FEEDBACK: Reaping affix


I see a lot of “we hate trash” posts here. I want to just weigh in as a part of a quiet majority who enjoy the fact that trash have meaningful mechanics and are an engaging part of the M+ experience. Please continue to add difficult trash and minibosses to dungeons. Some great feedback here about the actual affix. I’m also concerned about the increased value/importance of skip cheese to avoid 2 of the 5 spawns in a dungeon. So far, I love the idea of seasonal affixes. It’s neat for flavor and for challenge!

(Reese) #43

I think the following changes need to be made to better tune Reaping. It has some clear tuning and balance issues.

  1. They need to be immune to Gorefiend’s Grasp. If not, any non-DK tank will be non-viable.
  2. They need true sight so they can’t be Shadowmelded.
  3. 4/4 Reaping Waves must be completed to finish the dungeon so you can’t skip the last wave.
  4. Pulling one Reaping mob needs to aggro them all to give players a chance to clear a Reaping wave in the event of a wipe.


I would like to see an item added to the key vendor to add this affix to a key so this affix can be tested with affixes other than the ones currently on live.


I agree with all these changes, but they also need to seriously reconsider some class balancing to go along with this otherwise you’re pushing the meta even further towards BDK+Healer(Monk/Druid)+Rogue+Havoc(or Ret?)+Ranged(probably frost mage/boomkin). Some specs have absolute garbage aoe and are going to get even further pushed aside for pugs and harder key pushes.

(Metrohaha) #46

Areas where you are really far way or have traveled through odd terrain to get to the end of a dungeon are seemingly very odd with Reaping.
Best example I can give is Shrine.
Early on, you have to travel through a bunch of winding areas and we had a mob or two seemingly get stuck, or have trouble reaching us. A train of mobs come running in, and after they are all dead, one is still in combat with us and trying to get to us.

Even worse, at the very end. We swim through the place, and when the reaping happens, the mobs just gradually teleport to us.

That’s the biggest concern with the affix, if you ask me, and needs to be addressed asap.
If they are meant to swarm you, and the pathing is exploitable, this entire affix can be questionable.

Everything else I’ve seen I love though.


After testing a few dungeon runs with this affix, it seems to end up being more time-consuming than infested is.

We were running with a group of which 4 players were 414 ilvl, one was around 390 ilvl. We didn’t particularly see an issue with how difficult the reaping mobs were. The main issue is that we were running only a 12 Atal and we went way over the timer due to this affix. This seems odd considering how geared the group was, I can only imagine how long these runs will take on live before everyone is geared to the level that we were.

It would seem to me that either reaping mobs should have less health or there should be less waves to put it more in line of the challenge that infested added. I suppose the other option could be increasing the time allowed on most dungeons. Out of 3 runs, we were only able to time a 10 Freehold (arguably the “easiest” dungeon) and we were still only 2 or 3 minutes under time.

It’s my opinion that the waves should only occur at 30/60/90%.


Less waves, but they will be bigger and harder to deal with. It may end up being worse than 5 smaller waves.

The only solution I see is either reduce theirs health significantly or reduce amount of mobs per wave (that means not every killed mob should be affected by reaping).


Reaping mobs should not be affected by any other affix, be it Bolstering, Necrotic, Teeming, Fortified, Explosive, Raging, Grievous…

As far I know currently they DO affected by most of those affixes.