Feedback: Priests

Mind soothe AOE is not going to produce any more utility that priest is severely needing.
Power Word:life = Agree with. Completely useless, who cares another button, i wont even waste the talent point for.
Halo/Divine star = WHo cares, you missed the mark again Blizzard.
Cascade, dont bring this back.
Answered Prayers= Missed the mark again, fixed the talent and broke it at the same time. I really dont think anyone is going to play holy after the continued disaster this tree is. WHo is even going to talent for an APo, that doesnt act like APO, what is the poinT.

So much bloat in the tree, stop it. Just you stop it. You have some great ideas in here, but you cant seem to stop over bloating the tree and renew is garbage. We are not druids, stop trying to make us play hot classes. Echo of light talents…come on, really. 3 points for divine hymn? WHo thought this was a good idea. Oh wait, we must do it because you nerfed DH going into SL.

On top of it you broke disc priest, come on Blizzard, shadow covenant is dead now, and spirit shell is gone. what is the point, why is disc casting holy spells, go back to CATA disc or leave it alone. For F’s sake, why is a druid dev making priest decisions. STOP IT.


The two healing schools thing is a massive staple for disc in arena. This kicks a stool out from under a whole spec. It feels arbitrary.


While I’m happy that we’re keeping Mindgames, (and I was sort of indifferent with Power Word: Life, but I guess it’s cool we’re keeping it) I still can’t help but be angered by this down below:

There’s absolutely no reason to remove Shadow Mend. You’re just further destroying the class fantasy of Discipline Priest which is supposed to be using both schools of magic to heal their allies. We’re supposed to use both Holy and Shadow spells, yet the Shadow spells we have are complete garbage (with the exception of Mindgames which you at one point considered removing)

What damaging Shadow spells do we even have? We have Mindgames, Mind Blast, Schism, Shadow Word: Death and Shadow Word: Pain, but realistically, Discipline Priests will go Purge the Wicked instead which is Radiant. Sure, let’s count Penance and Divine Star/Halo through the use of Shadow Covenant, but at this point, I don’t think anyone will want to run Shadow Covenant for reasons that still haven’t been addressed. Let’s dissect Shadow Covenant:

So… remind me, what Shadow spells do we have that heal? Oh, Shadow Mend? But that was removed, making this part of the talent completely useless. Not to mention, the amount of Shadow spells we have that deal damage isn’t enough to justify taking Shadow Covenant. This talent is useless. Want to make it interesting and will make us somewhat happy? Maybe do the following:

Wanna know another talent that’s useless? Vampiric Embrace. Why do we still have this spell in our class tree? It suffers from the same problem Shadow Covenant does, we don’t have enough Shadow spells in our kit to justify having this talent. It’s useless for us and it’s even more useless for Holy Priest who barely has any Shadow spells. You want to talk about bloat? This is literally a bloat ability for us.

Want a second bloat ability? Mind Blast. Why does this spell deal so little damage and cost so much mana? This spell was decent at best when it had the damage absorption debuff on it, but with that removed, there’s no reason you’d press this spell over Smite. Sure, it does a tiny bit more damage, but that doesn’t justify its mana cost. For those unaware, here’s what it looks like for me:

  • Mana Bar at Lvl 70 is 250K.
  • Smite costs 1,000 mana. Deals 3,039 Holy damage.
  • Mind Blast costs 6,250 mana. Deals 4,553 Shadow damage.
  • Schism costs 1,250 mana. Deals 8,622 Shadow damage and increasing my spell damage done to target by 25% for 9 seconds.

I’m sure anyone here can see what’s wrong. A spell that does nothing but deal damage, and not that much more damage than Smite, costs so much more mana than Smite. Comparatively, to Schism which is another Shadow damaging spell, costs less mana, deals more damage, and actually does something useful. Do something with Mind Blast, reduce the mana cost at the very least to match Smite or give it back the damage absorption debuff.

I still haven’t forgotten about the removal of Shining Force or the fact that we have no interrupt/silence. Please, bring back Shining Force and replace Sheer Terror with Shining Force. Put it on the choice node with Void Tendrils. On top of that, buff the health of the Void Tendrils and allow us to cast Void Tendrils on a friendly ally.

Remove Vampiric Embrace off the Class tree. Replace it with an interrupt or silence, because this isn’t a spell we need. You can’t tell us, “We’ve decided that not every spec needs an interrupt/silence” but then proceed to give every spec an interrupt. It just isn’t right, and I’m starting to think every change so far has been out of spite. How come every spec gets something to be excited about while we are one of the only specs that’s getting things removed with nothing to be excited about?

I’ve enjoyed playing my Discipline Priest… I really have, I’ve played it even when it was considered garbage, but this is too much. I don’t know if I can continue playing a spec that is having stuff taken away from them for the sake of giving it to others. While everyone else has something to be excited about, we don’t.


I still feel like it really hurts the fantasy of Disc and Shadow. Both having too many Holy spells compared to Shadow spells.

Forcing Flash Heal on Disc and Shadow is like forcing Ice Barrier on Arcane and Fire Mages.


I really appreciate the feedback and the overall communication. It’s really rare to see this from a game Development company and while I often don’t totally agree with the decisions that are being made, I love the fact that you all are taking the time to talk to us and listen to what we have to say. Please keep it up!


  • Thanks for listening on Mind Games, I think it’s great we’re keeping this!
  • The Halo change is great and I love it!
  • Survivability changes are also very welcome
  • I’ll add my voice to everyone excited about Cascade possibly coming back (maybe as a replacement for Power Word: Life? Maybe I’m alone in this…?)
  • I also really appreciate the comments on the button bloat (especially for Holy) and would love to see that solved. I think this is a huge problem that is going mostly under the radar as Holy Priest has SO MANY MORE buttons than any other healer I’ve tried on Beta.

I do think that there are still some fundamental issues with Priest in Dragonflight that need to be addressed, specifically:

  • Lack of an Interrupt

Priest cannot be the only class without this or it will be at a substantial disadvantage in a lot of content when compared every other healer in the game. I think it’s a QoL thing both in M+ and in Solo content. We don’t necessarily need Silence but we do need something.

I would recommend the following change: remove Phantasm and slide Apathy into its place and place the Interrupt where Apathy was located. It’s a deep enough investment to make a meaningful choice out of it and force players to give up a lot to pick it up but it is there as an option.

For me, this is honestly the difference between playing a Priest and not playing it. I really don’t want to play a healer that is so disadvantaged in M+ over others. I know many people don’t feel that it’s that important but if I am picking between investing my time in a class that has an Interrupt as an option and one that doesn’t, I’m going with the one that has the Interrupt. Outside of S3/4 of Shadowlands, Priest (especially Holy Priest) has had a very hard time getting into keys and Holy is losing a ton of power going from Shadowlands into Dragonflight. I think it’s important to watch out for anything that makes Holy “less desirable”. It is a major red flag.

  • Shining Force

We really need Shining Force to come back. It’s unique to Priest. It’s highly desirable in M+ and overall just a fun bit of utility. I do understand the PVP implications and what I would suggest is removing Psychic Scream as a baseline ability, remove the Sheer Terror/Void Tendrils choice node and putting Shining Force there with Psychic Scream as a choice. In my opinion, that solves the PVP implications and makes that node something that has a meaningful choice. Right now, I don’t really feel like the current choice node is even a great option. Why would any Priest spec want a melee range root capped at five targets?

  • Class Capstones

As mentioned by many, Cascade would make a great capstone but more importantly, I think a simple change Angelic Bulwark is in order. Its functionality as a capstone is fine but the numbers around it are weak. Just give it the same values as the Waking Dreams conduit from the Dreamweaver soulbind and that will completely solve the issue with this node.


I honestly feel things are a bit in reverse between the PoH and single target healing build. All the good PoH talents are available higher up in the tree and you can get all 3 with 11-12 points in the tree. Then you got talent like Orison which buffs up CoH a lot with a single point. We have a lot of other talents which just funnel extra healing and power into PoM as well…

In comparison the full single target Lightweaver build requires such a steep investment of points throughout the entire Holy tree. Trail of Light, Crisis Management, Pontfiex, Resonant Words, etc. A lot of these talents don’t do anything for any other abilities than Flash Heal/Heal. Your single target healing doesn’t even become fully “good” until you hit Lightweaver.

Also, there’s very little support for a Renew build as well. Renew doesn’t scale off of mastery and just like PoH none of the talents on the bottom do anything to buff it. Empowered Renew and Rapid Recovery could simply be removed without anyone noticing.

Then there’s talents that really only exist to help give you a faster Holy Word Salvation reset like Harmonious, Light of the Naaru, and Miracle Worker. Miracle Worker would let you blast off 4 Holy Words in quick succession knocking off an instant minute on your Holy Word Salvs cd.

Answered Prayers is so gimped now because of this Holy Word salv shenanigans you could have in theory pulled off if it was a true Apo. Also, my biggest issue with Answered Prayers is it might very likely encourage sitting on stacks until you had the opportune time to activate the Apo. Like you built up 46 charges and sit on it for 20s just before big raid damage was about to come out so you can go Apo and burst heal the raid.

I’m not entirely sure if Holy will be stuck playing just single target healing this expansion. We’ll need to see what the #s look like.

I agree with these points as well. I think another issue here is that Searing Light is such a powerful talent that is locked down deep in the tree. If you don’t take that talent your Smite does -50% less damage against most targets. It’s literally like a night-and-day difference.


I mean utilities are some what class fantasy while damaging spells are spec fantasy. ( I could be very wrong)

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Yet we have three different barriers for each mage.

And three different Defensive CDs for each warrior (Shield Wall, Die by the Sword, Enraged Regen.)


You got a point but I guess priest is just one of those classes with identity crisis. (I could be wrong)


Quick thoughts before I shut down for the night.


Very glad to see this is on the board to return. I know it would make a lot of priests very excited to see it back.

Dark Ascension/Voidform

Good changes, definitely need to see more iteration on DA, making it a 1 minute cooldown is a good start.

Class Tree

Removing shadowmend is just an abysmal change. Put a choice node in the tree where improved Flash Heal is that is either improved flash heal or shadow mend, gives disc the opportunity to continue to use it and we already know the talents around it work with it.

Power Word: Life

Glad to see this remains in the tree, the points leading up to it feel extremely bad to take as shadow, Please consider some way to make these more appealing to shadow priest.

The Twins Elephant

I don’t see much in the way of improved utility. Mind soothe is not it. Still really feels like you guys are dancing around the fact that we have twins and so we won’t get anything else.

No interrupt, no knockback, no useful displacement ability. These things are still not acceptable choices in the current state of the game, and I do not intend to just stop talking about them because there are some changes in a positive direction.

We need vault or door of shadows, we need some actual utility like a leech buff or a mind bomb stun, and we need an interrupt, a basic 24 second interrupt.

Shadow Tree

Which leads me to this.

Shadows first gate is still flooded because y’all refuse to add an interrupt to the class tree. Regardless of that choice, Dispersion should be moved baseline for shadow, Psychic horror should likely be moved baseline for shadow. There’s simply too many points to realistically get even what we currently have right now.

Coalescing Shadows

I hate this ability with mind spike, I’d rather it just work with mind blast, or add Mindgames to it, at least then I’d want to actually press mindgames, huge damage would be fun.


Idol of N’zoth feels out of place, it’s behind almost purely single target talents.

There was comment on it, but we still need to see the idols really fleshed out into something before I can fully comment on the bottom pathing, but it feels odd at the moment.

Wish List

Please consider adding spectral guise in some capacity for PvE, even if it’s not usable in PvP it would be huge to see it back.

Not so much a wish but again, reiterating, we need an interrupt in the class tree and we need some form of group utility, especially shadow, to bring to a dungeon or raid.


Current Holy Priest Talent Bugs:

Prayerful Litany: Healing Bonus is not applied.

Say Your Prayers: Still not applying. I’ve tested the past 15 mins on the Boralus healing dummies and have not seen a single extra bounce.

Divine Image: Summoned Image still regularly misses with Searing Light and Erupting Light against all enemies in endgame content.

General Feedback:

Divine Image is still going to lose out to Divine Word as a talent choice if it remains as a proc and not a guaranteed buff for every X Holy Words. This is in addition to the numerous scenarios that Divine Word can accommodate rather than the weakness of Divine Image at this time.

I cannot understate how important it is for a player to control when to benefit from a talent, nor can I understate that due to variance, there can be crucial periods of time where a tier 10 talent is either useless or nonexistent. Divine Image proccing either when all of its benefit is wasted or not proccing at all are 2 situations that are going to happen more often than gaining an useful benefit from the talent. It needs either replacing or a redesign.

Answered Prayers: I like the implementation of the counter. It provides extra gameplay in either holding off on casting Prayer of Mending to gain maximum benefit, or allowing you to prepare beforehand to maximize the opportunity.

Healing Chorus: Although it’s now been fixed, it will be a wasted talent due to how hard it is to apply Renew to multiple people. Prayer Circle and Prayer of Healing will always outperform it and be stronger choices unless it goes back to 2% bonus healing per stack.


Could there be a “Mind SEAR: Insanity” talent?

Just like Mind Flay: Insanity but for aoe?


Shadow Covenant is still not scaling up the damage or healing of Divine Star or Halo. It is also not scaling up the damage of Dark Reprimand. This makes shadow covenant much less appealing.

On a side note, Twilight Equilibrium is not scaling up Mindgames, I am not sure if this is intentional or a bug.


Will you please consider using inclusive language in your posts? An alternative could be:

We’ve also deny listed pets from being counted towards healing caps for improved usability."

Other companies embracing inclusive language: Apple, and Twitter


The changes are decent in providing some further build diversity but I personally was a person who enjoyed the previous iteration. Some advantages gained in this one were:

Furthering the identity of DA/Void Eruption
Removing the potentially degenerate (albeit fun) mind spike/mind blast spam build
Increasing the importance of idols (although some tuning might be necessary)
Reworking some talents that needed it.

I do not have that many suggestions but here are a few:

  1. Unfurling Darkness is really underwhelming and should probably swap places with Mental Decay if not outright removed. Mental Decay’s spot is easily accessible and easily skippable and is more appropriate for something like Unfurling that is more niche.

  2. Uncap Dark Void completely. As it stands, Misery’s interaction with Shadow Crash is enjoyable and powerful. As such, Dark Void serves no real purpose other than on higher target counts being thematically stronger. Unfortunately, this strength does not shine through because at the amount of targets you would want to cast Dark Void, you would still likely want to DoT with Vampiric Touch which makes its value crippled by GCD commitments necessary to setup. Instead, it should be selected for periods of high target count that exceeds where you would want to DoT or where the % target covered by Shadow Crash (in conjunction with Misery) is too small.

  3. Perhaps consider adding an execute component to Idol of Yshaarj as that is an identity of Shadow that is somewhat lost as it stands. While I am sure Shadow will still be powerful in execute, it is sad to see the removal of Surrender to Madness without there being any make-up talent or identity restructure. I believe Y’Shaarj is the perfect place to slap an execute component to help further this identity. Perhaps the effect could involve maintaining some form of cooldown reduction or mobility so that there is a more Quality of Life interesting buff as opposed to simply raw damage (consider how fire mage scorch execute functions for them).

  4. PLEASE PLEASE swap Mind Devourer with Insidious Ire. They are COMPLETELY unintuitive in their location. THIS IS THE MAIN CHANGE I WOULD LIKE SEEN FOR THE FLEXIBILITY AND HEALTH OF THE TREE

Mind Devourer now has a strong AoE identity with it giving free Mind Sear, and Insidious Ire is a strong Single Target/funnel aspect (funnel in that 1-3 targets your uptime of DP increases if it is not already 100% on ST). Insidious Ire being above Idol of Yogg’Saron would fulfill that line’s fantasy of being a funnel/low target cleave section of the tree.

On the flip side, Mind Devourer now being a ST/AoE hybrid will be obtainable after Encroaching Shadow (an ST/AoE Hybrid - it is already obtainable through it as it stands right now), but would instead be the gateway to a strictly AoE talent capstone that is Idol of Nzoth. Currently, Idol of Nzoth is gated by Void Torrent and Insidious (a ST and ST/Cleave hybrid) which makes absolutely no sense and closes off its potential very heavily. This swap seems extremely convenient, intuitive, and have no implication other than the positives I have mentioned above.

Side note: Idol of Nzoth is currently scaling off of Attack Power and I assume this is a known bug and is being worked on (or will be).

  1. While I have criticisms of the Class tree mainly to do with Mindgames and button bloat of “hey this button does damage”, this has already been discussed. I like the rest of the tree and applaud you guys for making them interactive, enjoyable, and engaging despite it being a hybrid class. (Although this opinion is spoken purely from the perspective of a Shadow Priest).

With the removal of Shadow Mend, Discipline has no Shadow healing spells at all, so the 25% damage and healing bonus from Shadow Covenant only really benefits shadow damage spells now.

Would you consider, at the very least, making Shadow Covenant replace Flash Heal with Shadow Mend (the no cooldown version) during Shadow Covenant’s buff? Then at least the filler heal that Discipline relies on will be stronger during Shadow Covenant and make Shadow Covenant an attractive choice.

Such a change would also benefit Discipline Priests in PVP so they have at least some limited access to Shadow Mend if their holy school is locked out.

I am happy to see both spells staying in the tree! I am especially happy to have them for Discipline!

Any chance you guys might consider swapping the positions of Idol of Yogg-Saron and Idol of N’zoth? It would just feel better if it was reachable through Pain of Death (another aoe talent) IMO.

This is appreciated thank you!

Thank you! I really like having Dark Ascension as a simple cooldown buff that doesn’t require any fancy BS to make it work. I’m older and far less nimble than I was 20 years ago. Options for simplicity of gameplay are most welcome by us less-able people. About the only thing I could wish for is that it was instant cast… hint hint.

Mind Sear as a spender just… feels bad. Not having “on demand” aoe that I can spam just doesn’t feel good. I’m basically planning to skip Mind Sear entirely and rely on the passive aoe that comes from Psychic Link, Pain of Death, and Idol of N’zoth because of it.

Personally I think that if Mind Sear has to stay as a spender, then Dark Void should be with Mind Sear as a choice node instead of Misery (leave Misery where it is though!). Make Dark Void an instant cast insanity spender that does 68% spellpower shadow damage and applies Devouring Plague (instead of Shadow Word: Pain) to your target and 7 nearby enemies. I’d take that over Mind Sear any day.


Some longer thoughts on the changes from today: overall, I believe these are a step in the right direction. There are still some pain points, but progress has definitely been made.

Class Tree
While I recognize the stated reasoning for not adding Silence to the Class Tree, I continue to disagree with it. At this point, Holy and Discipline are the only two specs out of 38 total without some sort of access to an interrupt - at that point it is less about an interrupt being part of spec identity (as Wind Shear has been for Resto) and more about two specs just feeling like they’re lacking a fundamental tool.

This has a pretty crummy knock-on, as well, which is that Shadow is the only spec that has to spend precious spec points unlocking an interrupt. This simply feels bad; there is no other way to put it. If you are truly dead-set on not adding Silence to the class tree, I would strongly encourage you to consider baselining Silence for Shadow similar to Vampiric Touch, and leaving the upgrade node in the spec tree. This would also drop the number of utility nodes to 3 (more on that later).

Specific thoughts on the changes from today:

-I’m sad to see Shadowmend go. I’m glad you’re thinking about button bloat, but this was a cool tool for Shadow and Discipline and it’s a shame to lose it.

-The tree now feels heavily unbalanced, with noticeably more talent points on the left than the right. Are you planning to add more talents to the right or move things around to ameliorate that at all (if you even consider it an issue)?

-Void Tendrils should probably be a ranged AoE ability; as it stands now it’s challenging enough to use that it’s likely to see little pickup.

-Spell Warding being locked behind Holy Nova continues to feel odd. This could really stand to be moved closer to the center of the tree, since all 3 specs are going to want it.

-A few talents still simply do too little to really be used, particularly Void Shield and Crystalline Reflection. I know talents like this can get out of hand when strong, but right now it’s hard to see when you’d ever even consider picking these.

-Psychic Voice continues to not have much of a use case in most PvE while Psychic Scream is hard target capped.

While there is still some weirdness in the tree, I think it’s coming together okay. 4 utility nodes remaining in the tree is a big pain point, though - I don’t believe any other spec has more than 3. Yes, we only need pick up one of them at any given time, but that effectively means 3 nodes here are basically dead outside of very specific use cases; it’s extremely hard to justify using points on utility in the spec tree if there’s literally any throughput you could spend them on instead.

Optimally, Silence should be moved to the class tree or baselined at the very least. Dispersion could be too, frankly, but going down to 3 would be more palatable. I don’t necessarily want forced pathing through utility nodes, but pathing routing through all 3 and requiring 2 is one avenue to consider if having some utility in the spec tree remains a desired goal.

Specific thoughts on the changes today:

-I like the idea of carving out a niche for Dark Ascension, although still worry that this will just turn into “sim it, pick the one with bigger numbers” rather than either ability having a specific situation it shines in.

-The changes to talents affecting Mind Flay and Mind Sear are most welcome. I am still of the opinion that Mind Flay and Mind Spike competing is sort of odd, but acknowledge that some people seem to like that Mind Spike playstyle. As long as it doesn’t dominate over Mind Flay I suppose that’s fine, but Mind Flay is one of the most iconic spells in the game - losing it as filler would be extremely sad.

-In a similar vein, adding Mind Sear and Void Torrent to Mind Flay talents is a very welcome change, particularly the changes to Screams of the Void and Mental Decay. I also like the Mind Sear cast time reduction and minimum cost - this allows us to dump a half resource bar in one global or full resource bar in two globals, which is comparable to other resource-based ranged DPS. That’s a good place to be in terms of global efficiency.

-Thank you, thank you, thank you for reverting the Mind Blast charge change. I haven’t checked yet if Shadowy Insight is fixed and actually proccing now, but in any case, this is a wonderful change. Proc based resets always feel significantly better on a charge based ability where you can play so as not to waste reset value.

-Unfurling Darkness should probably be reworked or replaced with something else? It’s just not really that interesting or useful. Similarly, I don’t understand Damnation’s role, especially when on a toggle with Void Torrent (which is just sort of better in all single target scenarios).

-I like the idea of the Old God idols as capstones, but their current placements are a bit odd - specifically, Yogg-Saron and N’Zoth seem as though they should be swapped to better fit with the talents leading into them. I touched on it above, but N’Zoth is an AoE idol and is locked behind all single target talents - sort of odd! C’Thun makes perfect sense where it is. Y’Shaarj is fine as well, although could probably use an increase in power level. On Yogg-Saron, is it the intention to only gain stacks when using abilities that generate apparitions, not based on the number of apparitions generated (as the wording would suggest)?

Thank you again for your responses and willingness to listen to feedback!


I’m gonna have to ask again: Why was greater fade removed? Why there hasn’t been a single line of explanation as to why? Why did class like rogues get double vanishes (sub), gouge for sub/assa, mages get new semi-stun/slow while two priest specs lost a BRIEF CC immunity ability? So every time there is imbalance in CC, interrupt/silence, etc. priest is the class to take the hit? RMP is too strong this expansion (honestly maybe just Season 3 of SL), so priests go to hell with your utilities (knock), CC/interrupts and let rogues and mages continue to have fun going into Dragonflight.


Want to reiterate how unfair it currently is that Priest are having abilities removed for PVP CC bloat but the team is monitoring everyone else for changes in the future.

Seems very unfair that 1 class is having baseline CC abilities removed for dragonflight but other classes are gaining new abilities and being “monitored”.


Psychic Link

-Love that Mindflay benefits off of it now. I was doing 4 target dummies in Dazar alor, I never used the mindflay once because I had A LOT of insanity generation as well as procs to keep pumping out Mind Blasts, Mind Sears, and Shadow Crashes. Even though Mindflay wasnt used, I could see this being a benefit to 2 targets and maybe 3 where you generate less procs and insanity.

Echoing Void

Still feels very weak. I might just be overthinking it that a capstone should do more than 4% of my damage on 4 targets, maybe it stilling scaling off of Attack Power, maybe its meant to be that way, either way just doesnt feel the best.

Void Eruption

I was never a fan of it personally, but being able to extend it with insanity spending as well as the insanity Shadow would have used with Mind Devourer feels very nice.


I do wish Shadow went even more in the direction of Shadowy Apparitions (hint hint let Mind Sear spawn them), BUT overall it felt really smooth to me as someone who isnt a Shadow main. At least for me I am highly considering it as an alt for Dragon Lands. Depending on how I like the Healing specs Priest might become a top alt for me.

As someone who just got Gust of Wind back after 4 years, it is always unfair to get things removed because it “infringes” on other classes.

I hope the removed abilities come back because it certainly sucks to lose things that were fun for BS reasons.