FEEDBACK: Tazavesh, the Veiled Market -- Streets of Wonder

Tazavesh, the Veiled Market: Streets of Wonder

Please use this thread for feedback and bug reports regarding Tazavesh, the Veiled Market: Streets of Wonder. Providing your group’s composition, keystone level, and any logs is helpful.

Thank you for coming to help test Tazavesh!

38 minutes is not enough time to kill the first five bosses of tazavesh.

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I’ll try it out later tonight but some issues I anticipate for the first part of tazavesh:

  1. The trash before the 1st boss is super deadly with lots of interrupts that either stun or outright kill everyone
  2. The auction boss (the one with the 3 bosses) is likely to take a long time.

For the second part of tazavesh:

  1. The murloc’s fishstick aoe heal thing. I dont know if that cast is interruptable but please make it so.

I’ll let you know what else we find.

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At the moment, the health scaling isn’t good. It’s hard to say if it’s because the testing scales you back to ilvl 226, but running on tyrannical, it still felt like the trash took a very long time. The trash mobs before 1st boss and 2nd boss (left side) still felt like they had fortified levels of HP despite the key being a tyrannical key.

Between being scaled down to 226, the new scaling level of 9.2, and also Taza’vesh being relatively untested with different scaling levels, it just felt like the scaling was completely off and eveything had too much health. The damage levels for their abilities felt appropriate though.

We started with this one on a +10 Fortified, no other affixes, to get a good sense. There was a bug that our geared was scaled down to 226 instead of 252 until we left and reentered, but unfortunately we did not notice this until after the Baazar area, so the first part definitely felt much harder than it was supposed to be.

The trash of the first boss, even accounting for our lower ilvl, felt too strong. Health wise it was fine, but the combination of chain casting and damage was too much.

First boss felt fine, we struggled a bit because of the ilvl, but we managed to kill it without too many problems.

Bazaar area was a major annoyance and I dread having to do it with a pug, but it’s entirely because of the minigame and there’s not much to do there. Trash felt fine.

The concert boss felt quite undertuned, both damage and health wise. We did notice a bug that when our BM hunter took the drums he lost his pet and became virtually useless.

At this point we left and reentered getting scaled to the proper ilvl. Mail room trash was alright, nothing special about it. The boss also felt fine, possibly slightly undertuned on health. I have some worries how difficult it may become if the comp doesn’t have enough fast class to deliver the packages.