Feedback: Mythic Orgozoa

(Kaivax) #1

Today, we’re testing Orgozoa on Mythic difficulty at 15:00 PDT (18:00 EDT, 24:00 CEST).

Please post your feedback on this encounter here.

Thank you!

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Might want to fix BattleNet first. People can’t even log onto WoW.


Almost no one attempted to log in. This was the only game visible for me and finding a group was painful. Would love to test again.

This fight felt really, really weird. More clarity on the abilities would be nice. The debuff got out of control again and we always seemed to struggle with 2nd swap. The boss hits so hard at even 2 stacks it feels like you need to chain so many externals on the first swap that the damage is unreal. We used a DK and warrior tank this time and I think a vengeance DH could be the way to go. Meta is an amazing CD, and anti death is always good. The adds stack up quick, possibly too quickly. If I had to guess you gave them way to much health to prevent groups from seeing P2 which makes sense. Our group killed heroic Wrath and probably could have killed this on heroic with another hour. The health pools limited our ability to progress and just resulted in a never ending wipe fest.

I forgot to tell the healers this was a patchwerk, tank heal fight, and the trick to raid healing was mostly just keeping people out of lethal damage zone. We played away with debuff players moving out and next testing I aim to see if stacking debuff players on one side of the room has any impact on limiting the debuff spreading. Hopefully it does (without killing them). Hard to predict how your vague lightning bounce will work based on the dungeon journal.

Either way this fight forced me to spec exclusively into aoe healing cooldowns again while focusing bomb heals into tanks. Felt very patchwerkish which honestly felt good. This fight also heavily rewarded groups who farmed Uu’nat for void stones. I can easily see 4 void stones being required to smooth out tank swaps. We’re also considering 3 tanking this fight which I’ve never agreed with as a boss design philosophy but if it works it works. Hopefully the lack of a damage reduction buff on the off tanks makes that option poor, as we were considering letting the adds pile up and slowly rotting out damage wise.

All that said I enjoyed the fight but I wish I got to see the transition to see if you made any changes to that otherwise stupid ramp leading down. You know what I mean :stuck_out_tongue: