FEEDBACK: Mythic Huntsman Altimor

Please use this thread for feedback and bug reports regarding this encounter, or related issues. Noting the nature of your group (Mythic guild premade, PUG, etc.) is helpful, as are any logs.

Thank you to everyone who has come out to help test!

Full group, mainly pugs, logs available here:

Some thoughts:

  • I like the mythic mechanic of changing sinseeker and causing it to ramp up.
  • Spreadshot just feels unnecessary as part of this fight. It is a mechanic to prevent everyone stacking but you already have that in sinseeker and sometimes spreadshot comes out immediately after a sinseeker or the leap from Margore and you don’t have time in between to top people off and people just die.
  • Can we get a UI element for the souls that we have to heal?
  • Polymorph seemed to not be putting stacks on the shades of Barghast in our run, which is odd considering on heroic it seemed to stack the fastest. Maybe poly was stacking too fast and it got nerfed too much? DH imprison seemed to work best for us given our comp.
  • Healing off the souls from people hit by sinseeker in phase 2 seemed fine, but healing off the tank rip soul still felt real bad/almost impossible if you did not have multiple cds to prevent the tank from dropping below 90% hp.

Side note - not sure if this is a tuning issue or what but I was going oom during phase 2 for the most part, and that might have been trying to heal the souls up in an inefficient way. Possibly because 3/5 of our healing team was druids so we probably aren’t the best at topping off the main tank soul. Tranq seemed real good for the sinseeker souls.

Not a bad early boss.

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Should you be able to cheese the mechanic on the 2nd dog with immunities? That could cause some problems for raid comps that don’t have a Spellward / DK AMS, etc.

Tank Souls

Much like heroic the Tank Souls felt like they had far too much health to heal off, so you had to commit several cooldowns or cheese the mechanic.

Sinseeker Modifications

I like the concept here, but feel as though the stacking aspect of it might be a bit too much? Simply just have the dog active buff the Sinseeker so you have to dynamically change how you approach the fight per phase might make for a more engaging fight rather than a spank + tank fight which strategies will eventually devolve into.


As with everything else this expansion, there’s a huge bias towards bleeds which means there is a bias towards, Paladins, Kyrians, Dwarves.


Tested with the same group of players from three different 12/12M guilds on Sargeras that I’ve always tested with, albeit from a Warlock PoV instead of my typical Arcane. We had two other Arcane Mages that excelled here, though!

The only truly massive flaw I could see with this version of the fight was the sheer difficulty in healing the tank soul in Phase 2 up. It was horrible on Heroic and it continued to be awful on Mythic. This needs to be changed.

Kyrian/Dwarves/Paladins could very easily cheese the bleeds on this fight and immunities seem a tad too powerful, but they couldn’t completely break the fight one way or the other.

Sinseeker felt much more manageable here than on Heroic, even though the mechanic itself was a lot more complex courtesy of the Mythic mechanics.

Now that we figured out how to deal with the Shades of Bargast properly (Scare Beast was the MVP of our run) they felt a lot more manageable and we could even get past them reasonably easily.

Didn’t get into Phase 3, unfortunately, but apparently some players did and Sloot’s guys in particular nearly killed this boss!

Overall this fight was very close to being excellent IMO. It seemed harder initially until we figured out how the mechanics actually played out. The tuning, both HP-wise and damage output wise, was extremely reasonable for what could probably be considered the “second” boss of this raid.

Are you talking about sinseeker that spawns souls?

Our hunters were trying to immune the leap from the first dog and they could live/solo it with the damage reduction from turtle but would come close to dying so the immunity was definitely not working there.

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The add created by rip soul has far to much hp even when mitigated by multiple cooldowns.

Thanks for the testing.
Fight wasn’t really difficult once you see it a few times and we managed to kill it on our 6th pull with 4 pugs after developing a strat for the shades and adds.

We had a few deaths in P2 and P3 due to sinseeker. We very clearly had someone else soak the sinseeker and even spawn the add alongside the target but the target took the full damage frok it. Seemed like a bug but I’m sure it will be fixed by live.

One last request is to adjust the sinseeker visual length. If you pass about 30 yards from the boss, the visual of the line doesn’t get longer which might be harder for new raid groups to deal with.

The visual for sinseeker is hidden under terrain changes in height and other spell effects.

Overall, this is the a beautifully designed encounter and feels great for an earlier fight in the raid instance. Here are a few issues I see:

  • Rip Soul could use a better visual. There is no swirl of where it will spawn and the healing add has no health bar over its head.
  • Shades of Barghast are getting a stack of the damage increase per unique cc on them (We got 9 cc’s on one for a pull). Unsure if that’s actually intended (we got one upwards of +15000% damage taken before one shotting it).
  • When the 3rd Gargon dies, the boss is at ~10% life and then the fight is over. Perhaps space the Gargon spawning out a bit more?
  • The Sinseeker visual was being clipped by the ground textures sometimes.