FEEDBACK: Mythic Tarragrue - May 14th, 2021

Please use this thread for feedback and bug reports regarding this encounter, or related issues. Noting the nature of your group (Mythic guild premade, PUG, etc.) is helpful, as are any logs. Thank you to everyone who has come out to help test!

“You must be on the same realm to enter” bug is happening

Thank you for the report. A hotfix will be sent shortly to remedy the issue.


LOGS, including a 3% wipe:

So we’ve gotten the boss to 3% and everything about this fight seems extremely inconsistent. The Torments are fine on paper but with the nature of the Grasp of Death debuff with its current tuning some people are just going splat at random, it seems.

I also have no idea how the Chains are supposed to be tuned currently. We had players soaking the Chains as long as they had the Anima Power that made them immune to Stun/Fear effects. Sometimes the Chains were doing high but not unmanageable damage to their “soakers” and other times they were hitting for upwards of 35k on players with massive defensives up (it nearly killed me through Dispersion, for example) and it also appears that high amounts of movement speed can allow players to completely “avoid” the Chains mechanic altogether.

The Grasp of Death DoT was absolutely crazy in its current state. It was ticking far, far harder than what I’d consider reasonable as far as first Mythic boss abilities go. The DoT didn’t make the boss unkillable in its current state by any stretch of the imagination, but it felt really, really overtuned and was ticking for well over 50% of the typical 239 template character’s maximum HP every two seconds, and the DoT itself lasts for a very long time to boot.

Will add some more stuff in a bit.

The Grasp of Death DOT was ticking extremely hard. Also, it lasts way to long…it should last like 8-10 seconds tops.

Hello! :heart:

We didn’t have enough guildies or friends able to raid test, so we had to pug a few spots; raid size varied from 14-20 people at a time. Those of us from the same community are 10/10M CE raiders. Unfortunately we didn’t log or stream to my knowledge. Here’s some feedback:

Visual Clarity

The biggest concern is the visual clarity on this fight for specific mechanics, which is very poor in general. Some examples:

  • Chains of Eternity puts an indicator over the targets head and shoots the line from the top of the Tarragrue (i.e. over the player’s heads). It could definitely use an arrow on the ground similar to Huntsman Altimor’s Sinseeker.
  • Predator’s Howl’s circle indicator is extremely difficult to see with your peripheral vision.
  • The safe zone during Hungering Mist is ambiguous and can be misinterpreted.
  • You can’t tell how much is left to soak in a Remnant of Forgotten Torments circle, which I’d believe to be important information.
  • Fury of the Ages has no visual indicator to say, “I’m important! Soothe me!”.

Anima Powers

This is going to be a hot topic, so I’ll keep my thoughts brief:

  • I REALLY like that Anima Powers can play directly into the fight, such as the fear/stun immunity or the 30% movement speed for allies in 20yd.
  • Resetting your Anima Powers is tedious and time consuming. Maybe place all four orbs in a local area so you don’t need to run around?
  • Each orb giving random powers can lead to really inconsistent power selections, and incentivize players to reset over and over until they get what they want. This could be less problematic if each orb gave three powers from the same category. For example, X orb gives only offensive options, Y orb gives only defensive options, and Z orb gives only utility options.

Chains of Eternity

Only feedback is that this isn’t contextually correct in the dungeon journal, as the language is very vague. This was something our group really struggled with during the previous Heroic Tarragrue testing, since we weren’t sure how to properly handle the mechanic. The dungeon journal says:

“… stun the first target struck, inflicting X Physical damage and pulling them in for an Annihilating Smash.”

I’d suggest changing the text to something along the lines of:

“… stun the first target struck and inflicting X Physical damage. If the target is successfully stunned, The Tarragrue pulls them in for an Annihilating Smash.”

Uncategorized Feedback

  • If Chains of Eternity is meant to be dodged, it’s nearly impossible to do so in time.
  • Grasp of Death was unreasonably punishing. 13k damage every 2s for 40s (and it can’t be dispelled) AND being cast on multiple people is unheard of. In comparison, Mythic Baroness Frieda’s Drain Essence does 14k damage every 2s for only 4s.
  • Grasp of Death and Remnant: Soulforge Heat felt overwhelming when they’d overlap - especially so if you’ve soaked Remnant: Mort’regar Echoes.
  • I think Hungering Mist would be significantly more melee-friendly if The Tarragrue teleported the middle of the room, and the safe zones were close enough to let you attack him. Just a personal suggestion :stuck_out_tongue:
  • Phase 2 felt… uninspired. :confused: The entire phase can be nullified if you have 3-4 people taunting back and forth across the room. It was really fun the first few times, but after awhile this phase will be exploited and become extremely boring.

we were a mix of mostly CE raid groups

we killed it the first pull we overhealed, a new mechanic might be nice though
once people have timers to set up healer/raid cds for every wave of torment spawns, it’ll fall apart (and to run towards the middle for hungering mist)

Maybe come up with something for players to do as the fight progresses involving their torment stacks or add an actual new mechanic instead of a 90 second debuff (on a 5 minute fight) is now going to last on average almost twice as long. As it is, the only real danger (at least that isn’t the same as heroic) is the amount of damage presented to players with grasp as new torments spawn.

our hunters were able to turtle and soak entire torments without gaining stacks, and I think someone may have said ams works too

If the idea of this fight was to have a relatively easy patchwerk-y boss with no new abilities that just has more hp than the heroic counterpart, then it works. It’s not very exciting for it to play the same as heroic, but the difficulty is likely around right for an entry boss.

Overall pretty straightforward encounter.

Killed in a couple of pulls once we had tested all the things we wanted to try with 2 tank, 4 healer, 16 dps.

The main pieces to look at from my perspective:

  • anima power rerolling
  • visual noise from anima powers
  • visual identity of the chain (as someone suggested earlier, an arrow from boss similar to huntsman would be great)
  • p2 feels tedious but it’s novel at least.
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Damage and duration of Grasp of Death was very overtuned. Other than that seems fine for first boss.

This was my first ever PTR experience and it was on Mythic of course. 5/10 M CN right now.

I can only really remark on the telegraphs as I was pretty much winging everything else and just learning really fast, our PUG group of 17 that didnt discord in 40 minutes got it down to 60%. We were never going to kill it, but our group comp only had one immunity, so someone always died the second chain, not sure else that could have been handled with our group comp, except for a sacrificial lamb, could not night fae away!

Mostly, the visibility of the telegraphs were tough. I welcome the idea of having different color telegraphs on the ground, im tired of just red, purple and green everywhere, so have black, white and open spaces are an awesome idea, but I think there definitely needs to be some more contrast to easily identify it out of the crowd or give it a tinge of another color as a highlight.