Feedback - New Azerite Essences


Could we get clarification on how the new essences are meant to work?

Ion said in the video that it’s a new slot specifically for the new Visions of N’zoth essences, however in the ptr and in the build notes it’s been called out to be a minor slot.

#1 Is it just a matter of scrapping the former and the ladder being permanent or is it just placeholder?
#2 If it is placeholder will the new n’zoth slot be a minor or major for the new n’zoth essences
#3 If is placeholder will you be able to use the n’zoth essences in the other slots or just strictly the n’zoth essences in the n’zoth slot and the azshara ones in the other slots?

I assume it’s #1, but clarification would be greatly appreciated and greatly improve the level of feedback that can be given on the essences, as their interactions change heavily based upon how many major/mines we can use (ie 1 major, rest minors or 1 major azshara and 1 major n’zoth - etc).


(Salana) #7

Thanks for the update! It’s a long away goal for a lot of us (and one we probably won’t get) but it is something certain and very prestigious to go after. Will be fun to play with these new essences on the PTR.


Essences don’t need to be account wide, but they should be obtained easier on alts. For example, if you have one character with the rank 3 essence from mechagon and najatar rep then perhaps your alts could have a 200% increased rep gain from these zones.


Can we please buy rank 3 essence and send them to our alts? please? please? please? we’re still buying it, either with marks of honnor, essence, pearl, just… please. Like i understand it’s a grind, but for an alt it’s painful, I worked to get my conflict rank3 (I’m garbage at pvp, I hate it, but still did it), now I want to play a tank for m+, and have to do it all over again. I’d rather just farm the mark of honnor, buy it, send it to my alt. That would probably be the most satisfying change with an already awesome system (I love essences)


Please consider making essences easier for alts to obtain.

(Nimox) #11

The current plan is that the new slot is just a normal minor slot, there’s nothing special or restrictive about it.

(Salana) #12

I would venture to say that yes the grind is not really enjoyable right now (I am only playing one character, and that one not even well). But from Blizzard’s standpoint they really aren’t to give it all away for free. There are two ways they could do it. First, by making the essences BOA, and your main has to buy them likely at near their original cost. Or two by actually unlocking the essences account-wide but at a reduced level. However for that way, your alts are not going to get rank 3s and 4s just because your main has them. That ruins the identity of an alt (as Ion would say). I wager that if you get a rank 3 essence, all the characters on your account get rank 1. If you get a rank 4, all characters get a rank 2. However as I said and what Blizzard likely feels, they are not going to give you rank 3 just because you have it on one character. A form of a grind has to exist but hopefully one that isn’t too bad that you shutdown and quit because of apathy (I struggle with that one a bit at times).

Your commendation idea is great too. Like the commendations of MoP (which BFA is looking like right now lol). And we had those weeks with the extra black prince rep bonuses. I wish we could get a chunk of that time again. Maybe a consumable and not a set date, so we can play as we want, and not play the game like a job. Play it like a passionate hobby.

(Ghaghzull) #13

agree. some of BiS Essences require raiding or Mythic+ that lot work for your alts and will cost burn outs.


No, those are the easy essences to get on alts.

It’s the toxic follower xp or other time gated content that make it miserable.

Calling it a grind isn’t even wholly accurate because you can’t actually grind it, only work through the drip fed content until you’ve logged in for 1 hour to do mindless nonsense for as many days as Blizzard decide is sufficient.


Ah - Thanks. I was confusing the new minor slot and the endless progression slot.

(Ghaghzull) #16

No likes that type of a grind, that why they quit WoW.

(Makorë) #17

Can we change how the new essences work? Having to depend on a party isn’t good for people that like to go solo…if the Book of Knowledge could work randomly, it would be good


Can you directly communicate with the dev team that it is NOT fun to grind on alts. We know that more play time = a better review from your bosses, but to your customers it sucks to grind and grind and grind. Let them know BFA has killed alts.

If you can’t or refuse to tell them this they will never know.


Idk man, remember champions of azeroth rep? They made the neck ilvl increase from that account wide a patch after launch. It doesn’t need to be given to us for free, but making it a lot easier for alts is what would incentivize people to play alts and therefore spend more time playing the game.


An item level bump is a far cry from an essence (item) that directly affects your character’s power level.


Plying even two characters currently is tedious. I wanna try to gear my prot warrior up but wait I need to raid eternal palace for weeeeek just to get a really good essence I already have rank 3 on my main. 8.3 will come out and people will be forming heroic eternal palace essence runs because THAT is totally fun I love going back to old content just to farm a needed thing for my class to work yay!!! 3 or 4 more months of eternal palace if you choose to have a side character.

Or you don’t get the essences and you are fundamentally broken.

I just want the raid essence and the nazjatar essence to be account bound because it’s weeeeeeeeks. And time gating the pvp grinding and other stuff is fine for Alts but the time gated weekly and daily reset rep and raiding grinds are horribly slow especially if you already got it on a main.

(Ammanas) #22

This has been my biggest gripe to date. I’ve unlocked at least level 3 of most essences on my priest, I have 5 other 120s I wouldn’t mind gearing/playing but refuse to grind essences.

My bee event raids loved having my undergeared mage with 1 green essence unlocked at heart level 60. But too much of a hassle to gear up an alt when he’ll still be garbage w/o essences. Would also love to try out my DH, same issue. Essences are great ideas but implemented poorly with some of them having time gated or super grindy requirements behind them. I’m fine to do that once, sadly other 5 toons will remain subpar.

Back to farming ultramarine battletank and working on another alt for heritage armor that will sit there for holiday boss farming and gathering dust.

Blizz - People will still play the game and gear if it’s fun, alt essence grinding is NOT that.


I’m confused about the passive stamina boost on Strength of the Warden. Tank spec is required to equip the essence, so – unless you guys are going to shake things up – 2 players per raid will be using this essence. What’s the point of making it a stacking stamina buff if only the tanks are going to be able to use it?

Seems like something you’d put on a role-neutral essence, that players can decide to use if their raid group needs the additional support to their tanks, during progression periods. It would be a sacrifice for say a DPS class to use this, but it would benefit the raid overall by giving tanks better survivability.

The way it is now, seems counterproductive to the spirit behind the use of such an essence.


where are the new essence descriptions at outside the game? Anyone have what they are? cant get on the PTR


Altho some of the values aren’t really helpful since they’re base code values based on stat, which you wouldn’t see values of without being in the game.