FEEDBACK: Night Fae Covenant

Hiya, got a bit into the Night fae questlines and have just hit where I need to find an instance group so may as well post my feedback so far:

_ The theatre was amazing. The references to no-one understanding Wods timeline, Illidan killstealing and sargeras’s sword miraculously missing anything major, Magni’s “woonz” etc were excellent. Highlight of the expansion for me so far!

_ As a Druid, Soulshapes a bit underwhelming as a class ability, its pretty close to literally our class’s schtick but given to all Night Fae members. Considering how many people playing Druids are likely to be drawn to Night Faes themes (both very Druidic), I propose making things a bit more interesting and giving DruidsSoulshape aura dressing room options for our base forms. It seems an easy way to make it more exciting to be a Druid in the Night Fae while hopefully not requiring too much development time.

_ Warning - Slightly Rant from an avid Night Elf fanboy :stuck_out_tongue:
I dislike the direction they are going with Tyrande in the Night Fae covenant line (well, really the way they are treating Tel’drassil as a whole) immensely.
Literally depicting a factions military genociding a race from the other and then just pinning it on 1 person and having every character, never mind Tyrande who is supposed to be mad with rage, not raise any issue with that is unrealistic and, honestly, a bit depressing.
I get that actually depicting long term fallout for the Horde, particularly the players (who directly participated in the act) in a 2 faction mmo isnt easy but the current direction is doing your narrative a disservice.

Please change Tyrandes lines to make it clear she blames the Horde soldiers at Tel’drassil as well as Sylvannas as logic would dictate.

_ No quest for checking on Rezan? Zandalari aren’t the same without their T-rex god, pretty sad he seems mostly forgotten. I was really hoping we’d get at least something for him here. Even just adding him to the pods we check and turn out fine would be something. Bwonsamdi is amazing as far as replacements go but you’re still breaking my heart here!

_ Thank you for making the former Night Warriors a gay couple. Double points for them not being afraid to be intimate on occasion (the kiss, for example). Representation matters and this was a very good touch. :slight_smile:

_ Moonberry is absolutely amazing and I am very sad she’s not a conduit option. I Like Dreamweaver don’t get me wrong but shes a whole new bar and I really hope we see a lot more of her in future!


Posting some additional suggestions by Seksixeny-Kazzak (cannot access NA forums)

Fae Transfusion should be able to be ST focused (maybe have a soulbind path allow it to hit multiple targets or alternatively to focus it into a single target) and redesign the ability a little bit in the following ways:

  • It should still do damage, with 1 target as default or an option, so it is possible to get more value out of it when needed.
  • The second activation heal of the spell should either be removed and become a leech effect for simplicity, or become able to be targeted, so it can serve as an emergency single target heal. Most importantly, it could give Restoration a small bit of Mana back, making it more interesting for us, because as it currently stands this is a very niche long cooldown AoE heavily focused on DPS. For Elemental and Enhancement it could simply do more DPS to compensate or also grant a little bit of extra resources such as extra Fulmination or Maelstrom Weapon stacks.

This idea was inspired by the beloved designs of “damage plus Mana back” trinkets of the past, such as the recent Forbidden Obsidian Claw and Legion’s Carafe of Searing Light, which have a lot of similarities with the direction the current design leans into with its “leech” effect.

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I’m a bit concerned about the ‘support’ style ability for priest and similar hybrid classes in how it affects the ‘dps role’ specifically.

As a shadow priest it’s unclear to me how much personal ‘damage’ I stand to lose choosing night fae over other covenants who will have a dps ability vs my support ability ‘fae blessings’. Being a priest I don’t ‘hate’ the idea of a support-like underpin BUT I have a tipping point where I’m just NOT cool with being ‘support spec’ and am…a dps spec and want to remain one.

So my question is, how do the devs plan to balance night fae? How much personal sacrifice are we losing if we choose this path? Players need to know this kind of information so we know what we are getting ourselves into. Furthermore; if the individual dps sacrifice is ‘negligible’ then how do you even avoid the covenant becoming a pure pigeon hole?

How do you avoid the ‘double negative’ of “I lack a dps ability AND I buffed my buddy’s cds further widening the gap”

I’ll take it a step FURTHER and say; how do you prevent CD oriented classes getting way OP over non-cd oriented specs like shadow? The effects multiply on each other in a way that is surely going to break the game.


Yeah. The recent Paladin change for Blessing of Seasons seems to make this Covenant a more… unpleasant choice. I’d rather not stick with this play-style and pick another Covenant if this is how Blizzard wants both Priest/Paladin to play by picking Night Fae. The Blessing which does damage seems to be pretty high, but I dislike having to use an extra button on the GCD every 30 seconds, a couple in which will highly be recommended to use on another raid member.


The “For Queen and Grove!” quest can not be completed as Ysera will not yet fly with the character. This may just not yet be implemented.


Greetings, friends of the Queen.

In the next Beta build, we’ve made some changes to the Night Fae’s Signature Ability, Soulshape. These changes are aimed at addressing the feedback we’ve heard from you, and echoed in our own playtesting, that Soulshape simply doesn’t feel powerful enough.

  • Flicker – Soulshape’s teleport effect – now teleports you 15 yards forward (up from 10 yards).
  • Activating Soulshape will now immediately cast Flicker, teleporting you and putting Flicker on cooldown.
  • Soulshape now increases movement speed by 50% (up from 30%).

We’ve also fixed a number of issues with how Soulshape interacts with Druid shapeshift forms. For Druids, Soulshape will now behave like a real shapeshift form. If a Druid is in Cat Form and activates Soulshape, their action bar will change to the default bar instead of remaining on the Cat Form bar. Additionally, Soulshape will remember what form the Druid was in when activated, and return them to that form when Soulshape ends (unless the Druid manually activates a different Shapeshift). In this example, when Soulshape expires or is canceled, the Druid would automatically go back to Cat Form.

Thank you for your feedback thus far. We look forward to hearing your thoughts on this update to Soulshape.


sounds cool!

a little less useful for guardians, but … they are used to it >.<


It would also help the ability feel better if more classes and specs could cast spells in Soulshape form without instantly dropping out, or at least allow re-entering the form for the duration of the effect.


So, how does a guardian druid use this ability in combat without dying?


In terms of feedback relating to power, I definitely agree with Siory’s point above; in testing it has been pretty hard to justify spending the full duration shapeshifted during a raid encounter for example, when you might most like to have the extra mobility.

On a more cosmetic note, one thing I’ve already suggested through the in-game form is related to the interaction with Priest Levitate. The lack of movement animation right now takes this gorgeous effect and makes it look and feel extremely silly. Given that we’re likely to be casting Levitate more often with the new Finesse conduit, I would really like to see these ethereal spirit animals gain their running and jumping animations even while levitated, something that to me still feels fitting and thematically consistent.

I’m slightly confused about this, because at the moment other melee classes can perform their whole rotation while remaining in Soulshape. If they wanna run circles around the bosses or blink across the room, abilities are still usable.

But Cat druids now get yoinked out of their forms and from their DPS abilities?
Have I completely missed something about how this ability works?
Have I been accidentally keeping it active by only testing in Rested Areas?

And to echo this:

The difference between a Druid in no form, and in Bear form is like a Warrior unequipped all their gear and shield.


Whoa! The new Soulshape feels much better; thank you so much for this tweak.

The initial blink change auto-engages my mage instincts, and the speed buff no longer feels like I’m going “the same speed” when I engage the slightly larger fox model (I’m a blood elf). Mixing this with the fact that I can just keep this on infinitely when in Ardenweald/Oribos and the post-soulshape vanish, wow.

You did it! Soulshape is fixed for my Monk. Thanks again.

(Now just make me want to press Faeline Stomp on all 3 specs, please!)


Soulshape feels much better now!

There is still some issue with how slow the default fox appears to be moving. If its animations were sped up, or it were a little smaller (closer to Ghost Wolf in size), it’d feel a lot better.

The weird swirling things you get around you when running feel distracting and out of place.


Sepsis damage was changed in some build and should be reverted. The damage should be 125.3% AP over the DoT duration and then the final tick does an additional 125.3% AP, for a total of 250.6% AP. A decent damage nuke that comes with a free Vanish tied to the end.

At some point the final tick was changed to 12.53% AP, I am assuming the same time it was changed so mobs don’t automatically reset when you Vanish from Sepsis. This is obviously laughable small and isn’t even worth having on the ability at all. I find it hard to believe this change was intended. 12.53% AP is about 200~ damage right now on beta.

Other than that, Sepsis is a fun ability for Rogues. With the recent Legendary reveals, this Covenant went from “hmm, kinda meh” to “wow this has a lot of incredibly synergies” and I am liking it.


I think it is definitely the size of the fox, as I actually have this feeling with Ghost Wolf as a goblin as well. I just assumed/hoped alternative forms to the fox would be much smaller and I’d just use one of those, but foxes are pretty small in real life. Hopefully they’ll just size all of the Soulshape models down a bit.

I echo the general thoughtline that Soulshape feels a lot better now.

Question in case I missed it though: Soulshape is meant to emulate the way the spirits in Ardenweald (and many other shadowlands area) have a chosen shape when they’re reborn there. Literally their souls shape.

So is there a reason we get a Vulpin form standard with nothing else said beyond that?

I think it’d be a lot cooler if we got to chose from a few blue aura’d models (like maybe that awesome new Druidic toad? :smiley: )


^ This I tried doing it yesterday and she still will not fly, there was a backup of players waiting for something to happen here, I just logged out on that character until it gets fixed.

Quest is broken.

It happens when a specific world quest in the play area is up I think. The phases are overlapping and giving you the wrong ysera.

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I think there is a full “collection” aspect already planned for this. There are something like 22 forms to unlock/earn/pick from:

I don’t see toad in there, but there are quite a few cool ones in there to pick from.


Couple of things I’ve noticed about Blessing of Seasons after today’s raid testing:

  • Previously upon entering raid combat it would remove any Seasons buff you had and reset it to Summer. During testing today it wouldn’t remove the buff but would still revert it to Summer, keeping the cooldown of the previous season. This meant you could cast Autumn prepull, keep the buff for 40s (thanks to the conduit), cast Summer, then cast Autumn again afterwards. Given that this is a change from how it worked previously it seems to be intended, but I would much rather to just be able to choose the season it started on and then rotate through them normally than have a weird jump around the calendar.

  • The Grove Invigoration soulbind Mastery buff works a bit weirdly with Blessing of Seasons. It only is applied when you cast Summer, which makes sense because otherwise the average stacks you get over a fight would be much higher than any other class, but works oddly when you cast it more often than every 2 minutes thanks to Autumn’s cooldown reduction. Currently the buff has 10 stacks with 1 fading every 12s, so it lasts 2 minutes. If you cast Summer again 2 seconds before a stack is due to drop it will give you 10 stacks of the buff, but then one stack will drop 2s later instead of 12s later. It seems to be tracking the previous stack drop timing instead of resetting it when stacks are refreshed to 10. The fact that Summer is the only one that gives the buff also results in some long pull timer lengths combined with how Seasons resets on pull - if you want to use Autumn prepull so that you have it during your burst on pull then you want to have a 30+s pull timer so you have maximum Mastery stacks going into the fight.