:

This is already how it is. You clear 1-6 but don’t make it to 12 for whatever reason. Next time you start on 7, and your run goes 7-24.

With this update, scaling has been adjusted for Torghast. Now, the floor you start on will be easier at higher levels when taking a shortcut. Floor by floor difficulty now increases more than before. We expect this may require further tuning.


  • Many new Maw Powers have been added for players to encounter when defeating rare elites.
  • Achievements are being added for Torghast activities, and more will be added in future builds.
  • The Jailer’s interior decorators have have gone to work in Torghast, and many floors are now more intricately decorated.

I like the added features, bone piles ect. Only thing you need to move some of the things that was previously in bone pile locations as now souls and such are buried in them and others evade being attacked.

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Had my first go at this tonight, will run a bit more before giving feedback on a lot of it, as actually understanding it better before commenting would probably help, but some points that I don’t think were down to my newness/ignorance:

  • Fighting casters is really not fun as a spec with no interrupt (disc priest - yes, fear will stop casts but for that I have to get into melee range…) - the fiery guys that spam really fast cast fireballs, and especially the ones that then selfheal, were absolutely horrible until I got the power that silences when I first hit a mob (which helped a lot). Any chance of allowing all specs to have some way to counter OP casters?
  • On the floaty head guy boss (overseer Z… something?), he’s in a room with lava round the edges. I screwed up and got knocked over the edge, hey, my fault, jumped onto the ground at the edge and finished him off from there as he came into LOS. Then tried to find a way back up and, well, I jumped round the entire edge of the room and didn’t find one. If I killed the guy anyway, it feels a bit harsh to make me waste a life suiciding to get back up.
  • Not a fan of the mobs spawning on me when out of combat - as has been posted plenty of times before, some of us have real life, and if I cleared a safe spot, why can’t I AFK there? If I failed to notice a patrol that gets me, well that’s on me, but the randomly spawning mobs is just annoying and makes me feel under more pressure to hurry up and finish the level before I can go and sort RL things, instead of taking my time to explore.

Some feedback after doing a few runs as various incarnations of Paladin. Overall, the content is a blast, and I look forwards to doing more, but I have some feedback on the anima powers:

Most of the powers are either small power increases, or moderate increases that encourage a specific small change to your gameplay, such as the damage buff if you kill an enemy in consecrate meaning you are more conscious of putting consecrate down on each pack. However, there was one set of powers that stood out, mainly because of how powerful they were combined: Hammer of Wrath buffs. Normally, this ability has a very minimal impact on gameplay outside of wings, but a few powers change this considerably:

  • Hammer of Wrath extends the duration of Avenging Wrath
  • Hammer of Wrath has 4 charges
  • Hammer of Wrath has 60% increased damage (common, stacks)

Along with a bit of extra haste, these powers mean all gameplay devolves into running through a level, one-shotting every enemy with HoW with infinite wings. This was super fun the first few times, but I worry that this combo is so much more powerful than anything else that it makes many of the other powers effectively obsolete once you have them.

Overall great content, keep up the good work!

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Not sure how common this feeling is but I feel this is probably the biggest issue with Torghast atm.

Torghast is just… boring?

You enter, kill some mobs, the bosses seem trivial to me, nothing is really threatening, and you re-obtain the same powers over and over.

Where is the progression system? There is currently none and it makes the experience pretty dull in my opinion. Perhaps it is actually a missing piece that is coming soon to Beta? I hope!

The rest of this post is more specific feedback for Priest inside Torghast.

This is entirely from a Shadow Priest point of view, so maybe it’s actually super fun as other classes/specs, but I’ll say my part from that perspective.

Some Anima Powers are cool, some are super boring or dull. That I can live with, kind of expected anyway.

However, there are really not enough of them. The Priest ones are really boring overall, the only ones I liked to obtain were the Power Infusion one and the Covenant abilities related ones.

Specifically for Priest’s powers, there’s actually anti synergy since you can combine traits to massively increase shadow word: death’s damage. Doing this eventually lead me to one shot myself from 100% health (this is not a meme, feel pretty stupid about it lol), so I just avoided these traits for all of the other runs I did.


One thing I think might make for a nice QoL improvement is not needing to actually loot Phantasma from killed mobs. Not a big thing, but it would certainly increase the pace of runs a bit, as stopping to loot feels a bit jarring, outside of the boss mobs.


I’ll be briefish as I haven’t been in here much but I loved what little I did so wanted to post:

  • Have only done the starting point for my Night Fae covenant but so far its an amazing experience, just like a classic dungeon crawler! Also brings me back great memories of old style instances (Classic, TBC) which was far more methodical (and I vastly preferred!).

  • Some of my Anima powers showed up as regular buffs while others only showed in their own mouse hover ui. Not sure if thats intended.

  • Traps seemed to punish me occasionally after I was sure I was through them. Probably latency related so that is what it is but the artillery style ghost ball stuff sometimes got me stunlocked from not being able to react which I doubt is intended

  • Not easy to work out the point of gathering lost souls or the other resource in the place. Maybe a new player hint would help?

  • Random Idea: If people waiting for cooldowns every pull turns out to be a problem then maybe only let people use their cooldowns once initially but give them another charge for gathering an Anima power sphere? I strongly agree with not having timers like Torments though. I love this and am really put off from Mythic+ because of the “GO, GO, GO!” atmosphere.

  • Sorry if this comes of harshly to anyone who has posted prior, its not my intention. But I advise caution from directly reacting with changes based on people who find dislike large parts of Torghasts concept (trap floors, platforming etc) or just find the concept boring and just don’t want to be there.
    Don’t get me wrong, all feedback is good but I feel compelled to note that it often comes from the place of assuming Torghast must fit every player. This is something I disagree with.

For example: Warfronts and Island Expeditions, features designed to funnel everyone through them ultimately fell flat yet pet battles remain supported to this day despite being relatively nichely played. The difference being that those who love pet battles REALLY love them.

So to get to the point: If some people don’t love Torghast because they don’t gel with the concept then…that’s ok!
Don’t force them to do it by throwwing overlevelled loot into it or tying a major progression featurely solely to it like was done for Warfronts or Island expeditions just let them do something else. Wow is a BIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIG game! It should be ok if not every new feature is for everyone. :slight_smile:


Very much so. I did it twice in alpha and 3 times now in beta, spaced apart over time, so it’s not like I’ve been crunching it and got burned out.

I just think it’s boring. It takes too long, it’s the same trash over and over again, the extra powers are cute but a lot of them are obvious “this is bad” choices and by themselves aren’t enough to save the experience.

I’ve done both the first area you get sent into, as well as the “upper reaches”, and my opinion of both was pretty much the same. Upper reaches had those elite trash mobs, but it was still pretty boring.

Torghast is getting played up as this amazing experience, but I think a lot of players are going to be really disappointed in it.

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Couple of things from a Ret Paladin perspective.

-I’m having a lot of fun with the deck building aspect of Torghast. Quite a few interesting choices in anima powers, but similar to a prior poster I do feel like there should be more that are class and spec specific. I assume future tuning passes will make some of the damage multiplying powers less overpowered so I won’t comment on balancing traits for now.

-A minor quality of life suggestion would be to move the Broker on the boss floor to the end of the previous floor. This would allow players to shop for anima powers without wasting the duration of powers that activate upon reaching a new floor.

-Similar to prior poster suggestions, a safe space on every floor to afk temporarily would be awesome.

-Please make it clear in all anima power tooltips which powers stack and how high they can stack. For those that don’t stack an unlimited amount, something like “rank 1/4” could work.

-The bug with the Elongated Skeletal Arms anima power should be fixed to allow for proper testing. Currently, the power gives certain spells ridiculous range: 4265 yards for Hammer of Wrath, 180 yards for Blade of Justice, etc. It even gives range to spells that don’t normally have one like 85 yards for Divine Steed and Divine Shield. The big problem here is that Divine Storm pulls everything on your current floor and even hits enemies not on the floor through walls, which occasionally evade bugs the empowered mob at the end of the floor effectively ending your run. Of course one could just avoid Elongated Skeletal Arms for now, but people in Torghast for the first time may not realize that it’s problematic until their run bugs out.

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Not sure if this was previously mentioned in this feed or not.

Shouldn’t you get the block achievement of a lower block when completing a higher one. Example I completed Skoldus Hall level 4 but I do not have the level 2 achievement.
Any reason this should not be like running a Mythic very first time in and getting the Normal and Heroic achievement at the same time upon completion.


Beta Update July 29

  • Access to Torghast is now unlocked on an account-wide basis.
  • When in a party, your highest accessible layer will be defined by the party member with the lowest layer unlocked.
  • Anima Cells have updated to look more visible.
  • The door which allows you to exit Torghast has been updated to be less prone to accidental clicking at the start of each floor.

Respeccing & Gear Swapping

  • Players will no longer be able to change their gear, Talents, or Soulbinds at the start of every floor.
  • Players can now change their Gear, Talents, or Soulbinds in the Central Chamber, at the start of the first floor, and in the vicinity of helpful Brokers on non-Boss floors in Torghast.

Currency Updates

  • The Torghast-acquired legendary material is now named Soul Ash, and can be acquired from chests at the end of each layer once per week.
    • Completing a higher layer rewards all uncollected rewards from lower layers.
    • Drop amounts are not final.
  • Phantasma and Soul Ash have snazzy new icons.

For the soul ash chests, I presume each layer is a set of 6 floors.

Does that mean floors 1-6, 7-12 and 13-18 have separate chests? Or if I loot 1-6 I am done gaining soul ash for the week?

If it is the latter, it feels like it’ll be a huge impact if you can do a high floor early as that will get you more soul ash leading to an early legendary which then helps further. This would cause a ripple effect of a large difference in who is able to craft legendaries when.

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Last build torghast was Account wide, but this patch my other characters cant reenter, do I just redo the quest?

After the soul ash update, Twisting Corridors only goes up to layer 8 for a starting point. This means the highest floor is only level 60 now. Not sure if this is intended or not.

The difficulty of starting at layer 8 seems to have been made way easier than it was before the update as well. I easily cleared through floor 60 whereas before the update I had to carefully cc and pull things one at a time to clear through the first floors when starting at layer 8. I enjoyed challenging myself on these floors.

Since Twisting Corridors will only reward cosmetic items, I’m hoping more floors will be added again and the difficulty raised. I’m afraid Torghast will be too easy and be cleared at the highest difficulties the first week it comes out, providing no fun and challenging content.


Hey, so I’ve been doing plenty of testing with Demon Hunters in Torghast, and you should definitely do something with the interaction of the Legendary Power which reduces Fel Rush cooldown by 30% and the Anima Power, which increases Fel Rush range by 100%. The synergy of both paired with Glide allowed me to escape the Tarragrue even after the NPC killed me numerous times and made its way back to the beginning of the floor where I spawned to chase/kill me again.

Even after I was killed like 10 times, I still managed to flee from the Tarragrue by Gliding and Fel Rushing a long distance. I even killed the Empowered Guardian before the Tarragrue reached me.

I don’t know if this is the intended behavior, but I thought I’d chime in to share this experience.

Never really followed Preach or any streamer for that matter, but in his latest video (YT pushed to me thanks to my clear WoW interest), I really agree with his 2 main feedback on Torghast:

  1. Doing the 6 layouts 6 times over, back-to-back, feels REALLY daunting and tiresome. I felt the exact same way when doing the unlock questline before the character wipe. No matter how exciting they are, being “forced” (because who doesn’t want to unlock the full feature/ legendary crafting asap?) to repeat them 6 times back-to-back just feels extremely repetitive. Consider that is going to be the very first exposure of Torghast for majority of players, I worry this will leave a bad first impression. This also reflect a higher level issue that the 6 different themes of Torghast are not that differentiated after all, leading to easy visual fatigue. I suppose from both lore and development stage perspective, it’s too late to make any drastic changes, but please consider introduce greater visual variation if you intend to continue developing Torghast in the future (or even carry the concept to next expansion)

  2. The floors (at least layer 1s) do feel too easy, that quickly it feels like playing through it is just a matter of time, leading to reduced engagement and boredom. Now I have not spent enough time at higher layers, so maybe this is a non-issue higher up, but please make sure you properly ramp up the difficulty so that the tower becomes a meaningful challenge soon enough as you ascend.