FEEDBACK: Timeworn Keystones

No it’s not

Is this talking about azurite in timewalks themselves or M+? Poor clarification there. I figured the azurite neck is still better then my shadowlands neck, this wouldnt surprise me, but if they’re fun-policing my regular timewalks/raids, tell me so I can drop my sub.

One other question I have is – what is the plan for the effects that were level capped at the end of Legion like the Court of Stars ring? If it was unlevel capped, then the ring would become insanely desirable. Is the plan to keep them level capped?

if players want to play in their Shadowlands Gear go ahead, if they want to farm azerite gear go ahead, if you want for farm Shadowmourne for WoLtLK time go ahead. If it gives someone an advantage that everyone is capable of getting then let it stay in the game. stop calling the fun police because a casual player may shine for 4-5 weeks out of the year in timewalking. Are you worried they may get some gear and replace you in your raid for crying out loud it is timewalking and for the record Azerite armor has worked in all the other timewalking why stop now. If people want to make timewalking sets then let them it is not hurting anyone.

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I’ll comment on this one after testing a few more dungeons.

The Infernal Beacons need to be heavily changed if they’re intended to be pulled with the boss, there are several that have area of denial that occur during the boss mechanics, or mandatory soaks/moves that prevent the meteor soaks making even pulling the lieutenants that spawn completely RNG if you can kill the boss or not.

This is shown probably at it’s worst in Court of Stars, where the soaks will force you to spawn imps on the second boss in area’s that can not be AoE’d down, and from the first boss where the area of denial from the arc slash will outright prevent you from being able to soak. Where as in other dungeons, you can get a tank buster from the boss itself ontop of a heavy hitting dot or mini tank buster combination that will destroy a tank in Vault of the Wardens.

I can explain this better using my paladin than my DK.

My Paladin specced protection has 51,000 HP at 205 itemlevel (it’s my old main from 8.3 and a bit of 9.0). Equiping the HoA in Orgrimar because it activates not only the essences but the stamina nodes boosts my health up to 64000.

Most notably, VoP however drops Avenging Wrath down to a 1:31 cooldown because the minor effect works, and I get a pretty significant amount of damage.

People weren’t using Azerite gear because the opportunity cost was too high, but the HoA was giving you about 20% more survivability and about 30-40% more damage. It’s last expansion content being virtually required for current expansion content.

Edit with that said - While not related to this topic I’m hoping blizzard has the foresight to also disable the HoA and azerite essences (in the event there’s one I’m missing that’s so overpowered you take the stam/itemization hit anyway) for the purposes of the mage tower?

Azerite Gear and Essences not working in Legion Dungeons is literally the complete opposite of what you’ve done with Legendaries in previous expansion Dungeons.

I never thought of Orgrimar as current content. Heck, don’t really think of Timewalk dungeons/raids being “current content”, but more of a fun weekly event. Part of the fun has been the ability to whip out your Shadowmorne, neck pieces, and still working leggos and just have fun.

Heck, if someone can dump dump a 200 ilvl neck for a 150 ilvl mega neck in the M+, more power to them from where I’m concerned. The content was not created with the neck in mind, so to say its required is completely wrong.

A point that’s important to understand about Timeworn Keystones is that unlike regular Timewalking dungeons, you’re not being scaled down to the dungeon, the dungeon is being scaled up to you. Both the difficulty and rewards should feel comparable to current expansion Mythic+, with the goal of adding more options to your Mythic+ routine during weeks where Timeworn Keystones are available.

It’s not hard to imagine that if we allowed prior expansion systems to function in Mythic+, players who have not played through those expansions would be at a significant disadvantage. If you’re doing current expansion Mythic+, you should also be able to do Timeworn Keystones without jumping through additional hoops.

Regular Timewalking dungeons (including the newly added Legion dungeons) are not subject to the bug fix mentioned above, and should continue to function as players have come to expect.

To answer some other questions:

  • Our next PTR build will contain updates to the Infernal affix. We’ve made some changes based on feedback and would love to hear your thoughts.
  • We’re taking a close look at items from Legion dungeons to ensure they’re appropriately balanced at present-day item levels, and making adjustments as necessary.
  • Mage Tower is getting close to being available for testing on the PTR.

Is there going to be a date announcement anytime soon? We’re starving here on retail.

The fact Maw of Souls and Halls of Valor aren’t in the rotation is a slap in the face

I hope this means not just nerfing the good stuff, but buffing some underperforming stuff. A LOT of the tank trinkets are just awful and you’ve already nerfed the only one that looked like it might have some interesting applications. Ideally some of this loot is desirable.

Can we get more context on this note?

Because I’m of the opinion that if these are as difficult as +15’s they’ll only be done by the majority of the playerbase who have played since legion, or there will be massive issues with leavers due to what’s been pointed out. If you’re not familiar with the dungeons, mechanically there are several bosses that will destroy you pretty fast and even though they’re tuned to be at the same level of a SL dungeon on +15, they’ll still be perceived as significantly more difficult.

I’m hoping the decision is made to make the timewalking event occur significantly more often to alienate that problem, otherwise I see once this hits live the dungeons being nerfed down to a +15 being on par with a +11 or +12 because of the nature of completely PUG groups.

If we’re going into content that can give max level rewards, a 20% HP boost and a 40-50% damage boost falls under the line of required. You can use the HoA in the non-M+ version of timewalking, that’s still intended.

A lot of time invested in creating and balancing a system that will appear in the game 3-4 times a year, meanwhile, all that time allocation for Legion Timewalking could be used for the current expansion and balancing classes, conduits and so on.

How about giving a choice of powers after defeating infernal bosses?

The powers should be based on Legion legendaries, but they should be at half strength. So that by the end of a 4-boss dungeon you could have the powers which add up up in strength to 2 Legion legendaries.

Tuning them up or down is not really ideal given that they just scaled incoming and outgoing damage differently based on the size of the pull.

And when I say “half”, I am thinking 1.5% (instead of 3%) roots of Shaladrassil heal. That’s half strength, but you can pick it twice.

This way instead of trying to balance Legion keys to SL content, we’ll just be able to use Legion systems in Legion content.

Class-wide legendary powers should, of course, be offered more frequently than spec-wide legendaries.

Can you leave these keystones availible full time not just for 2 weeks please? They will be so much fun and I don’t want the fun to stop. I know plenty of people who have unsubed due to a lack of content who will come back for 2 weeks then stop again. Leave these keystones availible and they will stay.

Come on we need something throw us a bone. Even if it is an old one that most people have chewed before give us something


I think having Legion M+ open for only a week will be bad for the player experience.

One of the areas of texture for M+ is the week-to-week changes of routes and group comps. Like one week, you need more boss damage, another week you need more AoE for trash, another you need a Soothe class, etc. As a one off, the week-to-week changes are lost. It’s been a staple from the start of M+ in Legion that the week-to-week changes have been core to the system as a whole. Seeing how dungeons can change as affixes turnover is something that Legion M+ won’t have.

Also, it being a single week will have a negative effect when combined with the current gatekeeping mentality. If your class or spec happens to be bad that one-week Legion M+ is open, you might be just out of luck in trying to do it. But if it were open for longer, they could be less desired one week but more desired the next.

I think you should have it open for 4 weeks. This is a good length of time that will allow:

-Allow players to experience the texture of week-to-week changes of affixes
-Allow more class/specs/niches to have their moment to shine when it’s open

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These keystones are a great incentive to run this old content again and a good addition. Making them scale up to the level of current M+ keys is great.

Having them available for such a short time isn’t being fair to the work put into them nor is it fair to the player base. Let us have Timewalking active all the time and put real rewards behind them like this M+ loot. There is no reason to not add more cosmetic rewards either.

This idea of adding and removing dungeons from pools is and odd choice as well, just make them all available but allow the player to limit the pool they want to experience or something. Again, putting in the work to scale these dungeons and then throwing it out the window seems like shooting ones self in the foot.

Make it more accessible, please. Limiting and gatekeeping of content doesn’t make people more eager the next time it comes around, let the players actually play it. And releasing it around the holidays just means more people are likely to miss out the first go round.

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If were going to legion we get our powerd weapons back the 1s the devs stold from us or no deal . This is legion so no shadow lands gear allowed 400gear better be back with the orginal weapons . Not those .5damage bull sht

No if were going to legion we get our fully charged legion weapon back or no deal