Feedback: Shaman

Lava Burst doesnt seem to interact with the increased damage portion of MW. Right now it gets the reduced cast time, but on both the beta and the pre-patch PTR it doesnt seem yo get increased damage.

Is this intentional? If so, why?

Presumably a bug. It wasn’t working with mastery either. Just needs to be fully integrated in the kit. Coding didn’t have it as part of enhance kit. There’s a ton of bugs with enhance right now. Alot of stuff doesn’t work.

The problem with too many buttons may be just because too many spells that could synergize well with another, are not being connected or included with that particular one, therefore, its on a separate button?

Why remove a talent/spell just because its on a separate button? I think, as I mention above, it would be much better to combined with another talent/skill it would synergize well with instead. Voila, that separate button is gone.

Did I miss something in this?

What I am finding out now is that my resto will not be running in my guild raids any longer. Other healers are being considered instead. So I’m faced with building a strong ele spec that works for a change, or having to build an entirely new setup for an alt instead.

Not a happy camper. Might end up on my Warlock instead.

Currently on beta, it appears that when Primordial Wave procs forked Lightning Bolts, they only have a 5 Maelstrom Weapon stack bonus applied even when the main Lightning Bolt has a 10 MW stack bonus. Is this intended?

Thank you for your time.


Enhancement Shaman,

A minor change is coming next week for Elemental Blast and Lava Burst interactions in the Enhancement Shaman tree.

Elemental Blast and Lava Burst on their own are not changing. If you take both talents, Elemental Blast will replace Lava Burst, and Elemental Blast will have 2 charges.

Elemental Blast and Lava burst are not changing for Elemental Shaman, they will remain separate spells. This is an Enhancement specific change.


So rather than making Lava Burst work with Maelstrom Weapon it just gives Elemental Blast a 2nd charge? Not upset just wanting to make sure I understand this correct.

Presumably, if you only take Lava Burst, you’ll have Lava Burst (and, ideally, all of the bugs currently associated with it re: mastery and maelstrom weapon will eventually be fixed). If you only take Elemental Blast, you’ll have Elemental Blast. If you have both, you’ll have Elemental Blast with 2 charges.


Alright. Shame as I was looking forward to the mega-boosted Lava Burst crits but this is a good fix too.

Err … What’s the shame? You can still play Lava Burst if you want to (just not simultaneously with Elemental Blast).

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You can but it’s not functioning with the damage boost of MW as far as I can tell. So it works with the cast reduction, but if I were to cast it with 10 stacks of MW then it doesn’t get the 200% damage increase.

Tested it on the lvl70 server, its only doing 12k damage when with Maelstrom Weapon it should be doing more damage.

Yes there are several bugs with it currently (lava burst only benefits from the damage increase of improved maelstrom weapon and raging maelstrom if you cast it with 6+ stacks, and only if you don’t have overflowing maelstrom). But presumably those bugs will eventually be fixed.

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Hello, this post will discuss my feed back about resto shaman in mythic plus specifically. It is a long post, but hopefully worth your time.

What makes a healer a good choice for a mythic+ team is a combination of the utility they bring and the DPS they can unleash while healing the group. As a new bloodlust-capable healer is being added to the game, and another is given a battle rez, I am concerned that resto shaman is losing most of its appeal.

I want to be clear, I am not trying to make resto shaman the “meta” healer, I just want it to be an appealing choice for groups.

Now, by Blizzard design, most utilities are in the class tree, and most throughput in in the spec tree, so I will discuss those in order.

Class tree and Utilities

Shamans have always been able to bring a good amount of utilities to dungeons: AoE stun, AoE slow/root, tremor totem, purge, curse dispel, Hex, Earth Ele, and of course the shortest ranged interrupt in game. On top of that, we have a lot of mobility, and more is being added back.

All of this means that a Mythic+ resto shaman needs to spend a LOT of points just to regain their pre-DF toolkit, which leaves very little to enjoy the new stuff. This is not a great feeling. Now, some talents are situational (don’t need tremor in every dungeon) but others are absolutely mandatory. While having to choose between Static Charge or Thunderstrike can be compelling, it is really upsetting to have to choose between Cap Totem and Gust of Wind.

So, these are my suggestions for improving the class tree:
These three points will give resto shamans more flexibility in their choices:

  • Make Earth Shield baseline. Move Elemental Orbit to its place. This will also help the synergy with the spec tree, as discussed later.
  • Make Frost Shock baseline. Either move Improved Purify Spirit to its place, or remove the node altogether. Why is Frost Shock great for resto shamans in keys? To eat all the explosives! I know this is something that you only need once every 6 weeks, but it is also a very minor addition to the base kit.
  • Make Hex baseline. Move the choice node Voodoo Mastery/Enfeeblement to its place.

These talents are very underwhelming in their current incarnation and would be dead on launch.

  • Mana Spring Totem: other people have pointed out that this is incredibly undertuned. Either bump the numbers or make it proc from all abilities used by the shaman, not just one or two.
  • Poison Cleansing Totem: dispels at most 4 poison effects every 45 seconds, without any control on who is cleansed. I understand not wanting to give shamans a full poison dispel, as every healer has a niche in that sense. But I don’t think a talent so deep in the tree should be a “better-than-nothing” choice.
  • Surging Shields: No shaman wants to be hit by things in dungeons. This should be reworked to some passive effect each shield gives that is not triggered on being hit.
  • Tranquil Air Totem: This seems very underwhelming for a capstone, and incredibly situational. Suggestion: change it to prevent physical pushback, instead of cast pushback, like a party-sized Death’s Advance, as long as party members are in range.

Spec Tree and Throughput

Many people have spoken at length of how good the overall structure of the tree is, and I completely agree. However, compared to other trees, it feels like it’s lacking a “theme” depending on which side you go down. There are several buffs to riptide spread all over, and then smaller pockets themed around totems or earthliving weapon. I suggest we consolidate all the riptide talents towards the left side, and put totems/chain heal talents on the left, while the middle is reserved for the iconic shaman CDs.

Keeping in mind that I don’t suggest any modifications to the connections between talents, here are my considerations:

Choosing between healing throughput and damage for a m+ healer always feels bad. The changes below are to help with that:

  • Bring Echo of the Elements up in place of Healing Stream Totem, and make it grant an extra charge or Riptide, Lava Burst and HST (or just one charge of HST if somehow you did not pick the other in the class tree).
  • Uncouple Acid Rain from Overflowing Shores and put it in place of Ancestral Vigor. It is great to have finally uses for Healing Rain in keys.

These changes are to create a stronger theme along the different sides of the tree:

  • Swap Torrent with Ancestral Reach. Incidentally, I think Flow of The Tides will hardly see any play, unless the buff to chain heal is really increased, to at least 60%.
  • Swap Undercurrent and Ancestral Awakening. In AA, add Chain Heal to the list of affected spells.
  • At this point, it doesn’t seem to be likely we’ll get to keep any of the cool covenant powers in DF (sorry, I just hate PWave). And to be fair those cool powers are only good with their legendary effects attached. So to keep it simple, and as it has been suggested before, make PWave also cause the next Lava Burst to hit all target with Flame Shock on, so that resto shamans can use it offensively as well.
  • Redesign Earthliving Weapon: “Imbues your weapon with earthen life which causes your critical direct heals to give a 2% critical chance to your next Chain Heal, up to 50 stacks”. Yes, this is our current 2-pieces tier bonus. You know where this is going.
  • Redesign Earthwarden: “Your critical hits from indirect heals (Healing Rain and Riptide ticks) also contribute stacks”
  • Replace Deep Rooted Elements with Heal The Soul: “Your totems [insert list] automatically cast Chain Heal when you drop them”. This would be a very appealing talent, that justifies spending all the points to get to it, and would help with the castability of Chain Heal in dungeons. To keep it reasonable, I have left out the CD reduction effect.
  • Swap Wellspring with High Tide.
  • Why is Earthen Harmony the only way to get to Ascendance? Especially considering you can get it without taking Earth Shield and it becomes a completely dead talent (casting HSurge or HWave on a target without Earth Shield will not start building stacks). Replace with Ancestral Vigor.
  • Swap Nature’s Focus and Ever-Rising Tide. Then take ERT and toss it in the garbage. Put Earthen Harmony there I guess.

Now, that was a lot, and I am sure there are issues with balancing the talent points spent at each row, but I hope you get the idea. I feel like resto shamans have been very quiet ever since our “beautiful” talent tree came out and I am worried we are missing out on the chance of improving on this design.

Some people in these forums have suggested very good ideas and improvements (I really like the idea of Earth Ascendant) but I tried to keep my suggestions to swaps and effects already existing in game, so that they can be implemented more quickly and maybe we get a chance to test them.

Thanks for reading this far, and please let me know what you think.


You know, it’d be pretty amazing to have an Earth-shield like effect tagged onto the ST heals with 1 stack. Like little mini prayer of mendings that dont jump… !Why dont we have cool talents like that :frowning: could have been instead of the hot from Earthgiving.


2 charges of elemental blast is an excellent change. Reduces button bloat, makes is easier to not waste cd uptime on ele blast, and indirectly buffs elemental spirits and nature’s fury.

It also makes lightning bolt more useful by removing the ability to spam lava burst every 8 seconds PLUS Ele blast every 12 since you’ll instead be limited to ONLY one charge of ele blast every 12 seconds. So you’ll need to cast lightning bolt alot more often in single target which increases the value of improved lightning bolt and nature’s fury in the general tree.

Downside (and it’s a pretty big downside) is that instead of lava bust every 8 you only get ele blast every 12 so that’s arguably a downgrade since you’ll get a big spender every 12 instead of 8 since the auto crit means lava burst hits harder than ele blast non-crit (although admittedly, ele blast gives stats).

Seems like Ele blast cd should maybe go to 8 seconds so it’s more clearly an all-around upgrade over just taking lava burst in sustained dps scenarios where the extra charge isn’t really a big DPS increase.


Honestly it’d feel much better for ele too if it were made to replace Lava Burst like this lol, it’s so awkward to add a random cast time spell with a CD like Ele blast (not hard, awkward. There’s a difference.


Can we get our abilities to work with a 2 hander equipped?


Yes!!! I agree!!

I was thinking maybe making the competitor talent make Healing Stream Totem have an additional charge and heal 30%-50%(DEVS CHOOSE) more.

We will then now have 3 healing stream totems charges and would finally make the ability to compete against the tyrant Cloudburst Totem.

I hate Cloudburst Totem too. It makes me feel like I’m not healing. I’m just storeing the heals. #lameeeeeeeeeeeeeeee


I miss 2-handed Shaman! I second this!


A few more things on elemental.

  1. Echos of Great Sundering is not very fun design. The talent essentially doubles our aoe ramp with earthquake and makes shaman miserable on lower keys or any affix that requires kiting as we have less earthquakes to work with. I can’t think of any shaman I know who enjoys this playstyle and only played it due to the flat aoe buff it provided.

  2. Deeply Rooted Elements RNG can be brutal. I understand to a degree that’s the tradeoff over normal ascendance, but maybe an increase to the proc rate or every X lava burst casts proc ascendance to help smooth it out, though the latter would prevent it proc chaining.

  3. Primal Fire Elemental’s behavior is extremely inconsistent. The elemental constantly moves mid combat to adjust positions next to you, stopping casts in the process. An easy fix to this would be to allow it to cast on the move like the regular fire elemental. It’s odd that the non-empowered elemental can cast on the move and the empowered can’t. One more thing to add is that none of our elementals get the 250% crit bonus elemental fury. I know it’s been like that for multiple expansions, but there’s no real reason I can see for them not to.