Feedback: Shaman

So far I am really liking the Resto talents, I play in this spec exclusively and with all the extra damage spells I am very happy with my damage output. I don’t die near as much as some of the other classes I’ve tried. The one problem I did run into is that I am unable to heal others at the moment, in group or out in the open. If I have “automatically self cast” checked in the Options/Interface panel I can only heal myself, if I uncheck it I can heal others but can’t cast any spells on my character. I can’t use my shields or heals, not good when out questing and I take damage. I put in a bug on this, it really needs fixing. I didn’t notice anything like this on my priest when I played her, I could heal others, which I did, and myself. But that was a few weeks ago so not sure about now or if this is just a shaman glitch. Others made the remark in chat that other healers were having the same problem, so I’m thinking its an overall glitch. Afraid to run a dungeon in that I can fix it so I can heal others but I won’t be able to heal myself. Most fights it wouldn’t be a problem but in those aoe damage fights, or direct damage, then it would be a problem.

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I think it makes sense that our spender should be a significant amount of our damage in AOE. Going away from this will weaken builds (primarily talents that focus on fire spells) that utilize different ways of cleaving 2-4 stacked targets. We currently have a decent amount of talents that focus on generating or saving maelstrom passively, which means we will cast more earthquakes and less chain lightning, which ends up being counter productive towards how you want us to AOE. Overall I think both in m+/Raiding, this change will kill any variety we have in our builds.


What are the odds we could get old windfury animation back? The tornado encircling the shaman was really cool. It was always my understanding that it was removed in Legion and given to Doomwinds to give it a cooler effect however in BFA when Enhance lost doomwinds the animation was never returned to windfury.

Can we get old windfury animation back for enhance? Pretty please? haha


I think animations in general need an overhaul for Enhancement. A lot of its weapon attacks and spell effects are either generic or very small / unnoticeable. I’m definitely not suggesting that we need to be overwhelmed with visual clutter, but animations overall are pretty underwhelming.



Liquid Magma Totem

Liquid Magma Totem often casts Flame Shock at the same target multiple times. It has a good chance to not spread the dot at all.
If no enemy target or a friendly target is selected Liquid Magma Totem does not cast Flame Shock.
Flame Shock is always cast cat the active target of the player. Even if that target is severely out of range of the Totem.
Liquid Magma Totem always casts Flame Shock three times, even if only one target is available. While it’s bonus damage I expect this to be unintentional.
Liquid Magma Totem consumes Surge of Power to apply a forth Flame Shock. Is this intentional?
If multiple targets are present and at least one has Flame Shock active Liquid Magma Totem casts 4 Flame Shocks (no Surge of Power involved).
Is not affected by Improved Flametongue Weapon.


Earthquake sevenths tick of Unrelenting Calamity is occasionally not affected by Echoes of Great Sundering.

Earthquake Overload

Earthquake Overload damage was not changed in sync with the base talent/spell with previous tunings. Which makes the Overloads deal more than twice as much damage as they should.
Earthquake Overloads are not affected by Echoes of Great Sundering.
Earthquake Overloads are not affected by Master of the Elements.

Earth Shock Overload

Earth Shock Overload damage was not changed in sync with the base talent/spell with previous tunings.

Lightning Rod

Lightning Rod debuff does not appear on nameplates.
Spender Overloads do not apply Lightning Rod. Is this intentional?

Flame Shock

Primal Fire Elemental does not make newly applied Flame Shocks last 100% longer.

Maelstrom Weapon + Flurry (+ Caster Dagger)

Between instant casts we can do melee swings. Especially with a fast caster dagger. This allows for occasional Maelstrom Weapon procs. I hope we won’t have to stick to melee range.

  • Frost Shock (Icefury),
  • Earth Shock,
  • Earthquake,
  • Lightning Bolt / Chain Lightning (Stormkeeper),
  • Lava Burst (Lava Surge),
  • Flame Shock,
  • Fire/Storm Elemental,
  • Liquid Magma Totem,
  • other totems,
  • and utility like Purge

will regularly enable this to happen.


Selecting Stormkeeper twice does not grant two stacks of it.
Changing one Stormkeeper to Lightning Rod disabled Stormkeeper completely. To re-enable I need to remove the other Stormkeeper first too, then re-select one and proceed.

Windspeakers Lava Resurgence

Windspeakers Lava Resurgence is being consumed on hit. Casting Earth Shock → Primordial Wave → Lava Burst allows to buff all additional Lava Bursts too. BUT if a hardcasted Lava Burst precedes Earth Shock in that sequence the Lava Burst after Primordial Wave aren’t buffed. This is unexpected when playing. It’s the same behavior as on live. Still I think this is an unwanted buggy behavior.

Lava Beam

Lava Beam consumes Master of the Elements but isn’t affected by it.
Lava Beam Overloads are affected by Master of the Elements.
An ongoing Lava Beam cast is canceled when Ascendance ends. Wasting all cast time.
Lava Beam is not affected by Power of the Maelstrom.

Yours sincerely,


Enhancement Shaman,

Some changes are coming to a build you will receive next week, and we wanted to discuss that here.

  • Stormbringer is now just something you know starting at level 10 as an Enhancement Shaman alongside your Mastery.
  • New 1-point talent in Stormbringer’s Spot: Storm’s Wrath. Increases the mastery bonus chance for Stormbringer and Windfury to activate by 100%. This is a multiplier, not additive.
    • Note, this only increases the bonus proc chance from Mastery, which is 0.64% without any gear, and does not affect the elemental damage bonus from Mastery.
  • Improved Maelstrom Weapon is now a 2 rank node, up from 1, for the same total benefit.
  • Focused Maelstrom has been removed.
  • Raging Maelstrom now increases the damage bonus to Maelstrom Weapon by an additional 5% in addition to increasing maximum stacks by 5.
  • A fair number of talents in rows 4-8 on the right side of the tree have shifted around in position.
  • Lashing Flames has added as a talent on the right side of the tree.
  • Alpha Wolf now procs from either Crash Lightning or Chain Lightning, rather than just Chain Lightning.
  • Legacy of the Frost Witch has had its design adjusted a bit and is still 2 ranks: Every 10 stacks of Maelstrom Weapon consumed resets the cooldown of Stormstrike and increases the damage of your physical abilities by 5%/20% for 5 sec.
  • Feral Spirits, and the Elemental Spirits talent have been adjusted:
    • Each Feral Spirit type now grants you +15% damage to the related element. Normal Feral Spirits count as Physical.
    • The extra frost damage from the frosty feral spirits has been removed, but frosty feral spirits now increase your frost damage by 15%.
    • The extra Lava Lash damage from fire feral spirits has been removed.

Thank you for the continued feedback and testing.


This definitely helps allieviate the excessive “buy-back” feelings we have in the tree. Historically, heavy Stormstrike focused builds have always struggled to find some meaningful way of scaling with Mastery, so with the right tuning this definitely helps in that area. This ought to also help with capping Doom Winds and overall damage in physical builds that want to heavily utilize Crash Lightning and Crashing Storm, and the increased resource generation from more Windfury procs has the potential to help nearly every build. Some may not get as much benefit (Lava Lash builds), but with heavy mastery stacking will still be potentially an enticing option.

The increased scale factor probably needs to be higher than 100%, but that discussion can come with tuning.

Improved Maelstrom Weapon was already way overtuned for one point so cutting this in half and making it a 2 pointer is an appropriate tuning decision, and helps create tension and encourange specializing further in the tree by tying up an extra point.

Raging Maelstrom was already a massive QoL talent, though not a huge performance gain, whereas Focused Maelstrom was barely worth taking at all - while still being gated by multiple points before it. Combining the 2 allows it to both be a massive QoL improvement and a competitive option, which is good since players no longer have to feel like they’re trading damage for convenience - now it just provides both for one point.

This also helps reduce the “buyback” feelings on the tree - while we’re still spending a point on getting our 10 Maelstrom cap back, at least there’s something new added on top of it.

Overflowing being on its own is well positioned - for builds with high GCD opportunity costs its a good pickup, builds with some downtime or that want to save a point may prefer to just cast finishers more often and can just avoid Overflowing altogether.

Excited to see what this means! Moving the right side of the tree around can have big implications - hopefully this means fixing the Swirling Maelstrom dependency problem for Fire Nova with Ice Strike being in the way.

This will make a lot of people very happy. Adding more aspects to the fire build so it’s now an even larger investment, alongside more points being tied up in other places of the tree means that AoE builds are still going to be defined by how far you invest points and specialize in each area of the tree. Fire and Windfury builds won’t be completely exclusive, but you’ll ultimately need to choose which format you want to be good at at any given time.

Great usability improvement.

Now this looks exciting - with the below Feral Spirits changes this looks well positioned to help Ascendance or the physical sides of the tree. Especially combined with the improved baseline Feral Spirits, this gives even more oomph to the already established Stormstrike → Crash Lightning → Chain Lightning cleave flow, and has potential to seriously supercharge Ascendance with Thorin’s giving good uptime on the physical damage buff. Being able to spend 9 points on Feral Spirit / Witch Doctor’s Wolf bones, Frost Witch and all 4 in Ascendance through Thorin’s sounds like an incredibly exciting combination, leaving a really interesting choice on where the final point goes - I could easily see that final point being spent above OR below the 20 point line.

My only concern with Elemental Spirits here is establishing some sort of floor value for each of the wolves so that it doesn’t feel bad if you for instance, heavily invested into Fire and Nature damage but still popped 2 Frost wolves. To some extent, I personally believe that if you are going Elemental Spirits but avoid picking up Ice Strike, Frost Shock or Hailstorm (this kind of squeezes Fire Nova out of the picture a bit) then it’s your fault for picking up the elemental dogs but not getting all of the elements that they support - but its a lot easier to do with Frost than the other 2 elements. So some sort of floor value should be established so they’re at least worth something instead of literal 0.

I think that the baseline wolves change gives an interesting, 3 choice option to the Feral Spirits capstone line - Alpha Wolf, Elemental Spirits or neither - all of which have their own scenarios in which they can be preferential.

In addition, 1-2 points only in Feral Spirits is now a viable option instead of a colossal mistake as the baseline wolves now have some real value.

Some remaining concerns about the tree in general:

  • Primordial Wave is pretty undesirable outside of AoE situations. With the removal of a choice node (in Focused vs Overflowing), Splintered Elements should get a choice node that adds a desirable low target count option. This gives it some consistency with the Ascendance and Feral Spirit lines being able to change their functionality in some way. Alternatively, dial up the haste amp on the first target and reduce the haste on additional targets (20/30% + 8/6% additional?)

    • Primordial Wave’s on-cast effect could stand to scale from our Mastery instead of being Shadow damage, and probably do more on-hit damage so its beefier than a Frost Shock. Especially seeing as its sandwiched right between Elemental Blast and Elemental Weapons, being a multi-school elemental type would be on-theme for that little corner of the tree.
  • We could probably use a few new icons on the tree. There’s a lot of re-used icons and while they obviously don’t have to all be completely unique, a few different icons might be appropriate

  • Windfury Totem goes mostly untouched in a lot of feelycrafted builds.

    • A big issue here is that Windfury is pretty low value for us now with the % rate cut , resource generation across the board going up and no need to help reduce downtime.
      • This is a problem because it’s going to ultimately feel bad to Enhancement players when we are encouraged / pressured / forced into taking WFT for party members in raid for the overall increase, at the cost of a sub-par talent for ourselves.
      • At a minimum, WFT should be a competitive talent for us on its own merits (competitive - not an auto-lock talent) so that in the scenarios in which we are encouraged to take it, we don’t feel awful about it.
    • Making it work with Dual Wield again would be a good start - the rest is probably tuning.
  • Feral Lunge and the Refreshing Waters / Ancestral Wolf Affinity are going to be extremely niche - even in PvP scenarios. As utility talents, they will be immediately undesirable and even in scenarios where they may be valuable, will likely still go untouched.

    • The Refreshing Waters / Ancestral Wolf Spirit node could really just be in the class tree - those choices could absolutely see some use there from all 3 specs.
    • Feral Lunge is offensively bad as a movement ability in our tree - if it has to stay in the spec tree then it should at least gain some resource on cast and a significant damage boost. In the class tree we already the Spirit Walk / Gust of Wind choice node, the Spirit Wolf / Thunderous Paws node, Wind Rush Totem and Graceful Spirit to use up before we’d ever consider spending GCD time or talent points on this. We really just don’t need a 5th movement ability to compete with damage.
    • I don’t mind seeing utility talents in the tree, as long as they’re poweful enough or unique enough to warrant the trade-off of losing damage. These options aren’t even close.

Hi, I have been enjoying enhancement! This is currently a build I am leaning toward for optimized damage and preferred playstyle.

I notice that the class trees feel a bit bad for dps shamans. At least the end talents. I currently am looking at it from a damage dealing point of view. There is so much totem bloat. It feels like windfury totem also got nerfed in utility. Which is nice for me because that button and buff has always felt underwhelming compared to other group buffs and it’s very limitations hold enhancement back from a pug standpoint.

Currently it’s more of a maelstrom casting build. Windfury is only there to trigger maelstrom generation. In torgast I loved using the maelstrom builds and just casting stuff like elemental blast, chain lightning, lightning bolt. I am excited to see lava burst now. But I am sad we are losing out on chain harvest. I really wished you could have included that in there with the legendary effect. It’s a spell that feels good to use. And the flame shock crits reducing it’s cd felt nice and a way to gear with crit is nice as a sort of battle utility.

Primordial wave has similar usage with chain harvest. It’s just with lightning bolt which has less better visuals, and it doesn’t have a healing component. I felt shamanss have used offhealing in groups and chain harvest to be a nice representation of a good improved chain lightning and chain healing spell but in with cool blood like visuals we have in spells like bloodlust (it’s venthyr anima but it looks very bloody which I will miss). I know we are in beta but it would really make the enh tree feel a bit more diverse if we can choose between primordial wave and chain harvest, have the talents connecting them depend on which you pick.

The class tree talents feel underwhelming too. Chain harvest though I find fun to use while healing as well. Another suggestion would be to add that option to the class tree. Not really a fan of the utility spells we got. 30 second stoneskin? That’s buffing the tank basically every 30 seconds. Would I enjoy a spell like chain harvest/ vesper totem better? Yes. I feel much better if we could chain harvest and heal/damage on a big cd. Vesper totem felt best on resto shamans who have more healing spells that can proc its full effect while helping damage in dungeons. Chain harvest though was a pretty fun spell overall. And has similar functionality to ancestral guidance which feels like a passive playstyle cd.

It would be nice for windfury totem to buff your whole party. Give a chance for spells to do some nature damage. Give a chance for melee to windfury xD. Or let your party trigger windfury and it empowering your next maelstrom attack with charges of extra damage. It feels so niche right now with its limited 5 man range. In raids that would mean just having a melee group with the enh shaman in there. Ideally I would like it taken out myself. Or have a nice cooldown and feel more meaningfull. If it remains a party buff, let it buff your party/raid ya know? Not just the melee.

Surging shields would be an attractive option for enhancement if we can trigger them with our attacks again. At least melee attacks. Adding a way for use to trigger the shield effects with our melee attacks or windfury procs would make that more useful without relying on getting hit by an enemy attack.

P.S. Earth elemental would be nice to have baseline. Stoneskin totem/ Tranquil Air totem would be nicer in that spot. And to replace that side it would be nice to chain harvest/vesper totem in that spot instead with enhancing talents there in the class tree. Would make it feel more inline with other classes.


Not having a bunch of throughput abilities locked behind the 20 line is actually a really good thing for us - this means we’re not locked into taking performance talents and don’t have to compromise on utility anywhere else. The tradeoff to not having throughput on our class tree is that our spec trees are more dense in mechanics and buff than other specs. This is a really great design.

However, I will say that I’d prefer our post 20 class talents to be less niche - I don’t mind that they don’t give us any damage, but I would like them to be more desirable from a utility perspective. The rest of the tree is so excellent in terms of utility, defense and mobility that I personally don’t really mind that the bottom of the section tree is lackluster.

I think players are going to have train themselves out of thinking they HAVE to get stuff gated below the 20 line. Is it counter-intuitive? A little. Is it a functional negative? Not really.

Windfury certainly needs help. Whatever format that solution is, it needs to be equally desirable for the casting shaman as the rest of the party or else it never feels good to take a personal DPS loss to buff others.

I really don’t agree. This just takes 3 points away from other utility in the class tree as Chain Harvest would now becomes a mandatory pick.


As far dps shamans go utility isn’t as good. It is very niche utility. And the best type of dps utility can provide that is generally useful is healing. Being able to provide healing to help the healer in a burst situation is very good utility for most of the game, and is less niche utiltiy.

Chain harvest is very good to help the healer out in hard fight moments. Vesper totem is good burst healing if you can pull off the 6 spells to get it to trigger.

The enhancement side of the tree feels very underwhelming in the class tree. It’s cd resets for totems. I personally don’t like the totems and the past totems I did like are stuff like

Healing tide and capacitor totem are totems that generally feel good to use as well. The other totems tend to be more niche. Earthbind and cap totem make a good combo and those are baseline for example. The totems on the tree tend to be very niche and not very exciting. Which is why the build I linked above I did not pick em. Those would be picked in very niche pve situations where they warrant using them for a fight or two.

For stuff like chain harvest/vesper totem that utiltiy is the damage and healing. Off healing is very good utility to have. And with the legendary effects that let flameshock crits lower it’s cd it gives it additional utility for group survivability and feels very good to use. They could even have it do riptide crits for restoration shaman and that would feel like a better ability then the necrolord ability for me. I currently do heal with resto shamans and dps. Chain harvest and vesper totem overall feel better to use then niche totems.

For group oriented stuff you will want windrush totem maybe. Stoneskin is nice for buffing your tank, there are very few instances where physical damage is aoe, besides certain niche mobs. As a dps shaman for pve, it would be nice to get cool totems. The class tree doesn’t feel very good for that.

More baseline utility would be nice. If hex or earth elemental totem was baseline that would overall be better.

Hex being a talent is also weird since we got like many versions of hex. Like my zandalari hex spells. It really should be baseline so there isn’t a problem with stuff like that. Hex should be replaced with the talent that enhances it. It’s not like many classes have to worry about speccing into like physic scream, or polymorph.


So I just noticed something from my post above.
If you have hex variants on the beta. You can use them without the talent hex…
That is very problematic game design. We earned those hex cosmetics and it may be an issue with hex being on the talent tree. I think hex and possibly earth elemental would be better suited as baseline utility. Hex since its a really good spell representing the class fantasy. And earth elemental since it’s central to them of shamanism with there connection with the elements to at least be able to call one type of elemental is nice baseline.

It would lead us to pick more utilty talents. Also currently I can use my hex variants without having a single talent. So yes that’s a bit weird. I do not want to lose those hex variants, nor do I want theme to have a weird restriction with having to have a talent enabled, and then cosmetically alter that talent. So to avoid headaches it would be best to make hex baseline. And Voodoo mastery/enfeeblement to replace where hex is.


Losing Chain Harvest on my Shaman going into Dragonflight quite honestly feels terrible.
It was the only Shadowlands ability I had fun using on my Shaman as Enhancement for the past 2 years.
Having to spec into a bunch of formerly baseline abilities also feels strange now that I’ve had a chance to play with my talents in Beta. Making Stormstrike automatic is a step in the right direction but why is my Shaman forgetting how to interrupt after 18 years?


Enhancement Shaman talent feedback

Main rotation button bloat is a serious issue. I’m sure for more skilled/hardcore players it’s a non issue, but for normal/casual players it’s definitely a real concern. This will ultimately lead to balancing issues due to the disparity between what the skilled and normal players can do with their rotation.

Stormstrike- Should be nature damage to begin with.

Windfury Totem should be in the class tree and not the enhancement tree.

Windfury totem needs buffed. It is currently the worst damage buff in the game and has many restrictions(Melee auto attack only, party only, very limited range) where other damage buffs might have 1 restriction(physical or spell). Most melee classes currently only see a .5-2% damage increase from windfury compared to others that are a flat 5%. You can spend that 1 talent almost anywhere else in the talent tree and get a much bigger dps increase.

Swirling Maelstrom- Too little maelstrom given the abilities it triggers off cooldowns. Also weird that it comes from Fire Nova/ Ice Strike when they have nothing to do with generating or using maelstrom. You could make this for every 5 maelstrom spent you get 1 back and that would probably be better.

Lightning Bolt- Has pretty much no synergy with the rest of out kit besides being a maelstrom dump. Chain lightning at least has some synergy with crash lightning, crashing storms, and alpha wolf. Lightning bolt only has primordial wave, which isn’t great. You could get rid of lightning bolt and I would not miss it at all.

Primordial Wave- Terrible and boring final tier talent. It does very little damage itself, the flame shock isn’t really useful since we can spread it easy with lava lash. So really it only brings 150% damage to Lightning bolt(that again has no other real synergy). Why is it shadow damage? Shouldn’t it be fire damage since it applies flame shock? It has no synergy with other other talents so at least make it fire, frost, or nature. At the very least make this work with Elemental Blast you know since it links to it and probably Lava Burst as well. You could swap Primordial wave out with a buff that gives our chain lightning more damage damage and applies flame shock to all targets hit and I’d like it more. Honestly I feel like chain harvest would have been a better choice if we had to go with a shadowlands ability, but honestly I’d love to see something new that adds some new synergy.

Feral Spirit- WHY is this in the talent tree? It’s part of the class identity and should be baseline. Feral spirits aren’t exactly a huge DPS increase either, which makes taking the talent hard. Swap this for a New talent that is basically our current 2pc and 4pc bonus. That way it will have some synergy with spending maelstrom to summon wolves and then generating it from the wolves being up. At least then our class would have more identity since we would basically be summon spirit wolves often. It would also give stormstrike builds more access to AOE damage since wolves would be up more often for alpha wolf.

Ascendance- Meh, just super boring. Not a fan of straight “buffs” with long cooldowns to increase damage for a short time.

Deeply Rooted Elements- At least this has some synergy with stormstrike, which is why this slot should be switched sides with primordial wave.

I’ll do some more once the chances come next week, but currently our final tier talents are just boring. Elemental Assault and Legacy of the Frost Witch are better than the Abilities and that’s just sad. Our main rotation could probably use some paring down given all the new stuff we can take at the same time.


i think ench is in a good place rn, personally and alot of youtubers tend to agree as well. i just ask 1 thing please, 2 handed ench. and i think most ench players will agree as well <3


Make it a transmog option, fine, but definitely not a playstyle option just because some People have Classic nostalgia about Auto attacking their targets.


Regarding elemental, would it be possible for earthquake to deal a majority of its damage in the first few ticks, slowly diminishing over the duration somewhat like an actual earthquake? When talented, earthquake has a 7 second duration which feels like a fairly long time for mobs to be kept stationary, especially in dungeons where mobs will inevitably be moved.



Hello there, I recently received access to the beta and I was disappointed to still see Mana Spring Totem still restoring about 0.001% of mana per cast on a 45 sec CD. This is very minimal mana gain and I believe this makes it a dead talent node.

As it stands I believe picking any other defensive or utility node instead of this node on the tree would probably end up fulfilling the same role of saving/giving mana to my healers and I feel like this node not being a viable choice is a travesty. Instead of putting a point into this talent , I could instead put it into something like Astral Bulwark for a stronger personal defensive or maybe Wind rush totem for my group to dodge a mechanic that can save the healers from healing more damage and using more mana.

Because of this I believe there are two big solutions that can help alleviate this problem.

Solution 1
The easiest way to fix this is to probably increase the amount of mana given per cast to higher than 0.001% and probably a slightly longer CD with it. As it is right now, Mana Spring totem really only serves as a button to press every 45 seconds that restores minimal mana to the healers. For resto shamans this introduces having to weave in more lava burst than usual in our healing rotation to get more usage of this totem.

For dps shamans it probably feels much worse as they would have to press it every 45 seconds during a dps rotation for extremely minimal gains for their healers and nothing much for them as they have to use a GCD on this instead of a dps ability. Increasing the mana given per cast on top of a slightly longer CD would slightly help with this feeling less bad.

Solution 2 (A new effect and an even longer CD)
As it currently stands, Shaman is one of the few classes that do not really have any unique raid utility. Heroism is brought by 3 other classes (Evokers,Hunters,Mages), wind rush like effects are brought by classes like druid with stampeding roar. We also do not have a 1 hr raid buff like mages with arcane intellect or priest fortitude. Things like windfury totem and spirit link are both unique things belonging to their respective specs but windfury is more reliant on the tuning of other melee classes to be of much value and spirit link can be a hit or miss raid cd.

With a new version of mana spring, I believe shaman can have a unique utility that all 3 specs can have that can be much more impactful then what it is right now. The ability would look something like this:

Mana Spring Totem - Summon a totem at the target location for 10 minutes. Party and Raid members can click the totem to receive 15% of mana per charge. 5 charges. 5 to 10 min CD.

With an ability like this I believe it makes the Mana Spring totem node much more valuable than it currently is while also giving shaman something more unique and helpful in a raid environment. It would also get rid of the current problems of it feeling like a GCD to press every 45 seconds for minimal gain and instead introduce much more interesting situations to have (where do i place this totem in the boss arena,how many charges does each healer get to use, etc.).

Overall I feel like the general shaman class tree was really good and fixing this talent node would make it much better.


Shaman Class Tree(Enhancement perspective):

I feel like there are too many “required” talents and there are a lot of useless(to enh) talents that there is very little choice. Combined with the fact that a lot of the useful talents are spread far apart you’re stuck taking things you don’t really want just to get to something you do.

Astral Shift- This is our ONLY defensive and we need to spend a talent point to get it? Should be in the base kit.

Frost Shock- This should be base kit. We have Spec talents that depend on having Frost shock. You shouldn’t be able to pick up a talent and not have the requisite ability to make that talent function.

Focused Insight- Pretty useless, especially for 2 points, since we will just use Maelstrom for our heals anyway.

Earth Elemental- This is our “oh crap” card so it feels like a must pick.

Spirit walkers grace- Not very useful given we use Maelstrom for instant spells and thus rarely cast. This also makes the node below it also not useful.

Totemic Surge- Windfury totem has no cooldown so it’s not really helpful there, not that most will even take windfury totem because it’s not very good. The rest of our totems are used so infrequently that 2-4s doesn’t really matter.

Winds of Al’Akir- I hate this talent, it feels like a wasted 2 points just so I can get to Spirit walk. We will almost never have 3 totems active, unless wolves count, so we really only get 10% speed in ghost wolf. That’s “okay”, but there are far better things I can get with 2 talent points. If it is going to stay where it is then it should be 1pt.

Spirit Walk- Must have IMO. It’s just super useful.

Voodoo Master/Enfeeblement- Not useful really. The cooldown reduction isn’t needed, if your hex got broke chances are you’re not going to be able to re-hex because someone is hitting it. The slow isn’t useful really except in super niche situations. We don’t use hex enough to really warrant these talents.

Totemic Projection- Again not super useful since windfury has no cooldown. It’s uses for us would be super niche or accident fixing.

Surging Shields- Good for soloing I guess, but all other content it’s pretty useless since you shouldn’t be getting hit. Definitely should not be a 2pt talent. I’d rather it made our Lightning shield arc to the nearest enemy every so many seconds.

Go with the Flow- Would love to take it, but too many other required talents and this is basically just a small QOL so would be great to have but not for a talent point.

Call of the Elements(and sub talents)- Not really useful for us. Again we really don’t have any totems that would require an instant reset. None of our totems are that vital. The only times this might be useful is if you mess up on say a stun.

Poison Cleansing Totem- Super niche! I’m sure there will be some raid/M+ boss that this would be great for, but 99% of the time this is a wasted talent point.

Totemic Focus- This is another QOL that would be nice to have, but too many other talents take precedence so it’s not worth the point. Really this just helps make up for the short radius of totems.

Thunderstorm- Make this knockup by default for enhancement. It’s dumb/unfair that we need to spend another point to make this usable since we are melee. Ranged get a knockback which is already a defensive and lets them keep DPSing. We however lose DPS because we have to then get back into melee. Certain specs shouldn’t get double the benefit, especially when one spec would need to spend another talent point to make it useful.

Lightning Lasso/Thundershock- This is the weirdest matchup since they aren’t even remotely similar or even related. It isn’t even a contest, lightning lasso wins. Again Thundershock should be baked in for Enhancment.

Stone Skin/Tranquil Air- Would be nice to have, but again too many other required talents that come first. Stone Skin would obviously be useful in Raids/M+, but mostly for cutting edge stuff. It being only physical means it’s fairly niche, which is what makes it a hard ask.

Nature’s Swiftness- Again we use maelstrom for instant casts and because of that there are other talents more worthy of a talent point.

Mana Spring Totem- Would love to take it, but again too many other required talents. It’s a luxury and we can’t afford it.

Swirling Currents- We don’t use Healing Currents enough to really justify this. Plus we use Maelstrom to buff our healing amount.

Ancestral Guidance- Would love to pick this up but it’s trapped behind Swirling Currents and Mana spring, which would be wasted talent points. Even if it wasn’t stuck behind those it would be a nice to have but not worth forgoing a needed talent.

Overall the tree seems far more suited to Resto than it does Enhancement, so they could really use some work. Too many of the things we want are either spread out and/or trapped behind useless talents. The final tier is particularly bad, except for Thunderstorm and lightning lasso I wouldn’t spend another talent point there. The talents there are simply not useful enough to us. I think Windfury should be moved from the spec tree to the class tree since it fits more as utility.


You can use lava lash flameshock and spread flameshock to 6 people. And then use primordial wave for 150% lightning bolt on 6 enemies. It’s one of the most powerful covenants right now for aoe/funnel.

Lightning bolt is normally single target spender. But primordial wave makes it aoe.

I still prefer chain harvest. But with the legendary necrolord is pretty good right now.

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That’s sort of my point. If not for Primordial Wave, lightning bolt has no other synergy with our kit, certainly not anything in our main rotation, besides just being used with maelstrom but we have other options now. Lava Burst has more synergy since it gives a crit when flame shock is up making it do more damage. Elemental Blast does more damage and gives buffs(both of those are on paper, haven’t tested numbers yet). The only advantage to lightning bolt is it has no cooldown, but very rarely are we getting 5 maelstrom in 8s-12s. If you’re using overflowing maelstrom its a non-issue to begin with. Lightning Bolt functionality could easily be given to Chain lightning and I wouldn’t miss it. If it doesn’t bounce it does +50% more damage. At least then we could save some main bar space.

Primordial wave is boring because it’s literally something we already have, chain lightning. All it does is force us to keep Lightning Bolt on the bar simply for that ability. I don’t disagree that it does some good damage, but it is a super boring ability. They could change it to work with lava burst and Elemental Blast as well and it would be better. I just think as an final tier abilities should be fun and add new gameplay aspects that change the way you play the spec. None of them currently really do that imo.