FEEDBACK: Timewalking Mage Tower - October 21

Timewalking Mage Tower Testing


  • Starts: Thursday, October 21 at 10:00 a.m. PDT
  • Ends: Friday, October 22 at 10:00 a.m. PDT

Please use this thread for feedback and bug reports regarding Timewalking Mage Tower, or related issues.

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Thank you to everyone who has come out to help test!


Timewalking Mage Tower is now available for testing!

Please submit your feedback in this thread. :smiley:

Velen is way too squishy in the Highlord Kruul challenge. Anything gets on him and he just dies.


Agatha still skips teleporting if she is channeling Dark Fury when you pass a 20% threshold. It worked like this in Legion so not sure if it is an “intended bug” or not.

In theory one could burn to 1% before every 20% threshold, wait for Dark Fury, and then burn her below during it to never see the boulders.

Please dont tune it with heart of azeroth in mind like it is currently. A lot of folks skipped bfa. All my characters did.

Heart of Azeroth, azerite powers and essences made this trivial. Hopefully that’s a bug.


Don’t know if this was in the original, but trying Sigryn as Demo.

Hammers seem to keep pathing directly into me and I can’t avoid them regardless of movement. They also do a knockdown animation but it doesn’t interrupt any spellcasting (I don’t remember that being in the original challenge). Feels very challenging to stay alive whatsoever with the axe damage constantly hitting.

Guardian Druid - Tank challenge - Ursocnfae-Broxigar

Did this without the Heart of Azeroth. Felt about right. Was kind of a tight squeeze on Kruul to push him with lust, pots, and berserk. Almost felt like maul was more worth hitting then ironfur for damage. Def make sure you barkskin first annihlate, SI 2nd, SI 3rd w/ bark, and you can’t soak a 4th. Use orbs & mighty bash/incap roar to fill dmg to push before the 4th. Don’t use any berserk or anything for the first boss other than barkskin. You won’t have enough damage to kill Kruul if you don’t have lust/berserk/pot.

Good tuning overall.

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Probably the first of many gonna be giving feedback as I go. No h eart of azeroth because I assume that it being usable is a bug.
So far completed holy paladin challenge in 3 tries. Its almost an inverse of how it was in legion. By this I mean I recall the first and second to last phases being the break points. P1 is not as hard as I remember this could be memory but I think part of it was that I could just tank the melee adds and the caster add seemed to die really quickly even if i wasn’t doing damage, though i was. Turn evil also made this phase alot more trivial i think. p2 was way harder then I remember it being, each eye would bring me down to 20% hp when they blew and getting close they would do 10% health per tick so I had to do exclusively ranged damage while full healing for each eye. I actually bubbled in the start of p2 because it was that scary. Aside from the eyes it wasn’t as bad but I vaguely recall that phase not being scary with a timer, its scary now that timer could easily have gotten me if I was doing that for the first time. p3 with the allies fighting each other and the healing ghosts was way easier then I remember. I wasn’t sure what to do about cds because I recall that phase being an intense healing cd efficiency check, what I got was I could full heal a ghost with 2 flash of lights or a crit holy light without wings which is good because I think legion holydin had more cds to play around with anyway. Final phase I played perfectly but it was also probably the most overtuned one, I remember him usually taking 5-7 circles to go down, I’m pretty sure he lasted 12 and died after completely saturating the floor in green, and I did covered it efficiently. He was at about 6% when I died due to the entire floor being green. I was even hitting him mind you, thats how holy works these days.

TLDR: Holy paladin challenge complete p1 seems slightly undertuned, p2 is mostly fine but the eye explosions are probably overtuned for the scaled difficulty. p3 the healable ghosts are potentially too easy to heal, but are probably fine. p4 boss lasts way longer then in legion and might need to be toned down.

Will update further as I do more.

To add to this, I tried Tugar as Destro.

All I can say is the challenge does way too much damage. I was killing worm mobs as a priority, dodging Earthquake areas, kicked all the Fel Bursts and can’t keep myself up.

mage tower bear druid (also dunno if this helps but my bear is 208 i level as i came back to sl late and can only do lfr raiding)

so ive been trying and fialing like 10 times now and ither i keep loosing to velen getting merked by adds or when the void adds (i dont remember the adds name) shows up i just get nuked to hell and back even when using my defenses and can only get the first boss to half health before i die as well as velen doesnt seem to drop his healing orbs to often to im left with 1 and well by the time i really badly need another one im dead as ive used all my healing and defensives

update: the giant fel elemental just eats my health with his aoe attack and is to brutal to deal with when the four adds spawn ontop of him making it almost impossible to get past with velens helaing orb and doing as much damadge as a napkin
update 2: still hit like a wet noodle and am gettign randomly 1 shot when i get the first boss a 4th of the way down


Bear druid Goodbear Anasterian

the four adds that spawn aren’t taking thrash damage on hit making really weird to kill them

i’m also having problems with damage. it feels like i’m am hitting like a wet noodle
maybe some health nerfs to the bosses would help


Spec: Guardian Druid
Challenge: Kruul

Phase 1: After a few attempts it’s very much like legion, keep all the adds out of control, keep moving and interrupt Drain life. Its a little harder than legion because of no legendaries but not bad and memories of that encounter let me get through it within 5-6 pulls. Feel like I am forced to use too many orbs, which i need to try and save more than i can for phase 2.

Phase 2: Kruul has too much health to burn through for a guardian without some form of borrowed power. Can get him down about half way pretty easily even with drums just don’t have the dps. With some more practice may be completable but i feel phase 2 is a lot harder than it was just because of the health pool.

I think we need some gear or abilities back or a health nerf to Kruul, perhaps 5-10%.


Spec guardian druid

Challenge kruul

i have to pretty much agree with hurajani above me dont feel like i have enough damage definitely needs to be lowered hp wise {for phase 2}

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Xylem as Arms feels about similar to when I did it in 7.2 in Legion, good challenge. Only problem I had was during second pull the PTR client randomly minimized itself to my desktop and my mouse cursor would not re-appear when I brought it back. Never seen that before.

Prot warrior

Highlord kruul

Tuning felt decent, maybe a tiny bit easy (though I can see that being intended)

If you fear the tiny adds, they can evade and reset the entire encounter (video below)


Overall, the challenges available to Mages seem relatively good, but they could potentially be a little harder. I didn’t experience significant bugs or problems with the encounters.

General Bugs

  • Kyrian Phials of Serenity work in the challenges if you bring them in from outside.

Spec: Arcane Mage
Challenge: Sigryn
Sigryn took me around 4 minutes to complete. It feels pretty similar to what I remembered, although some of the mechanics didn’t occur much because 4 minutes was not long enough to see them many times. The axe patterns felt a little unpredictable the first time I completed it, but the second time I had fewer issues by moving further from them instead of finishing casts.

Spec: Fire Mage
Challenge: Agatha
Agatha took me around 5 minutes to complete. Compared to Legion, this one seemed a little easier; however, this may just be due to how Fire Mage has changed since then. Previously, the main difficulty of this challenge was finding enough damage to kill the waves of imps quickly, which was often accomplished by using AoE trinkets such as Pharamere’s Forbidden Grimoire from Krosus in The Nighthold. Now that Arcane Explosion is available to Fire Mages, it is relatively safe to kill the imps with just that. Overall, it still seems like a reasonably tuned encounter and I did die a few times to this one.

Spec: Frost Mage
Challenge: Raest
Raest took me about 3 minutes to kill regardless of the strategy I used in the last phase (killing either brother first works). Overall, the difficulty seemed much easier than I remembered it when it came out in Legion. I think the biggest issue is that Karam does not have enough HP relative to the damage a Frost Mage can do easily while kiting everything with Freezing Rain and Frozen Orb. This makes it possible to skip most of the mechanics in the phases where he is chasing you. In the last phase with Time Warp and Icy Veins, either brother will die very quickly if focused.

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