Feedback to Blue post "Aoe Changes in Shadowlands"

Once upon a time there was someone at Blizzard saying that the game should be about bringing the player and not the class and once again what you are describing here is that u think people should bring the class for the situation and not the player

People who have been subbed to WoW for a long time know that this is not a good change. We dont need to wait for Alpha or Beta or anything in order to determain it
It takes less than 5 seconds to know that this will affect this game in a major negative way. Thats why this becomes a hot topic instantly

Its been 15 years, you need to start take into consideration elements of the game that makes people feel that they are having fun.

Its completely wrong to nerf the entire game because the top players stacked certain specs in MDI and you dont want that to happen
The majority of player wouldnt even be able to pull something like that of anyway

This is where the design philosophy goes in the complete other direction compared to what the player enjoys
Players want to choose their class they like and BE VIABLE. Not be Situational

In Legion nobody ever talked about this because the majority of the classes had viable AoE in terms of damage and burstyness.

M+ was a lot more fun in Legion than it was in BFA because the developers at that time did not try to make anything they can to stop the players from doing massive pulls if they wanted
But when we had Reaping as a seasonal affix in BFA all of a sudden for 1 season in m+ was actualy more fun

People loved Reaping Affix in BFA like nothing I have ever seen in this game. If u want Shadowlands to succed Its incredibly vital you take feedback from that and try to enhance it instead of trying to counter it
Experiences like Reaping is what makes people hooked to this game

Classes and M+ was working towards the end of Legion, BFA created problem by trying to remake certain things that didnt have to be remade
Shadowlands are just trying to fix the problems BFA has which in reality was never even any problems in Legion


Let’s be honest you just want aoe so you can hit 1 button and do crazy dps

Well your time of ez faceroll wow is over

You actually have to have skill to clear stuff shocking I know


No I want challenging content but the players should be allowed to go big on AoE if they want to.
Letting the players have that decision means everything


No they weren’t. Shadow was just as bad at AoE in Legion as it is in BfA.

Burst AoE needs to be reigned in. I don’t disagree with this change.


Correction, some specs like outlaw and ret loved reaping. Other specs were 100% dead.

This will bring more balance between classes and entice you to bring the player, not the outlaw rogue or uh dk doing 400k aoe dps hitting 2 buttons.

This change puts it closer to bringing roles instead of players… it just means some dungeons will need cleave while others will need AoE (since the two will be distinct from each other again). This is fine as long as multiple classes fill each role adequately.

That said “bring the player, not the class” was never true anyway, especially with the advent of M+. It’s currently “bring the meta, not the player” which is no better.


You running around to all the aoe threads trolling lol :rofl: You’re gonna get silenced if you keep it up.

Someone will figure out what classes can mow down large packs and that will be the go to comp for M+.
I don’t know why they are even trying to limit AOE honestly because there WILL be a spec or 2 that will still be far ahead of the others. It’s every xpac.

So, you don’t want them to try to balance class/ spec representation?


1 bad spec doesnt feel that bad to me when were gonna have 24 in Shadowlands with this change. Take note what I wrote at the end of my first post

They can try but there are always specs that outperform others.

Yes. And with this change that gap is narrower.

Ahh yes, the decision to reroll fotm. So fun.

This is just a starting point. It’ll help them laser focus which specs/comps to nerf, which they’ll presumably be able to keep doing until the best performers are only negligibly better.

You said that there were no problems at all in Legion regarding AoE.

I only need to provide one case to prove you wrong and I did.

We shall see. I think this change will make people not play M+ as much because more time killing trash mobs doesn’t equal more skill or fun.

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Honestly let get real for a second

I drool at huge trash packs because I know they’re about to get blown over like a house of cards

They’re not a threat they’re a big punching bag for nice numbers

Completely not threatening and completely boring

The meta of pull everything and explode it has needed to end for a long time now


We saw how much balancing BFA got…

Im saying all they could have done was fix Shadow Priest going into BFA but instead they fixed everything that didnt need to be fixed which means nothing is working anymore

An Expansion with only 1 non viable class, I dont think the game has ever been better than that

Don’t mind me. I’ll just be over here with my Revendeth curse bombs. :slight_smile:

In BfA the dev team wasn’t in a great position because Azerite was dropped in at the last minute during the beta, meaning it got no testing, meaning that 8.0 was the Azerite beta. That threw them off schedule by well over half a year just trying to fix Azerite up in 8.1 and 8.2.

By contrast, for Shadowlands the systems are all in place super early in the alpha, which should give the devs a lot more resources for balancing things.