Feedback: Runecarving

In the Shadowlands, players will meet the Runecarver, a mysterious figure locked away in the very depths of Torghast. To find the Runecarver, players will need to go through the initial Torghast experience and defeat Warden Skoldus in Skoldus Halls, receiving a mysterious key which starts the questline that unlocks the beginning of the Runecarver’s story. Once unlocked, players will be able to call on the power of the Runecarver to carve ancient runes on their armor and imbue them with Legendary power.

For testing, we plan to add a teleport NPC inside Torghast that will take testers directly to the Runecarver, so they can begin crafting their own Legendary armor almost immediately.

Memories and Legendary Powers

To craft Legendary armor, you’ll first need to retrieve specific memories that contain Legendary powers. These memories can be found all over Shadowlands – from questing, running dungeons with friends, fighting against the enemy faction, or defeating powerful foes in Castle Nathria and the Maw, there will be plenty of work for the bravest of champions to do in order to collect them all.

Once found, players can take these memories back to the Runecarver in Torghast, who will then be able to imbue specific Profession-crafted armor pieces with this power. Not all powers can be applied to all armor slots. For example, some powers can only be applied to Boots and Pants.

The Legendary powers available to players in Shadowlands have strong ties to the history of Azeroth. As they are memories in their base form, these Legendary powers are new interpretations of Set Bonuses, Legendaries, and other powers that players have had access to in World of Warcraft’s history. In addition to these more historic powers, players will also be able to unlock a few Torghast Anima Powers as possible Legendary powers.

Crafting your Legendary

Before you can craft your Legendary, you’ll need to gather a few materials first:

  • A Base Item. These items are created by Blacksmiths, Leatherworkers, Tailors and Jewelcrafters and serve as the vessel for Legendary powers. These items are not soulbound, and can be acquired from other players, alts or the Auction House. There’s no requirement that a character has to have a crafting profession to make Legendary armor; crafting Legendaries is open to all players as long as you’ve collected the appropriate reagents.
  • The Legendary power of your choosing.
  • Two Optional Reagents. These optional reagents dictate the secondary stats (Critical Strike, Haste, Mastery and Versatility) of the crafted Legendary. Unlike normal Profession crafted items, these reagents are necessary for the creation of Legendary armor.
  • Carcerus. This raw source of power is used to fuel the Runecarver’s Chamber and is needed to craft Legendary armor. Carcerus is found in Torghast as a reward for completing sections of the Tower. As the item level of the Base Item increases, so does the required fuel to create Legendaries, so players will need more Carcerus as they start crafting higher item level pieces.

Somehow, the friendly Runeataur has found himself stuck inside the Runecarver’s chamber. He’ll be able to supply players with the base armor pieces, legendary powers, optional reagents, and Carcerus required to craft Legendary armor. But he’s not a big fan of being trapped inside the chamber with the Runecarver, so he won’t be around for long.

Additional Information and Updates

Players will only be able to wear one piece of Legendary Armor at a time and Legendary powers cannot be applied to Weapons or Trinkets.

To start, there will be an allotment of 4 Legendary powers for each base class and 4 for each spec. In addition to that, there will be a generic pool of Legendary powers available to all classes.

Not all classes currently have Legendary powers implemented. We expect to get all of the class powers in place over the next few weeks.

In the coming weeks, we’re planning on adding a system to allow players to upgrade the item level of their Legendary armor through the Runecarver. If they’ve imbued a lower item level piece, they’ll be able to collect more materials from Torghast and Professions, instead of having to imbue a brand new piece of armor.

Please use this thread to provide your feedback and discuss Runecarving and Legendary powers in Shadowlands.

Thank you very much!


Engineering doesnt get an item? Not even helmets? Thats kinda weird.


My first bit of Feedback is the intro questline to find and unlock the Runecrafter currently seems to required to be done on each character.
I’ve done it twice tonight, on Deathknight and Warlock.

It’s a bit of a drag of a questline.
Going back and forth slowly between Sinfall > Maw > Sinfall > Maw via flight points and Oribos cutscenes, and in and out repeatedly between Maw and Torghast’s long load screens, and running slowly as a Deathknight and Warlock around the Maw to the quest objectives. This may well be feedback on the greater “Mounting in the Maw” topic, but it was certainly a hindrance.

I am hoping this unlock chain will eventually be required only by the Main character.

Will formulate some opinions/bug reports on the Runecarving Powers in the coming days. :heart:


How do you start this questline. I have been all over have several toons and not one of them do I see a way to go to the Maw.

Can you help plz

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Create a new character and choose “Intro Experience.” Then follow the quest line where it tells you to go to Oribos -> Maw. Eventually youll get to the Torghast/Runecarver portion.

I noticed a few things that really shouldn’t be for legendary gear to me anyway.
For a Dk - Blood several of the honorbound end up giving you better stats than the +53 crit hst mst vers from the scrolls. Jumping from a ilvl 160 blue to a 175 legendary should have a substantial increase to stats (just saying). I get that they have other enhancements on top of this as they should, they are legendary. If I have gear on that has 60+ to stats as a 160 blue why would go through the process of making a 175 legendary that has less stats over all. Not to mention that Mythic gear starts at ilvl 183 with stats that crush Legendary gear.

I think the ilvl and over all available stat level for these should be ramped up, if mythic is giving 183 gear the legendary gear we make should be 190 minimum and over all amount of stats on them raised. Some epics from 1st level mythics have a +91 to a stat with a +60 to second stat. Which makes the second stat on an epic better than the +53 scroll.

The 1st affix on several pieces is the same, so no variety


Ok since there was confusion in this thread on how to unlock. I wrote down the steps roughly for Build 35078:

Covenant Setup:

  1. Make a “Venthyr Covenant” premade character which is level 60. (Not a Level 50 “Intro Experience”) premade.
  2. Setup Keybinds
  3. Walk through Mirror
  4. Do Quest: Sinfall
  5. Do Quest:The Court of Harvesters
  6. Do Quest: Sacred Covenant
  7. Do Quest: Anima Awakening
  8. Do Quest: Shared Souls
  9. Do Quest: Binding Power
  10. Do Quest: Strengthening the Bond
  11. Do Quest: Work Not Wasted
  12. Do Quest: Advancing Our Efforts
  13. Ignore Quest: Our True Purpose (Venthyr Campaign, if you wanna test that later)
  14. Take and Do Quest: Souls to Save

Maw Intro
15. Do Quest: Souls of the Damned.
16. Maw Trip #1
17. Back to Sinfall
18. Do Quest: Soul Salvation
19. Take Quest from Ghost:: A Familiar Energy
20. Maw Trip #2
21. Do Quest: Rule 1: Have an Escape Plan
22. Buy Item from Ven’nari
23. Hand in Sidequest: The Eye of the Jailer and Quest: Rule 1: Have an Escape Plan
24. Do Quest: Rule 2: Keep a Low Profile
25. Do Quest: Rule 3: Trust is Earned
26. Take Quest: Bloodhoof Resurrected.
27. Back to Oribos

Torghast Intro
28. Take Quest: Into Torghast
29. Maw Trip #3
30. Talk to Ven’nari
31. Enter Torghast #1
32. Complete Into Torghast, it is complete click to complete it for the follow up
33. Take Sidequest Skoldus Hall from popup.
34. Do 6 Floor run of Skoldus Hall on the left of Torghast intro room.
35. Complete Sidequest: Skoldus Hall
36. Accept and Ignore follow up The Fractured Chambers, (Torghast Campaign if you wanna test that later)

Runecarver Intro
37. Loot Quest starting item from Warden Skoldus, the end boss of 6 Floor Torghast Run
38. Start Quest: Prison of The Forgotten
39. Exit Torghast to the Maw
40. Talk to Ve’nari
41. Enter Torghast #2
42. Turn around and then go left to find Runecarver’s locked Room
43. Complete Quest: Prison of The Forgotten
44. Enter Runecarver’s Cell #1
45. Do Quest: Deep Within
46. Take Quest: Rewakening
47. Exit Torghast to the Maw
48. Find and Kill Odalrik. Be aware of patrolling Mawsworn Avenger.
49. Enter Torghast #3
50. Enter Runecarver’s Cell #2
51. Hand In Quest: Reawakening
52. Take Quest: A Damned Pact
53. Exit Torghast to the Maw
54. Hand In Quest: A Damned Pact
55. Take Quest: A Grave Chance
56. Kill Mobs for Quest Items, and Stygia for buying Quest item.
57. Buy Quest Item from Ve’nari for 50 Stygia
58. Take Quest: The Weak Link
59. Enter Torghast #4
60. Enter Runecarver’s Cell #3
61. Do Quest: The Weak Link

I am slowly running Dungeons, gathering opinions on the items… feedback SoonTM :slightly_smiling_face:


Oof. I just got around to starting this, and yea, it’s painful.

On that note, I bugged it in game, but want to mention that the little guys that jumped out of the soul well can’t be autoattacked. This adds to the tediousness of quest when doing on Sub rogue since our energy regen is tied to white hits.

Edit to add: There’s a bit of incongruity with the order of quests here too. After doing Skoldus Halls, The Bolvar wants you to keep climbing another wing while the legendary quest has you go outside. Since the wings should drop legendary components, it would probably make more sense for The Bolvar to wait for you to free Runecarver before sending you futher up. Otherwise, one would be getting items they can’t use yet-- or worse --possibly not getting the items since Runecrafting hasn’t been unlocked yet.

So I have some concerns about the system that I wanted to lay out. Hopefully once everything is implemented these concerns are gone.

  1. It has been mentioned that the recipe unlocks will be account wide, but how will this handle class specific legendaries? The generic pool being account wide helps, but often we will want to use a class specific onne an an alt. Are the legendaries going to be tagged 1-12 for the class specific and if you unlock say Shaman #4, then all classes #4 is unlocked?
  2. I think the runeforging system needs a slight tweak on the order. Right now, first you put the slot item that you want to craft a legendary for in and then choose the legendary power you want to apply. However, this feels backward because I think for the most part, people are going to want to choose the legendary power they want first and then the slot to apply it to. My suggestion is have legendary power be first choice and then if you have both items it can be put on, let the person choose, otherwise auto insert the item that they have. If it remains as is, people will need to remember what powers can go on what slot or have to look it up outside of the game. This might result in a situation where someone crafts a base item (or buys it) for the wrong slot and will feel bad they can’t get a legendary with the power they want.
  3. Please either make it easy to gather the recipes or gather the materials. Having a grind is fun, but currently for this system we will have two grinds in the form of the recipes and the materials. It will feel bad if you complete one step of the grind and think you can craft your legendary and then the other part of the grind isn’t done and you have to wait even longer. By having only one grind, it’ll also be easier to tune how quickly you want people to acquire legendaries, and in that sense, the crafting materials being the grind would be the choice as you can limit how many we can earn in Torghast. This would also make it so that those players that are good enough to start on a higher floor of Torghast can do fewer runs to reach their weekly cap, but those that might not be as skilled, can just do a couple runs starting at an easier point and not fall behind.

Edit: please add alt skips to this questline. There is already a ton to do at level 60 on our alts to also have to do this entire questline each time.


Thanks. Couldn’t see how you go to there doing the intro - that ended in questing in bastion for me.

I can’t even kill the guy to retrieve the first memory, he just nukes me down as both Fury or Prot, and that’s stun locking him, interrupting, etc. so that’s awesome.

Wait for someone to show up to help. That guy is definitely way overtuned.

Agree that the first memory quest objective is way overtuned for the template characters at least, as a BM hunter my pet died very quickly and I got destroyed, and BM should be better at soloing strong quest mobs than most classes.

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Echoing the first memory quest difficulty.
I was able to solo as blood after several minutes of timing interrupts and stuns, but I imagine very few if any other specs could solo him in his current state.

Couple points of feedback on Runecarving in general:

Selecting Stats on Items

This is a great addition to the game, and makes anything I craft more personal to my specific character and I love this ability.

Crafting an Item

The interface for crafting is simple enough, but it wasn’t clear A) What power I had available to me and B) Why certain ones only work on certain slots. Some kind of library system like we have with Essences might make this easier, but I wish this was telegraphed a bit differently.

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I would agree with this after using it. I would first look at the legendary power I wanted to craft, then swap armor pieces in and out till I found a matching set. If the legendary list was the first choice, that would eliminate the issue.

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How do you get the legendary powers to show up. I bought that book to use but nothing happened.

You first put in the slot you want to craft, then the left side button lights up with a green + icon and you click that and will see the legendary powers for the slot.

I will give it another try. Did I have to complete something first or can I just visit the runecraver and do that.