FEEDBACK: The Necrotic Wake dungeon


In this thread, we’re discussing all aspects of the new dungeon The Necrotic Wake, coming in World of Warcraft: Shadowlands.

This initial post will be updated periodically throughout the Shadowlands test. Please check back here for information about further updates to this dungeon as they are made.

Thank you for your testing and feedback!


I managed to get the first boss down but due to technical issues I have never been able to progress further into the dungeon.

The necromancers leading up to the first fight sometimes don’t despawn their portal when they die. This ends the run because the portal stays up forever and creates and endless stream of adds and they aggro anywhere in the dungeon.

The first fight is refreshingly hard and doable with coordination and CC effects on the worms. Loved it honestly and it sets the stage for players needing to use more than just damage throughput abilities at least for now.

Right after this fight is where I have never been able to progress.

There are necromancers here with multiple adds that are immortal until the necromancer dies. Sometimes they stay immortal and can never be killed when he dies. This ends the run as it cannot be overcome.

The dungeon crashed a number of times until I un-installed and re-installed. Doing a scan and repair did not fix this unfortunately so if this happens to others do a full re-install.


When running this dungeon after going to the left and up the stairs I crash when getting to the next set of stairs and then cannot log back in do due a continuous crash cycle. Below is the report ID



We had 2 enh shaman last night continue to DC at the same time and get loop crashes trying to log on removing the config file seems to of fixed it

From my expectations of the dungeon being on Normal difficulty, the incoming damage from most mobs in the dungeon, and even the bosses, seems a little high. The necromancer also has the Undying Aura which sometimes doesn’t end even if he dies, leaving the mobs connected to him invincible.

There also seems to be a bug possibly with the replacement system for leavers, I was in a queue for around 20 minutes where we couldn’t find a DPS (we had 1 tank 1 healer and 2 dps)


I really like the mob density , design and overall feel of the dungeon.Bosses are tuned properly and are fun.

The only issues i have right now is the last boss , at near ~15% boss health all my party members crashed and im stuck in infinite crash loop unable to login anymore.The error is :

My graphics are set at ‘7’ so its not the same bug as the one on the bridge.

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I will just second this since in 2 full runs which i have had, the same mobs after the bridge, right before the second boss don’t lose their Undying Aura when the Necromancers die. We have bug reported this on the spot but it seems it is just those particular mobs that this happens to.
Outside of that i have enjoyed this dungeon very much my first clear was a bit iffy but the next was insanely smooth(other than the mobs not dying)

Aside from quite a few bugs reported separately, dungeon itself looks so good! This vibe of Naxx with Bastion architecure, bosses/adds which look amazing - I enjoyed it a lot!

First boss seems slightly overtuned for fresh 50-53 chars (talking about worms here).

Hook boss seems extremelly bugged so it’s hard to say if it’s tuned correctly (hook misses when aimed directly, range of hook changes randomly and sometimes pulls abominations from 2nd floor).

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Crashed a couple of times at the last boss
Error code appeared, still trying to log on

Given 75 (415) ilvl , the dungeon feels a bit overtuned. But it’ll be a complete joke on launch though.

Honestly, lower incoming damage by 20% or so and it might be that simple. We need tuning though. So… subject to alpha changes.


Echoing the other reports: we got to the trash with the necromancer and the brittle mobs with the invulnerability buff. When we killed the necro, the buff didn’t fall off the other mobs and we ultimately were unable to continue with the dungeon.

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I’ve ran this dungeon about 10 times now. As healer and dps.

Just looking at the encounters, ignoring damage values and bugs, I’m having a lot of fun! I’ll split my feedback in 6 sections. One for every boss, one for trash and one for looks.


Blightbone is fun boss, but can be extremely stressfull with a melee heavy group.

  • Heaving Retch fixated frontal cone is easy enough to dodge for other party members, and the debuff it applies isn’t too bad.
  • Fetid Gas might be a bit too big of an area. I can see this mechanic becoming an issue once we get into harder difficulties. I do like the idea of silencing the members, but then with a slightly smaller area.
  • Carrion Worms are the reason I’d like a smaller Fetid Gas area. These worms can be extremely stressful to deal with in melee heavy groups, especially when you also have to dance around Fetid Gas constantly.
    I’d suggest giving the Carrion Worms a stacking speed buff, starting from 30% movement speed going to 120% over a short time period. This gives the players a bit more time to deal with them while also keeping the pressure.

Amarath, the Reanimator

A bit underwhelming, nothing really happening outside of Land of the Dead, which brings us to:

  • Land of the Dead is a fitting ability for the lore of the boss. You’d expect a sadistic leader necromancer raising corpses to fight for him.
    This mechanic isn’t too hard to deal with, while still having pressure of dealing with it due to the mages.
  • Final Harvest is easy to dodge. Maybe increase the area of the explosion or reduce the explosion time.
  • Bone Spikes I’ve barely noticed this mechanic at all.
  • Necrotic Bolt could go on other targets than the tank. This would make healing this fight alot more entertaining.

Surgeon Stitchflesh

You can see the devs have a fun time creating this one. And it came out really fun and interesting aswell.

  • Summon Creation and Meathook is a nice idea for a fight. You don’t get punished too hard if you miss a Meathook, because a next one will be coming up. Also forcing players to move to a single position makes it challenging to get the boss down with all the puddles around.
  • Embalming Ichor is a big area aswell. I haven’t seen it despawn yet so I assume it doesn’t have a timer on it. On higher difficulties I can definitely see this ability become a problem. I suggest decreasing it’s size or have it go on ranged only.
  • Escape I currently have no idea how long Stitchflesh is staying in the fight for. Sometimes he would escape almost immediately other times he would stay until he died. I do suggest having him stay down longer if you Meathook him again while he is on the ground. Making it more of a risk reward situation with Dark Infusion.
  • Stitchneedle was a bit of a mess the first time I had to heal it. In the end it isn’t all too bad.

Nalthor the Rimebinder

Bit of a underwhelming boss aswell. Maybe this gets more fun with higher difficulties, but right now it feels like he isn’t doing a whole lot.

  • Comet Storm standard aoe ability, nothing bad about it.
  • Icebound Aegis didn’t really notice this one. Maybe it gets more noticable with higher difficulties. Would definitely keep the dmg proportion of it though.
  • Frozen Binds is a nice ability, something else to think about. The damage could be scaled up a bit, so players move out of it even faster.
  • Dark Exile is extremely frustrating for classes without big burst or movement abilities (aff lock for example). I had to spend more time trying to walk towards the NPC at the end then I did trying to kill him. In the end I ended up dying because I took to long. On my rogue however I barely noticed this mechanic and could just rush through.


The trash in this dungeon has a nice flow to it. Nothing is too difficult and nothing is too easy. You’re always kept active. Didn’t need a ridiculous amount of CC or Interrupts either, which is a nice change coming from BFA.
I would like to point out the 1st to last trashpack in front of the second boss caused more wipes than anything else.


Aesthetics really fit the theme of the dungeon. As you walk through the dungeon you can see an obvious shift going from plague to necromancy to a mad doctor with the overlord on top. Nothing felt out of place, and the layout of the dungeon is nice and linear.

I would like to suggest putting a checkpoint at boss 2 when it dies, so you don’t have to run all the way through again if you wipe.


After a few runs, I’ll leave a few thoughts as a player who feels dungeon’s are their favorite content.

This place offers 4 very unique bosses and that is impressive given the age of the game and continued effort towards making difficult 5 man content.

  • Blightbone’s worm spawning mechanic seems a bit strange, as it feels like they spawn quite far out compared to the mechanic, and the mechanic appears to follow the player if they move.
    This makes me think that the mechanic is meant to be aimed at another mechanic, perhaps the gas cloud? As it stands, I could not discern any special interaction, but I would assume since it silences players there is meant to be something.
    Initial thoughts are this mechanic is MUCH easier as a Blood DK than any other tank as we have great control over 2 small targets between grips, stun, and DND slow.

  • The density of trash strikes me as very low before and after the first boss, and almost begs the player to attempt to skip things, especially in the starting room.
    I would want to see the dungeon very conscious of the availability of count early, because the later half has literally zero optional trash and I worry about that. I’ll talk about that more later.

  • There is a group of trash before the second boss that contains about 6 mobs I believe. Two of the large skeletons that fear and do a tank breaker alone makes this pack very daunting, but my issue with it is the way its placed.
    It looks like it can be split pulled, but we tried multiple ways to do this and it was not possible.
    We tried even killing all the small mobs, wiping, and resetting, leaving just the two large skeleton mobs standing very far apart. Like 30+ yards.
    Still, both aggroed when I pulled the left.
    If this is NOT a bug, I would like to see the mobs replaced to make it more obvious that this is always supposed to be 1 pack.
    Look to the pack before Alunza in AtalDazar for inspiration, as that pack is just as big, but is clearly in a formation that you can’t deny indicates its cohesion.
    If it is NOT intended to be together, my suggestion would be to place the two large skeletons to one side and the small guys on the other to offer the illusion of them being separate more than they are. This will offer more skillful decision making when pulling the pack, as the casters will be much harder to isolate and the double fear will often cause a mistake of pulling the full pack anyway.

  • Amaranth as a fight is very interesting, but extremely punishing at the moment with no enrage dispel. I believe its a 75 percent attack increase? That seems frankly absurd to deal with during a time of heavy add pick up for a tank, and the dungeons I did without a soothe were considerably harder. That being said, Soothe is being returned to other classes this expansion? If so, I will reconsider this.
    Until then, the fight is another on the list that is considerable easier as Blood DK as I can easily grip all the mobs together and interrupt the mages, which are devastating if left unchecked, much easier than most.

  • My problem with the dungeons starts after you enter the necropolis and I worry the level of thought put into this.
    In that room you have to kill 100 percent of the trash to engage the boss RP which then spawns more trash before the boss itself. Its literally 100 percent too, as I used Control Undead and the mob I kept there prevented the boss RP. Had to release him and kill.
    This is fine by me, but as mentioned early is mandatory trash that needs to be thought about when count is decided. Effectively, only a single boss allows for any skipping of trash, and in a world with out the obelisk skips, I worry about how that is going to be perceived.
    My concern is just that there is no real decision making to be done here.
    You will either be forced to attempt to under pull and bring multiple shrouds or invis pots to skip after the first boss, or pull far more than you need in the first room just to meet count.
    The BIGGER issue is how do you expect players to know this on their first time?
    Right now, the immediate parallels I think of in BFA are Underrot and Shrine, both handling it very different.
    In Underrot, you literally can not proceed to last boss until you have the trash count checked. This is an interesting idea when that would mean you have a big teleport to the room and the dungeon ends there. The problem with Necrotic Wake is you have TWO of those. If THIS is the way you handle it, will you force us to have say 60 percent before going to the Stitch, or will only 100 percent be required before Nalthor?
    If the latter, how will backtracking work?
    The other example is shrine, where the last boss is basically isolated from the rest of the dungeon, and you graciously put a TON of free percent in that room, as if to acknowledge that swimming all the way back was a cruel fate. Sadly, that seems impossible given these two rooms, as they are just too small and one dimensional.
    So how that is addressed will be extremely important for M+. One way or another, you have set yourself up to have a lot of issues with trash in this dungeon and I hope it is not a repeat trend as it is going to be a nightmare in the opening season and again every week on Teeming.

  • For the last two bosses I will say that I think they both feature very interesting mechanics and spaces, and can’t wait to see them on harder difficulties, especially Stitchflesh. I worry about how long that fight might take and that its going to turn into another 6 minute fight like some we see in Siege, and wonder how you will balance that too, because surely missing a DPS checkpoint means another full round of grip mechanics, adding at least 30 seconds? Or is it more.
    Last boss is quite interesting, and fits the lich theme, but I was unable to see it as a non-tank yet, so I’ll wait to give more feedback.
    All I’ll say is I expect the fight to look like Harlan in Freehold on higher difficulties, where you have to run and when doing so the mechanic drops areas of danger too, encouraging skilled play. If that is not the case, the mechanic is too simple for an already simple fight.

Finally, ran into some bugs that I assume are seen already, but I should mention.

  1. Many areas crash the client if your graphics settings are too high, for whatever reason.
  2. A lot of times the Necromancer and their adds bug out, where the adds retain the healing buff after the Necromancer dies and you have to wipe to reset this behavior. Oddly, when you do wipe another bug occurs
  3. The adds that remain after the necromancer dies STILL HAVE THE BUFF, and it still heals them, but they do die this time.
    People suggested it had something to do with me using Control Undead and bringing mobs from other packs into that one, and I think they might be right, because when I tested this on other tanks I didn’t notice this behavior. Obviously small sample size though.
  4. And most importantly. The dungeon does not scale. In fact, nothing scales currently, seemingly. Is this intended?
    May players are talking about the difficulty of the dungeon, but they aren’t realizing that a group of 50s and a group of 53s have a VERY different experience. I tried it at 50 on 2 tanks and I got DESTROYED. Then I leveled 2 times and went in again and it was like night and day.
  • I understand the idea of wanting to test these things at the lowest possible item level, but it often creates a general air about the intended difficulty being something that it’s not, so I think it would be appropriate to explain that to the playerbase some how. I assume the dungeon is meant to scale always, but as it stands at 53 even in this horrible gear (with respect to 8.3) it is a pushover and will be demolished in a similar situation when a full power team walks in here. If that’s the goal, that’s understandable. Just need to know in order to give feedback moving forward.

Overall, attempting to remove all of these thoughts of difficulty, the dungeon was a great experience. The hook mechanic on Stitch was such a cool idea I was giddy when I saw it. I am legit impressed that there are still mechanics possible that I haven’t considered all these years later and look forward to seeing the other 7 dungeons.
Just please be very confident with this dungeon’s purpose in Mythic+.
It reminds me immediately of Kings’ Rest in the way that there is just zero trash you can skip easily, and bosses back to back are often very unfun due to CD usage.

Still, great concept and visual theme here!


I was able to try out the first 2 bosses of the dungeon before my group collapsed. The dungeon as a whole is definitely overtuned, but that’s been mentioned a lot already I’m sure. In terms of the bosses, I think they’re mechanics are fun and definitely show potential. The first boss, Blightborne, has potential for good CC use for the worms, they need to hit less hard though since they have no aggro table, the healer kept getting oneshot. He had the right amount of HP I think. The second boss has the adds whose corpses explode, which is an easy to handle but rewarding mechanic when done right. The explosions hit a bit too hard though, 2 will pretty much oneshot you, very little room for error.

  • It would be nice if the adds in the first boss put a Fixate marker on you when you are targeted. It’s a little difficult to tell you are been chased when you are in close range, which makes it quite punishing for melee.

  • The pack with two Knights before Amarath is much too difficult compared to the rest of the dungeon. It could use a nerf of some sort. Maybe split it up or have fewer casters?

  • Running a DK with a de-curser party member enable a combo that feels a little busted. Control Undead on a Shadowmender gives the DK a access to giant heal on a really short cooldown. The de-curser can remove the DOT which follows the heal, so it’s super strong.


Just after the first boss, at the stairs after the blight mobs I keep getting a critical error. It has happened on 2 characters now(My paladin and my mage).

The same error that Trashbro in this thread is getting. I’m unable to log into either character at the moment.

If you’re reading this, set your graphic settings to 6 or lower. This should fix it and you should be able to log back into your characters.

I’ve Encountered a lot of problems in this Dungeon some of which have already been stated.

Bonerender’s as a Controlled Undead mob being a massive issue rendering the 2nd 3rd and 4th bosses dead within like 30 seconds with their Bone flay ability.

Bonemender’s heal is hilariously strong even while taking damage from the Curse after.

Blightbone - I think this fight is well made. Issue being with who’s being fixated.

Amarth, The Reanimator - This is also another well made fight. My current issues with the fight is that when he’s casting Bonespike he’ll just cast it randomly in a line making the mechanic effect nothing during the fight. It’s just simply a move out of this ability. Also, We have this massive platform for this boss fight and probably only use 1/4th of it.

Surgeon Stitchflesh - I’ve had situations where I’ve hooked Stitchflesh and he not get pulled down. Stitchflesh also sometimes spawned a mob which then either fell through the floor or just disappeared causing us to have to wait. The Boss Room obviously has no floor as Volley and Frostwyrm’s Fury just simply do nothing. Stitchflesh also sometimes just evades at points to when you grip him. There was one Occasion where he just despawned after evading.

Nalthor the Rimebender - I don’t see anything really wrong with this fight other than if you play a class/spec that doesn’t deal fast damage and or has to stand to cast you probably will struggle to kill the mob when you get taken down. When you’re downstairs fighting the add sometimes the Val’kyr to take you back up is just missing. Maybe more gear will cause this not to be an issue. Other problem is that he also is on a floorless area where ground targeted abilities like frostwyrm’s fury and volley do not work.

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Things I like:
It doesn’t feel like the dungeon drags on forever. It feels very to the point and well laid out.
The boss fights are entertaining. The stitches hook is probably my favorite bit in the boss fights.

Things I don’t like:
The ‘hallway’ before the 2nd boss is really annoying with how it pulls. Having to go over the fallen rubble to skip a pack is a bit obnoxious.
If you wipe on the last boss having to take the angel to the portal and the portal to the top feels a bit silly. Why can’t the angel just drop you at the top?

I’ve had some issue with gear not dropping at 110 ilvl. It drops at ilvl 57 - or at least thats what it shows on some of them.

Overall I enjoyed this dungeon minus the DC bugs for some people.