Feedback: Non-Class-Set Item Rewards

I strongly agree with this sentiment.

I like a lot of the trinket design we’ve seen in the last several expansions, with some all-time greats like Ashvane’s Razor Coral, Reactive Defense Matrix, Soul Igniter, Resonant Reservoir, Cache of Acquired Treasures, Soulletting Ruby, the absolutely wonderful Manic Grieftorch, Dragonfire Bomb Dispenser, Elementium Pocket Anvil, Controlled Current Technique, the revamped Tome of Unstable Power/Umbrelskul’s Fractured Heart, etc. all being some highlights, but I think proc+ICD and RPPM trinkets (Hasted or otherwise) need some extra clarity, or at least an toggle to switch between the current simplified tooltips (very low, low, chance, high chance, very high chance) and the more detailed tooltips that showcase actual values.

I bring this idea up based on Shot’s reply here for two reasons that I believe are somewhat intertwined:

The first reason is that I vaguely remember a much older expansion (it might’ve been Cataclysm or it might’ve been MoP, but I haven’t logged into Cata Classic at all so my memory is very foggy) that allowed players to switch between simple spell and ability tooltips that were phrased as described above and the more detailed tooltips that showcased the actual damage those spells and abilities did.

The second reason is that we’ve previously seen trinkets that contained this level of detail within their tooltips, specifically in MoP and WoD, but then this just seemed to disappear altogether in Legion onwards. MoP and WoD also had their fair share of iconic, memorable trinkets and while few if any players would specifically cite their ICDs/RPPM rates as reasons why they were iconic I appreciated the concrete numbers quite a bit, though mostly in hindsight.

To cite a few examples that are still presented in-game in this manner:

  • Fabled Feather of Ji-Kun and its stacking primary stat counterparts (Renataki’s Soul Charm and Wushoolay’s Final Choice) all specifically state (Approximately 1.21 procs per minute) on their tooltips.
  • Thok’s Tail Tip and its stat amplification counterparts (Purified Bindings of Immerseus and Prismatic Prison of Pride) all specifically state (15% chance, 115 second cooldown) on their tooltips. The cooldown reduction trinkets like Evil Eye of Galakras and Assurance of Consequence are similar, although their (15% chance, X second cooldown) differ.
  • Hellfire Citadel’s trinkets like Unblinking Gaze of Sethe (Approximately 5.93 procs per minute), Discordant Chorus (Approximately 7.12 procs per minute), Prophecy of Fear (Approximately 1.50 procs per minute), and the iconic Soul Capacitor (Approximately 1.00 procs per minute) all follow suit.

I don’t think trinkets should necessarily be this outwardly complex, but having the option to see these RPPM rates or proc chances/ICDs in-game would be nice as well.

With that in mind, though:

This clarity is greatly appreciated, and I thank you very much for it. I think at a rate of ~9-10 RPPM (on the stacking buff, obviously) this trinket will feel considerably more consistent than it did in my testing, with high uptime on a rather large Intellect buff that lines up relatively nicely with the common 1/2/3 minute cooldowns we see among many casters (Dark Ascension and occasionally Combustion, Power Infusion and Void Eruption, and CA/Incarnation respectively). I’m never opposed to tracking a trinket with an addon as a small optimization, but this trinket as it exists now can be very difficult to keep track of even when doing something as straightforward as smacking a Training Dummy around for a few minutes and I’m very glad to see that you’re willing to experiment with ways to make this trinket’s trigger effects more accessible and user-friendly.

I think it’s good that the team is doing something systemic to try and address this happening, but I think it’s time to look at changes to the root cause of why this is happening, which (AFAIK) is M+ becoming a survival check noticeably before it becomes a DPS check.


Testing the trinkets as a healer in dungeons so far

Bursting lightshard is a great new idea for a healer trinket but TBH i think would be better if it worked even more like seedling. Currently if i put all my heart and heal kit into keeping it alive i average 1 extra damage tick over ignoring it entirely; its also trading 365k damage for nearly 1mil healing every 2 seconds. Instead buff up its total health a little but have it convert healing done to it into damage vs the flat number it does now. This way i can’t just drop and ignore it but the less bursty healers can still get some decent use out of it. Also the tooltip doesnt have the damage it does increase with item level, the one i got from the vendor at 597 shows the same damage as the 580 heroic drop one.
Cirral Concoctory is a weird one because i’ve used it in every dungeon multiple times and still have no idea what it does. I can’t tell the proc rate, what its doing, who its doing it to or really anything at a glance since it doesnt show up on raid frames or have much of a spell affect and that feels like bad trinket design to me.
IQD i could at least use on myself after i looted it to see a few of the options, this one i cant. It only procs on other people and seems like it wont trigger on overhealing for me to test on random strangers at the target dummies. The only reason i think its working at all is cause i manged to catch a glimpse of its icon in a dungeon, i still didn’t have time to see what the buff did. I dont like Trinkets that require i go to wowhead to know what they do before using them.

High speakers Accretion I’m not sure if this is intended to be a healer trinket but its listed as one currently on the vendor. Could be miss-interpretation but the for each enemy struck reads to me like all the mobs hit as the trinket was pulsing, not just what was alive when it times out. I can see it being useful even if it is just the final pulse since mobs will live longer in harder content but currently im struggling to get more then 1 stack with how fast things die in heroic even with our gear scaled down.

Mereldar’s Toll completely passable support on use trinket, vers is a nice damage and DR buff to give out and the damage it does to the target is decent.

scrapsinger’s Symphony has the same problems others of its type have; It can proc on full health targets who arent taking damage, it can proc on the ranged standing to far for the damage to hit anything, it can proc on anyone not the tank; which is the real problem. The tank is the only one taking consistent enough damage to guarantee triggering the damage but there’s no way to force that.
Other than that the absorb portion is okay, its a pretty small shield on current health pools but with a decent proc rate it could be an okay passive health buffer.

Not trinkets but things i tested:
Fateweaved needle/mallet REALLY likes tethering to pets, i dont know why but i feel like everytime i see the beam its tethered to a warlocks felguard or a hunter pet, please exclude them from the allied tether portion.

Sureki Zealot’s Insignia I’m a fan of bonus mana in all forms and this neck also has decent statline, in raids it seems like it could get a little out of hand depending on how many people have them, in dungeons where youre capping out at 4 it seems reasonable. As a healer in 5 mans it doesnt really do anything for me wearing it unless theres like shadowpriest with VE or a druid using natures vigil, but thats fine.

This is from the perspective of DPS DK, and the trinkets available to them.

Raid Trinkets

Mad Queens Mandate
Feels like a callback to An’shuul, but shadow-flavored. Big damage with a cast time, though this one comes with some CDR if you kill an enemy with it and a heal, which does throw an interesting twist into the tried and true formula. Tuning on it right now feels off though, with it doing significantly less damage than competing trinkets, which may be a result of some of its budget going to the heal and CDR effect. Hard to say for sure, but might need a second look tuning-wise.

Field Operative’s Transmitter
Okay, this ones a bit of a curveball, seems like a throwback to the original (but scrapped) design of Whispering Shard of Power.
The Good:

  • The directions are generally pretty visually clear
  • It mixes things up, and makes you contemplate if its worth doing the thing for the buff.
  • What you have to do is incredibly simple
  • Duration is long enough to where you can often wait it out if things are dangerous

The Bad:

  • Sometimes the directions it gives pushes you into undesirable areas, might spawn or move into a swirlie on a boss, which may bait people into bad positions. Mostly a skill issue.
  • Some of the effects are a bit visually small, most notably the small electric orb, could very easily get lost in the noise in a busy encounter.
  • The Jump instruction is something people will need to learn the visual of, it’s not immediately clear what you need to do unlike the others. Just get 3 crystals above your head. Might be worth trying to make a more clear visual indicator for this one?

Overall, I quite like this trinket and its concepts. Really throws me back to Eternal Palace doing Azshara with all her weird directions. Similar to that fight though, I imagine people will optimize the fun out of this one with Weak Auras. Power on this one seems generally fine, albeit doesn’t seem super great for burst specs, and more in line with sustain specs.

Ovinax’s Mercurial Egg
Generally a passive trinket, it’s got a quirk in changing what it gives when you move (or don’t move), but, still feels a bit bland. Wish it did just a bit more. Pausing the effect with its on-use effect does give players the ability to do the opposite of what they are encouraged to do with this trinket depending on if they prioritize Primary or Secondary stats, which does give it a lot of flexibility to not punish specializations like Windwalker or Outlaw who generally don’t scale particularly well with secondary stats. Overall, seems solidly tuned for what it is already, but might be a tad too powerful for sustain specs.

Sikran’s Endless Arsenal
Pretty run-of-the-mill arsenal trinket, seems we get one of these every expansion now. This one does throw a bit of a curveball into things with the buffs each gives, being more utility-focused rather than damage-focused is quite nice. This does give the damage effects a lot of room to breathe damage-wise, and none of them feel particularly weak to use. Overall, this trinket I’d say is just about right tuning-wise.

Skyterror’s Corrosive Organ
Use trinket with a proc effect after use, pretty run-of-the-mill, but does its job. Tuning seems fine, but there’s not a whole lot to say about this trinket.

Dungeon Trinkets

Skarmorak Shard
From an Unholy perspective, this trinket is a godsend. 1.5-minute cooldown, Mastery buff, extra benefits when enemies die?! It’s just a match made in heaven to be a near-perfect trinket for us. The downside of this is it is a season 1 trinket, which might very well leave us high and dry again in Season 2 and onwards due to the sheer overabundance of 2-minute trinkets, and lack of 1.5 and 3-minute trinkets. So many specializations get a wide variety of choices, while Unholy is often left with just 1 trinket per season that works well enough for it. With its new 1.5-minute damage profile, this will limit the pool further.

This trinket is currently tuned quite well for Unholy, not overbearing like Puzzle Box, but, strong enough to be an obvious go-to.

Sigil of Algari Concordance
This is the trinket I’ve spent the most time testing, due to all the weirdness associated with it.

So, first things first, the pets summoned by this scale with Unholy’s pet damage modifiers, may lead to a skew in its potential and may be overbearingly strong if not tuned to account for this, or the interactions removed. I personally do believe letting it scale with pet damage modifiers is desirable though, as these interactions are quite rare it results in a nice little change of pace where a trinket that may not see much use, suddenly is just really good for some specializations.

Next up, onto the weirdness, since this trinket uses a periodic effect to trigger the pet casts, its pets don’t currently scale with haste at all. Not sure if this is intentional, but, figured I’d point it out anyway. The next weird bit is the “signature” ability each of the summons casts seems to be a bit random, sometime within the first 3 ticks of the periodic effect. Not that this is really a downside, just a bit of a weird quirk with the trinket that makes it even more unpredictable when combined with its incredibly low proc rate of 0.5rppm.

I do quite like that Silvervein will change what is cast based on the number of targets present, switching from Lightning Bolt to Bolt Rain in AoE, which gives this some nice flavor and is never useless in any scenario.

Overall, I do like this trinket, it adds a nice bit of immersion into The War Within’s environment and links into the Earthen Dwarves quite well, while providing some interesting abilities and use cases. It being as random as it is does bring it down a bit, as proc timing will lead to pretty massive swings in damage with the current tuning. Might be worth exploring increasing its proc rate, and reducing its damage to reduce its variance.

Oppressive Orator’s Larynx
This trinket taunts me. Every time it’s ready to use, I can’t seem to get more than 3-4 stacks. As soon as I use it, the stacks go to 5+. Quite frankly though, that’s a good thing. Fits the theme of the trinket incredibly well, and very well might have been bias on my part watching the stacks more frequently off cooldown than when it was ready to use. Overall, I quite like this, though I do wish it was a bit clearer on the tooltip that each stack of the buff is a 25% increase to the use damage, right now it doesn’t explain very well that current stacks increase the damage of the use effect per stack which may mislead people.

Tuning on this seems generally fine all things considered.

Ara-Kara Sacbrood
I’m going to nerd out a bit to whoever designed this. Whoever you are, you are a legend. No one is going to ever see the names of some of these spells, but you still took the time to name them in quirky and fun ways. It may have only been 5 seconds out of your day, but it went miles in making me smile when digging into how this thing really works.

Anyways, now that I’m done nerding out, a stacking primary stat proc trinket, with a damage component on it is an interesting twist on the norm. Waiting 1 minute until your first Spiderlings are ready to Spiderfling to enact their Spidersting though might be a tad much. This does lead to this trinket being a bit more of a ramping trinket the later you get into the fight, as you then have enough Spiderlings to pretty consistently fling. It’s a bit reminiscent of Elementium Pocket Anvil in that regard. Though, id love this trinket to not be thrown to the wayside as niche, because it was clearly designed with a lot of love, and a designer who was just having fun. Might be worth looking at its ramp time and adjusting.

Void Pactstone
Hard to gauge its tuning currently, as its haste buff currently doesn’t work. (Missing the haste stat in its misc_value data). Deals a respectable amount of damage, and works kinda like a reverse Grieftorch with it requiring you to die to trigger its big explosion. I like the design overall but worry it might encourage some to sacrifice themselves for damage checks. On the other side of the coin, enough people wearing this on a near-kill attempt of a hard boss might be the difference between a kill and a wipe.

Remnant of Darkness
Really interesting take on a stacking stat trinket. While it’s incredibly simple, just attack to stack buff, at max stacks it throws a wrench into the mix by transforming you into a void-touched being, doing some AoE damage, and even keeping the stat buff until the transformation expires. All while you’re still able to do everything you usually do!

While I do really like the design, tuning on it right now seems incredibly low, and should probably be looked into.

Overclocked Gear-A-Rang Launcher
Pretty interesting concept here as well, on proc effect to deal some fire damage, with a CDR effect on the use whenever it procs. It being a targeted ground effect does make it a bit hard to try to use though, combined with the speed of the projectile it triggers. Though all of that is in theme with the trinket, it is meant to be a fast-paced, uncontrollable machine after all, but in terms of UX, could use a bit more polish.

Tuning-wise, seemed a bit lackluster in my testing, but, DK doesn’t generally love pure damage trinkets, so my perspective might be a tad skewed on it. Worth double checking anyways.

Ravenous Honey Buzzer
I f*kin love this thing. It’s so derpy and fun and doesn’t even take itself seriously in its tooltip. My only wish for this trinket is that we could turn while riding the bee. Although I do understand that might be a little overpowered giving anyone who can use this such a fast movement speed effect, in the name of just dumb fun, that’s my only wish for it.

Tuning-wise, this is another one that felt a bit lackluster, but, same as above, my perspective might be a tad skewed due to DK’s general trinket preferences.

Final Words
Trinkets this time, at least for Melee, all seem to be generally quite good and fun trinkets to use, with some decent thought put into every one of them. There’s a few that could probably use a bit more attention, a bit more polish, but, none of the concepts are bad at all, which is a great thing to see. The entire rewards team this time is absolutely killing it, keep up the good work guys.

  • Do the visual effects match your expectation of the fantasy? Do they distract from the rest of your gameplay?

Warriors still feel lackluster. Whenever I hit something it feels the same since Legion. I don’t feel powerful whenever I use Mortal strike it looks like an attack from a SW guard from WC3. Thunderclap looks boring still. Man when I thunderclap I wanna see the ground shake and hear a loud thunder noise! Like BOOM BOOM CLAP. I want Mortal strike to feel like i’m inflicting a MORTAL Wound! Execute should be a hard spin and a cut to the head! To feel it’s power as a legit Excute!

and then We Will Rock You by Queen starts playing

Hello and Good Day,

I appreciate the recent changes that separate trinkets based on roles. However, I find value in the simplicity of stat sticks. They eliminate the need to incorporate an on-use trinket into our already complex rotations. This simplicity allows us to focus more on the encounters, without adding further complexity to our strategies. In essence, it reduces the ‘homework’ aspect of our rotation planning.

Adding more auras/buffs to time around the rotation can sometimes detract from the fun of the game. While it would be enjoyable to simply press a button and win, the reality is that we have to worry about our parse and time it perfectly. Otherwise, we risk being labeled as casual and not trying hard enough.

I enjoyed the interaction Neltharion’s Call to Dominance had with my Lightning build - Enhance Shaman. It was fun, but the need to min-max added a bit of annoyance. If you want to play alts, I feel something needs to be done to lower the overall cognitive load somewhere in the game. I don’t want to have to stress about Trinkets and when to use them with my rotation. I would rather have a more simplified yet weighty experience where the challenge comes from the content itself.

Best regards,


Hello I’m Evi, I play a couple games at a relatively competitive level and care a lot, here’s some stuff i find in beta while I run around. Will likely update as I move along.

To Preface, my overall time spent on beta thus far has been spent on Oracle Holy Priest. My background is CE Raider track with recent Hall of Fame addition, I have historically done max M+ key level for the reward without going much further (No season title pushing for me). I feel as though where my biases lay is important and the scope/frame I’m viewing the game from is not quite what some others may experience.


Cirral Concoctory - This Trinket is interesting since it follows the highly debated theme of external power sources for DPS. I am on the side of it being a fun and enjoyable thing inside of the game but I do see the struggles some have with it. This trinket plays on that theme but the transparency for this specific trinket is in a terrible state. There are 4-6 buffs, the party members must be in combat for the proc to occur. This makes testing the trinket a bit difficult because you need to party up with people at training dummies or hop into some dungeons and watch peoples buffs like a hawk. Overall in my experience this trinkets proc rate is extremely low. The effects also seem to be bugged. One of the buffs is for an Intellect boost, it was consistently happening to targets that do not use intellect. I assume this is just supposed to be main stat or secondary stat. I wish to see the values maybe come down a little and the proc rate be greatly increased. Otherwise this trinket in it’s current state is likely dead on arrival.

Viscous Coagulant - As a Holy Priest, I love this trinket. This trinket fits a great niche that I don’t think many other healer trinkets if any at all have historically. The idea of its strength deriving from reducing the penalty of overhealing by a small fraction is phenomenal. I do think the tuning for the heal could come up just a tiny bit, especially if the on use effect was removed. The alternative could be just make the on use a little bit stronger for 5 man content because I do think that is the only place this trinket falls a little behind. In the same breath I do want to say everything obviously cannot be balanced for all forms of content at once. I love the idea of this trinket for a lot of healers in a raid environment. Great job.

Spymaster’s Web - Intellect Coral but better? Sign me up. Most healers and caster dps can use this and use it VERY well. Unfortunately I don’t think holy priest will be one of the best user’s but I’m so happy to see this trinket come to life. I think it has healthy skill expression and synergizes with a lot of potential users. Very well done.

Gruesome Syringe

UPDATE: Trinket was clarified on, still seems to have a potential cap of 3ish stacks. Happy overall after the first raid test, this trinket feels great to play with!

  • Probably going to be a guaranteed equipped trinket for many healers. Update: After the 6/13/24 Raid test I can safely say I love the idea of this trinket. This thing pumps and is super enjoyable to play with.

Ovinax’s Mercurial Egg - This trinket is something I really liked the wording of when initially viewing, however, with practice this trinket became a bit of a nightmare. I think the idea of wanting to balance stacks with moving and staying stationary is a great idea, it’s just in practice, the zero base stat value this trinket has, makes it too weak. You add this extra layer of complexity most trinkets don’t typically add with weaving micro movement into your gameplay, all to be rewarded with VERY lackluster stat gain. I think it just needs a little love.

Signet of the Priory - This trinket is very reminiscent of the legendary ring from Warlords of Draenor. I personally loved that legendary as it made you feel like being a part of a bigger group and team truly empowered you. The theme of this trinket is beautiful and since it’s not in the season 1 rotation it will likely not be used unless there is high cheese potential for normal/heroic raid very early on. I wish the secondary stat gain was adjusted based on group size to be flexible for 5/10/20 man content because once you hit 30 people using this trinket at the same time this thing becomes a monster. Overall I still love the theme, it feels great.

More trinket healer testing in dungeons

Viscous Coaglam
I love the idea of this trinket, a passive solution to overhealing by partially storing it but i think its extremely undertuned. Based on the wording (and backed up by it not working at all in solo play) this trinket doesn’t work on raid groups , only your party (like windfury totem), meaning the maximum amount of people you’ll ever have storing healing is 5, making the maximum shield 334k with the base champion quality one; thats only ~7% of a non-tanks health in equivalent gear. If the trinket is 5 man locked then i think the stored amount needs to be doubled at least, increasing its small party value and letting the absorb be at least 15% of a dps or healers health with a fully powered on use.
If it does work in raids, the wording should be changed away from specifying party and it should probably get a bit of that new group sizing tech you gave disc atonement and some of the major healing cooldowns, where the stored total amount can be up to doubled based on the number of valid targets.

sigil of algari Concordance
Flast stat trinket that summons a little buddy on what feels like an okay proc rate. I’m gonna guess its intentional that i only ever got the heal pulse and some mainstat in heal spec, while I’ve seen it do damage for other people. It does lower the open world value a bit but the mainstat being good for everything makes up for that.

signet of priory
Group synergy trinkets are nice but it shouldnt be a 2 minute cooldown. It’s reinforcing the god comp meta we had in DF with a trinket that synergizes even better with a group of 2 minute specs vs the low perma-passive stat buffs of previous season’s group trinkets. Lower the total given stat and it moved to a 1 minute cooldown so it can line up with pretty much all the major cooldown variants. Besides that its a fine trinket for personal use and another for the group supporting list.

harvester’s edict
Listed as a healer trinket, might not be. The bloodworker spawns pretty far out and moves pretty fast making it difficult to get the mastery bonus.
The first half of the wording doesnt specify hostile spells and abilities but either it doesnt work on heals or it doesnt work without a hostile target selected , making its proc rate super low while healing.
The damage it does is the same in resto and balance spec so i’m guessing it is intended to be a valid healer trinket but it probably needs some adjustments to work off of heal spells and just select a random nearby enemy in combat not our target, or give the bloodworkers a heal variant so it can go explode on our dps and heal them when we target them with our friendly spells.

Multiple charges may overlap” is intended to signal that each stack has its own duration as opposed to refreshing all stacks for the full duration. The visible duration is only for the most recent application of the buff. We haven’t used this kind of mechanic on a lot of trinkets and most classes don’t use it either, so it might be new for some players. Ironfur is another example.

This function puts a natural cap on the total stacks you can have at any given moment based on the proc rate and duration, so it’s very unlikely to go above three given the particular setup here. Old stacks are consumed to heal if an ally drops below the health threshold, or the stack expires and is converted to the INT buff. The tooltip wording has been updated slightly in the next build to better reflect this.

This might not be the correct place for this feedback, but seemed the most relevant place anyways.

Going through all the jewelry available in Season 1, noticed there’s a pretty severe lack of haste focused rings. For reference sake, here’s a map of all the S1 items (in their current forms)

Mast > Haste
Writhing Ringworm

Mast > Vers

Mast > Crit
Band of the Roving Scalawag/Seal of the City Watch
Umbriss Band

Haste > Mast

Haste > Vers
Stitchflesh’s Misplaced Signet

Haste > Crit

Vers > Mast
High Nerubian Signet

Vers > Haste
Experiment 08752’s Band

Vers > Crit
Ritual Commander’s Ring

Crit > Mast
Seal of the Poisoned Pact

Crit > Haste
Devout Zealot’s Ringworm
Band of the Ancient Dreadger

Crit = Haste
Abaondoned Dark Iron Ring
Ring of Dun Algaz
Circle of Bone

Crit > Vers
Key to the Unseeming

Hello! I’m posting about something that isn’t particularly from any of the raid trinkets or non-set items, but I felt it’d be more pertinent to drop it here rather than making a new thread about it.

The item in question is actually a questing trinket, The Everburning Lantern (item id: 215169)
It’s just a proc trinket that accumulates fireflies and launches them out for some damage following the proc ending on your next damage spell.

However, the reason I’m posting about it is because the firefly graphic itself is really nice and cozy, with roughly 4-10 soft flame colored dots floating around the character, and I’d like to put a request about potentially having this effect put on a toy, with roughly 4-6 fireflies depending on how the toy functions, I suppose.
If people feel I should just make a thread all about this little guy, I can do that, but for now, I figured because it’s a trinket, this was probably the best place to drop it.

Thanks for calling this out! Key to the Unseeming has been changed to Haste/Mastery in the next build, and we are reviewing potential dungeon loot changes as well.

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Is it possible for yall to take another pass at the types of trinkets tanks get from m+. From a defensive standpoint a lot of them are underwhelming. There’s only one cooldown related one but it is tied to you using taunt, which can be really limiting if you need the cooldown for a certain point in a big pull but you had to burn it taunting an add off of an overzealous DPS. And for paladins, when we bubble taunt, we don’t need the cooldown there but will burn it.

Can we just have a simple on use defensive trinket from m+ at least? Something like the trinkets from Brackenhide or Nokhud (S4)? So we can have it a little easier to use but still require some skill expression on when to use it?

Also a couple weeks ago you mentioned number tuning on the trinkets in the next patch. I hopped on today to recheck and a lot of the defensive trinkets for tanks are weaker at higher ilvls on the beta than existing trinkets on live at lower ilvl. I mean a trinket at nearly 600 ilvl only takes off like 15-20k damage per hit when enemies are doing multiple millions in damage. It is really underwhelming.

I’m a weird one that doesn’t want to play offensive trinkets as a tank, but it is often the case that there are no nicely itemized tank trinkets from m+ (and I don’t generally raid). S1 and S3 of dragonflight didn’t have any well designed tank trinkets, so I ended up farming brackenhide m0 and eventually DotI m0 for defensive trinkets those seasons and that just feels bad. But so does taking trinkets that only do damage or that do a really weak/negligible defensive effect.

Can we have some better designed defensive trinkets from m+?

They want tanks/healers to use tank trinkets/healer trinkets and then they give us underwhelming stuff. The healer stuff is looking a lot better than the tank stuff though.

The War Mode gear, sold from the vendor in Dornogal, doesn’t have it’s set effects like it previously did in Dragonflight. This includes the Bloody Tokens WPvP gear and the Trophy of Strife WPvP gear.

Are we getting a new 6 set effect for these items, which is why they haven’t been put on them yet, or are they no longer keeping the WPvP set effect like they did in DF? Can we get some confirmation on this? Thanks!

First Raid testing Viscous Coaglam it did work on the whole raid (not just the party like in its description) and ended up being a massive portion of my healing, since then i noticed the total saved amount has been brought down, which is fair. It’s passive alone was really op in 15+ sized groups out doing anything my class was actually doing. However, the trinket is now atrocious in 5 man content.

In 5-man dungeons the absorb caps out around 2% of a non-tank players total health in comparable trinket to total gear item level and with no other healers to snipe you/bigger burst hits of mythic plus the shield doesnt get to build up fast enough or high enough to really counter any type of damage the way say Tyrstone did DF season 3.

I Know healers are supposed to be doing less overall but this trinket just feels really sad compared to the other trinket options available now and i’d be massively disappointed to see it in my vault unless i was planning to do a lot of raiding, even though the trinket drops from dungeon content.

Apologies if this does not go here.

In Season 4 of DF my gear on all toons felt it was locked in. Of the 13(14 with off hand)
4 go to set
2 two embellishments
2 proc rings
1 proc weapon
1 crafted for flavour pocket
2 trinkets

Leaving the worst stated tier item and one other.
Unless you need a Battle Res bracers.

This made drops for me a situation of;
Is it a crafted slot?
Is it ilvl upgrade for any other slot?
Is it the tier slot with the wrong stats?

Which made it a two second decision for loot dropped which was niceish.
But lost almost any of the wonder of 'Can I make this work with that other piece? COULD IT BE AN UPGRADE? SWEET JUBILATION ’

Get an item ilvl upgrade ‘nice, upgrade to 502 annnnnnnd we are out of wyrmstones.’

Embellishments with that were not locked to a slot become locked to the low stat slots, bracer cloak belt boots as ‘myth track can get 3 more ilvls on it’.

Season 4 DF was an perfect storm of bullions and the two rings, and it made loot anticlimactic for me.

Like that gear sets offer different play styles/variety and a tuning button, but it locks down 5 of the higher stat budgeted items.

Would love it if the sets had their own slot or were gems that went in set specific gem slots so gear drops for all slots is exciting.

Thank you for your time.

Looking across the variety of on-use trinkets at the moment there is very few on the 1.5/3 minute cooldown cycle.

But several on the 2 minute cycle.

Need to do a better job balancing these out among the different timings.

0.45/1.5/3 minute cd window trinkets

At the moment it feels like there are too few trinkets designed around the cd windows. This leaves us using trinkets that will sit off cd till they line up.

Str One Handers

Farming strength one handers at the moment feels extra hard compared to other classes as there are so few specs that can or will loot them.

Currently you have
frost dk (who has a chance to loot 2handers too in keys…reducing chance of getting the right weapon).
Fury warriors (who regularly loot spec arms to avoid getting one handers as single minded fury is inferior than titan grip).
Prot warriors
Prot paladins

I’m just asking if maybe for the weapons such as swords, axes, and maces that drop as agility, can we add strength to them as an alternative stat?

I’d argue that the str one handed spec pool is one of the smallest spec pools compared to the agi tanks and dps.