FEEDBACK: Reaping affix

(Majyka) #22

Wow, this’ll kill +10 and higher really quick. Everyone has been complaining about too much trash, so you go and increase it by 50%? You are just trolling players at this point . . .


All cool and fantastic but again classes like DH are insane on AoE and poorly MM Hunters what? 6 targets cap? Really? Badly designed class like MM need to wait till new xpac to be again good on anything? Sad face.


It literally just seems like “more trash” which isn’t fun, exciting, or inventive. It is just boring and seems rather lazy. I understand its to late to make a huge change to it (this is why you should actually tell us what these affixes do and test them sooner then 2 weeks before its released) but you should really tune it down from ALL mobs that you kill to a chance that a mob you kill will come back or something. Its literally 50% more trash in the dungeon, which is garbage.

You can do better then that blizzard.

Also, shadowmeld needs to be addressed. It shouldn’t nullify the affix.


I actually like Reaping, mostly. The DoT damage feels a bit high, but otherwise it’s fun.
My biggest question is are the souls affected by any affixes at all? They obviously don’t drop sanguine which is good, but will they stack Necrotic? Will they be affected by Skittish? If they’re affected by either of those it will make the tanks job a living nightmare trying to pick up 20% of the mobs in the dungeon and maintain threat.


how can marksman aoe target cap be justified when there’s forced mass aoe every single m+ now? (not that it was ever justified in the first place)

(Arcádia) #27

Skipping needs to be addressed if you don’t want to make this another “you need a rogue/be nightelf/” situation. You are currently not in combat when the Reaping wave is triggered so you are able to avoid it completely with stealth. Since they don’t give progress, there is nothing keeping you from avoiding all Reaping waves until the dungeon is finished.

(Branduran) #28

Community: “There’s too much trash.”
Blizzard PvE Design: “We hear you. Here’s a seasonal affix for double trash but worse.”

Thanks, I hate it.


Newsflash: dungeons are mostly trash.

I do agree that Reaped monsters should give percentage.


Agreeing with others that an additional reaping at 100% makes rogue skips too necessary to allow you to skip the last wave. You can plan around it to some degree but increased ability to choose the order you get % when you want it becomes even more invaluable. Rogues are already one of the best classes in M+ even without shroud and it will get worse if there is a reaping at 100%

(Disenraged) #31

My first response to seeing reaping was remembering the weeks for EoA where you could drag 40-50 of the small crabs onto Serpentix and instantly kill him with Living Bomb\Soul Flame.

That said, this affix is REALLY friendly to burst AE classes, and specs that have living bomb\epidemic mechanics.


Agree with all the rest. Doing M+ since the begining of the expac, I have had my fair share of trash and this affix along with teeming will be the most frustrating thing.

Very boring if I may say. It should give % at the very least, the same as the mobs you’ve killed. I don’t have anything too constructive to say, I just felt like logging on to reply this affix isn’t fun. They way it is, it’s just more trash =/
And even if it gives percentage, rogues or another form of skip will be the “go to”.

I know it’s too late to change now, but it seems like another disapointment. You can do better Blizzard. Try while people still have a little bit of faith in you.

(Achendron) #33

Have not had the pleasure to test this my self, but have done a bit of digging around and watched a few videos. 1.25k IO and run about 5-10 a week +10 and above.

  1. l think this will not impact the meta much. In the contrary it will make the meta that much more strict by bringing heavy AoE/cleave burst classes.
  2. The monopoly that rogue has on AoE stealth has not been addressed yet and this helps them to be in every single key and almost required for higher keys. Maybe give the lieutenant spawn true sight.
  3. Tank stack seems to be hitting a bit much. Not familiar with it my self, but all sources point to it being a bit too much to handle.
  4. More info on Bwomsandi’s bargain. Everywhere seems to have little to no info regarding this.
  5. Nothing to do with the affix it self. We need something to help lower key runner get into higher keys. IO is doing a great thing at the higher key levels, but it is making the entry into the M+ really tough. Maybe some incentive for higher key runners to run lower keys could make this better.

This looks to be a great season to come with this new affix. I would also like to say you guys have been doing a great job with the recent changes to dungeons at 8.1 and the recent hotfixes.

Thank you,


I raid some, but spend more time in M+ than any other part of the game.

I love killing trash. You get to group up a giant horde of mobs and do tons of aoe damage and bash a bunch of heads all at once…it’s glorious.

More slaying = more fun!

A lot of the boss fights are tedious to me; the same thing, over and over.

Just wanted to post a counter-point to the other i hate trash posts.

The affix looks like a fun idea but the problems others have voiced need to be addressed. Especially the 100% thing. Just make them spawn at 30/60/90.


(Akaraven) #35

But how are they going to force us to over farm for M+ just to finish a 10 each week? We are already up and around the 20 mark, need to bring those numbers down so players have something to farm.

That is all this is, infested was meant to be hard, it was meant to aggro more mobs if you did not take notice, as in you could not just kill what you are targetting, you HAD to go kill the spawn or face another mob joining in or even just making the one you have in front of you stronger.

All that done was slow down groups who were not clued on and nothing more than a minor delay for others. Reaping looks to be doing just that but on another level, you cannot just rush through the way you are used to, you need to now look at pulling entirely differently AND you need to think, can I pull those three packs or do I need to go one at a time in case a reaping thing shows up?

So not only do we have the additional mobs to slow you down, they add something to the fight that if you miss it you are pretty much going to die, so for those players who have issues when there are too many nameplates they are going to need a weak aura or some add on to help them target the right one.

But, when you hit your AOE and one comes through the wall? Halfway through a boss fight on Atal? Right smack in the middle of a UR boss? Or even just running around FH, it is going to add some new dimension to fights that may end up having less players finish a +10.

All while we still have to deal with Fort and tyrranical? Without the ability to kill your key, if you get stuck with something on a week you cannot do, what than?


I’ve yet to test myself, but agree with many points:

  • Should not trigger any affixes, necrotic nor sanguine nor grievous (from their damage) since healers are already stressed to drink at every break in combat.
  • should not go through walls and ceilings so we don’t have weird bugs from clipping through hard surfaces.
  • 50% hp seems a bit high and higher than the amount infested mobs affected clearing times… in different ways certainly but fortified weeks will make this unbearable and tyrannical likely will be a minor annoyance… making them unaffected by fortified might make this a moot point.
  • the final wave at 100% makes skipping to the last boss at <100% and then clearing that last % after the kill the better strategy and a bad move for class representation since rogues will become more important as will battle Rez for death skips which are already non-standard ways to avoid harder pulls… I think 4 waves is plenty of pain that a big wave at 100% is just going to encourage not triggering it in the first point.


Instead of just asking for feedback, why don’t you guys actually list everything yourself and your intentions with the affix and what you’re hoping to accomplish? That way we aren’t giving feedback on something that may, or may not be intended.

Is it intended that every group is going to skip the 100% spawn, and instead try to get percentage after the dungeon? Is this seen as acceptable, or is this a massive oversight on your part?

In the same light as the above point, is it intended that people will skip the 80% threshold as well with rogue shroud and then proceed to skip the 100% one entirely by just doing trash after the last boss is completed? Something similar can be done with shadow meld, vanish, feign death and invisibility.

Now, the massive aggro radius puts a damper on some these strategies for some dungeons. But considering very linear design in a good portion of them the above behavior of skipping it as much as possible is going to be a reality. While you might take different paths to avoid as much infested as possible, it was all but impossible to ignore it completely and in a lot of dungeons (again because of design) you’re forced to play with the affix quite commonly. Reaping as it stands might be something you can flat out avoid at certain thresholds entirely, and put a giant emphasis on a particular class more than they already are.

Blood DKs were rightfully toned down in the M+ scene because they were simply a better option than the other tanks. Whether they were changed enough will be more apparent overtime with the release of the next season, especially considering the relative strength of blood DK traits compared to other tank traits (won’t get into it, not the thread for it). While blood DKs were rampant in M+, you surely couldn’t be oblivious to every single high end key having a single rogue in it as well right? Other classes have super high representation as well, but unlike rogues, I wouldn’t say DHs have essential utility.

Reaping just makes the necessity of shroud even more blatant, and if your goal is an attempt to have variety in compositions, all you’ve done is basically reinforce last seasons norms even more. The 100% spawn shouldn’t exist and there should probably be safe guards in place to prevent mass stealth or combat drops from being the premier way to deal with the new affix. Otherwise you just enforce rigidness in compositions, and popular to contrary belief, community perception is powerful. Of course every class can compete (at least enough to get the maximum rewards before they start to diminish), but when people see rigid compositions at the top end, that works it’s way to the bottom and you see things like people only taking blood DKs as tanks, or needing a rogue for every single key. This is much akin to TBC philosophy of dungeon running where people wouldn’t do dungeons without a couple dedicated CCs.

It’s an entirely other issue but shroud and combat drops mechanics need to be looked at with this new affix. If you don’t want to do that, make it available to everybody by preventing invisibility potions from locking you to your combat potions for TEN MINUTES. You know, that utility potion that literally nobody uses except maybe a healer from time to time.

(Metrohaha) #38

Did you ever figure it out? I’m not sure myself and can’t seem to get anyone to answer me on the ptr. What a shocker!


You can’t add it, it’s not on vendor. Just use your live key, start key, leave and you have a key with reaping minus one level. But you can’t change affixes on that key so you are stuck with what’s on live server (except for reaping ofc).

(Metrohaha) #40

Ah, that’s a shame! Just set up a character without a key haha


So you guys are supporting : DK DH balance druid even more now in M+ ?

Why would anyone take anything else other than DK tank for mass grip? and DH/Boomkin for that nasty AOE damage/stuns etc?

Please blizzard give us a break… you are just pushing away even more players from this game already.

M+ is already all what I do.

Like why would anyone take a paladin/bear/monk tank for +10 or higher? same goes for DH/Boomkins… just too good.