FEEDBACK: Reaping affix

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Please feel free to use this thread to post your thoughts about and issues with the new Reaping affix in Mythic Keystone dungeons on the 8.1.5 PTR.

The affix was enabled earlier today, and testers should be able to obtain Mythic Keystones and then enter Keystone difficulties and experience it.

Reaping affix testing coming in 8.1.5 PTR?
(Kaivax) #2


What about all of us who keep getting the No Realms Available error code?

(Kateey) #4

Not seeing an option to add reaping to the keystone at the vendor


the ability to add the affix is not there do we need to actually run the key to get it to display?


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(Nypharm) #7

Can someone give the info on what reaping does exactly?

(Soursdk) #8

Reaping mobs should not social aggro (ie, they should not be able to run through un aggrod non reaped mobs and pull them). Leaving this in like, kind of discourages skipping? But it also means that if a mob paths poorly then it is pulling the entire dungeon to you even if the mob wasn’t something you “skipped”. Additionally the ability of Shadow Meld to drop combat with reaping mobs has to be addressed.


Did Waycrest +10
ghosts run at you through the walls which seems odd? as this can pose a bit of a problem when downstairs and then having ghosts run at you through the ceiling.
Certain mobs such as the maggots did not spawn ghosts as I assume they are intended to not spawn ghosts


Not the place to talk about that, leave this post to reaping related things :S


I’m actually a big fan of the concept of the affix and it actually accomplishes the goals I assume that the developers wanted it to accomplish. There is a level of complexity with the affix in regards to planning pulls to exact percentages and another layer in positioning where the mobs physically die.

All of the above said, I think that the 100% spawn is completely unnecessary. If you plan poorly you get punished pretty badly by having another wave, while planning correctly skips it entirely. What this does is change pull patterns to the point where you exclusively want to finish the last boss before finishing trash, which I don’t think is particularly good design because it’s entirely predictable behavior.


TLDR: Reaping is just even more annoying trash added to your dungeon. No thanks.

Reaping mobs having 50% HP of original mob is too much. It should be around 20% max.

Not to mention Reaping doesn’t scale well with with other affixes like Teeming and Fortified, making those already hard weeks even harder for no reason.

Reaping mobs should not stack Necrotic (not sure if they currently do or not).


It seems like Reaping is just a 50% increase in trash, and clearing trash isn’t all that fun. What if it gave progress %? That way the routes would drastically change for this season, which would mix things up a lot.


Please remove the 100% spawn.

You don’t need to make rogue skips integral in getting to the last boss first. They’re already so sought after it’s absurd.

(Fiyr) #16

So, is this going to be another way to mess with demo locks since we dont have an interrupt? :S

(Turnberry) #17

They run through walls, ceilings and floors. They teleport players to them and teleport to players, and I’m sure they will all spawn explosives on that week. Just the buggy mess we expected I guess. :man_shrugging:


Actually every feedback is exactly the place to post that since you can’t test it if you cant get in.

(Niingdorei) #19

The problem with them giving % is that just means you’ll be able to skip more trash than you can already and that just makes things even more imbalanced in terms of comps, especially rogues and shadowmeld.

(Vhye) #20

I have to agree with much of the sentiment here.

Trash in M+ isn’t fun. It’s something you have to do. Building the affix around adding more trash adds more of what’s not fun to the dungeon.

I’d rather have seen Reaping be a respawned, ghostly apparition of a boss (or even a new phase at the end of every boss fight - fight the boss’s ghost) over more trash centric mechanics. Infested was trash based; reaping should have been boss based.


We dont want more trash. Blizzard for the love of all things. Stop putting more trash into bfa mythics. The community has clearly stated that currently mythics feel like a slog because the trash. This affix increasing trash by a high percentage.