FEEDBACK: Tazavesh, the Veiled Market

Please use this thread for feedback and bug reports regarding Tazavesh, the Veiled Market. Providing your group’s composition and any logs is helpful.

Thank you for coming to help test Tazavesh!


The Menagerie Boss doesn’t do anything after Alcruux dies. I’m assuming the next boss is supposed to spawn, but nothing is happening.

Models are also halfway into the ground to start with. (on stage)

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This could happen if Alcruux was defeated too quickly (ex: Touch of Death). We’ve just deployed a change to PTR which we believe will fix this issue.

Apologies for the inconvenience!

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Overall, the dungeon is really cool visually and mechanically. There are a few areas that could potentially be improved, and a few bugs that need fixing.

-Stormheim trash: the Invigorating Fish Stick cast might need to be tuned a bit. It’s definitely manageable as is, but as they don’t seem to despawn, it could easily get overwhelming for groups due to the frequency of the casts.

-Hylbrande boss:

  • Purged by Fire seems to move a bit too quickly when following the target.
  • Sanitizing Cycle: Although it’s a cool mechanic, it seems like it’ll be especially hard for pugs to complete properly. Only one person at a time was able to use the Titan Console and see where the Bypass Codes were supposed to go. The best way to handle it for us was for one person to use the Titan Console, and then place the corresponding world markers down, but it’s a bit clunky to have to do. I was able to do it quickly by keybinding the markers, but I don’t believe you can keybind world markers without an addon, and clicking them is quite slow. Also, we had problems with the Bypass Codes just disappearing from people before they could put them into a security panel. There are safe spots on the edges of the room to avoid getting hit by the Sanitizing Field, not sure if that’s intended though.
  • Vault Purifier: When these were still alive when Sanitizing Cycle came out, the Empowered Defense buff they cast on the boss didn’t disappear, but the Vault Purifiers died.

-Timecapn’ Hooktail: The biggest issue was the adds. They spawn quite frequently and fixate random players, which seems like it’ll be pretty rough to handle properly for a lot of players. Some healers and dps will be punished a lot more than others with his mechanic for having to move so much, or run out of melee range of boss to kite adds into breath or barrage at the right time. Having them not fixate on players, or only fixate occasionally might be a better way to go.

-So’leah: Really cool boss, mechanics seemed to work properly. Nobody in the party was able to loot the boss after we killed it though, and we didn’t see any chests to open.

Me and my friends found a bug that the menagerie boss is bugs after we kill alcruux nothing happen so we wipe it hoping that it reset the boss but It was stuck forever so we had to reset the whole dungeon and when we got out of the dungeon it teleport us to orbis not the entrance of the dungeon so fix the 2nd boss and fix that when you get out of the dungeon you are teleport the entrance of the dungeon but overall was really good I mostly like the trade stuff for stuff to get the password to get to the boss room and ty for putting a ah and a mailbox in the dungeon if I forgot to grab something from the ah

Sorry if this is technically off topic, but is the plan to release a Mythic + version of Tazavesh with 9.1? In the past we’ve had to wait a patch for the mega dungeon to be split… but this isn’t necessarily a normal patch cycle, and my general feedback is that 9.1 might feel like there isn’t enough content for the wait. Really looking forward to see this dungeon on live servers, I just hope there’s going to be a reason to run it more than once.


Didn’t see or hear anyone talking about a hard-mode yet, but I hope there is a hard mode that gives this content some legs beyond its eventual inclusion into M+.

On-topic, the Hylbrande encounter is rough on the PTR because I can’t tell what is working and what isn’t. I guess the problem is having a puzzle and not knowing if all the puzzle pieces are in the box. We ended up beating it because of some safe spots combined with BR/Ankh.

The Peacekeepers that charge + silence are overtuned. The charge does a ton of damage, is not interruptible, and is hard to tell who it’s going to target. We got clapped by them.

Stormheim area is really unpleasant. There’s way too much trash and it becomes unkillable if multiple fish sticks go down. The cast should be interruptible, and the sticks shouldn’t respawn once killed. You can’t even kite because there’s so much trash that you have no room to maneuver.

Stormheim boss is also very pug unfriendly. Everyone should be able to see the sequence, not just the person who clicks to console. It makes comms borderline required and it’s really not intuitive otherwise.

Sometimes on the Mail boss, you can’t pick up the bombs. The button to throw them appears, but you can’t actually use it. Not sure why

Dragon boss adds hurt a lot. If the adds aren’t enraged, they move too slow to get them in the breath. If they ARE enraged, they move too fast and you can’t keep them in the breath because they just kill you if you stand still.

Last boss is cool and well designed, good job!

Thanks for the feedback so far! We’re currently investigating the reports of Unstable Goods on the P.O.S.T. Master and Bypass Codes on Hylbrande sometimes not functioning correctly.



General Thoughts:
Overall this was a really fun dungeon!


  • Shout-out to the designers on the Mail Room boss, one of my favorites in a long time!

  • It was nice to see a gauntlet return to a WoW dungeon (honestly), and this one was a clever take on it for this dungeon theme.

  • Damage OUTPUT to the group felt well tuned for unavoidable and avoidable damage.


  • Portal system was welcome… but then Stormheim happened. That’s a really brutal runback.

  • The bosses felt like they could use some more HP. It was rather easy to push through most of the mechanics with just a Heroism (might be intended for testing purposes, but wanted to point that out anyway).

Saw some feedback related to the Fish Sticks. We CC’d these guys (Fishbinders?) and pulled away the pack, which seemed reasonable. They could be tuned to do less/delayed healing and that would be a good middle-ground.

The boss on the other hand was very buggy and just wasn’t working right. Code orbs de-spawned on pickup and the console sometimes would not flash the codes at all. We managed to kill it by hiding in a safe area on the side of the room and timing out the intermission.

This boss, as designed, would not be possible in PuGs without addons/comms

Timecap’n Hooktail
This boss was just kind of a mess. There’s a lot of adds and clearing them with the mechanics was difficult/unclear. You could wipe them out with the breath, but without a stun or good slow, it was really treacherous and not fun. Some thoughts:

  • Maybe scale down the cannonballs and have them drop a tar patch to create an interaction between the dragon and the ship.

  • Use the hook mechanic to intercept it and pull them to the water instead?

  • The hook pull from the boat was not pulling us toward the water.

Group comp : Monk tank, druid healer, mage dps, druid dps, and shaman dps (3 range dps)
1st boss:
a. This boss doesnt seem to be melee friendly. I dont mind if it’s intended but currently 3 range dps is too easy while 3 melee dps has to watch out
b. caging mechanic is interesting, but during then everyone is already out of range, trying to rescue the player anyway, so boss casting any melee mechanic makes no sense… should create some mechanic ensure at least some players stay back near the boss

2nd boss
a. Bosses appear accordingly at 20% hp but it seems like most viable strat is to nuke the bosses down as soon as possible.
b. in our first wipe, the first boss kept healing/leeching from the mechanic and in our 2nd trial, we killed it by nuking it down. I believe some tuning is needed like increasing bosses HP so we can’t just nuke it down with CDs at 226 ilvl.

3rd boss:
a. overall mechanic is okay but it would be quality of life change if we can get some indication for new players to know on where to put the bomb parcels.

4th boss:
a. took a while to figure out about the password for entrance, but overall the mechanic is unique enough in first time run.
b. the music part is basically minigame and the boss doesnt do much in terms of mechanic, IMO that makes him quite useless/worthless as a “last boss” when this mega dungeon is eventually split to two part.
I believe the puzzle solving / music should be a must-do mechanic… it might be annoying to players but this is a potential last boss so i believe it should do more.

First 4 bosses trash packs:
a. too little trash overall, unless it’s intended.
b. can skip most of them with invi pots
c. basically linear path to each boss

5th boss:
a. love the mechanic but unless there’s some trash packs that comes with the boss, this boss mechanic is pretty much useless as the boss will follow the tank to the correct quadrant of space.
b. a more interesting/challenging mode would be create trash packs that will appear at separate quadrants on an interval so tank had no choice but to move around the quadrants. (or just more damage mechanic which makes tank movement compulsory)

6th boss:
a. you might think putting trash packs which put fish sticks are challenging and fun but what actually happen is people will just dead skip the whole zone to the boss. Please make sure the adds has to be dealt with in some manner. (reveals invi or cant enter the next room unless some packs are dead)
b. the boss itself has weird mechanic which is not immediately intuitive. Also the adds which casts the damage reduction shield, cast it a bit too frequently and there’s no way to recover if the cast goes off. Either let the players find a way to reset the damage reduction shield, or make it cast slow enough for players to react to it.
c. the titan panel thing is not immediate intuitive and there’s no way to know if the players did it correctly or not.
d. our team eventually just nuked it down with full cds, and didnt let it transition before the dmg reduction got out of control. (please prevent this from being a thing by increasing boss HP by a lot)

7th boss:
a. the trash here is so lackluster. No mechanic, nothing to be aware of
b. the boss mechanic is interesting but i’m pretty sure it’s extremely range friendly. We positioned the boss near the boat and range dps at the other end. Then basically each wave of adds are destroyed by the boss’s frontal before they can even reach the range dps. and in then mean while the boss just get dps freely.
c. I suggest a better way would be dropping the wave of adds from the sky or something so its more random / RNG on where the adds will come in

8th boss:
a. as a final boss, it’s pretty lackluster again. phase 1 didnt do enough damage to our team even if we deliberately miss mechanic and touch the orb on purpose.
b. phase 2 has a little bit of puzzle factor but other than that it’s doing too little damage again. Everyone basically free casting and free hitting the boss.
c. compared this to mechagon last boss, where we need to avoid double laser beam or do the buttons correctly, this boss need more punishing mechanic as a last boss of the mega dungeon.

overall, we just steam rolled through the dungeon with 226 ilvl and unless it’s intended, the dungeon is very undertuned at the moment. With only regular mythic available, this means people will only do this dungeon for any special loot (so far none) once every week, and never touch on again.

Hylbrande is currently very buggy and broken (6th boss). The orbs don’t work how they’re supposed to. Some people get runes above their heads when they pick up orbs, and some don’t. When they don’t get the runes above their head when they pick them up, it’s a wipe because it’s bugged.

For a Veiled Market, there doesn’t seem to be much to buy. I expected there to be many vendors of useful but expensive things, ones you bought with other trades.

Similar to the Hearthstone secret, where you trade goods to get other goods. Let’s say, the coin of a boss, for a “special ink” that another broker that sells inks wants for another piece, and that goes through the dungeon, trading items that lead to vendors of consumables or reagents, or special buffs or cosmetics inside the dungeon.

Example: the 1st boss dropping an item you can trade for another, and then trade for another after the 2nd boss to buy a token, that you can stockpile to redeem for potions, elixirs, food, a speedboost while moving across platforms, a higher jump out of combat, etc. Perks that reward the market aspect of the place.

Another idea would be a place to buy Mythic 0 items.

Is the item level scaling messed up? 170 for a dungeon that drops 226 seems low.

Apologies, the item level scaling down to 170 was an oversight. We’re in the process of deploying a fix to address this!


This week my friends and I tested the dungeon. Really liked it so far. However, Hylbrande is still bugged. As mentioned before, the orbs don’t appear on the head for some players when picked up. We assigned a number for each console and then just said the colors in that order, didn’t work. We tried clicking the consoles at the very same time, didn’t work. We tried clicking the consoles in the order that each color appeared on the Main Console, didn’t work either. Also, the portals either are not functioning or we didn’t know how to use them…

On second boss my party wiped and we were all stuck dead and unable to release. Had to use character unstuck to attempt to leave the dungeon. Currently waiting on unstuck to attempt to enter again.

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Post master not working. Cannot pick briefcases with bombs. Had to skip the boss


It wont let me rezone in or release, Says there is an encounter in the dungeon. I Reset it and the problem is still persisting. I can not clear the dungeon, It will not allow me to zone in.