FEEDBACK: Tazavesh, the Veiled Market – So'leah's Gambit

Tazavesh, the Veiled Market: So’leah’s Gambit

Please use this thread for feedback and bug reports regarding Tazavesh, the Veiled Market: So’leah’s Gambit. Providing your group’s composition, keystone level, and any logs is helpful.

Thank you for coming to help test Tazavesh!

Ran a So’Leah’s Gambit +10 (no affixes) as well as a +15 (Bursting, storming, fortified) though the 15 was quickly abandoned while still in Stormeim. Group comp of Guardian Druid, Frost mage, Elemental Shaman, Resto Shaman. (Only four people because we couldn’t find a fifth so we dropped the level down a bit)

Overall it felt pretty okay, with nothing that was obviously broken but there were a few things that felt off that may be worth a look, in no particular order,

  • The giant Coastwalker Goliath mobs in the Stormheim area cast the Tidal Stomp very frequently and we were having a hard time sorting out the intention here. We basically needed heavy defensives or immunities by the third stomp or we were one shot on the 15 and it was a lot of damage to kill it before that happened. We were able to avoid the damage/debuff by using LoS on one of the ship wrecks but it was awkward and most other locations did not seem to allow us to LoS it. My expectation here would be that no one will ever pull one of these intentionally in their current state which makes the running murlocs even more problematic.

  • There seems to be too much trash count for a normal route, it seems like maybe the idea is that you skip a large portion of the murloc area and then get trash in the other zones, but in all of the test runs I have done (3-4 runs) we ended up with 100% trash before even engaging Hooktail. I can’t say our running murloc control was perfect but I think we ended up with around 130% trash or something without pulling anything that was out of the way, other than randomly aggroed murloc packs.

  • The invigorating Fish Sticks (if the cast goes off) are somewhat annoying to kill, seems they are meant to only be hit by single target abilities similar to totems or explosive orbs, which was frustrating playing a class that doesn’t really have a filler that hits a single target (Guardian)

  • Respawn checkpoints would be fantastic, it is awkward running through all of Stormheim if you die in one of the further zones and will be extra problematic if you skip a bunch of stuff in order to not exceed the trash count.

Planning to do more testing with Affixes this weekend, and will try to log them as well.


We run this as a +15 with only Tyrannical as affix. Differently from the previous one, this time we were scaled properly to 226.

The first area trash was fine, but extremely annoying. Fish sticks spawn too often and take way too many hits to die. Murlocs packs weren’t hard, they just took forever. The giants are very overtuned in damage, unless we missed something it didn’t seem possible to outrange their AoE and the second/third cast would just oneshot people. A nerf to the max range would be quite good as it would easily scale beyond healable at higher key levels.
The four mobs at the entrance of the cave were fine on the other hand.

First boss felt way too long and I’m very concerned on how doable it’d be with many comps. The boss has an immense amount of health, it shouldn’t take nearly 6 minutes to kill it in a +15, and the wave of adds were spawning a bit too quickly, slowing down the fight even more. The beam is too quick, it becomes barely outrunnable. Overall this boss felt very overtuned.

We are still unsure if there’s actually a respawn checkpoints after the first boss or not, as our healer had it while everyone else was respawning at the start.

Trash before the second boss felt tuned quite right. We did wipe once but it was out of misshandling the mechanics, not tuning.

Second boss is where we stopped after few attempts as it had been 3 hours between the two and were were exhausted. Overall the fight also feels very overtuned, not number wise but mechanics wise. The dragon sweeping immediately after the breath makes it very hard for tanks and melees, as the tank has to move back in very quickly to not kill the melees. There are too many cannonballs coming each wave: by itself it may be fine, but the adds wave force your ranged to stay close to the boss to allow the tank to cleave them with the breath, leading to even less space. Moving the boss in general quickly becomes a mess because the risk of accidentally hitting a melee is very high.

Overall I’m very worried about how this dungeon could be done by a pug. Coordinate groups will be fine because they are able to make calls in voice, but attempting to do it without any voice communications seems outright impossible at the moment.