FEEDBACK: Priest Class Changes

This bug remains in PTR and Beta.


So true about resto druids, I felt that comment right in my soul. cries

I disagree on one point, all healers should have 1 non-crap cooldown for tanks. Otherwise I think you are right about holy, holy should be the king of throughput as that is what they are built to do. Reduce the amount of spells, and make a small group of core healing spells potent. Holy suffers from button bloat already, it needed pruning on healing spells and dps spells buffed/added.

If Blizzard really wants to lean into meta, then just delete MW, rdruids, and holy priests at this point because the crappiest guild, raid leader, etc. buys into that meta crap even though it doesn’t affect them at all and you have a bunch of disenfranchised healers running around scrambling to find spots.


For Surrender to Madness: instead of dying… You should just loose control of your character and become hostile to all allies… Typical mind control mechanics… Have AI take over for like 10-30 seconds. Go mad - Instead of dying… It would make the talent a lot more interesting and appealing!!!


regardless of bugs/viability issues with spirit shell, the fact that it is off the gcd makes it incredibly fluid to play with.

consider taking evangelism off the gcd.


You know, I wouldn’t actually mind this, because in organised play, you can just be CC’d until it wears off. I would really enjoy seeing this instead of the far more punishing death mechanic.


Recently, we changed Fae Guardians to apply to your selected target on cast, to help address some usability problems. In this most recent Shadowlands build, there is now also a conduit available that allows you to replicate additional Faeries onto your party. This redesigned conduit is aimed at addressing the feedback (particularly from Discipline and Holy Priests) that it feels punishing to cast healing spells while the Faeries are active.

Over the last few weeks, we’ve also added some notable changes to the Shadow priest.

In some situations, the Priest may want to spend Insanity by casting two Devouring Plagues on the same target in a short time. This can cause a situation where damage in the DoT can be wasted. To address this, we’ve made a change where subsequent Devouring Plagues will cause its damage over time effect to add into the existing DoT. Players may notice how this functionality is similar to the Mage Ignite mechanic.

We’re also introducing a new talent to replace Legacy of the Void: Hungering Void. The intent with this talent similar to Legacy of the Void – to be ideal in situations where the Priest focuses on a single target.

Additionally, we’re changing Void Torrent to apply Devouring Plague when cast, rather than refreshing the existing Devouring Plague on the target.

We really appreciate your thoughts and feedback – and thank you for testing!


Have to say I’m not surprised, although I am profoundly disappointed.

Just hope in the future you do Voidform justice for those that loved Legion and Battle for Azeroth Shadow.


Rip Holy, the forgotten priest spec.

You want feedback for covenants for holy? How about this: literally none of them interact with the spec


It’s like the part in the movie where they say the name of the movie and you get excited but then realize it doesn’t mean anything.


Interesting. Can the new talent be described in any more detail, or will we expect to see it in this evening’s build?


Well good to know you’re just giving up completely on your promise to keep legacy voidform intact. I am immensely disappointed that this is the route you are going with. I can only hope I grow to enjoy this build/spend gameplay you are so intent to push on us.


Is this deja vu? Replace legacy voidform with ‘legacy shadow rotation’ and people were saying this exact sentence in Legion.


No mention of the new Iterations for Unholy Nova? Unfortunate, I was looking forward to trying them out.

I like the sound of Hungering Void, it definitely gives us a more strong burst phase with Voidform

I am slightly worried about even more ‘helpful’ changes to Night Fae though, as it’s already looking to be our strongest pick when combined with Shadowflame Prism, which seems to fly in the face of the balancing commitment you made.

However, I’ll reserve proper thoughts on it until I’ve tested it.


People will never be happy. Everyone should have the opportunity to voice their feedback, of course, but wow does it ever feel like endlessly circling a drain seeing comments sometimes. We’re never going to be in a place where a class feels right to everyone, haha.


Still waitin’ for this evangelism problem to be addressed.

It would be pretty cool for the last talent row to have options in raid and allow for appropriate tuning in raid while making up for non raid short comings.

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“Legacy shadow rotation” existed in other classes like Affliction. Not exactly the same of course but if you wanted to play a build/spend class with a focus on DoTs it was there.

Many of us have grown to love voidform gameplay and there is no replacement class for us to go to now that they’ve even given up on the pathetic “legacy” talent.

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People were not happy when their class of 10 years, which worked a certain way with only minor alterations was completely upended at the start of Legion. We are now returning to a system we know works for the class.

The lack of alternative for you is unfortunate, but in the lifetime of the game, Voidform being a central mechanic only existed for a short time. It was experimental at best and unusable at worst.


Except that it didn’t. Warlocks are not Priests. Priests are not Warlocks. They never have been.

I get that you seem to enjoy the VF playstyle, and I’m sure there are a lot of Priests that agree with you. But many of us didn’t like it, and apparently there were a far greater number that didn’t than that did or these extensive of changes wouldn’t have been made.

I hated VF. So much so that I quit playing Shadow at all until recently and even then I only play it when questing or doing visions. I do not want, nor have I ever wanted, to play a Warlock, Affliction or otherwise, as a main. That class doesn’t and never has felt like a Priest. As an alt, sure. I’ve always had one. And it has never, not once, not even before VF was a glimmer in a dev’s eye, felt anything at all like a Priest. So no, “legacy shadow rotation” did not exist with any other class, and certainly not “classes”.

I’m sorry they are removing LotV. I was hoping they’d be able to make it work for folks like yourself who liked that play style…kind of. But I’m happy with the changes.


To add on to this the legacy play style in legion and BFA was completely hard to balance. Uldir we were terrible because we had no stats to scale with then came BoD and EP where we began to scale and we got insanely op. I’m sorry but if your a voidform fanboy realize the hard truth that this system is way easier to balance compared to the current system in BFA/Legion so if you don’t enjoy it to bad so sad.


At a core fundamental level, what exactly do you want to happen regarding playstyle? I mean, what exactly do you want to “feel” when your doing your “ideal” rotation?

I ask because from what I think all the pro Legion-BFA Voidform folks want is an ever increasing fast paced (Haste) + dmg/time spent in that “powered up form” (Voidform).

The way I see it, the Hungering Void Talent grants you the following…

  • Increased damage to an unlimited amount
  • Increased Voidform duration to an unlimited amount
  • Drawback limited to tunneling on 1 target.

How does that not achieve the “goal” of Legion-BFA Voidform?
The only X factor is how much haste it will take to get Void Bolt CD down to a level that makes it so you can end Voidform and the CD will be back up for you to get back into it again. It might not be possible, but then again with further stat increases later on and possibly a Legendary or something might make it so you can have a real possibility of a never ending Voidform so to speak.

I think blizz is trying to keep that “feeling” of ever increasing haste/dmg, but having a reasonable cost without making the spec play in an awkward state by removing a core element “Devouring Plague” out of the rotation altogether.

I just think that it should be described to Blizzard what your end goal is, and let them figure out how to get there instead of just saying nothing but nopes no thanks etc.