FEEDBACK: New Arena -- Empyrean Domain

In this thread, please reply with your feedback on the new Arena: Empyrean Domain.

If you encounter a gameplay bug specific to this Arena while testing, please use the in-game Bug Report utility.

Thank you!

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Personally I find the slow fall to be very jarring as PVP is generally about control. Taking a players ability to control their character at the “start” of a match creates a weird feeling and I find myself not watching the other team, but to see when I’m landing so that I can move and play. The slow fall/pseudo start also limits some of the initial map set up like lock gateways. Other than that I am a fan of a smaller Nagrand!


Personally I see it as a potential for something to break. What if the slow fall doesn’t activate and poof. Straight down to your death or something more funky.

It’s better if it connected and you drop down like the Junkyard and Dalaran Sewers arenas.


Big fan of the design of this arena, however, I find it extremely bright to the point of it limiting my visibilty of what’s happening in the actual match and borderline causing eye strain. Hopefully this isn’t just me.


The movement from starting room to arena felt weird the first time, but intuitive. Every time after that it felt fine.

Camera: Because the arena is actually in the clouds and there are really no exterior walls, I found it impossible to have weird camera clipping. This is massively positive.

Z-axis Textured Terrain: Again, I actively tried to Ring of Peace in weird spots above players heads (which accidentally and organically occurs on Ashemain’s and Nagrand arena all the time), and struggled to produce a similar result. Massively positive.

FPS/Lag: No weird FPS drops or load time issues with this map (I’m looking at you hookpoint.). Massively positive.

Overall, the arena layout is well designed and proportioned. It’s like a better version of Nagrand arena. Also, the art team killed it on the textures here for sure, foreground and background.


I am not a fan of the brightness of the Arena. I get why it’s like that, Kyrian and all, but it doesn’t feel good on the eyes when you enter.

Especially compared to the other maps, when you finally get this one in rotation, it’s like staring into the sun.


Same for me and my friends.

Also the Pillars are a bit too thin to use as a Line of sight…

So far have had a good experience with the map, I’ve especially loved having a shorter rush distance.

My only concern would be avoiding large radius aoes like starfall / uhdk abomination being shot out near where you land.


this and the brightness is near blinding to me

Definitely liking the new arena, in terms of aesthetic and overall graphic design I think it is one of the more interesting arenas to look at. I didn’t notice the brightness issue as much as some others did, but I can see how it might be a little jarring.

The only real issue I have is the same issue that Nahj brought up, although it seems to me to be a largely stealth class-centric issue. It might be much easier for good hunters and boomkins to drop a large ground aoe in order to get stealthies out before they have much of a chance to react. I haven’t had the issue so far but it is something I would want to be very wary of going forward, especially due to the strength of stealth openers that SL has brought so far.

Other than that, great map. Perfect size, in my opinion. Never been much of a fan of sprawling arena maps.

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Really liking the new map – the brightness hasn’t been as issue for me, but I’m playing on 144hz with lightboost which can make things a bit dimmer.

Overall size and design are great, though.

As many have said: a bit too bright, too blue, and the gate opener is odd.

However, overall one of the neater arenas to come along in some time.

I gotta say I love both the design and look of this arena very very much.

Only nitpicking is the slow fall to start and how bright it is.

I do think it being bright fits the feel of the theme but it’s just slightly too bright.

Playing in the arena tho is really fun and I’m excited to get more games on map when slands hits.