Feedback: Normal Ny'alotha, the Waking City

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Please use this thread for feedback and bug reports regarding this encounter, or related issues. Noting the nature of your group (Mythic guild premade, PUG, etc.) is helpful, as are any logs. Thank you to everyone who has come out to help test!

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just got kicked out of the zone, is the testing over or just fixing a bug and will reopen soon?

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Thank you for your report.

Normal mode needed to be reset to fix an issue and should once more be available for testing.


Overall most bosses worked fine however some specific class issue is destruction warlocks with vision of perfection as their major whenever a mob is in an area where your infernal can’t land your next summon infernal cast will only last 8-9 seconds instead of 30 seconds this happens on bosses such as Drestagath if it ever spawns on the actual boss since you can’t walk into the bosses model. This also happens on vexiona while she is flying and i’m sure it happens in other cases. I have had this happen on live as well in waycrest manor on Raul and it is quite annoying as it makes our cooldown 66% less duration.


well, 200 million health for 15 man normal, 430 ilvl, make a 15+ min boring fight.

120 million for 13 man Shad’har DAT *dancing * boss

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Prophet is still an issue for groups over 19 players. gaining a second add ramps up difficulty to much that most groups will still drop players for it. Same issue as it had on heroic.

Instead of a 2nd add, the health add should just ramp up or something that’s more managable than trying to kill 2 adds with an ability that has such a low CD.

Also, Anubisath Sentinel’s cast 316143 (Thunder Clap) which just one shots melee outright. no visual to avoid, no cast time to run out for, If you’re within 8 yards of target you just get deleted. Either this ability needs to have it’s damage toned down or it needs to be avoidable in a manor that doesn’t involve melee just afking that trash mob.

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Skitra has way too much health. This was like a 12 minute boss fight for 8/8M raiders. I do not see the value in doing two phases over and over. This fight could have its health cut in half and be fine.

Hivemind had a bug where the adds were both healing and were dealing more damage.

Shadhar had way too much health and all the abilities are hard to see on this fight. The purple swirls on a purple floor, in addition to things like healing rain and cloudburst make it really hard to avoid. The growing green patch was not great either.

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Normal mode is now disabled.

I’d like to thank everyone who took the time to test this weekend. Your feedback is greatly appreciated!


Phase 1 is too long. Phase 2 doesn’t happen often enough. The fight should be faster paced than this. Phase 2 should trigger 10 seconds after every Burning Cataclysm, which should happen more often.

Too much health for normal mode.

Prophet Skitra
Way too much health. Took an 8/8M guild with 19 players in it, 11 minutes to kill.
Having two adds with 6 million HP spawn for a raid of 23 created a DPS requirement we were barely able to keep up with. The adds should have 3 million HP each if the intent is to spawn two, or just have one spawn at all raid size scaling. I don’t think “two” adds is needed on this. We dropped it to 19 after sampling it.

Without the walking walls, phase 1 of this boss is boring. They should be added back in on normal, albeit just make them slow.
This should be a 6.5 minute fight, tops.

Having the add get eaten by Maut when he gets within 20 yards is kind of a stupid mechanic. That’s annoying, not fun or challening. Especially since “20 yards” is tricky to figure out with his model size / design. If you really don’t want them stacked, I’d have the add start transfering manner to Maut at an increasing rate. But doing tank swaps with the add that behaves like that was awkward. Not particularly fun.

Dark Inquisitor Xanesh
Normal mode should have at least 2 pillars to avoid kicking the ball into. Zero means you can do it in a single pass of the ball. Too easy.

Fine for normal. Heroic and Normal need another Phase 1 mechanic. A beam of some sort.

-Finishing off bugs that healed required Mythic Raiders to be fairly on point in focus firing and doing a Mythic Azshara phase 2-esque stun / AoE rotation while Ka’zir was in Control. We managed it pretty easily, but it may be too much for the target audience of normal. 5% healing starting at 30% hp is pretty stiff. I’d do 5% at 20% hp or 2% at 30% hp.

-The strat on this fight on Mythic will be bring two Blood DKs and alternate gorefiends everytime Ka’zir is in control and adds spawn. The alternative if you have one blood DK is to have gorefiend’s up for first and third Ka’zir control, and stack up on 2nd to fixate the mobs in the middle. If you have no DK then you stack every time (which will make the fight way harder). Double blood would also be nice to take turns single gripping darters into melee (followed by a stun rotation) during Ka’zir. In short, this is arguably the most blood-DK dominant fight in several tiers. Something should be done to make it more tank agnostic.

  • The core problem with this fight is that adds during Tekris being in control are not that dangerous - you just have to kill them and not be slow about Tekris-spawned darters lasting into Ka’zir control - while adds alive during Ka’zir are extraordinarily dangerous because they’re hard to kill. There should be a far better balance. I’d make the Tekris adds do somewhat more damage and the Ka’zir adds heal less in line with the suggestions above.

Phase 1 is fine. Phase 2 is boring and easy. Needs another mechanic.

The normal version of this fight is better than the heroic. Having to get in melee range of the Tentacle of Drest’agath on heroic in order to damage it is stupid (not to mention basically unhealable). The ‘consequences’ of leaving them up is sufficient enough, and normal mode tuning made that feel abundantly clear.

Mind flay should tick harder.

Shad’har the Insatiable
Too much health for normal difficulty
Toxic phase is a better Phase 3 than Phase 2
Bubbling Overflow is too hard to see.
Purple swirlies in SHadow phase extremely difficult for groups with a lot of melee to dodge. Cheap, not hard.

I’d take a look at the breath cone raidus in Phase 2. A bit stiff, particularly for normal.

Having tested this on all three difficulties, I think there needs to be a reallocation of the Living Miasma mechanic based on difficulties.
It should be
Normal - 1 living miasma, hits for a lot.
Heroic - 2 living miasmas, hits for less than normal but you don’t want 2 near each other.
Mythic - 2 living miasmas, hits as ‘hard’ as the normal one, but you’re also rooted.

The Miasma mechanic felt easier on Mythic than Normal. That ain’t right.

Probably slightly too much health on everything for the target audience for normal difficulty. Felt like heroic minus the mind control.

I’ve leave mind control in on normal during Phase 1. Just don’t have it spreadable. Phase feels naked without it.

Cursed Blood in Phase 2 hits too hard for the target audience. A mythic guild (us) would top everyone off and have a cooldown rolling for every one for the more severe ones (third door mostly). Target audience would likely just try and heal through it. The damage number felt more tuned for heroic.

The tentacle trash packs before Illgynoth chain pull too easily.