FEEDBACK: Rated Arena testing

Rated Arenas are now available in the Burning Crusade Beta.

Please use the in-game bug reporter if you come across any bugs anywhere in the system.

And please feel free to post your feedback here on how it’s all working for you once you’ve tested it.

Thank you!

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Revert all arena rating changes they bring nothing positive to the game and reduce the potential player population of arena competitors by eliminating the opportunity for the majority of players to earn rewards.


Here’s the current retail rating histogram for reference:


This system also heavily skews the system towards boosters which should not be a desirable outcome, the TBC system does allow people to get ‘free’ rewards in that they can lose games over a significant portion of time to receive a reward. This is a feature and not a bug as increased player skill results in earning rewards at a significantly faster pace whereas the ability to earn rewards even at low skill results in a significantly higher player population for arena increasing the health and longevity, and reducing queue times.


Please follow the actual TBC model for arena gear.
S1 no rating, S2 no rating, S3 shoulders at 2k weapon 1850, S4 can have all of your rating changes.

2050 in S1-S3 for a weapon does not make any sense. You CANNOT argue that 2050 arena is the same skill level as walking through Kara blindfolded for free epics. The rating changes for S3(weapon 1800 shoulder 2000) and S4(2050 weapon, 2200 shoulder + most gear) made perfect sense considering the PVE alternative gear pathing was also harder.


There’s very little need to every introduce gear ratings in TBC. The rating reqs were an artifact of a different time where PvE gear was gated to only the best raiders. To maintain the balance of gear accessibility between PvE and PvP from T6 onwards rating requirement were introduced. Given that PvE is significantly more accessible (compare Naxx geared player population), there is little reason for rating requirements to ever be implemented in TBC since it’s significantly easier to earn PvE gear than PvP gear.


There’s an old verbiage from when I was growing up that I think applies here…
‘Git gud’


On another note if the devs at blizzard are hellbent on tying rating to gear please at least follow the Season 3 model of 1850/2k.

The game and players have changed. PVE content is going to be blown through up until Sunwell. People on average are a lot better at pvp as well. A 2-2.2k rating in TBC classic is probably the equivalent of a 2400-2600 TBC team from 14 years ago.


It’s going to be a slug fest rating up from 0. Retail at least has dampening to stop games going 30 minutes+. Also if all the casuals can’t be bothered now you’ll have 15 min+ queue times on top of the game length…


Please keep retail design philosophy away from classic pvp.

TBC pvp systems were designed with the vanilla wow grind in mind and reversing that trend of only allowing the most hardcore of players to participate and get rewards.

What problem is it that you think you’re solving? That casual players get rewards? Is that really a bad thing? Does anyone at blizzard actually think that a player that creates a team, plays 10 games, loses most of them, and then does that 12 times in a season… is somehow going to compete against the top tier players and that somehow we’ll confuse who those people are? Does anyone think the world record speedrunners are going to somehow be intimidated by the people wearing a pvp weapon in their guild’s casual black temple run?

I know many of the players on my server already, I don’t need Blizzard to tell me who is good because they have #currentseason shoulders on.


Blades edge arena is bugged, cannot charge / intervene / intercept / feral charge over the ropes. This really really sucks for warriors and druids.