Feedback: Titan Rune Dungeons

Titan Rune Dungeons have been added to Wrath of the Lich King Classic and are now available for testing.

To access this feature, enter any level 80 heroic dungeon and interact with the Mysterious Titanic Relic floating near the entrance.

All five members of your group channeling the Relic will cause all enemies in the dungeon to gain additional health and damage, as well as additional effects, depending on the dungeon.

Gear that formerly dropped in Normal 10-player versions of Naxxramas, Eye of Eternity, and The Obsidian Sanctum can now drop from dungeon bosses when they’re under the effects of the Mysterious Titanic Relic.

In order to facilitate testing of Titan Rune Dungeons, we’ve wiped the PTR of all existing characters, and we’ve disabled the character copy function.

Our intent is to do our initial round of testing with less-geared characters. We’re specifically looking for feedback around how these dungeons feel in mostly blue/heroic gear.

Please use the starter templates and gear vendors to set up a fresh character for these tests.


Is there a lockout for these dungeons?

Edit: for testing (but I guess for normal, too)

They are heroic dungeons so yes.

How is the 10m Loot distributed across these heroic bosses? Could we get them broken out boss by boss, or dungeon by dungeon? If it’s all one giant loot table, It could cause issues where you are trying to get a really specific BIS item, so you have to farm all the dungeons every day… and all you’re getting is Leather Spell Power gear because that’s most of what’s on 10m loot tables.

Would really be cool to make specific dungeons have actual loot tables from specific 10m bosses. That would allow people who only have time to run 1-2 heroics a night know which heroics to target!


Our group was only successfully able to activate the titan rune 1 time. We tried resetting the dungeon a couple of times but hit the lockout quickly, obviously. The time we did get it to work some of us saw the prompt on the disc but the rest of the times we didn’t,

Thank you for having a far better name than Heroic +!

Will these have a daily lockout as normal Heroics or a Mythic Lockout (as Mythic 0’s would)

Small guild-leader here. How many epic items are dropping throughout the dungeon? Every boss or just the last? Curious to see if this could expedite abyss crystal farming, instead of doing Naxx 10 as a weekly enchant mat farm.

I guess it’s ok as a catch up for alts. That’s about it. Rather see XP increases to help motivate alt creation otherwise unless you already have excess level 80’s and I’d “assume” not a large portion of the player base has more than 1-2 80’s, I see this system being rarely used as guilds usually will just bring their alt guildies in for free loot runs in 25 mans.

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I do want to point out, assuming it hasn’t changed, but 10 Man Naxx should be dropping 25 man loot.

For PTR testing, we’ve set the requirement to one (1) player activating the Relic.

If you have a pool of 500+ items that can drop from each boss, targeting the piece(s) you need will be a whole lot more difficult if not impossible. We learned this during WOD when a pool of 40+ items dropped from 8-9 bosses. It made trying to get the one piece you needed with the right stats you wanted impossible at that time, so imagine doing the same, but with a whole lot more variance.

Why not add the Phase 1 Gear to a vendor and utilize the existing Badge of Heroism system that was present in Wrath originally? While a neat feature, this isn’t Classic and I’d really rather not see you guys stray too much from the original recipe. A vendor doesn’t impact the ability for folks that just want to get their daily dungeon completed in a timely manner, but this feature does.


Just completed 2 of the H+ dungeons. So from what I can initially see each boss is dropping their normal loot + 1 item of Naxx 10 loot with the exception of the end bosses which is dropping considerable amount of Naxx 10 loot plus it’s normal loot table and a new satchel which is rewarding 40g and 3 conquest badges. Now I’m not sure if its suppose to be conquest badges or not because I thought we were just going to be Heroism / Valor through WOTLK and then each tier the badges were reset or downgraded to Heroism. I did enjoy the 2 affixes I got to experience, mirror images & Webwrap. Pretty cool. I do feel it was fairly easy even with the crap gear given to us. I wish Blizzard would take this opportunity and just finally implement the full version of Mythic+ into WOTLK. You’re almost there now, just do it and let us have some fun. +10 Key level and we can get 25man loot.

Things I’m curious about, is all of the loot completely random or does Naxx 10 “end boss” loot only drop from the end bosses of these H+? How does tier drop as well? Only from end bosses?

Idont like It ,too easy and no reward at all ,maybe for an alt or New players :frowning:

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Pretty sure thats how they were advertised, as a way to gear up alts and fresh toons. Not sure why they would give stuff for existing bis geared players. You will get 5 Badges of Conquest for doing the daily heroic in the titan mode, so theres that.

Should be conquest yes. It was my understanding that when they said the same badges from the start, they only meant 10 man and 25 man would drop the same badge. In OG Wotlk, 10 man naxx would drop Heroism, and 25 man would drop Valor. This time around they both drop Valor. This was changed in I think ToC? or ICC, and we got the change from the start this time around instead.

Edit - Added a little clarity to the post involving my understanding of badges)

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I’d say the best way is to have 1 Raid gear dropping from the last boss. And I do hope it’s actually challenging…

Any chance we can also have the trash drops from naxx 10 from trash in the dungeons as well? Or some other way to implement this maybe.


Hi There Frugo! I’ve seen this asked a few times so I figured I’d just pop in and clarify that the Naxx/OS/EoE 10-player loot is not just spread randomly across every boss comprising one huge, ultra-RNG loot table. Each boss has a table of a handful of 10 player raid epics that they can drop and those items are specific to that bosses loot table.

So for example, Telestra in The Nexus can potentially drop the raid epics Pauldrons of Havoc, Claymore of Ancient Power, or Spirit-World Glass and she will drop one of those three items guaranteed.

It will quickly become clear which bosses drop which pieces as players begin to explore these dungeons, and you definitely can target specific bosses to get specific items you are after.

Hope that helps!


This is excellent news to hear. Also…

Any chance we could get Naxx 10 Trash drops in Titan Rune dungeons? I think it would be great.

Also going further, assuming Naxx 10 will drop Naxx 25 loot as stated months ago could the trash also drop Naxx 25 trash loot?

Really loving all the new mechanics and buffs in these Dungeons, but I was wondering and hoping that we could potentially see some sort of “competitive” aspect added to the Titan Rune Dungeons. The dream would be like Challenge Modes in MoP, but even just a timer, or leaderboard would massively encourage players to continue to participate and push these dungeons purely for their own competitiveness and keep them alive past the first few weeks when everyone gets the gear.


Is your goal to completely destroy through moronic change after moronic change everything about Wrath which was the most popular expansion for a reason?

Was it so hard to just release an already established game?

Was it to justify people’s jobs or something they needed to “improve” wrath to have something to do?