FEEDBACK: Shaman Class Changes

Either removing flame shocks cool down

Lowering it to 3 seconds to weave between globals


Making it so flame shock gives 2 charges when choosing the talent “Echo of the Elements”

Would fix a lot of problems with the current elemental shaman design.


For Elemental and Resto, make Flametongue weapon give some sort of spell power/int/crit/crit dmg/healing buff and take the place of a weapon oil. DKs can replace weapon enchants with personal buffs, give us the option to replace weapon oils in shadowlands.


If you guys wanted to keep ascendance at a 3 min cd and 15 second duration thoughts on making it off the GCD and able to be cast while in the middle of casting?

Would allow us to react to being in the middle of a lava burst cast, getting a lava surge proc which is generally a good feeling thing to get because you get to send off 2 lava bursts back to back with the chances of both overloading.

Being able to transform and ascend mid cast off the GCD would bring the 3 min cd up to par with other 3 min CDs imo at least from a PvP standpoint.

It is very hard for ascendance to compete with stormkeeper in PvP and hasn’t been taken in years.

I would really like to see more interactions with echoing shock / ascendance for the spec and make lava burst great again.

I still think 15 seconds is a short duration for a 3 min cd and easy to shut down but making it usable while casting and off the gcd would really up the flexibility of the talent and bring it more in line with the rest of the classes.

I honestly really wish ele had a baseline burst cd like stormkeeper or asc. I feel like a lot of specs got a lot of toys returned or revamped in a large way and we are looking at basically the same ele spec we have had for a long time.

Especially with having the same must pick PvP talents since their inception in legion.

Grounding and skyfury would be great baseline and open up actual choices in PvP.


Amazing Changes in this weeks Build! Awesome change to ascendance talent for both elemental and enhancement, so glad that the class is really getting looked at when it comes to changing the outdated spell abilities.

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Just give resto earthliving weapon and change flametongue for ele. Right now it feels like blizzard forgot rshaman exists.


Echoing Shock had a bunch of work done in the past week that should resolve these problems. I believe in the build that is being pushed today, regardless of what you did prior to pressing Echoing Shock, it should only actually do something with whatever button you press after activating Echoing Shock. Check it out when the PTR or beta realms are up and reply here if that is not the case.

Some covenant abilities may not fully work with it yet. The core Shaman buttons should be working with it.


Does the “direct” removal from Echoing Shock mean it now applies to Earthquake?

And is there any discussion at all about increasing Flame Shock’s duration back to 24s? 18s Feels quite bad compared to live, especially in multi-target scenarios. Is Pwave a factor in the decision to stay at 18?

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Yes, Echoing Shock should once again work with Earthquakes.

There are no plans to change Flame Shock’s duration.


What about echo of the elements baseline. please put us out of our misery so we can stop asking.


And a final question - are there any discussions about adding Lava Shock as a talent to the tree? It creates the very interesting funnel gameplay that I’m keen to see remain.

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We beg of you. The entire Shaman community begs of you to rethink this. There have been great changes made, but the spec simply doesn’t feel right with 18s duration. It interrupts the flow of gameplay so much having to micromanage, and you have to cast it EXACTLY on cooldown to keep 3 flame shocks up.


Also can you give any insight as to whether there’s consideration towards making Echo of the Elements baseline? That and Flame Shock are the two resounding cries from the Ele community. The people who play the spec and love the spec overwhelmingly feel these things are needed.


I just saw the latest changes. They actually look really really good <3

Is there any plans on putting flame shock on a charge system thats effected by haste similar to the other casters that function on a charge system?

I really enjoy the ascendance change from first impression. Look forward to playing with it and testing.

Also Thanks for the communication in our thread


Any plans for baseline Echo of the Elements. Seeing as other classes such as DH, Druids and now DK (Unholy and Blood) Got highly overused talents baseline.

Would love to see Call of Thunder brought back and replace Static Discharge.


Ty for the fix to Echoing Shock, appreciated!

Any additional information moving forward? I’ve seen lots of good suggestions in this thread lately that feel like overdue QoL changes. Echo of Elements power in it’s tier(baseline?). The last talent tier for Enhance. Possible additional imbunes. Return old totems(I.E. Cleansing with a long CD for niche situations). Healing Tide potency in 5 man content. Earth Shield’s potency & high GCD requirement. Possible redesign of Surge of Earth to name a few.

Also Flame Shock duration and CD for Ele doesn’t feel great. If the intent is for it to only be on 2-3 mobs at a time I think a charge system is preferable. I understand not wanting Ele to be a multi-dot spec but the current iteration feels uncomfortable. A charge system or maybe ways to refresh the dot on several mobs would be a better solution. Ty for reading.


Some covenant abilities may not fully work with it yet.

Does this mean Chain Harvest will work/interact with Echoing Shock in the future?

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Appreciate you coming down here to answer this - but am not really happy with the response to be honest.

This is the worst iteration of flame shock I can remember. Can we get some explanation on why both the duration and tick rate was reduced? It just feels too restrictive and you can realistically maintain flameshock on 2 targets unless you play perfectly.

Can we also for the love of Green Jesus please have echo of the elements baseline for both ele and resto?

Hell blood DKs got ossuary baseline today - whereas we have been asking for echo to be baseline for 4+ years and to no avail.


FYI: this patch reverted the tick rate reduction.

That said, I do agree that this is the worst iteration of Flame Shock. I think the spell just has too much going on to be this restrictive.

We need the spell on targets to both generate Lava Surges for us and to enable Lava Burst crits. While I do think we might have been generating too many Lava Surges in some situations of BfA, a long CD and a short duration make it extremely hard to actually get Flame Shocks on targets that we need to be attacking.

Heck, you could even add a Flame Shock stack to Echo of the Elements. That way, when we’re committing talents into Lava Burst, we’d be more able to use the spell. Plus, with the change to Ascendance, being able to reduce ramp up time on getting Flame Shocks out (through something like this) would also be very appreciated.


would love any sort of dev watercooler or something on the direction of elemental and why the thought process on flame shocks difficulties in general.


Great changes to Elemental Shaman in the latest build, but I really wanted a word from Blizz about what are their plans to Flame Shock… If duration wont be changed, can we at least have 2 charges of Flame Shock baked in Echo of the Elements?