Feedback: Slayer Warrior

Well… I do love execute, so I’m happy to see something happen with it, but why zero synergy in these for abilities such as slam that have basically been all but discarded at this point?

Fury getting bladestorm back should have happened a lot sooner, but I am glad to see it happening again.

Overall, I wasn’t expecting a ton from hero talents, so I’m not really disappointed nor surprised, but I was hoping for more than just minor kit synergies and more “glad stance” type things making a comeback.

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This tree looks like a lot of fun and can’t wait to try it out.

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Frenetic Flurry sounds like it will mess up the flow of either spec unless it works like Spinning Crane Kick does for Monks. Other than that, i like the tree so far, just have to actually play it to know for sure.

Another idea instead of tying the ‘AOEness’ to Bladestorm (which doesn’t really seem to be a ‘Slayer’ theme) is the idea to make execute cleave into multiple things.
I like the idea someone said that the Slayer should feel like Doomguy. What screams Doomguy more than a giant weapon(s) cleaving through swaths of enemies with big executes trying to get headshots with every swing?
Execute is key here. I think fast swings, tunneling into an enemy with giant executes that compound the longer you’re on an enemy is what I feel Slayer could be.
If a Slayer Warrior engages you, you have about 10 seconds and then you’re dead. And if you aren’t dead, you’re bleeding, battered, and feeling like you should die.
Thats what Slayer is to me.

Any ideas that could spin off that? The Bladestorm ideas are nice, but spinnyspin isn’t a theme applicable to the idea of a Slayer imo.

As has been explained at length, the mechanics strongly suggest that the effect happens in between GCDs, which should cause no interruption to the “flow” of either spec.


Hello. We’d like to answer a couple of questions we’ve seen for Slayer:

The brief Bladestorm from Frenetic Flurry will fit in the GCD from the ability that triggered it, the intent is that it should not impact your rotation. The ability to use Pummel and Storm Bolt while Bladestorming applies during all Bladestorms, not just the one triggered from Frenetic Flurry.

Likewise, all Bladestorm damage events will trigger Overwhelming Blades, including Frenetic Flurry and the additional ticks from Imminent Demise.

Thanks for the feedback, keep it coming!


Great clarifications.

  • It would also be nice to know the specifics of how Overwhelming Blades stacks (# max stacks; does each stack continually roll duration like Juggernaut, stop refreshing at max stacks like Hurricane, have individual durations like Ironfur, or stack without refreshing duration like Smolderon orbs?).
  • I’m also personally curious whether Slay stacks three times the same way Marked for Execution does, or whether it is a static buff whenever any stack of Marked is present.

Other questions seem to depend on potential class/spec changes. As outlined in my initial post, Constant Pressure and Slayer Reflexes both seem pretty underwhelming right now due to Bloodthirst/Overpower already having low cooldowns or frequent resets, so I have to assume there’s a change coming to one or the other. Likewise, Bladestorm for Fury raises a big question mark over what will happen to Ravager, as well as whether Bladestorm-affecting talents like Unhinged or Hurricane will interact with Frenetic Flurry.

Thanks for the updates!


is the pummel/stun via bladestorm gonna be disabled in pvp or is warrior gonna continue the trend of losing weaknesses with every expac?

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So the warrior dev just gives no fs about how that impacts casters in pvp huh?

Since Ravager was brought up, I thought I would give my take on it. Ravager never felt right when it comes to my concept of fury. The way that I see it, I would want to grab my weapons tightly. I would never let them go or throw them on the ground. Throwing weapons on the ground feels wrong, whether it’s a spear (Spear of Bastion) or something else (Ravager). It felt awful and wrong to use and I want nothing to do with it.


Considering they haven’t discussed pvp and they’re seeking feedback, maybe calm yourself and provide constructive criticism instead of just whining.

Yeah I think it’s kinda on them to talk about those sorts of things. This is huge mobility and utility bumps with nothing similar to any caster.

And…nothing about pvp. Not at blizzcon, not a dev post. Nothing.

I know it is petty, but I’m not a big fan of the Slayer name.

I had kind of wish they did a better job incorporating the name of the actual hero classes in W3. So blademaster, mountain king, etc.

They sort of do for some of the WoW classes, but it is inconsistent (Dark Ranger, Keeper of the Grove, Druid of the Claw - not a hero but a w3 unit, etc.).

Like how did mage not get sorceror nor archmage anywhere in there? Shamans already merged shaman and witch doctor roles, so how is witch doctor not one of the shaman ones.

I guess they don’t want to close the door on future full blown classes?


Oh no… I hope that doesn’t mean they will try another innovative idea such as removing Raging Blow in lieu of making Annihilator baseline…


I never really understood this complaint tbh. It’s not like you’re disarming yourself or throwing your weapon away, most of the time it doesn’t even look like your weapon. I guess this complaint also extends to Sidearm and Heroic Throw?

I would think an easy thematic explanation would be either

  • Mundane in the sense that Warriors carry a lot of extra weapons to throw around as needed while still using their main ones for attacks. Presumably you go pick them up again at some point or just have so many you don’t care.
  • Magical in the sense that Warriors are outright manifesting weaponry as an extension of their rage and hurling them around. Being magical in nature, they just dissipate when you’re done with them.

Either way, I wouldn’t want “ranged throwing spec” to be the main theme, but I don’t really see a thematic problem with a few supplementary attacks either. The concept of hand-thrown weapons like the javelin has been around for about 400,000 years and were used extensively in organized military warfare all the way through the late 1800s. I’m not sure it gets much more Warrior than that!


Putting in a request to also have Charge and Heroic Leap usable during Bladestorm as part of these changes.


It would apply to Sidearm and Heroic Throw. I wish Heroic Throw worked like DH’s glaive toss in the sense that the weapon came back to the DH.

There’s definitely a theme about learning and mastering different weapon types, but that doesn’t mean carrying around extra weapons. I have the weapons equipped that I want to use. I want to use only those weapons (and maybe an axe for Heroic Throw that comes back to me after it hits the target).

Warriors and magic do not mix. I have alts I can play if I want a class that uses magic.

On a more practical level, I don’t like leaving dps behind on the ground when I have to move to the next trash pack in a key (or on a boss with a significant amount of movement). It’s one thing that bugs me about frost DK (needing to stand in Death and Decay for Obliterate to cleave) and I was not happy seeing ground-based abilities on my warrior main. Even if the target reticle is removed through a macro, I’m still leaving dps behind when I have to move.

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It’s worth pointing out that Throw Glaive doesn’t actually come back to you, it just disappears after impacting the enemy, so I’m not sure it’s really any different from Heroic Throw or any other ability that despawns itself back into your possession. It also manifests a brand new glaive which gets thrown (two in the case of Furious Throws), rather than “removing” your actual main hand weapon.

I hate to break it to you, but Warriors in WoW are just as magical as every other class. World of Warcraft is a high magic setting, and while it may not be the same kind of magic as a Mage, Shaman, Priest, or Death Knight, Warriors are still capable of a great many supernatural feats as a manifestation of their rage.

Warriors can:

  • Instantly charge around at impossibly high speeds.
  • Leap tall buildings and some mountains in a single bound.
  • Manifest fire, lightning, thunder, earthquakes, and shockwaves from nothingness.
  • Literally self-ignite, at one time they could even channel energy into their weapons to light them aflame.
  • Slow people by yelling at them.
  • “Roar explosively” to the point it causes people to bleed.
  • Leech health from the blood of their enemies and various other sources.
  • Summon, conjure, or otherwise manifest various weaponry.
  • Transform into a colossus.”

Now, I’m not going to tell you how to headcanon your own fantasy, but you gotta try real hard to ignore the magical aspects of Warriors in WoW! They’re not as flashy and you might consider it a more personal or supernatural kind of “magic” akin to a D&D Barbarian, as opposed to borrowing power from the elements or faith in the holy light, but “well-trained footmen” they are not.

That’s perfectly fair, but it also applies to Bladestorm and about a half a hundred other things in the game. Part of it is simply learning the best times to use those abilities, but Ravager also has several failure points; from odd targeting, to stopping at the edge of a group of mobs, to getting stuck on terrain, and so on.


I logged on my DH to check and you are correct. Throw Glaive does ricochet to 1-2 additional targets depending on talents, which is what I was seeing, but it does not return to the DH.

Fair enough. I didn’t want to see it as someone who prefers Fighters over Barbarians in D&D. I wish I could get into arms tbh, since it seems like it’d fit more of the Fighter archetype I prefer in other games, but the gameplay just isn’t fun for me. I’ve tried arms multiple times over the years. I have more fun with fury, with the exception of Ravager.

I see what you’re saying. Ravager does have several failure points as you mention.

Thank you for taking the time to respond. I’m having a hard time finding the right words to say regarding why Ravager bothers me so much to the point where it feels wrong and I absolutely cannot stand it; apparently there’s still much work to be done in that regard. You’ve been very fair and made some good points.