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And after you’ve done some testing in Nazjatar, please share your experiences with us here.

Rise of Azshara PTR Development Notes – May 1
Rise of Azshara PTR Development Notes – May 15
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If at all possible, the art team could benefit from reading this feedback I’ve quoted. It’s extremely valuable. I promise it’s worth reading. And obviously the game play feedback is too, but the zone art is equally important. Thank you!

This is a great way to explain it and it’s grabbed everyone’s concerns about the zone’s design, as well as what is good about the zone. Here’s a more in-depth look in the next comment:


So far I like it. Here are a couple of minor points so far…

  • Why does the bodyguard only last an hour? Why isn’t it a permanent buff for as long as you want them around? Like Draenor bodyguards.
  • During the pvp event, the Eye of the Corruptor quest mob is right where the Zin-Azshari capture point is. That means questers are going to get potentially destroyed and the mob will too which might disrupt the flow a bit. Not sure how this event works outside of WM.

It was really cool to be questing idly and hear a sudden warhorn and battle music as the PVP event started though!

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Really nice to play through, though it needs more Night elves, and maybe Void Elves. Void elves to counter the void, and night elves because of the history.


So far the area seems really good. I am enjoying it. Little to no bugs as of right now.


needs more activities, so far I could see myself going there and being done with the questline in like an hour.

What else is there to say? ehm. Azshara is really boring bla bla bla. ehm. I dunno the chests seems weird. and unrewarding. the “mini items” for minigames etc seems confusing, i mean some items just say “you can use it at the place” but noone knows where to find that stuff.

how you can use excuses like “Players cant find pvp vendors” when there is stuff like this that is basically “Arcane Flamethrower item use at the azerite glabblegrapper” but no idea where the latter is, is beyond me.

Also there are NO REWARDS


So far I’ve explored about 75% of the zone’s land, and I have to say it:

It feels barren and empty. Dark and dreary, and not in a whimsical or fantastical way. Many bits of it feel like you literally copy-pasted Azsuna from Legion and called it a day. There are TONS of areas with barely anything in them, not even mobs. A lot of the mobs don’t drop any loot. I have run across 3 treasures chests I can’t even interact with, let alone loot. There are objects clipping through terrain and nonsensical things like a cage clearly meant for a prisoner but instead has a large plant perfectly inside of it somehow.

Honestly, I’ve tested every single one of your expansions and patches since MoP’s Beta, and this seems worryingly underfinished. Almost like it’s in a complete Alpha state, still. There’s barely anything to do, and the things I can “explore” have no reason to be explored. They don’t lead to treasure. The mobs aren’t worth killing because they don’t drop loot, and even if they did I’d imagine they’d drop some of the new cloth. Whoopie.

How long do you expect this to be on the ptr? This is very reminiscent of how unfinished Boralus was until the late Beta of BFA, and I complained about the unfinished, buggy quality of it, back then, too. Many of those complaints (fish floating out of the water, objects clipping through terrain, floating NPCs, terrain and buildings becoming invisible when viewed from a certain angle) made it to the LIVE version of the game, and even some of them (like the floating fish) are still in the LIVE game, today.

The quality of your dev teams is concerning me as of late. The ideas are in place for Nazjatar, but so far, from what I can tell, not very many of them are executed well. It’s far too dreary and dark and WAY too brown. Why is a place that has been underwater for thousands of years not more colorful with coral? I was expecting this zone to look more like Vash’jir and a less like Azsuna, considering Azsuna hasn’t been underwater for thousands of years and Nazjatar has.

Very, very disappointed. Please tell me there are some hardcore polishing patches coming, because this has a long way to go.


You and I must be playing two different PTRs entirely.

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Good thing this isn’t the first build with nazjatar or anything.


Please. Don’t be that guy. People like you said that literally from the beginning all the way to the end of BFA Beta, and look how the expansion launched.

The framework for this zone isn’t going to change drastically before it goes live in 2 months (tops). All the disappointments of the atmosphere and other qualms people are surely going to have will make it live. The cynical part of me says a lot of the bugs will, too, provided they haven’t stepped up their QA department game since BFA Beta.


There are plenty of night elves already here. Except they’re called Naga now.

It’s the first build they released. But according to them it’s further advanced than their usual new zones on PTRs.

I agree there are some places that are direct copies of NE ruins from Azsuna. I don’t mind the dark & dreary look, I think that’s fine and fitting. Not everything has to be alive with bright shiny bioluminescence, this is after all the lead up to an old god, and now that they old gods have been retconned revealed to be agents of the Void Lords, it fits. I hope the music matches the dark tone of the area.

That being said, I have found numerous mobs stuck inside walls, inside rocks, inside coral. As others have mentioned, there are little to no drops, and even if there are gear drops, they aren’t itemized / no stats; just a green/blue/purple item that might as well be a paperweight.

Also, I’d like to know more about how followers gain experience. I had the rogue follower for 60min, did numerous quests, only 1 of which was worth 100 rank points or whatever. 1 quest, I don’t even remember what it was because it wasn’t notable as being follower-specific. They last 60min for what reason exactly? You can go right back to the Conch and summon them again, so I don’t understand why there’s a duration at all.

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While casually exploring, I kept running into areas and unexpectedly getting dismounted because it’s a cave of some sort and you can’t mount in them.

While not normally an issue, it was not visually obvious that you were entering a cave like area. Possibly be a bit more lenient in where you can mount?


Its a bit bland. Azshara keeps boasting about how beautiful her land is,I’m not really seeing it yet. It reminds me too much of Argus. It needs more bio luminescence. I can see where theyre going with the wall of water surrounding the area, but it needs something more, like huge sea creatures swimming around in it watching you. Needs more of a wow factor. I mean this is azshara we’re talking about here. It does look too much like aszuna with new decor. But everything looks dead. Like I can almost smell the area.

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Yes I agree completely with this post - just logged off now and i felt very underwhelmed…i dont know why but for some reason i felt the zone was strangely cramped and i actually thought it would be a lot bigger…


The zone feels smaller & cramped because there are different elevations; the zone isn’t large surface area, but it has significant depth. The main hub of Azshara’s forces, and the most likely entrance to the Palace, are at the very bottom layer. There are some middle layers, and the Azsuna copy layer at the top, along with the Coral Forest.


why do y’all always put these thalassian ranger statues in old night elven areas?

i.imgur .com/Xn496Kj.jpg

they were in azsuna and suramar too, but those types of elves didn’t exist until they were exiled to the eastern kingdoms.

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In the case of the link you posted, it would appear as such:

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If the zone design feels bleak and unappealing, that’s valid criticism, but if the zone obviously isn’t fully populated and itemized I think it should be obvious not to judge it as if it will launch that way. I’ve done plenty of testing and they usually have placeholders for loot and treasures initially.


plz let us use the miniturization device toy on these bodyguards