Feedback: Mythic Blackwater Behemoth

(Kaivax) #1

Today, we’re testing Blackwater Behemoth on Mythic difficulty at 14:00 PDT (17:00 EDT, 23:00 CEST).

Please post your feedback on this encounter here.

Thank you!

(Kaivax) pinned #2


This fight felt exceptionally better today and absolutely killable. The things that made it a failure and headache on heroic seemed to have vanished and it actually felt like a polished fight. The changes to everything just felt better. I believe the initial burst we may have experienced on heroic was removed. I think it was a lightning ability that is now delayed significantly. Maybe the spell order varies on difficulties but it felt good. The boss does an aoe cone early but it’s trickle damage and not lethal enough to kill us while we kill the puffer but strong enough that, we need to kill the puffer.

Puffer fish timings felt good. There is an obvious do and too late grab period for when the debuff falls off. Again for whatever reason the lightning doesn’t seem to punish groups stacking near puffer for buff like it previously did which previously felt like horrible boss design. Platform layout and mechanics seem different. I haven’t had a ton of time to analyse it but I see the direction you’re going with it, and it feels good/fine. There may be bugs with it, especially with warlock gates which we encountered on platform 2 exclusively. Make sure you review/test that thoroughly. We had people displacing with the 1 shot debuff and if they didn’t move they’d just die to The Lurker while in a safe zone. We also had people claiming to be safe and just randomly dying. Probably worth double checking the play space against the architecture.

I like the buff to swim speed. I think it’s horrible design to favor druids on a fight like this. This boss could easily become such a head ache that everyone’s answer just becomes gear a druid to 430 ilvl for this fight and never collect loot. This fight has a tight dps check we didn’t get to effectively see but I can feel it there. It’s no different than other 3 phase bosses with the first platform being cheesy easy and demanding the boss reach 60% or lower because of the mechanics/layout of the other platforms.

Envisioning the layout of this fight, I hope it is signficiantly more melee friendly than it seemingly appears and hopefully the pushback plus the gaps on platforms 2 and 3 achieve this. I can easily see teams stacking dot classes and screwing themselves into a tight check whereas melee heavy or melee balanced teams break even or come out ahead because they ultimately have less movement. I am concerned about puffer fish distance but we’ll have to see how that plays out and if people learn how to play around it. I’m glad you made it one of the early bosses so you can balance it liberally. If it had been boss 4 or 5 I feel that would have been the wrong direction.