Feedback: Normal Crucible of Storms

Please use this thread for feedback on the Normal mode difficulty of Crucible of Storms.

Give GM’s the power to help again. Why is no one playing this game anymore?

But to be more serious, the loot inside of the instance isn’t worth clearing the instance over, the procs and uses should not be instead of secondaries, but rather on top of. Make loot interesting again, not a mathematical problem or simulation that we have to figure out.


Pick one: Sacrifice secondary stats, have the bonus effect be practically meaningless, or have an item that is way, way, way overbudget for its item level.

If, as you say, you want loot to be “interesting”, I vote for the first option. If you want secondary stats, there are piles and piles of loot options for that slot. If you want something different, yet impactful, here is this piece.

If you want to completely throw out the idea of being able to use ilvl to even remotely compare gear quality, and have one 400 piece be literally twice as good as another 400 piece, sure, we can do that too, it just sucks. (Looking at you, Fathoms deck.)

Using Blizzards logic, it would only be one or two pieces so it shouldn’t affect overall ilvl too much. If you want to keep using something lower ilvl from a previous tier, you should be able to.

The procs are weak, and impossible to calculate by just looking at them when comparing a proc to secondary stats.

You’re right though, a 425 ilvl cannonball runner gets beat by a 355 fathoms, so ilvl logic is fine regardless of what they do.