Feedback: Shadowlands Areas for Improvement

I have unsubscribed recently from patch 8.3 due to lack of interesting content however I will be returning during Shadowlands. I thought I might give feedback that would be useful for shadowlands.

Class Imbalance

The classes are really imbalanced which is evident in the damage meters. This has become a problem in PVE and PVP. PVP is in a worse situation, although I’m not mainly a PvP player but I have felt the effects of this in battlegrounds.

Consider reworking all the classes, I know this was mentioned in blizzcon but devs should look more specifically into what type the spec/class belongs to. For example, pure dps classes such as Demon hunters/warriors should not be doing more healing than hybrid classes such as druids/shamans/monks. Hybrid classes have to actually cast to heal while pure dps classes in bfa heal passively as part of their rotation. This really needs to be looked into and fixed.

Additionally, talent builds need to be looked at properly. If a certain talent is consistently not being used by a spec, it should be replaced or be buff to be equal to the other two talents in the same row.

Poor Story line/Quest and lack of immersion into world

I do have to say the cinematics in BFA were the best WoW has ever done and they should continue to make them. However, the overall story for BFA is very poor and the setting did not even feel like a war between factions. Even Wrath of the Lich King expac felt like a threat.

I have started playing Final Fantasy XIV and Elderscrolls online this month as I unsubscribed from WoW. These games really know how to tell a story and captivate the audience to keep playing. I am not in rush to reach Max level in these games due to the way the game is structured while WoW requires you to reach 120 to start doing things properly. I found it difficult to immerse myself in the WoW (previous expansions) while levelling alts in BFA.

The devs should consider looking into what these two games are doing right. Lots of WoW players have moved to final fantasy XIV so this is already an indication that WoW is not able provide satisfaction in some areas. Areas to work on:

  1. Main Quests(story): Put more depth into the story in ways the player can feel more immersed and involved (again Final Fantasy is a good example how they do it). Most of the (weekly) war campaign quests we had initially were not that interesting except for a few that had cinematics, and final ending of war campaign.

I want to see Shadowlands being able to immerse the player into the world and have a proper story line that makes sense even while questing in the leveling zones. Currently most of the WoW quests are skipped because it is not interesting and also lack of voice acting. Again use Final Fantasy XIV/ESO as a reference to how to tell a good story so similar or better ideas can be implemented for shadowlands.

  1. Side quests- more effort can be put into side quests so we can immerse ourselves in the lore. Elder scrolls online have made their side quests really interesting and also voice acted. The covenant quests should have more depth into them and tell a story that players can follow rather than skipping the quests.

  2. World Quest - this is very boring and it’s pretty much repetitive. It’s a good source of AP and gold but that’s it. Needs rework and more variety and meaning.

New Ideas/Events

Horrific Visions were one the best features that came in the BFA expac, and these are the kind of ideas players want. It’s new and exciting. Warfront and Island expeditions are not interesting and it was only done just for the gear or Azerite. Warfront could have been somewhat better if was player vs player based than npc.

For Shadowlands consider bringing in new ideas or themes within patches. We dislike not having content after we complete our raids and main quests until next patch which BFA was very slow at.

Perhaps consider bringing in some world events, that requires proper communication among players to achieve and objective. The current ones we have involves just making a random group in LFG which we never talk and kill the enemy/world boss in matter of 3 minutes and disband.

Reduce RNG or at least equalise the gear/traits effects.

I like the idea of corruption but blizzard went the wrong way about it. Again the corruption affixes should have been equalized so that one trait is not OP to another. E.g Tanks could have had difference corruption effects or there is only one rank of a corruption effect for all specs to reduce overall RNG. Infinite stars and EV should have not gone onto live servers and players had already mentioned this issue.

Blizzard please consider listening to player feedback. Not all feedback back may be good or applicable that are given by some players but it is very evident that the blizzard staff really does not listen or take feedback compared to other games such as final fantasy which has a better reputation for taking their consumer feedback.


Hate these personally. So no you don’t speak for everyone. Actually sort of odd you say that and also this.

I personally hate story. I played FF and I just didn’t care for that aspect one bit, it slows the game down too much.

WoW has an actual end game unlike those others.

I like RNG. It makes the game less boring.

Again you don’t speak for everyone.

Me, too. I find them quite boring and the lack of anything besides those and rep grinding in Uldum and Vale (which is cancer) made me quit yesterday. Can’t be bothered to play one of my numerous alts, because I know what awaits me after that a**-long intro questline.
I just hope that this SL-tower is more fun than Horrific Visions, but then again: it’s Bli$$ard.

Well what was the best thing introduced in bfa that other expansions do not have ? Cause BFA did not have any really have much (new) things compared other expansions. Warfronts and Islands are worst, and visions were a step up from those two.

Raiding has always been wow’s best content. Patch 8.3 has a raid/visions but other than that there is no other new content.

Fair enough, but a poor plot in shadowlands would turn a lot of ppl away just like bfa which was all over the place. Even the ending cinematic of Nyalotha was met with a lot of criticism with lack of depth to an old god. There are lots of ppl interested in the story of wow, although some might not care except for raids/M+.

Yes WoWs end game is good or the best but being kept for 6-7 months is too long. Also patch 8.3 will be longer since 8.3.5 is cancelled. The time between new patches or content in BFA is very long especially compared to legions release between patches.

Mythic + is the same dungeons we had with some changes difficulty. Yes the affixes can be different but not all the player base spam these everyday. I might do one or two a week then that’s it. First few times doing the dungeon is interesting but for the entire expac is boring.

Nothing really new in PvP either it’s been kind of the same from legion.

For raiding casuals may do their normal/heroic raid and stop because not everyone is interested in mythic and we have lots of guilds in servers that struggle to get 20 ppl. Casuals are also a large player base in retail WoW so they also contribute to the health of game. And When it comes to do doing other interesting stuff outside of end game such as mythic +/raiding, games like ESO/FF14 does it better than wow whether it be exploring/side story questing /crafting/professions/customisation/player housing etc.

WoW BFA is not really able to get much of emotional response. I guess ppl like me have have played WoW back in tbc and have become numb to the same content and look for new things to satisfy. On the other side of the coin ppl want the old WoW kind of what classic is trying to give.