FEEDBACK: Mythic Painsmith Raznal - May 27th

Please use this thread for feedback and bug reports regarding this encounter, or related issues. Noting the nature of your group (Mythic guild premade, PUG, etc.) is helpful, as are any logs. Thank you to everyone who has come out to help test!

So if you have the Chains, you die as soon as the tank mechanic hits because chained players spawn spikes on themselves as well as the four cardinal directions. We haven’t figured out any sort of counterplay to this and other streams on Twitch have been showcasing the exact same thing.

I… don’t think this was finished.

EDIT: Checked even more streams and literally everybody is dying to the exact same stuff. There is literally no counterplay barring immunities and BoPs to dying to the spikes if you have Chains. You literally just die.

And that doesn’t even begin to get into how bad this feels when you have to kill spike balls as well as having to deal with these chains and tank mechanics and spikes from the ground at the exact same time. And it’s even worse when dealing with the mines too.

I think this boss is in desperate need of a massive overhaul, because as it stands this is literally untestable in its current state.

EDIT: Players dying to their own spikes seems to be fixed on some streams but wasn’t for us just now. This fixes the obvious biggest issue this fight has.

EDIT: We mirrored the corners we were using before and suddenly everything went more smoothly??? We certainly weren’t (always) dying to our own spikes anymore.

Group: Mostly CE guild premade, couple of PUGs. Ended up undersized
Logs: WhKLBt3mZ4a9rxXJ (won’t let me include the full link)

  1. The most confusing part of the fight was the way that chain spikes worked. We figured out eventually that if you’re not standing exactly on one of the squares, it actually triggers on TWO squares, instantly killing you because you stand in at least one (if not two) and probably killing other people as well. This mechanic would be cleaner if it simply put it in the square you were closest to the center of. It could still kill you (if you’re standing on the line) but it’d be much harder to trigger that problem and much clearer as a mechanic.

  2. Once we worked through that, lets talk about the balls. Largely an OK mechanic, if EXTREMELY MELEE UNFRIENDLY. Having PUGs that liked to sit in the center with chains was honestly the hardest part of it. I will say that the spikes overlap during balls is INCREDIBLY punishing. For example: the tightest you can stack the spikes in P1 is the back 6 rows of the platform. If the spikes don’t come out until almost the end of the balls, then (1) the only place to stand is where the spikes are, (2) the people with chains don’t have time to get through the opening in the rolling wall. This problem may solve itself with a full guild group that can hard focus one ball down more quickly and buy extra time, but the easy solution seems to be…immunities. Prot pally bubble and spellwarding can prevent the spikes from occurring at all. It seems likely that AMS could be used for the same purpose on a BDK. We were using prot pally immunes to prevent the spikes from occurring during balls.

We didn’t get past P1 due to various issues (there are LOTS of ways for 1 person to wipe the raid due to a small mistake on this fight, a la Xanesh). Not a fan.

Mostly CE group with some 9/10M players.

This is a good fight overall and pretty fun. Only a few issues. One was that that the spikes would suicide chained players in one corner, but not in the adjacent corner. Safe if you went to front left or back right, but dead if you went to front right or back left. Very weird and definitely a bug.

The balls are cool but I’m not sure how to keep them as they are and expect many melee to see progression on this fight.

CE Group with some pugs

  1. Initially we were using the Northeast (non-tanks) and Southwest (tanks) corners to drop our Chains/Spikes off, but the non-tank players were dying every time without immunity. Our warlock’s Unending Resolve was able to keep him alive though.
    We finally figured out that those 2 corners completely ruin the encounter as you don’t die to your own spikes when in the Northwest and Southeast corners instead. This made the Spiked Balls portion harder, because instead of moving to any corner, the tank would have to jump AROUND the balls via Glide (VDH), or use immunity (BoP), to switch with the 3 DPS across the corners if the balls spawned on the DPS corner. This could be fixed by making Spiked Balls health much lower, but that defeats the assumed design of a tight check to get through the wall.

  2. The intermission seemed fine, we only made it ~2-3 times due to it taking so long to figure out why the corners weren’t working. Speed of spikes felt playable and flame patches were sometimes hard to avoid, but also manageable.

  3. The tank would stand on the furthest square in the corner of the room, but oftentimes would drop the full 3-square-wide spikes. In order to shrink it down to 2-square-wides, he would have to have his hitbox on the very edge of the corner rather than the center of the square. Standing on the furthest corner should always only spawn 2-square-wide spikes since the 3rd row should be off the platform. So adjustments to how the spikes are determined should be made.

  4. Perhaps consider lowering the knockback of the chains to 3yds, as we had players on diagonal squares from each other knocking themselves around just by slightly moving on their own square.

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