FEEDBACK: Mythic Guardian of the First Ones - May 21st, 2021

Please use this thread for feedback and bug reports regarding this encounter, or related issues. Noting the nature of your group (Mythic guild premade, PUG, etc.) is helpful, as are any logs. Thank you to everyone who has come out to help test!

The Sentries are very hard to see in tandem with all the other visual effects and are absolutely infuriating depending on how they spawn and move.

The Disintegration beam is a lot easier to react to now, which is a good thing.

On an unrelated note though, whoever you guys got to voice this guy deserves a raise.

Also, Sentries are doing a SUBSTANTIAL amount of damage. 11.5k per half-second to a random player adds up very quickly, and we’re having a hard time getting further testing because if one or two players get picked off for any given reason it’s impossible to heal through anything. Annoying Sentry pathing/spawns silencing our healers as we enter a pillar or soak a smash is very frustrating too.

Will post more comprehensive feedback after Ner’zhul testing.

Yes the silencing sentry orb is very hard to see visually.

Duration of tank combo debuff meant that the third event you still had the original debuff (thus taking increased damage). Should be reduced by ~20s ideally.


Various players ranging from 8/10M-10/10M on US-Sargeras and some pugs to fill out the remaining slots.

So I really, really like this fight. Once we figured out how to deal with the Sentries a bit better the overall raid damage taken was a lot more bearable, but I still think the Sentry mechanic itself is very flawed with its current design:

Does this fight really gain anything by having the Sentries silence people they seemingly-randomly float over? They’re very hard to see with all the other clutter going around and the damage they fire out is very noticeable as is, so is the silence effect worth having on top of that? We’ve had healers’ channeled cooldowns get interrupted by these because they’d float over the group soaking the second part of the tank combo and everyone was just extremely frustrated about it.

That said, I think apart from some tuning shenanigans the way the fight flows is absolutely excellent. Once we figured out that it was very much worth letting the boss cast its mass AoE once or twice before dragging it into a Pillar the boss felt much, much more enjoyable to play around with.

Honestly, if the Sentry is tweaked a bit so it isn’t just floating over the raid at random and silencing everybody I think this fight is honestly a masterpiece by design. It was fast-paced, it always felt like there was something we needed to do mechanically, and in my opinion it comes very close to meeting the very high standards for all future Patchwerk-style bosses set forth by Sludgefist this tier.

There was no clear UI element/nameplate/boss frame for the pillars so you had to just “know” how much you had put in and look at logs retrospectively to see if any missed.