Feedback: Orgozoa


Please use this thread for feedback and bug reports regarding this encounter, or related issues. Noting the nature of your group (Mythic guild premade, PUG, etc.) is helpful, as are any logs. Thank you to everyone who has come out to help test!

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Falling down into the pool of water DC’s you and then you get stuck perma dc’ed.


Seems like a good boss, maybe a little too simplistic for its place in the raid. DPS had hardly anything to do during P1, and P2 was very similar. Boss had like 190 mil HP for a 25 man group, and Sivara yesterday had like 80 mil? Also on about half our pulls our tank got smacked for 400k right from the start, eventually they swapped to Purgatory to “survive” it.

The falling rain animation was cool, but the edges of it were not super clear to see. Also not sure Arcing Current had an animation, and the boss seemed to be spewing out more Fluid than i would expect.

Overall my favourite so far of the 3 bosses tested, but that is heavily coloured by playing a DPS and having only 2 small things to worry about.

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Someone was fighting the boss in Jabu-Jabu’s Belly when making this fight weren’t they?

Good boss, one thing I’d like to see is, because they float down, to have a delay on the Zoatroid’s aggro starting because they inevitably will float down and smack a healer. And that just gets frustrating.

The rooms are also on the small side which I think will be an issue with the arcing current on large (25+) groups. Maybe reduce the range of it on difficulties below mythic? (20 players shouldn’t have an issue spreading)


Pugs ~ 20, about half on discord. Ran 3 tanks for this since the damage was insane.

Logs: reports/3DJjGt4xHv8qaYXF

Holy biscuits tank damage.

The damage seems really high to start with off the bat. But as a DK it takes a second to get to a stable point. Getting smacked for nearly 400k even with cooldowns. It required multiple externals till you got to about 3-4 stacks and even then it could still be a hard hit. Since you have to get all of the stacks to fall off you have to do it all over again, along with the other tank doing it as well. It seems like it just hits way too hard to start. The damage does smooth out nicely after the first couple of stacks.

The adds floating down is okay but it seems like they can be hard to pick up since they seem to aggro a healer first before they’re even on the floor for a tank to hit.

Really liked the dodge water from the ceiling mechanic and the run down path to the second room. The path is well lit and I didn’t have any issues dodge things as I was running.

We did have the adds from the top room held over. It seems like they’re on a timer so you either push the boss or kill the adds before pushing the boss.

Second phase looks cool didn’t manage to see too much.


I think people will find this boss more manageable when they figure out the strat. Tanks are meant to get hard, this is the patchwerk fight of the instance (just like ashvane). On pull use 2 void stones, 1 tank major, 1 healer external. There is no raid healing at the start and this is literally a patchwerk fight. If all healers are bombing or ready to bomb heals on the tank they’ll never get one shot. It took awhile to convince my group of this but the boss hits slow, about every 2-2.5 seconds. Hpriest will be incredibly strong on this fight with pray of healing + x3 glyph, just poh off the tank while cleave topping the raid. Mw sucks. On pulls where my healing core were focusing majority of their heals on the raid, the tanks would get 2 shot (never a true 1 shot) but once people focused it improved. Spending channel time on Font really sucked though and if everyone else fell asleep during that time it was always a tank death. The boss stops or hits weaker during any channel or cast, which is when you focus on topping the raid. The dance is especially a strong time to font etc.

The tunnel needs improvement. The chance at instant death reduces the use of slow falls and gliding, and I think gliders should be allowed back in raid, (what’s the harm in certain areas?).

Didn’t get to see the add phase much but that’s about par for the course on a PTR boss, especially one deeper in the instance. I look forward to additional testing as well as figuring out which azerite traits work best for this boss. I originally tried seed and eventually swapped to testing life well and whatever gives mana back on casts so I could keep up with the constant vivify spam.

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Sounds like tanks didn’t understand the strat well enough IMO

The tanking was actually really good in testing in towelliee’s pug. The tank swaps happen every 45 seconds. Did you know there is an essence that has a 20% dr, on a 45 second cd? ;). Combined with my own personal when i taunted, I never felt like i was dying. You literally only need to pop cds on a fresh taunt and if you play well the damage was more than manageable. The only time I’d die tanking was when I potatoed and forgot to actually hit CD when taunting (after all, it’s a strange muscle memory to expect the damage right at front of a new taunt).

Mechanics were actually interesting for tanks for a change. tank 1 going to 5 stacks, then picking up adds with stacks while tank 2 taunts, tank 1 able to soak adds dying cause of those 5 stacks. then their debuff just happened to be expiring right after soaking, so they can take boss back. then the timing just happened to perfectly line up for another fresh swap right at next add set spawn to repeat the cycle. Clearly designed well to work this way.

TL/DR, The tanking was actually really good for a change and worked well when you had a clear grasp of design and timing down.

the only thing i would fix. The boss actually CAN target tanks with fluid. not talking about fluid spreads from raid members messing up fluid/arcing mechanic either. At least 3 different pulls while I was tanking I was an initial fluid target. This should not happen. The swapping between boss and adds and everything else worked perfectly well except on these 3 pulls where I’d need to screw up tank positions a little to run out pre arcing to avoid spreading.


The intermission was too easy to skip entirely with the ability to just jump off the bridge to the end of the path. Also need to keep access to the bridge limited before pulling so you can’t preset warlock portals/transcend. Other than that the fight felt lacking for dps, but as a heroic boss this doesn’t seem like a huge issues.


We just burned the adds evenly and immunity soaked. I guess a tank could do it if they don’t die at the same time but that seems inefficient when you don’t need immunities anywhere else.