FEEDBACK: Shriekwing

Please use this thread for feedback and bug reports regarding this encounter, or related issues. Noting the nature of your group (Mythic guild premade, PUG, etc.) is helpful, as are any logs.

Thank you to everyone who has come out to help test!

The boss cannot be engaged?

Edit: leaving, resetting, entering again worked.

We are aware of the issues with Shriekwing.

A hotfix was just applied. If you leave and reset the instance, when you rezone in Shriekwing will be available.

Removing Exhanguinated.

Takes far too long to remove this from standing in the pools… Even with 3 tanking its not enough.

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lf2 tanks 1st boss, kyrian only

Seems like the boss is hotfixed already.

Pretty simple 1st boss. Some punishing mechanics but fair.

-The stun of Echo Shriek is pretty lengthy. I did notice that an Echo shriek bounced in a way that hit me twice, but I only took damage once. The bouncing direction of each Echo also was a little hard to predict. I’m not sure why, but they bounced in directions I wasn’t expecting even when I was looking right at them.

-I would say that the Sonar Shriek during Hiding phase is maybe too quick of a cast.

-It’d be nice to have the ability to do damage during the Hide phase to add a little risk/reward to that section.

-In P2, the damage radius of Deadly Descent outranges the circle indicator of the affected player.

-The room has a couple corners that seems like they can be baited for LoS.

-Thematically, it’s a little weird that the boss can “sonar” a player hiding between a pillar and him because of his radius during the hide phase.

-Boss HP was pretty high, but I assume Blizz just wanted people to not kill it while testing

-Whatever the Night Fae ability is that adds a visual sparkly blue tree on the ground is too much visual clutter. You should probably look at all visual clutter of covenant abilities, but this one was the most annoying.

Echo Screech does a nice little bonus love tap on the active tank on the very end and gets stunned with no counterplay.

Pretty solid intro boss. Went in with around 28 people, mostly pug and gradually lost people. Logs available here -

Prior to the hotfix, 8 stacks of exsanguinated blood on the tanks was ridiculous as was the speed to clear them in the pools. The hotfix for 4 stacks and clearing actually at 2 second intervals made this much better.

Due to how many pools drop, we figured the best way to handle this was always stack them in one spot and just heal through the damage of stacking in the pools during the shriek. Not sure if this is intended, but if we kept moving around we’d have pools everywhere by the time we hit phase 2. If you don’t want the pools stacked, then the pools need to be smaller or drop fewer.

The boss’s large red circle in phase 2 can hit you through a pillar and also is almost impossible to see if it happens to be in a pool.

The kyrian potion removes exsanguinated blood, so we had our paladin tank take the first two bites to be at 9 stacks and then immediately drop. Not sure what mythic mechanics this boss has, but if the raid gets stacks faster or can’t drop them as quickly, the potion might be very very very beneficial for your raiders to have.

When the boss leaps back the dark descent landing was applying 4 stacks of exsanguinated blood on anyone hit, I assume that isn’t intentional.

The deadly descent damage seems to hit outside the circle or I was lagging as I’d get killed a couple times when not in the circle of someone else.

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You should adjust the tank mechanic so it can’t be solo tanked. A tank can stand in the pool all the time. So maybe add ramping damage to the pool?

Honestly, this fight feels a bit overtuned (both in terms of numbers and mechanics) for the first boss of a 9-boss instance. But I like the overall feel.

  • The tank debuff just feels odd, even now that it’s down to 4 stacks from its ridiculous starting value of 8. I think leaving it at 8, but having fewer swaps might be a better course of action. Right now it feels like you might be able to just solo tank it by having the tank just stand in a pool.
  • The Echo Shriek mechanic is really awful for melee. I think these discs should be more of the size of the P2 discs. There should be a way to dodge if it’s coming “your direction” without needing to thread the needle exactly.
  • P2 is fun, but I think only Mythic should have the AoE circle if you get caught out. As it is, it’s very punishing for those who didn’t fail the mechanic, as they now have to dodge the buddy’s AoE circle, which likely pushes them into a disc or into LoS of the Sonar, which chains more AoE circles, etc. Again, if this were a mid-raid boss, I think that would be fine - but for an intro boss, it should be more about personal responsibility killing yourself, not your teammates.
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Full pug group, 25+ people, logs available

Pretty solid intro boss. Some thoughts:

The Sonar circles can be tough to see since there’s no “middle” graphic to it, though I’m not sure if that’s a design choce

The dungeon journal for Earsplitting Shriek describes hiding behind a pillar as “greatly reduces damage” instead of flat out removing it, as it was happening for our group

In Phase 2, the boss sometimes instantly horrified us occasionally without getting hit by the Sonar, the boss’s big center circle, and without a Sonar Shriek being cast

Testing with a group of 20 people. The boss was hotfixed a few times through testing. I feel that the tank debuff should either be 8 stacks with pools removing the stacks quickly(1 sec or less), or it should be 4 stacks with the pools removing the debuff slowly (2 seconds).

I really enjoyed that Kyrian and Dwarf and Paladins made the fight easier in some ways but the mobility from venthyr/necrolord/worgen/goblin affected the transition, that is a cool flavor that I think captures some of the RPG fantasy that Watcher is always talking about.

I would like to see fleshcraft give a 50% sheild while standing in red (So it wouldnt really be 50% but it would be bigger and give Necrolords something for this encounter)

I dont like the Stun Debuff from getting hit by Echos (Not in transition) because of how it pairs with the other mechanics of the fight, if I had a magic wand I would change it to massive -Haste buff ala Mekkatorque.

After testing im not sure how to tell where the boss is going to go in transition, if it is truely random who he is following or where he is going some indicator should be used (Like on the person that he is following or on the ground where he is moving)

I have no idea whats going on in mythic, but I hope it is something insane (Faster stun rings, more debuff stacks).

Overall I am very happy with this boss and I think that with tuning it will be a good introductory boss.

That would be the Monk covenant ability

i disliked both itertations of the tank mechanic for this fight. Personally I would much rather have a lot higher stacks forcing a tank swap, but be able to remove them rather rapidly once you make it into a pool.

This boss also seemed to excessively favor ranged due to the screech mechanic cluttering melee on the richochets. Having LoS issues on the pillars while you are trying to drop stacks also seemed unnecessary.

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Same group as Choppeh

Not a fan of this fight.

So sure, the blood pools do very little damage, but unless you want to stand in them the whole time even one lazy caster makes things miserable with how big they are and you end up with people not making it to cover in time. It also makes it almost impossible to see… Pretty much any other mechanic that’s happening on top of it except the stun circles. There’s too much red on red on more red in this entire raid. Council was probably the worst offender but. There need to be fewer of these or they need to be smaller or both.

The Echoing Screech circles do not seem to necessarily follow… Any sort of logic. At least once I watched one seem to change direction without hitting anything. They’re also too big and too many to do as much damage and have as long a stun as they do. Melee was especially not having a good time.

Dark Descent hurts like a mofo.

Phase 2… Oof.

There’s not really much if any time to get behind a different pillar than the one you’ve been stacking at initially so you might be stuck at one for a while with a bunch of other people. This can suck mightily for reasons we’ll get to.

Dark Sonar feels massive and can be a pain to avoid without getting in LOS if it happens to be coming through during Sonar Shriek.

Sonar Shriek needs to be a slower cast. There’s very little time to react to it if you happened to be dodging some awkwardly bouncing Dark Sonar puddles.

The detection aura around the boss is MASSIVE and goes through pillars. All three things combined are not fun.

But here’s where it gets really obnoxious, especially for a first boss on heroic - The area of effect on Deadly Descent. Oh look, one of the many people you’re stuck behind a pillar with got hit by Dark Sonar and you don’t have enough room to avoid them and the other Dark Sonars without exposing yourself during Sonar Shriek or getting into the boss’ aura. You get to die too! For Mythic, sure, but heroic first boss? Nah.

Group of 15+ CE raiders from 3 guilds. Balance druid perspective.

The blood pool damaged felt under tuned like it needed some kind of ramp up effect similar to Jaina. Additionally, they felt exceptionally large for a lasting mechanic that drops from every player.

The pillars have deceptive line of sight and collision points in regards to their corners and even a little bit more inward. This causes issues in both phases with avoiding the boss’s scream abilities and with predicting the bounce direction of his sonar missiles.

As far as ranged goes, the first phase seems fairly comfortable for an intro raid boss. Then you get to phase 2. The sonar missiles in this phase are a nice size, but it feels like there are far too many of them, especially given how erratically they bounce. This is a problem that will get even worse if the blood pools get tuned to a point where you can’t safely pass through and/or stay within them. Return to the issue of strange line of sight from the pillars and the unpredictable bouncing + raw number of sonars and it becomes incredibly hard to avoid the Shriek for a heroic first boss.

One final thing of note in phase two is the punishment for getting hit by something. The whole horror vibe of anything hitting you being fatal and the boss moving randomly about the room feels different and amazing. However, the circle of damage put on a player who gets hit is far too large and the obscuring/distracting, huge ghostly image of the boss that it spawns combine to make it more like a raid-wipe mechanic than a “you messed up, you die” mechanic. Even in mythic, it doesn’t seem right for a mechanic that is so easy to fail and seems to be designed for personal responsibility to so easily kill large chunks of the raid due to 1 person’s being hit.

If the pillars were more predictable as far as bouncing sonars and line of sight and phase 2 was nerfed a little this would be quite the unique intro fight. As a bit of a side note, phase 2 could also use a more clear indicator of when the boss has ended/is ending the phase.

18 raider pug with voice comms. Some were from the same CE guild it appeared. Here are the logs:

We may have been doing something wrong, but this fight felt extremely melee unfriendly with the sound echoes going from the boss.

We had some issues with the tank stacks until we got some puddles on the ground. Initially they were getting 9 stacks then later on ( maybe after a hotfix ) they were getting 5. Maybe it was player skill, but it definitely seems like it can be tanked with only one tank of the right class and skill level after that presumed hotfix.