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After you’ve tested the dungeon, please post your feedback here.

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Are the Walkie Shockies supposed to be spawning during the Gunker encounter? It isn’t mentioned in the journal and we haven’t found a way to make the HK-8 Aerial Oppression Unit despawn. We’ve defeated the first 2 bosses and aren’t really sure what to do.

Edit: Finished up the dungeon. Note, our group was 415+ ilvl, 1.5-2.6k RIO, 8/9M BoD experience. Here’s our feedback:

King Gobbamak started spawning waves of adds nearly every second half way through the encounter. Not sure if this was intended, but it was fun to go ham cleaving.
Gunker feels over-tuned and is missing journal information regarding Walkie Shockies. We were quite confused and thought the dungeon was bugged. Its doable, but is probably the most challenging encounter in the instance right now.
K.U.-J.0. felt very under-tuned. The abilities did very little damage and gave you tons of time to react. It almost fight like a mechanic was missing for the encounter.
Tussle Tonks was hands down my favorite encounter, though it felt a little short.
King Mechagon was fun and interesting. Considering its the last boss and comparing it to other encounters, both phases felt slightly under-tuned.

Overall, the encounters felt good. The dungeon looks awesome, the gear looks fun and I can’t wait to do some of these fights in M+!


Not sure what the tuning goal is but it was pretty undertuned at 415+.

Gunker boss is pretty silly with the Walkie Shockies.

Tussle Tonks is great. Give that person a raise. Would be even better if one of the robots randomly flipped you, just to really hit the nostalgia on the nose.

The King Mechagon magnet ability that the journal said would tick every 6 seconds was ticking every 1 for 70k on me. Was quite unexpected.

It’s nice that there’s not unlimited trash in the instance.


Only did the first 3 bosses before party drama sadly but you have to do the bosses in a specific order or the flying robot (fourth boss, I think) roams the area.

You need to do King, Gunker, Gnome Duo or you need to do Gunker, Gnome Duo, King. If you are dealing with the Walkie Shockies you did the bosses in a bad order and now have an extra mechanic for whatever boss you’re doing.

Went back in with a full pug and full cleared it.

Gunker is just weird. Having to stay inside the very small circle the bot provides while killing the boss is awkward. Especially as a Tank if I accidentally step out by a yard or so while still in the bot the boss just turns and smacks one of the melee DPS.

Gnome Duo (because I forget their names) - The girl just spam casts Taze. There’s no downtime. Even if you interrupt it she immediately starts casting it again. I’m not sure even with coordinated interrupts that you could prevent one from going off. The boy gnome was bugged in the sense that no one in the party could see the wheel he was in. We could see him, but the only indicator he was in it was watching his cast bar/emotes.

Fourth boss - Randomly ported during phase 1. There are some spots where if you try to dodge the Zap, or the Walkie Shockies you just get TP’d to the Tanker unit and more than likely die due to crap on the ground. I can understand potentially not resetting the boss but with how much of the ground the adds and the Zap covers more room would be nice.

Tussle Tonks… we just kinda yolo’d? The Siege Engine thing charged the DH off the gate and hit a wall… and before the 7 second stun was up the boss was at 30% hp. And then the Plating never came back up on the other boss, the hammers could be used as often as we wanted. There was no punishment for poor play.

KUJO - We pressed Lust. 1 Crate dropped. Flame Vents went out. I AMS’d Flame Vents, boss died during the cast due to DoT’s.

Garden - I actually really liked this fight. It felt really good. Whereas most bosses I would suggest a health buff this one felt fine for Mythic 0.

King - Fight was enjoyable. Phase 2 is rather annoying for the tank if all the orbs end up by the edge. Makes moving rough and if the tank missteps or backpedals slightly the party gets Protocol 99 and dies. That could be a party issue and not stack or something but that was my experience with it.

Overall - My group consisted of 400 to 420 ilvl gear for all 5 of us. Knowing it drops 415 might make us slightly overgeared? But there was no real sense of danger from the bosses except the last 2.

If Mechagon doesn’t get a keystone attached to it then I don’t see it lasting long. I would imagine M10 next season is dropping Heroic equivalent gear from end of dungeon which will be 430, 440 from cache. If that’s the case Mechagon will be ran purely for mounts, and people will hope they get gear from it from their weekly cache.


I must say, this dungeon is amazing in almost every way. I have felt that many bfa dungeons are anitclimatic, with the trash being the hardest part leading up to a almost boring fight.

Mechagon changes this and brings back aspects of the best of legion dungeons with a new spin that introduces more challenging maze aspects.

That being said I feel like there are some things that need a change.

  1. The trash leading to King Gobbamak feels a little awkward. Some of their root abilities follow being targeted swirl, which due to the roots can’t be dodged.

  2. Gunker fight is great, standing in the cleanse robots makes sense, however once the robots get covered in slime and stops working, the person standing in that area also gets slimed. So, the team naturally focuses the robot to remove the slime and start the cleansing but that cleansing doesn’t remove the slime that froze the player. So the player also has to be focused, even if there are inside the aoe cleanse from the mini robot after the robot begins cleansing again. This doesn’t seem intended. I think if the mini robot is focused then the player should be cleansed by the robots spray and their slime freeze removed

  3. HK-8 Aerial Oppression Unit fight. Well, I love this fight, however, currently on PTR a lock gate can be placed to skip an important part of the fight and completely negate the mechanic. There shouldn’t be a path available for a lock gate to be placed here on this fight due to the important aspect of going up the ramps and dodging the stuns and getting the antennas in that phase. Which is arguably one of the most entertainment parts. Being able to use lock gates skips this, could also lead to M+ timing cheese, and players might never learn to enjoy it those ramp mechanics

  4. The trash leading up the ramp to King Mechagon seems pretty awkward for us on regular mythic. Not only was the AOE dmg excessive (wiped us once) but many of the casts from the robots seemed counter intuitive of what to interrupt or not.

  5. The beam in the 2nd phase of King Mechagon feels like it hits the targeted player extremely hard. I understand it 1 shoting the person who isn’t the target if that person stands in it, but the main focused target should take a lot less damage and it needs to be cleared who the focus target is.

Otherwise I hope this dungeon continues a theme for the rest of the xpac. Currently in BFA the trash is to hard and the boss fights leave you wanting more. But Mechagon changes all that for the better! Cheers to blizzard’s team.

Rise of Azshara PTR Development Notes – May 15

it seemed that you needed to do bosses in order for the first four (because HK-8 patrols the area of the boss you just left in a sense) however a few parties are doing the Hing then in Bondo’s Yard doing Trixie and Naema thereby causing a hard mode on Gunker. Trying to see if it was possible to do HK-8 before Gunker turned out to be a bust and so, I’ve seen the first two sites

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Very undertuned so far, maybe increase the ilvl that drops? Maybe 420? That would seem epic right, a challenge/reward between Normal and Heroic Eternal Palace difficulty?

[Edit]: As a “mostly” normal raider, I’d love an extra reason to do Operation: Mechagon. I personally think that if it was a lot harder and dropped 420 stuff, then myself and others will be mighty happy!


Just did a full clear as of 5/4/2019. Kudos this is one of the best dungeons i’ve ever done, up there with legion karazhan.
Conclusions first: In order of boss difficulty easiest to hardest i’d go with:
Easiest Ku-jo<powergap<tussle tonk<trixie and naemo<king gobblemak<gunker<machinists garden<king mechagon<hk-8 aerial suppression unit Hardest.

The group i ran with had a fellow who had run the dungeon before and acted as a guide for pathing around trash and important boss mechanics. I’m not sure about the tank and healer gear levels but me(on a copy of this shadow priest from ~2 weeks ago) and the outlaw rogue were both mythic and m+10 geared and all players knew how to use their gear. We had a demonhunter who did decent damage as well, but they disconnected never to come back after dying during the hk-8 aeriel suppression unit encounter.

The first fight we did was Gunker and this was also the only fight we wiped on. Note I did put gunker in the middle of the difficulty curve, but thats because i feel that its a mechanics fight. Our wipes were avenger’s shield pulling the boss while we pulled trash then everyone getting gunked without knowing what was going on. on the third pull with no trash left and everyone understanding how gunk works we easily smashed the boss. As a nonmobile caster I would gripe about the water bots constantly moving and would like to suggest that maybe they can stand still periodically so that it doesn’t make some classes outright detrimental on tyrannical week. The gunk is super punishing in the current iteration I don’t think this is a bad thing, because the solution is easy but its a thing.

The second fight we did was Trixie and Naeno. This fight we had the explanation to hide in fog when targeted by mega taze. No one died to megataze and i think no one went to fog, but I wasn’t fully alert on that fight since i got ran over and double tapped by the wheel. That spin after charge 100% caught me by surprise whoever designed that one got me good, and a good job to them. After i got engineer rezzed we finished the fight without problem. I rate it somewhat low on difficulty because despite killing it in one shot I still don’t know half the mechanics.

Our third fight was king gobbamek. Overall the fight mechanics were self explanatory I really like that there are common visual indicators for commonish mechanic types like the soak circles for zul being the same as the ones in kj/antorus or the stack for shared damage circle here being the same as the rastakhan one. I might have underrated this fight because me and the outlaw rogue were doing full reaping damage which was deleting troggs almost as quickly as they showed up, in retrospect i realized that we were supposed to power up machines to remove more troggs and some did get powered up, but we smashed through it with solid aoe dps.

The fourth fight is the one I rated as the hardest, even over king mechagon. The reason for this is this fight has the potential to take forever. In the first cycle we lost the demon hunter, we followed the rogue as instructed and it took a solid half a minute to minute before me and the paladins got the gist of the minigame. In particular i didn’t realize the first platform had teleport lights until they teleported me the 4th or 5th time, that could be me being dense however. After the 1st cycle the rogue would die and me and the two paladins would 3 man the rest. This fight took us 13 minutes and 58 seconds, and that is why its rated so high. We fought long enough to have learn the mechanics, but the nature of the cycles means that if there is one person out of the loop you might be stuck there for a long time, I find this particularly worrisome for the eventual m+ variation of this dungeon. HOWEVER at the same time i love everything about this fight in its current iteration, it took longer then most raid bosses and it was awesome. Also note this is the only fight where this group used drums.

The fight boss is Tussle tonks, I’ll admit I didn’t realize it was a boss and thought it was a thing like the tortolan guy in freehold. However after realizing my mistake I think its a cool boss. I took more avoidable damage then i should have, but i don’t think i ever went below 75% health. We four manned the fight the only threatening moment was the car opening its flame vents. After the car died the robot never did anything too threatening, it could use something for that phase since 90% of the time its gonna die second due to the hammer kiting. Note that this was done with 4 people.

The sixth boss kujo was really simple, part of my low rating of this boss was i think the debuff that was supposed to go on the tank never did. However the charge mechanic also was not particularly threatening I get the feeling that even if the group stacked we’d still have 40% health, Because of this I think the charge could use a stacking debuff that lasts until the next charge increasing damage taken by the charge. Making it do more damage is an option, but that will lead to problems in m+ by speeding up the point where that charge can one shot on one stack. Also done with 4 people

The 7th boss I rated this one higher on the difficulty scale because it has some impressive overlaps for a 5 man boss, reminds me of a scarier glazer from vault of the wardens. Overall I like this boss, and I like where its tuned. The sawblades are dangerous and will probably come close to one shotting people at m10 tyranical. The beams are also dangerous if you allow them to stack, but avoidable even to a class without mobility like mine. I was able to handle the plants on my own, I’m worried that full melee groups might have trouble with those if they need to die, but at the same time thats a minor concern that composition can fix.

And last and certainly not least king mechagon was a fun fight. The first phase lowered my guard as our instructions were “dodge mechanics”. and overall the first phases mechanics were dodgable and managable. The second phase though amped up everything and i liked it. The magnetic grip combined with dodging the same mechanics intensified the fight in a nice way. The improved lazor beam was also scary and i’m looking forward to not looking forward to dealing with that on tyrannical weeks. We were able to 4 man one shot no death that phase, but I attribute it more to the quality of the players rather then the quality of the boss. I feel like theres room for more on that fight, and i’m looking forward to seeing what changes when we go for the legendary skin of the azerite essence that king mechagon drops.

Final note trash was overall not too threatening for our group, the biggest killer was the guys on the gnome racial mount that did spinning Gatling gun mechanic.

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