FEEDBACK: Torghast, Tower of the Damned

Updated July 29

  • Access to Torghast is now unlocked on an account-wide basis.
  • When in a party, your highest accessible layer will be defined by the party member with the lowest layer unlocked.
  • Anima Cells have updated to look more visible.
  • The door which allows you to exit Torghast has been updated to be less prone to accidental clicking at the start of each floor.

Respeccing & Gear Swapping

  • Players will no longer be able to change their gear, Talents, or Soulbinds at the start of every floor.
  • Players can now change their Gear, Talents, or Soulbinds in the Central Chamber, at the start of the first floor, and in the vicinity of helpful Brokers on non-Boss floors in Torghast.

Currency Updates

  • The Torghast-acquired legendary material is now named Soul Ash , and can be acquired from chests at the end of each layer once per week.
    • Completing a higher layer rewards all uncollected rewards from lower layers.
    • Drop amounts are not final.
  • Phantasma and Soul Ash have snazzy new icons.

July 15

With this update, scaling has been adjusted for Torghast. Now, the floor you start on will be easier at higher levels when taking a shortcut. Floor by floor difficulty now increases more than before. We expect this may require further tuning.


  • Many new Maw Powers have been added for players to encounter when defeating rare elites.
  • Achievements are being added for Torghast activities, and more will be added in future builds.
  • The Jailer’s interior decorators have have gone to work in Torghast, and many floors are now more intricately decorated.

June 17

  • The magnitude of the Tower Sentinel’s slowing effect is now greatly reduced when far away from the Sentinel.
  • A number of classes have received new Anima and/or updated Powers.
  • This week’s build includes numerous bug fixes and small tweaks.

June 3

  • All classes now have Anima Powers and can venture into Torghast.

  • Many classes have received new Anima Powers that affect their Covenant Class abilities.

  • Torment Update!

    • Torments no longer scale with time.

    • Torments are now additional challenges based on the floor types you have encountered on this run.

      • Developers’ notes: We’ve heard your feedback that Torments were adding too much time pressure. The Jailer may still torment you on higher levels of Torghast, but Torments will not scale with time.
    • Breath of Coldheart now increases the health of enemy monsters by a flat percentage based on the number of Coldheart Interstitia floors climbed.

    • Mort’regar’s Echoes now increase the Magic damage enemy monsters inflict by a flat percentage based on the number of Mort’regar floors climbed.

    • Might of the Upper Reaches now increases the Physical damage enemy monsters inflict by a flat percentage based on the number of Upper Reaches floors climbed.

      • Developers’ notes: The changes above were inspired by feedback that Torments that reduce your power feel worse than torments that affect your enemies. As always, we will continue to tune and keep a close eye on difficulty.
  • Rewards and Access

    • Legendary materials now only drop from cell block runs, not from the Twisting Corridors.

      • Developers’ notes: Looting a Resonating Chest may generate a message that says that you have received “extra rewards” for a “prompt completion”. This is an artifact from a previous design that has since been removed, and can be ignored.
    • Chests in the Twisting Corridors now drop Twisted Dust, which will be used for cosmetic rewards.

    • Portals to the six cell blocks (not the Twisting Corridors) now take you to fully-randomized 6-block runs, rather than the pre-set quest run. This includes a Wayfinder on floor 1 that allows you to choose your difficulty.

    • Two of Torghast’s six cell blocks are open per week. For testing purposes, the available blocks will change daily. They will change weekly in the final version of the game.

    • Access to the Twisting Corridors will always be available in addition to the two theme blocks.

      • Developers’ notes: Players who seek Legendary materials alone can do so in Torghast’s cell blocks, and can earn more materials by climbing higher. Players who are looking for cosmetics, or who simply want to play without pressure, can do so in the Twisting Corridors.
  • More Notes

    • This build includes many bug fixes. Thank you very much for your bug reports!
    • Remember: Alpha is alpha. Things will still change, especially rewards, tuning, and Torghast’s interaction with outside systems.
    • We really appreciate all of your testing and feedback.

Updated May 21

The following class now has Anima Powers and can venture into Torghast:

  • Death Knight

The following classes have received new Anima Powers:

  • Demon Hunter
  • Warlock

Two new cell blocks are now available in Torghast:

  • Mort’regar
  • The Upper Reaches

General Gameplay Changes

  • Death Pools now grow more slowly out of the corpses of the Deadsoul.

  • Skeletal Cauldrons can now be destroyed by interacting with them.

  • Skeletal Remains now move 50% slower.

    • Developers’ note: This should introduce a little more counterplay to these skeletons, especially for melee characters who have had trouble outrunning them.
  • Brokers on short floors should no longer be in trap distance.

  • Many traps and enemies have been removed from the beginning of floors, where they might reach players in the safe area.


  • Eye of Skoldus and Fracturing Forces will now wait longer after a player leaves combat before checking to call in ambushers.

    • Developers’ notes: Over the last week, we’ve read and heard a lot of feedback on this part of Torghast, most of which has been focused on the concept of timers. Please see our recent post on this subject which begins with, “We agree that one of the best things about Torghast is that you can play at your own pace, without feeling rushed. We certainly don’t want to make Torghast into a fast-paced, timed game mode.” We’re working on more changes to Torments and all of Torghast; please stay tuned!

Updated May 13

We have a major update to Torghast in this new Alpha build for testers to experience.

Covenant Abilities

You will now be assigned a Covenant when entering Torghast, including that Covenant’s signature and class abilities.

  • Your test character’s Covenant will change daily, cycling through all four Covenants.
    • Developers’ notes: The goal here is to get a look at some abilities before we’re able to fully test the Covenants/Zones they belong to. Please note that Anima Powers do not yet exist for Venthyr, Necrolord, or Night Fae abilities. Additionally, paladins, rogues, and death knights are not quite ready for Torghast, but they’re coming soon™.


The following classes now have Anima Powers available to them and can now access Torghast, Tower of the Damned:

  • Hunter
  • Monk
    • Developers’ note: Monks are still missing a few powers, but they can begin testing.

Starting Room of the Damned

The Wayfinder in the starting room has been removed, and “Easy”, “Normal”, and “Heroic” runs have been removed. Please pay your respects.

  • Developers’ note: F

The Torghast entryway is now a room that allows you to pick which cell block you wish to attempt, through a series of portals. The portals are:

  • Twisting Corridors
  • Skoldus Hall (quest)
  • Fracture Chambers (quest)
  • The Soulforges (quest)
  • Coldheart Interstitia (quest)
    • Developers’ Notes: To emulate Easy, Normal, or Heroic runs, enter the Twisting Corridors. Other doors will take you to the 6-floor quest runs, which are currently limited to floors 1-6.

All Twisting Corridors runs now end after 18 floors, regardless of difficulty. Delving deeper into the Twisting Corridors unlocks higher floor checkpoints from which to start a run. After entering the Twisting Corridors portal, speak to the Wayfinder to select your starting floor number.

· Gameplay Changes

  • Deaths are now measured on a per-run basis:
    • 1 player: 5 deaths allowed (Tarragrue on 6th death)
    • 2 players: 8 deaths allowed
    • 3 players: 10 deaths allowed
    • 4 players: 13 deaths allowed
    • 5 players: 15 deaths allowed
  • Players can no longer ascend to the next floor without first defeating the Empowered creature guarding the portal.
  • Players who release their spirit after their party members have ascended to a higher floor will resume on the higher floor.
  • Ashen Phylacteries no longer require a killing blow to trigger Maw Power effects that are triggered by destroying them.
  • Shackled Brokers now have more distinct names, and if you snuff out their life force, that broker will remain dead for the remainder of your run.
  • The Broker’s Purse now drops less Phantasma than before, and this amount is now affected by group size.
  • Vendors should now instantly update their displays for all players when a player buys a limited-stock item.
  • Animimics now have a chance to drop something valuable.
  • The first Anima Cell of each run can now be found once you traverse through a portal.

The Jailer’s Torments

At higher floor difficulties, you’ll now find yourselves subjected to additional scrutiny from the Jailer in the form of stacking debuffs that will make your ascent more difficult.

  • A safe area at the beginning of each floor protects players from the effects of the Jailer’s Torments. Players remain safe until they leave the safe area, enter combat, or loot something.
  • The Torments differ by cell block:
    • Eye of Skoldus: The hounds of Skoldus periodically seek out players while they are out of combat.
    • Fracturing Forces: Mawsworn ambushers periodically hunt and stalk players while they are out of combat.
    • Soulforge Heat: The burning heat of the Soulforges constantly sears players for a percentage of their maximum health as Fire damage.
    • Breath of Coldheart: The life-sapping breath of the Coldheart Interstitia reduces player damage the longer they remain on a floor.
    • Mort’regar’s Echoes: Ghastly echoes of the dead haunt players, increasing the magic damage they receive the longer they remain on a floor.
    • Might of the Upper Reaches: The Jailer’s might crushes opposition, increasing the physical damage players receive the longer they remain on a floor.
  • Developers’ Notes: Much like Mythic Keystone dungeons have dangerous affixes at higher Keystone levels, those who ascend Torghast will endure the Torments of the Jailer. This is very much a work in progress and an early look at a system we’re iterating on. Please post your feedback on it in this forum thread.

Updated May 6

Torghast, Tower of the Damned

  • The following classes now have Anima Powers available, and can access Torghast, Tower of the Damned:

    • Druid
    • Shaman
  • The following class has received new Anima Powers for testing:

    • Mage
  • A new cell block is now available in Torghast. Speak to the Wayfinder to access Coldheart Interstitia.

  • Most bosses have been slightly increased in difficulty. This includes increases to boss health and damage, as well as some new abilities.

Updated April 29


  • Warriors now have Anima Powers available to them and can now access Torghast, Tower of the Damned.
  • Priests have received new Anima Powers.
  • Fixed an bug that allowed creative testers to play classes that weren’t quite ready for Torghast yet.


  • A new cell block, The Soulforges, is now available in Torghast. Speak to the Wayfinder to access it.
  • Flask-Torghast has also taken up residence in Revendreth’s Pridefall Hamlet.


  • Anima Cells have new Maw themed visuals.
  • The Anima Power “Bloating Fodder” should appear less often.
  • Maw Sentries and Maw Guards now disarm their opponents less often.
  • Fixed a bug in which the Random Portals floor caused portals to be a bit too random.

April 22

With this week’s update to the Shadowlands Alpha, testers will encounter a number of changes to Torghast:

  • Mounting has been disabled everywhere in Torghast.
    • Developers’ notes: This was a bug. We apologize for any misunderstanding it introduced. Our goal is for Maw Powers that grant movement abilities to be powerful, valuable choices. We feel that this is the way to continue building interest in moving around the space efficiently.
  • Priest Anima Powers which previously only affected Flash Heal now also affect Shadowmend. Several other existing Priest Anima Powers have also been adjusted.
  • The Tarragrue is tired of being bullied and has bolstered his defenses.
    • Developers’ note: Please continue trying to bully the Tarragrue.
  • Torghast escort NPC’s can now be stunned temporarily if they take too much damage.
  • Urns are now named Ashen Phylacteries.
  • Many bug fixes.
  • Many more bug fixes.


In this thread, we’re discussing all aspects of the new instanced experience: Torghast, Tower of the Damned. Please read our preview blog post here.

Please post any feedback about Covenant and class signature abilities within Torghast in this feedback thread.

This initial post will be updated periodically throughout the Shadowlands test. Please check back here for information about further updates to Torghast as they are made.

Thank you for your testing and feedback!


I’ve only done one run on DH but i wanted to give my initial feedback on the first quest within Skoldus Hall. I really like how a lot of this feels - getting powers feels smooth, moving between floors doesn’t take too long, and the powers themselves feel good.
My nitpicky observations are as follows:

  • The scale feels a bit all over the place. Some areas feel cramped and some areas feel way too big
  • Moving between rooms or backtracking can be a bit frustrating. I noticed that you can get a temporary mount but by the time I got it, I no longer really needed it. Maybe this means the mount should last the entire day or should be something you can acquire and use on every run moving forward but as of now it feels kinda meh.
  • The amount of non-anima power loot feels a bit disappointing. Yes a run doesnt last very long and it seems after 6 levels you might get 1 piece of gear, but because the currency rewards feeling lacking, it feels a bit worse than just running a dungeon.
  • I do not like the loading screen - if in the future it is possible to ONLY have the fade to black, that would be awesome. Because the flashing of the loading screen going by so quickly really pulls me out of it.
  • I assume this is just for testing, but I would love if the quests weren’t the same for everyone - they can be mostly the same, but some randomness is good.
  • The arcane droplet trap feels awful - its very difficult to avoid and the amount of damage combined with the teleport and stun feels unfair. It should do some of these things but not all of them.
    *There was one trap room with 3 types of traps and I am certain that if I did not have my demonhunter jump and dash it would’ve killed me, which feels a bit un-fun.

Again these are all sort of nitpicky but I wanted to give my gut feedback as soon as possible following my first run.

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Went in as a Mage…And guys.

This thing is AWESOME.


I’ve spent about 3 hours doing Torghast runs so far, and I have to say, this is an absolute blast. It really feels like we’re getting a really fun and enjoyable rogue-like dungeon crawler (a la Slay the Spire, or Darkest Dungeon), and I’m anxious to see what we’ll be able to do and how deep we’ll be able to go on Live.

Overall, the experience has been fantastic, but there are some issues:

  1. I’ve had a couple times where I’ve picked up anima upgrades, and simply nothing happened. The upgrade didn’t show up on my sidebar, and it didn’t affect my stats.

  2. The endlessly spawning skeleton cauldrons are a real pain, especially if that spawn right at the entrance. It’s frustrating if you need to afk, or change your talents, and you’re instantly being bombarded by endlessly spawning skeletons. Either give us some way to disable the cauldrons after clearing out the skeletons, or at least make us immune to damage/aggro (similar to zoning into a BG) in the opening area of each floor.

  3. The mini-quests could use a bit of variety. Every one that I encountered was “free this person, then bring them to another person/item.” It would nice if there was some more variety in what we had to do for these.

  4. As a VDH, Anima Powers like Seeker’s Rage, which affect Shear, do not alter to affect Fracture if we have that talented instead.

  5. The Anima Power, Mark of the Ogre, only works for the original duration of Metamorphosis. If you have anything which increases the duration of Meta, the Mark of the Ogre buff fades prematurely. From the wording of the Power, it should function at all times while Meta is active.


My first run was great - though i do admit to it feeling a bit diabloish :slight_smile: - it makes a HUGE difference to the feel of it without a timer - there seems to be a real sense of exploration
I think it deserves a bit of an FAQ itself - ie how you queue, how you can change the difficulty, where you find your abilities etc
I didnt know if it was possible but can you cancel an ability you have picked up - some of them come with some drawbacks which arent quite apparent and then you go - hmm i never should of chosen this! :stuck_out_tongue:


Outside of some bugs that I reported, it overall feels great. I disagree with the poster above about the backtracking and the size of the rooms. I think that helps offset how similar it could otherwise feel between runs throughout the next couple of years to hopefully keep it different. By far the best thing about this expansion so far. I’m not feeling many of the unprunings as good changes right now because the unpruned abilities weren’t put into useful positions for many of the specs, but this, I’m looking forward to Torghast I just hope it’s not terribly gated each week. I hope we are able to get plenty of runs each week without having to farm for penny currencies to buy hundred or thousand dollar entry tickets so to speak.

My sample size is pretty small, and this may not be how it works, but it seems like your upgrade selections are completely random aside from maybe the mini quest ones. If that’s the case, I would suggest maybe weighting the options a little bit such that earlier on you’re likely to get the weaker grey ones moreso than later because it seems a bit odd to be several floors in then you get an upgrade option and it’s the only option you get and weaker (grey quality) versus the blue and purple strength options you got right out of the gate.

I can see community events and things going where people race to a floor and I can see the benefits of grouping for fun combos like Shadowfury does tons of damage to something if it’s already CC’d so have your paladin tank grab tons of stuff, use blinding light and then shadowfury into it for example.


Legit feels like this could be its own game.
I am really marveling at how you managed to make my character from BFA which was fairly one dimensional feel so insanely powerful and customizable in here.

Really, my biggest concern is going back to the actual game after spending hours in here.

But I need an explanation, because I must have missed something.
I was under the impression this was infinite?
I tested all the options, and couldn’t get far in Heroic, but the other four all had endings that I reached quite quickly.

Frankly, they were way too easy, but I can’t grasp what I am testing with the difficulties.
Any elucidation?


Tested 1 quest run on Vengeance DH. Thoughts …


  1. The way the design stands right now it feels like there’s far too little influence on your character outside of torghast. Or even within torghast on future runs. Every time you enter you’re starting from 0 again and re-doing all your anima bonuses. And by the time you reach the end you’ve picked up some small amount of currency and 1 loot drop. The rest is all… Gone

  2. The swinging axe trap really needs a clearer marker for where it swings and some actual sound effects to it

  3. The arcane droplet trap is far more frustrating than anything else. It needs to be toned down either in frequency of droplets or in damage.

  4. Scale doesn’t feel great yet. Some rooms are huge with a few tiny enemies in the middle, and sometimes narrow hallways have a good amount of combat. And on some floors I’m just running down bare empty halls

  5. Anima upgrades are way too frequent. I think in 6 floors I had 16 or so? I imagine that after 30 floors you’re going to have so many upgrades that they just become meaningless noise. I think what would help this a LOT is fewer upgrades per floor, or more upgrades that stack/upgrade as you get multiples


  1. I was worried this was going to be greater rifts. I hate rifts. Somehow it feels similar and yet so so much better. Having wings and quests you can target, as well as scaling progression, makes it something fun and unique.

  2. I feel like some says I’ll want to run these solo… And I can. And some days I might want to run them with a group… And I can!! I can see both being very different experiences keeping the content fresh.

  3. Very happy to see how story/content related this is going to be, and not just a randomly generated weekly slog

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So i just did a run on easy difficulty with havoc DH. I ended the run at level 12 with 46 anima powers. Right now it definitely feels like there are too many anima powers dropping when solo. Assuming the same number drop in groups, the current amount makes sense, but it also means that running solo makes you stronger, so the number of anima powers should scale to the number of players in the instance.
Additionally there is no way to refuse an anima power, so if you get a kiss/curse anima power set, you can be forced to choose one, which can literally be run ending. You should be able to not take a power if you want.
Finally, the anima power that makes it so you can’t jump can be problematic - there are some rooms (which i did report using the tool) which you can not leave without a jump (i kind of cheated around this using Vengeful retreat) which can be run ending, so the towers need to be cleaned up a bit to ensure that you can always reach the exit without jumping.


It’s really, really fun. The anima powers are probably my favorite part, all the buffs you get are really fun, and sometimes change the way you play. Blink master mage was a lot of fun. Anima powers need to be considered together as well though, combining infinite blink with blink spawning mirror image leads to infinite mirror images.

For future classes, I’d say the key is focusing on what makes that spec fun, and designing the anima powers around that. Metamorphosis lasted a lot longer due to shortened Eye Beam CD with the Demonic talent, which felt great. Continue focusing on those aspects of specs, like being a relentless berserker with fury warrior.

The only thing I thought didn’t work well (and this may not even be intended to work that way in live), was the normal and heroic difficulties. Easy mode was… easy. Normal mode, due to going to high floor with absolutely no anima powers, was far more difficult than it should be. Heroic was pretty much impossible, with our tank almost getting oneshot. Either have powers carry over or don’t allow any skips, or just nerf the earlier floors on higher difficulties.


Testing how things work at different levels and how the scaling seems at the levels. It also depends on what role/spec you play too. I just played as holy and omg normal is hard at least starting at normal is (cause you start with nothing). It feels like you need dps-spec level dps as a holy priest. I don’t know if it’s supposed to scale with role, but my affliction lock was cake walking through it, but I did find at least one bug (spirit of redemption counts as two deaths everytime lol)

You can cancel a power you selected if you don’t like it I believe. Someone else mentioned it, so if your cursed more than kissed on a selection you can drop it supposedly (though I haven’t tested how).

I havent been able to figure out so far

Initial impressions are great. I don’t want to add to much more to this post because I want to give Heroic a chance first.

In our group of 5, it honestly became too easy.

  • DH, Veng
  • DH, Havoc
  • Mage, Frost (2)
  • Warlock, Affliction

Currently, I feel like the instance is a bit of a challenge early on, but that challenge is quickly lost by virtue of buffing up. I think after 3 floors our group got enough powerful effects to ignore all mechanics except for Fears.

Honestly, it’s really fun and I’m looking forward to more Torghast as more classes become testable.

For those who get the chance to test, definitely go in solo to start and just explore a little. If you die, it doesn’t really matter.

For the Developers:

  • Please make the “scaling aura” provide Indestructible on our gear.

Didn’t even think about this but it came up in some discord discussion - temporary powers kind of suck. Realistically, they need to last longer and be stronger to be competitive with a run-long choice. Maybe they should last the rest of the floor or through the rest of the next floor?


One QoL change I think I might like to see is auto-looting Phantasma. Having to loot every single kill just for the Phantasma grows old pretty quickly. Just give it to us on kill, similar to the way we acquire Corrupted Mementos in Horrific Visions on live.


I agree, the temporary buffs need rebalancing. As it is, they are basically always the wrong choice compared with ones that permanently buff you through the entire run.


The 90sec immunity lets you pull literally everything and AOE it dead. Target caps or not. Probably really good in solo mode.

Also, you don’t have to pick it right away, of course. But I agree with your point – they kinda suck. Not sure if everything else is just “too good” though.

The unlimited mage blink buff – Sometimes I get an extra Blink when I didn’t want it. This is related to spell queuing. Maybe the cooldown should be set to the GCD instead?

For real though, it;s incredibly fun to blink that fast.