FEEDBACK: Mythic The Nine - May 20th 2021

Please use this thread for feedback and bug reports regarding this encounter, or related issues. Noting the nature of your group (Mythic guild premade, PUG, etc.) is helpful, as are any logs. Thank you to everyone who has come out to help test!


This boss really just boiled down to being a dispel/control fight but some overlaps were absolutely nuts. Basically anything involving the Arthura’s Crushing Gaze ability and anything else felt absolutely atrocious without immunity cheese and there is a very realistic chance that stacking immunity-based classes would trivialize a mechanic that just overly-punishes the group if it can’t be immuned.

The fight felt like a (read: MUCH MORE FORGIVING) take on the Xy’mox style of “if I push this boss too early I get extremely oppressive overlaps” and having immunities made some of these overlaps much easier. I don’t know what the design intent with some of those Arthura’s Crushing Gaze overlaps/combos is but sometimes it’s very hard to deal with sans immunities.

That said, the boss itself seemed great overall. Most of the fight could just be tuned differently since it’s functionally the third boss of this raid and it would probably be fine as is. Some overlaps are utter chaos but the fight still seemed like it was perfectly doable in its current state. I think Arthura’s Crushing Gaze is the only real red flag on this fight since it causes a few problems no matter how it looks, but I also don’t think it’s a bad mechanic in and of itself.