Feedback: Radiance of Azshara


Please use this thread for feedback and bug reports regarding this encounter, or related issues. Noting the nature of your group (Mythic guild premade, PUG, etc.) is helpful, as are any logs. Thank you to everyone who has come out to help test!

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~20-25 pugs, half on Discord.

Logs: reports/3DJjGt4xHv8qaYXF

First, you can cheeze the winds obscurity, when you put your camera angle right over your character it goes down to this little circle.

The first phase I liked, there weren’t too many mechanics and all were rather intuitive to avoid. We did have issue where even when tanks were in melee range and had aggro occasionally it would hit a melee instead. I couldn’t tell if this was a taunt issue or if there’s actually a bug.

Second Phase: The knock back is a lot. We managed to figure out the adds seem to spawn opposite of where the majority of the group is and you can generally get pretty close to that spot before the adds spawn. But the knock back on top of your vision (if you didn’t cheeze it) being null it can get hard to figure out where to position yourself. Due to bombs tornadoes and so on. IT seems like the eye should restore you field of vision… since it’s an ‘eye’, even if your vision just came back for that small circle. It would make it much easier to see who as the bomb, the edging etc.

Overall, it felt a little unfinished but a decent fight.


We managed to figure out the adds seem to spawn opposite of where the majority of the group is and you can generally get pretty close to that spot before the adds spawn.

It doesn’t actually seem to be the case for the add’s spawn though. If you take a look at this log: reports/JqC4mz6L2yRVa7nf/

You can see the first add spawn about 1 quarter of the room clockwise of where the group was (near the stairway where we arrive), while the 2nd add spawned about a quarter of the room counter-clockwise?

From previous pulls it seemed to be as you said almost always across from us, usually near the stairways, except for that last one that spawned counter-clockwise from us, which makes our previous theories false.


As an Asian, I feel like I have a significant disadvantage during the intermission of this boss. I think perhaps another mechanic can be introduced, and the vision obstruction made more lenient to balance. My eyes are dead after one hour of testing. I believe mechanics like this, similar to the one during the first Jaina intermission, should be introduced sparingly, and maybe not during intense raid encounters with a lot of other deadly mechanics going on.


Interesting, our last 2 pulls we got the spawn exactly where we wanted them maybe it was just RNG? It’s hard to tell. But good to know.


The new vision is creative. We discovered if you put your camera above your head you can navigate just fine. If you pan the entire room before transition you can spot the adds asap. I’m sure hunters can use track elementals as well which I didn’t think of and also no hunters testing. It took us awhile to figure it out and we tried to control the add spawns with minimal luck.

We had several ideas of how to deal with the knockbacks, most of which require spotting and reacting to the elemental position asap. Once you’re there you have plenty of tools with some classes being favored. I think this boss will penalize shadow priests. Probably not enough to drop them completely but maybe enough to handicap anyone stacking classes for mythic clears.

We managed to kill the boss which felt surprising and the room was filled up with traps at the very end but it was no big deal. If we ever decided on a clear strat and we couldn’t because lack of immunities although a rogue would probably work fine, I’d consider clearing 1/4 of the room (all the traps clump) and just letting those tornadoes despawn.

This fight was obnoxious but once you learned the mechanics it honestly wasn’t that bad. Felt very 2nd bossish. Definitely a lot going on but once you actually figure it out, somewhat underwhelming, as it should be.