FEEDBACK: Plaguefall Dungeon

In this thread, we’re discussing all aspects of the new dungeon Plaguefall, coming in World of Warcraft: Shadowlands.

This initial post will be updated periodically throughout the Shadowlands test. Please check back here for information about further updates to this dungeon as they are made.

Thank you for your testing and feedback!

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Was surprised by it’s length after some of the others.
But very interesting layout with a lot of variety in trash.
I made a report in game but I’ll post this here too.

I used control undead on the plagueroc near the start and while my pet it used some ability that aggroed everything in sight including things no where near us.

Either way, the last boss was extremely fun for me and have to say I am continually impressed that unique dungeon bosses keep cropping up 15 years in!

Encountered a bug with the first boss. He does a slam that sends a wave of slime in a direction. The ground effect used to display the direction of the slam never points in the direction of his attack. Because of this it’s extremely hard to dodge.

The second boss paths around small islands but upon first experiencing his pathing none of us knew he would suddenly leap into our party in the middle of the pull. This really wasn’t fun and led to the party feeling like they had been gimmicked by the dungeon. It would be nice to have better visuals on him, some kind of callout that he’s changing platforms, and potentially a slower pathing speed. We kept having to pull packs behind the pillars just to avoid him and it wasn’t a great feeling since there is limited mobility there and all those packs have AOE attacks.

Just completed normal Plaguefall. Took about 25ish minutes I’d guess. Here are my notes on the bosses and trash in general.

This boss kindof fell over. I noticed the knockback once and he healed once from a blob. Pretty boring, very easy. Could be tough on tyrannical depending on how high add health gets and the damage output of the unavoidable knockback.

Doctor Ickus
This boss was annoying and pretty boring. There wasn’t much to dodge and it was just a matter of killing all the adds or else take unavoidable damage. Probably my least favorite boss in the dungeons I’ve done so far.

Domina Venomblade
Again, a pretty boring boss mechanically. Kill the adds, dodge the shadowstep (unless it’s unavoidable?), and move out of the web on the ground. Three pretty lackluster bosses so far in this dungeon.

Margrave Stradama
Now that’s more like it! Just add dodgeable scary poison tentacle dance and you’ve got a winner of a boss! I like how the damage ramps up. Feels like this boss is tuned nicely and the mechanics work well together for an excellent boss. I will say that all the end bosses of the dungeons I’ve done feel excellent for Shadowlands!

Nothing much to note here. I did notice that there were a number of trash abilities that felt lifted straight out of Atal’Dazar. Moreso than other dungeons.

Just almost completed this dungeon as a Mythic - 0

Here are further notes based on the bosses. I didn’t notice anything wonky about the trash, it all felt pretty reasonable and easy to deal with. I will say that some of the ooze trash causes a large green void zone that almost immediately deals heavy damage that could get quite out of hand on fortified.

Pretty much the same as on normal, just obviously higher health pools and an extra big add that doesn’t add much to the fight except another higher health target. This boss is pretty boring and should be easily killable.

Doctor Ickus
Boss is still quite annoying, but the damage scaling definitely gets spicier. His 3 Jump combo is actually quick and almost oneshot people and that occurs during a pretty heavy damage time in the fight (when all big oozes are up including plague bomb). Once we saved lust and cd’s for the transition after he jumps that spawns all the oozes, he went down pretty easy. I’d say damage seems a bit high for the Ooze’s interruptable spell. Maybe give half a second more for movement out of his 3 jump combo.

Domina Venomblade
More interesting with the web mechanic. Requires all to stack on melee and then move together (person with ambush moves out and back in quickly). I liked how there’s some risk/reward with unstacking for spawning the adds quicker. A great improvement over normal.

Margrave Stradama
This boss is gonna be a pugkiller on m+! I’d say it’s maybe overtuned in that the Devoted adds have a ton of health, but they’re probably meant to be ignored. We were getting better and better at the tentacle dodging, but this is going to be a challenging boss on M+ as is. One feedback I’d give is that the tentacle despawning animation being so long makes it overlap sometimes with the tentacles spawning, especially if it’s offset from P1’s add into P2’s dance. It just makes it hard to see, which you can control by timing the transition to P1, but I also feel there might be a better solution designwise. The damage of infectious rain is pretty intense. Looking forward to this boss on M+

We wiped on this about 10 times before we called it, our best pull was 17%

Plaguefall is actually a super sick dungeon that has a huge problem with how the dungeon is currently operating.

The barrels after Globgrog (first boss) are incredibly polarizing. I have no doubt in my mind that the meta strategy for this dungeon is going to be to get near 100% of your trash count via these barrels. You are going to shroud / invis up, start spawning the mobs that carry the barrels themselves, then back pull every mob that is in that adjacent area into the barrels. This makes the trash so lame and creates the problem in which you really are not playing the dungeon, IE another Siege of Boralus spotter.

These barrels are incredibly polarizing and should be removed from M+ or risk blatant abuse again such as Tol’Dagor Cannon / Siege of Boralus Spotter. Necrotic Wake is a good example of Dungeon RP elements done well, the necrotic wake bombs are not.


The graphic for the spiral pattern of Plague Crash on Margrave Stradama was broken in a very recent build. The “smash” portion of the tentacle slam in this one particular pattern shoots backwards out of the tentacle instead of forward to the outside where the actual slam damage is. While it doesn’t change the functionality of the mechanic, the visual is certainly disorienting this way and leads to second guessing where you’re standing.

We did this in a guild group as a +10.

The spider boss’s trash is horrible. The ambushers constantly spawning adds is really unfun and difficult. The spider boss has the same issue where the adds throwing the daggers from the webs are happening so fast that the tank is forced to pop a big movement and defensive cd just to clear them in time. There also doesn’t seem to be a way to bait the webs which could fix this issue.

The final boss is incredibly fun, but there are some visual bugs on the tentacle slams which made it frustrating.

Overall this has the potential to be one of the strongest dungeons m+ has ever seen with the bombs and the timing on pulling the boss who jumps around, but the spider boss in particular is a huge issue.

So I don’t know how many people have gone left in the first room, with the mushroom mines and all, but the Unstable Larva seem to count as bosses, so as long as you’re in combat with them, you can’t release until they explode. Also, it appears that they never stop spawning once you pull their nest. Ever. And then they come after you, even after everyone has died and released. And then, even once you kill the nest, they continue to spawn.

We found the right side annoying so we wanted to see how the left side felt, and it turns out it forced us to leave the dungeon and reset.


Attempted on M0

As a whole this instance seems fine, there are a few things I would change. The mushrooms at the start should probably take longer to respawn and when they are about to 3 seconds before they do there should be a visual, they also shouldn’t have abilities like glaive toss bounce to them our demon hunter was hitting them from well outside of their explosion circles also when their circle to indicate they are exploding shows up there should be more than a .5 second delay to the explosion there’s no reason to have the circle if you can’t avoid it. The debuff from getting hit by the slime pools that are thrown at you probably lasts too long especially if your healer can’t dispel the debuff. The stealth spiders root that can’t be interupted, can’t be CCed, and because of the pools thrown by the guy on the “waterfall” melee have to run out of it makes it so melee aren’t able to attack them for 6 seconds at a time, which in M0 with no timer is fine but in M+ will feel extremely frustrating.

Globgrog - A decent boss but as a whole over emphasizes having multiple roots and slows in your group.

Doctor Ickus - The dungeon journal does a poor job of explaining abilities, as an example pestilence slime doesn’t explain it leaves a pool that gives you the haste buff, I would have someone redo the entire dungeon journal entry of this boss. That aside the plague bombs are hard to click on, tab targeting works but with four mobs up at the time getting straight to the bomb is difficult.

Domina Venomblade - Could probably use a longer activation time for assassinate to start.

Margrave Stradama - Known visual bug. Other than that a good fight. Infectious Rain seems over tuned however. There are people saying that a +10 of this is fairly easy but they are doing it at 45 ilvl higher than what M0 is at which is the same item level jump from M0 to Mythic Ny’alotha so it’s hard to say if they are over geared for a +10 since you are geared in what I have to assume is full +10 gear which is why it’s easy for them or not since in M0 you are doing it in heroic gear. Our shaman was running out of mana due to the rain half way through the second time we are fighting her. Our best attempt we got her to about 20%.

As a side note you shouldn’t just have them listing what difficulty of key it was but also the affixes. The last boss on Tyranical 10 seems to me like even with the gear it would give issues.

Completed multiple times on +10

Plaguefall is a cool dungeon plagued by questionable design decisions. The recent changes to the dungeon have only made some of these decisions worse.

MELEE UNFRIENDLYNESS, while its okay to give melee and ranged different mechanics, the blobs have an aoe damage aura, while it is outrangeable for ranged, it leaves melee in this sore spot where they are detriment to have.

This extends to the tentacle trash later on in the dungeon where a poor puddle drop, or just going left and avoiding more trash and dealing with the tentacle in the water is essentially a no-go for melee.

The toxic rain (not the last boss mechanic) recently added to the dungeon I feel personally it wasn’t required to make the key fun, or interesting and only serves as a nuisance.

Barrels in the dungeon are going to be what ruins the dungeon for alot of groups.

Dungeons killing themselves have always been controversial for alot of the more seasoned dungeon players (junkyard, tol dagor, freehold) and kinda removes an aspect of damage mattering in a key which is unfun for dps players (either causing the key to be free, or have incredibly stressful and unfun moments)

Last boss is currently kind of overtuned, along with the visual bugs. Toxic rain was buffed recently, and the difficulty gap between the last boss and other dungeon last bosses is significantly higher. You can also get hilariously bad mechanic sequences where boss toxic rains -> intermission, making an already hard to heal boss even harder to heal.

The start of the dungeon in general needs some reconsideration with trash mechanics. Nobody is going to want to play the key without a rogue because they explicitly will want to skip that trash. The space is very claustrophobic, and the trash mechanics are punishing, and the all interact in ways that lead to wipes, very hard to play on keys like sanguine or quaking where movement is more common for the average player.

Also would love to see a checkpoint at 3rd boss, and a checkpoint at 1st boss


What mods did you have on your key?

Our group (52-56) couldn’t kill last boss - the infectious rain damage was killing someone every time due to the sheer damage output, and our healer couldn’t keep the group up with so much group damage. You can’t cleanse 5 people in time, whilst healing, either.

Is it not scaling correctly at lower levels?


Last boss Margrave Stradama,
in this dungeon is way overtuned for the leveling curve on Normal.

our group average ilvl was 128 (a lot of mythic Nya geared people),
but we just couldnt deal with the Rain mechanic. it stacks to an easy 7 each cast, and just cant be healed through unless you have a monk/priest healer, to deal with the disease stacks on a few people.

the tentacles 1 hit regardless of difficulty, yet dungeon journal says they dont. dungeon journal for me says 13k hit, sitting on almost 38k hp in bear and still one hitting me. on Normal at lvl 54.

This boss took a fair few wipes, and we still didnt get it down, 11% was our best.


There’s just no way to live through the infectious rain. I’m a level 55 holy priest and, even with all my cooldowns, I still can’t heal through it. Is there a trick? Is there something we need to do? We tried staying together for group heals, tried to spread out, same result. Dungeon guide says the rain is supposed to deal about 872 nature damage per tick, but I’m getting hit for over 2000 damage every second. How do you get through this?


I will echo that the infectious rain is next to impossible to heal through if you don’t have the ability to cure disease. I ran this on a pre-made resto druid and, despite spamming myself, could not keep myself alive, let alone the other party member that had the dot.


Completed plaguefall just now. Once we killed the final boss, I saw the achievement popup and then the game crashed. I have tried to log in a few times now and get the same error. WOW51900319

Similar experiences with infectious rain, seemed super overtuned relative to the rest of the dungeon. Still died during a properly timed Divine Hymn.

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Our regular group was unable to clear this last boss. Infectious rain would wipe half the group and that’s with all DPS using damage reducing CDs and a druid healer with full HOTs up and tranq.

Additionally, the Adventure Journal needs to be updated…IMO the text doesn’t quite describe the tank damage soak mechanic adequately.