FEEDBACK: Mythic Soulrender Dormazain - May 20th, 2021

Please use this thread for feedback and bug reports regarding this encounter, or related issues. Noting the nature of your group (Mythic guild premade, PUG, etc.) is helpful, as are any logs. Thank you to everyone who has come out to help test!

Overall cadence of this boss feels MUCH better on Mythic than it felt during Heroic testing. The adds have quite a hefty amount of HP but they also aren’t a super high priority to kill once the Mythic-only add is taken care of they can easily be gripped (we have two DKs and neither is Necrolord, FeelsBadMan).

Second set of adds might spawn a little bit too soon for my liking, but they aren’t unmanageable either.

Only real pain point is when he repeats the full dance every ~2 minutes, or RNG Mythic add spawns being extremely problematic. Some Dance patterns (far left/right into far right/left) are extremely tight without Gateway, which we currently don’t have in this group. Gateway makes this sort of overlap much easier.

Torments are a LOT easier to see and react to, which is a clear improvement over the Heroic test.

EDIT: I just wanna add that Necrolord DK has a huge chance to break this fight clean in two at the moment as it would make add damage significantly higher by virtue of gripping them all under the boss and just allowing us to cleave them off the boss.

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Currently if your group falls apart you cannot join another one due to mythic raid lockout.

Mass Entanglement and Entangling Roots do not break on the adds regardless of damage dealt. There’s a possibly unintended approach where you ignore the mawsworn overlords and then use knockbacks, grips and roots to leave the agonizers near the entrance of the room as the dps check is a bit high to handle while doing. (that strat might be intended with its current dps tuning)

There was also a bit of an inconsistency where I could not see the spawning animation of the overlord while across the room (and said animation being a bit too bright to accurately discern the location of the overlord) , leading to having to ask other players that were closer and could see it or just trouble knowing where the overlord is spawning if it happened to spawn after torment or encore.

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I would reduce the duration of the tank debuff by 3-5 seconds. It can lead to a lot of situations where both tanks have it for a short duration and could get smacked hard.

Fight flowed well. The only thing that was mildly frustrating was when the big add spawned directly on top of the smaller adds. We only had a single DK which made it kind of awkward to move the little adds away from the big add before it spawned but it was doable with well placed RoP and Ursols.

10/10m guild

This boss flowed fantastically, there was a visual animation bug where the safety dance would hit everyone regardless of whether they were in the animation.

When any adds were hexed the hex would not break. Additionally any add that was in a Hex would not take any damge from splash AoE.