FEEDBACK: Monk Class Changes

Since the RNG of the druid’s convoke the spirits covenant ability is getting looked it, will the rng nature of the fallen order (venthyr monk covenant ability) also be getting looked at? Feels pretty bad to play a mistweaver and get a bunch of windwalker/brewmaster monks.

i thought it was 2 of each. I might be mis-remembering though

Not unless it was changed in an iteration after it’s released and maybe it was. I’ll retest it when it comes through on Thorgast again since my monk I leveled in revendreth is in the constant DC cycle =(

@Lucavias - You try that character recently? It was fixed for me in the latest build. Same with my character stuck in the Ardenweald quest line after a certain cinematic section.

Hey thanks for the tip, it’s now fixed. I think they may have altered the venthyr ability to favor your spec because now I seem to only get 1 brewmaster/1 windwalker and the rest are mistweavers as mistweaver, but as a windwalker I got at least 4 windwalkers. So maybe they gave it the similar treatment as convoke.


Bugs, Bugs and More Bugs – (As of 6/19/20 and Build 34821)

This is a bug post for the Monk class. It contains a list of bugs I’ve found throughout my play testing in regards to general class spells, Anima and Covenant abilities. Please note this is not about how something feels but rather how it doesn’t work according to the tooltip or how it used to work in the past.

This is mainly from a Windwalker perspective and I have also reported all of these in-game via the bug reporting tool.

General Monk Spells

  • Touch of Death - Unable to use the spell on a target with less HP than you until you hit them with at least 1 auto-attack. One of my tests had my auto-attack parried and I couldn’t use ToD until one landed. I do not recall it working this way in MoP / WoD.
  • Fists of Fury (Windwalker) - Still requires 1handed weapons. Supposed to allow 2hand per Blizzard blog post in April.
  • Blackout Kick (Brewmaster) - Still requires 2handed weapons. Supposed to allow 1hand per Blizzard blog post in April.
  • Expel Harm (Windwalker) - Until Blizzard states otherwise this is bugged in my opinion. It does not represent the MoP/WoD version Windwalkers had in the past which granted 2 Chi on cast and did 50% of the heal as damage. Current Alpha gives no Chi and does only 10% of the heal as damage. Also GCD is about 0.1sec instead of 1sec.

Covenant Abilities

  • Bonedust Brew - Windwalker version is refunding 1 Chi at all times. Doesn’t matter if you use the actual spell or not. Doesn’t even matter if you have the actual spell on your hotbar.

  • Faeline Stomp - Ability does not start at the Monks feet. Starts a decent distance away which causes targets in Melee range not to take any damage or generate any orbs for Windwalkers. ( Faeline Stomp is also not generating Chi orbs as per the tooltip, only Energy orbs.

  • Fallen Order - Windwalker Version. If you use Fallen Order at the same time as Storm Earth and Fire your Fallen Order monks will do -55% damage. Additionally if you use Serenity at the same time as Fallen Order they will do 20% more.

Anima Powers

  • 36 Pressure Points - Cooldown is not being reduced at all per tooltip.
  • Celestial Dynasty - Duration increase does not work per the tooltip. Additionally the ‘summoned the first time you enter combat on a floor’ won’t trigger sometimes if Invoke Xuen is already on cooldown when entering combat on the next floor.
  • Stroke of Elegance - Cooldown is only being reduced on select spells, such as Touch of Death, Touch of Karma and Leg Sweep. Cooldown is not reduced on Storm Earth and Fire or Invoke Xuen.
  • The Tiger vs The Crane - Does not work per the tooltip. You gain “The Crane” buff on first roll but it never changes after that. You also do not gain any stat increases, as verified via comparison of stats prior to taking the Anima power and after which showed stats unchanged.
  • Grandmasters Ultimatum - Grants Spiritual Focus for Windwalker but this Talent does nothing if you were to select Serenity (Which replaces SEF completely) as your secondary. This makes Whirling Dragon Punch the only other alternative on this row should this Anima power be obtained.
  • Triumph - Fortifying Brew health percentage is not increased by 5%, as per the tooltip, after using Touch of Death. You get a ‘Triumph’ buff that shows the % increase but it does nothing to the actual spell.


  • Eye of the Tiger is missing the 35% SEF modifier, since clones don’t mimic it.
  • Chi Burst is missing the 35% SEF modifier, since clones don’t mimic it. Clones used to mimic it, but they were hotfixed mid-BFA to avoid pulling unintended mobs.
  • Hit Combo does not affect Xuen
  • Summon Jade Serpent Statue does not despawn when you untalent it.
  • Chi Burst and Chi Wave still do 0 threat for BrM (Effect #20 of 137023).
  • Invoke Chi-Ji, the Red Crane is only healing for 113% of the damage dealt instead of 150%.
  • Enveloping Mist’s healing increase does not affect Summon Jade Serpent Statue’s Soothing Mist and Invoke Yul’on. (It does work correctly for Invoke Chi-Ji though).
  • Clash leaves too much distance between the target and you, so the mob will always run to reach you after Clashing. Consider also buffing Clash to 40 yards to help with how clunky it feels after you factor in hitboxes (and to also fully make up for removing the movement speed of Provoke).
  • Eye of the Tiger’s tooltip does not indicate you can only have 1 dot out at a time
  • The tooltips for Keg Smash, Tiger Palm, Rushing Jade Wind, and Fists of Fury are missing “Physical” for the type of damage. All other abilities clarify their damage type.
  • In Legion alpha it was said SEF would mimic Vivify. They still do not.
  • Killing an enemy with Fists of Fury causes you to be combat bugged for 5+ seconds afterwards. This has been bugged for the majority of BFA and still into SL alpha. Very consistent and reproducible 80% of the time.

Incorrect WW & BrM GCDs:

  • Chi Wave, Invoke Xuen, Serenity, Ring of Peace, Detox, Transcendence: Transfer are 1s Hasted.
  • Invoke Niuzao is 1.5s Hasted.
  • All of these should be 1s Unhasted for WW & BrM. Invoke Niuzao & Serenity are the main ones that needs to be fixed, as they are spec-specific.

Rushing Jade Wind:

  • Can Rushing Jade Wind’s haste mechanics please be updated. It’s currently not using Hasted Partial Ticks, even though it Pandemics.
  • Currently: Haste reduces the duration, cooldown, and tick rate for RJW (static 13 ticks). This leads to situations where you are constantly having to hit RJW during periods of high haste (Bloodlust) just to keep the buff up. (Ex: Imagine if dots worked like this and you had to reapply all your dots constantly if their duration was reduced by haste).
  • Intended: RJW should have a fixed duration and cooldown, with the addition of partial ticks and haste increasing its tick count (how all dots work). This would result in the same amount of damage per time, but without having to constantly use GCDs to reapply RJW. This would also be inline with how other spells are handled nowadays.


  • Breath of Fire’s dot duration should be increased from 12s to at least 15s to allow for a 100% uptime. (It currently being 80% uptime feels awkward)
  • Consider adding 2 charges to Keg Smash baseline like it was with the Legion legendary. Brewmaster has 5 short-CD rotational abilities that often collide when they come off CD at the same time. This feels very bad, even with proper planning. Prot Paladins are in the same situation but 2 of their core abilities have charges. Vengeance & Blood also have charges, yet Brewmaster has none. This also fixes the issue of Keg Smash’s CD scaling with haste, even though Brewmaster has a fixed 1s GCD which causes haste breakpoints to make Keg Smash’s CD a whole number.
  • It was previously mentioned that Blizzard was considering making Paralysis a true/hard CC again (where the mob doesn’t proximity aggro, ex: sap). Please consider this again.
  • Consider adding the old Victory Roll glyph back baseline. Or maybe add it to a talent like you did for Death Knight’s grip CD reset glyph (Death’s Reach talent).
  • Ox Statue and Avert Harm used to be baseline before being moved to talents. These would be great additions to the depruning. Especially since Blood DKs are getting AMZ as a raid CD.
  • Add the functionality to unfixate SEF clones by using the ability again on the currently fixated target. Also make the fixated debuff visible instead of hidden.

Mistweaver Feedback

Mastery only effects Vivify, Enveloping Mist, Renewing Mist, and Soothing Mist which adding more spells to our kit that have zero mastery interactions makes an already incredibly weak stat even worse. I’mma just list some major pain points for the stat.

  1. Expel Harm has no interactions with mastery and then spawns healing orbs which do not interact with mastery either.
  2. Touch of Death spawns healing orbs which don’t interact with mastery.
  3. Invoke Chi-Ji, the Red Crane’s healing doesn’t scale with mastery and if talented means you will not hit a mastery proccing ability for 20% the fight just from this talent.
  4. Invoke Yul’on, the Jade Serpent has zero interaction with mastery through his direct heal or with the healing orbs.
  5. Essence Font is our main aoe heal in raids which has no mastery scaling on the initial burst healing it does from the bolts hitting, the hot healing itself has no mastery scaling, and then has terrible mastery total with the hots effect. (Mastery is normally about 10% of the healing this spell will do, Check WoWAnalyzer for breakdown)
  6. Revival our major cooldown has no interactions.
  7. None of our talents have any mastery scaling what so ever.

Row 1 (Free healing)

  • Mist Wrap is almost only taken in mythic plus not because its powerful but rather because its the least bad and risky talent on that row. The 1 extra second and 10% healing increase is nice but seldom a make or break factor.
  • Chi Wave is never taken. It does very little healing and damage and requires more gcds than its big brother Chi Burst which just out classes it in every way.
  • Chi Burst the standard. It does good healing, does a bit of damage, and doesn’t have a target cap like Chi Wave.

Row 2 (Mobility) doesn’t really matter they are all fairly balanced.

Row 3 (Mana)

  • Lifecycles requires a large amount of casts of Enveloping mist which is a decently poor spell in raid as it normally overheals due to having such a high sp/s.
  • Spirit of the Crane can work out if you have a lot of downtime where you don’t need to heal but due to healing patterns in BFA this was very hard making the talent very poor.
  • Mana Tea generally the go to talent as it save a ton of mana and allows you to have periods of blasting hps without going oom afterwards.

Row 4 (Utility) doesn’t really matter they are decently balanced.

Row 5 (Defensive) doesn’t really matter they are decently balanced.

Row 6 (Healing Styles) with the change to Invoke Chi-Ji, the Red Crane I believe they are decently balanced.

Row 7 (Modify my abilities)

  • Focused Thunder just bad. In raid this talent gives you 2 free vivifies a minute or an extra 20 second on rem. This is very weak and was only taken in m+ before because the others were just worse which says a lot.
  • Upwelling the default for most of the xpack but very boring gameplay as its tied to your best button meaning you never delay for stacks.
  • Rising Mist has only recently become a talent worth taking with the buffs in 8.3 but quickly was abused with massive haste values. After the nerfs the talent is still viable but its in a weird catch 22 with the heal and hot extension.

Talent Solutions
This will target the weaker talents or ones that produce boring gameplay and talk about how to help them.

Row 1 (Free healing)

  • Mist Wrap: Remove the extra healing and increase the extension maybe decreased the cast time of Enveloping Mist.
  • Chi Wave: This would need a general number buff and then an effect which would make following up on people who are hit by this more enjoyable.

Row 3 (Mana)

  • Lifecycles: The ratio for the mana saved just needs to be bigger or make it cast faster.
  • Spirit of the Crane: Allow this to effect non-Teach of the Monastery Blackout Kicks and increase the ratio just a bit.
  • Mana Tea: Take it off the gcd. Please this button does nothing on press and I need healing NOW.

Row 7 (Modify my abilities)

  • Focused Thunder: This talent needs to provide a bit more power which a good solution would be to give Secret Infusion’s effect to it.
  • Upwelling: Reduce the cast time maximum to being base Essence Font’s cast time as being afk for 6 seconds is very meh gameplay.
  • Rising Mist: Remove all hots besides Renewing Mist, Removing the cap and then removing the aura that increase Rising Sun Kicks cooldown by 2 seconds.

Chi-ji’s damage isn’t convered to healing which is strange if you ask me as if he is converting your damage why can’t he convert his own.

Its generally hard to comment on everything for Mistweaver as all the wire are not connected yet. This like healing orbs, which they said are coming back, are not yet in so Touch of Death and Expel Harm can’t be accurately talked about. Chi-ji in the form talked about in the tooltip isn’t there.


For those wondering the Enhanced Xuen spell that Wowhead datamined is actually the damage portion of the rank 2 spell for Invoke Xuen. Here is the original Rank 2 spell.


this is definitely the expansion to redesign mistweaver mastery to work with spells like essence font/revival and to interact with expansion power buffs.

not sure why priest mastery works on their covenant spells and monks have zero interaction with mastery.


I honestly don’t understand the holy priest mastery anyway. It says it gives a hot based on the healing of their direct healing spells but every spell in their toolkit counts? How is holy nova a “direct” healing spell. You don’t even target anyone. Halo doesn’t target anyone and yet that’s also direct healing spell? But mistweavers can’t even get their mastery to interact with their raid cooldown.


Brand new monk through Exile’s Reach feedback 1-10: feel and flavor it was fine, but for a couple of issues, one of which was kind of fundamental.

Early-ish on, got a 1h axe to replace the staff my toon started with. However, knowing that monks can dual wield, I felt that the vendor should sell me another, even a white, (though there is a reason why not), as it just felt weird being lopsided with only one.

At level 10, it felt like the class stumbles a bit: for, at level 10, on the first boss of the mini-dungeon, I got a 1h weapon drop, and was confused why I could not equip both (my quested green axe) at the same time. This was because my toon had no “active” spec, despite behaving like a windwalker. So, I chose windwalker and equipped my new sword & axe at the same time, and that’s when the class stumbled. Up until this point the class was behaving in combat quite nicely with a decent, if simple, rotation of primarily tiger palm and blackout kick. However, as soon as I picked windwalker, the chi system started and the flow of the class in combat (and again, I was in the middle of the intro dungeon) basically ground to a halt, as suddenly I had to build so I could spend, instead of just waiting for CDs.

Now, I understand late game play with full spec tree, spells, and importantly gear does allow for interesting and varied game play, but at level 10 inside the scripted event of the dungeon it felt bad and jarring to go from smooth gameplay downing mobs to the start and stop of build/spend that just seemed to extend each encounter, rather than make it interesting to play.

I understand that it is the way dps monk is played, I get it and I’ve capped monks before, but deep in this new intro to the game, suddenly throwing a complete new mechanic which fundamentally changed the gameplay I’d had up until then, felt… bad and unwelcome. To make an analogy, it feels like the auto-stall feature on my wife’s new Chevy: I come to a pause at a stop, but instead of feeling like I can immediately merge into traffic flow, I first have to wait for the car to turn itself back on. It doesn’t take very long, but the interruption in my driving is palpable. Back to the monk, prior to 10 I was downing mobs and moving on with incredible flow, after choosing a spec I had to keep pausing to do the exact same thing I was doing before. And it felt bad.


This is a good bit of feedback for Mistweaver PvP that I think is important to add. I played briefly in Legion but its just wasn’t enjoyable and Rickblack outlined a few of the reasons why in this post very well.


really not looking forward to taking condults, legendaries and soulbinds which further devalues my mastery. make gust of mists good please


Thumbs up for this comment! I want to jabby-jab with my polearm.


I have been incredibly vocal about the systems in Shadowlands throughout alpha so I wanted to give as much feedback as I could here to break down all of my thoughts and determine if the outrage (mine, mainly) about Conduits is justified and how much impact there will be for monk players. Overall I really like Soulbinds and I’m really happy to see the relic system expanded on in a way that reflects the player. I’ve wanted to see the class taken back to a perspective more focused on “I am a monk player” through unified resources (chi), shared abilities (expel harm, ToD), and effects that have crossplay between the different specs so I’m hoping the Covenant Soulbinds and Conduits can do just that. I want to be able to say “I am a Kyrian Monk” and have that mean that there is more to me than just Ring of Peace or Storm, Earth, and Fire.

Ion mentioned in his interview the benefits of having a “second load out” in a sense where you can now have a choice of when to focus on single target damage or AoE damage to suit your raid or dungeon needs. He also mentioned the issue with players gravitating towards addons / template tools and the issues with “your doing it wrong” and conformity.

Covenant choice & the attached Soulbinds don’t feel that varied.

If we look at Pelagos (Kyrian) from the perspective of a monk.

  • Tier 1 all the Windwalkers that soulbind with him pretty much get a free 5% versatility. BrM/MW will vary a bit. Not really a choice that matters and there is not much you can do about it if doesn’t fit your spec well. This is the only path to vial improvements which is one of the main draws of Kyrian, and the only ones related to the healing or cooldown.

  • Tier 2 you have access to a potency conduit and reduced cooldown on your vial, or a stronger vial, either way the vial is incredibly strong and this makes it stronger. This is also the other place where I feel like we have some choice.

  • Tier 3 we all get Fineness conduit.

  • Tier 4 Conduits and Tier 5 Soulbinds don’t seem to matter. The Soulbinds in this row are all fun but what is stopping everyone from;

  1. Potency + Bond of friendship for PvP, Raids, Dungeons
  2. Fineness + Road of Trials (10% MS proc) for Questing
  3. Endurance + Walk together for farming for crafting materials, daily quests, dungeons, bgs, etc.

When all roads lead to another potency conduit anyway?

There is no trade-off or second loadout. It just gets swapped. I’ve been looking at the combinations as a series of colors and I have an idea of what I want as a player.

I think the in-game interface would do better if they were color coded the icons don’t look great.

Pelagos guides you and drops you off one way or another at

  • 3 Red
  • 2 Red 1 Blue
  • 1 Red 2 Blue

The choice feels like it only exists in that first tier and everything else follows suit based on what gem combinations you want. (Or the choice of taking 2 yellows, which I struggle to find reason for, all of them strike me as a little lackluster.)

It’s really hard to avoid situations where something feels like a “good, better, best” when your basically handed that as a choice.

Will a Windwalker benefit from Grounding Breath (Vivify) as much as a Mistweaver outside of PvP? Probably not which results in a third blue slot becoming something I avoid and that turns into being guided down a certain path.

This is what I mean by guided;

If you look next at the swolekin, Forgelite Prime Mikanikos, the conduits are a little more varied but I get the same vibe. Unless Bron is a machine of destruction there isn’t much going on for damage or healing - your taking this guy to become as tanky as you can.

Brewmaster has a limited selection of potency conduits. Windwalker has a limited selection of endurance conduits. So when you build out the swolekin you get

  1. Auto Vial Proc + Stun proc
    1 red 2 blue

  2. Vial Knockback + Stun reduction
    1 red 2 blue

  3. Vial proc + Stun reduction
    2 red 1 blue

There are two other combinations that will give you 1 red, 2 yellow, 2 blue or 2 blue 2 yellow but I personally don’t think they’re as good. I’m sure people will roll with them and that’s the beauty of the system but where is the incentive to not play what’s above?

If the conduits are going to be more of a permanent fixture then I’d like for them to at least be more desirable across the soulbinds. Otherwise we will run into situations where it’s not conflicting load outs that are causing multispect players to be unhappy - it’s just conflicting builds in general. That’s where my opposition to conduits being destroyed stems from.

For Pelagos I am pushed towards Endurance + Phial of Patience, or at the very least pushed away from the two potency conduits, for Brewmaster while not really being able to utilize part of what is supposed to be making me and my soulbind powerful.

The soulbind is probably a just a mismatch and not a big deal to play another one but that is also the only place to get phial cooldown reduction or better healing.

For Forgelite it doesn’t feel much better. I want 2 blues, I’m ok with 1 red, and that is guiding me down one path.

  • Tier 1 - Knockback vs Auto Proc

  • Tier 2 - Red vs Blue pill

  • Tier 3 - Fineness conduit

  • Tier 4 - I choose based on what I picked in Tier 1 in order to hit the conduit pattern I want

    If you want a damage focused build you end up in the same place mentally making the decision.

So I’m definitely interested in what everyone else is playing with as well. Am I the only one that is seeing this or am I crazy?

All of the Soulbinds are setup this way. I don’t want to nitpick because the design truly is done well and its a huge improvement over Azerite but the choices feel more guided based on the available combinations of Conduits more than anything.

There are a lot of moving parts to the entire selection we’re making. If the shadowlands systems are supposed to be, lets say, 30% of player power it makes sense that Legendary effects and Covenants take the lions share and Soulbinds fill in the small portion that is left.

We’re still missing our conduit that enhances our covenant effect. I saw that Warriors had them in the preview, we have a blank one on Venthyr currently on alpha, so I’m expecting one to be added at a later date for all the covenants.

One more “generic” conduit would go a long way even if it was introduced as something similar to " 1 potency conduit for weapons of order & 1 endurance conduit for phial of serenity, only one can be active at a time". If that also extended to a fineness conduit in some way that would also make things a lot more varied than just “We have to go Venthyr for the movement speed on the teleport” or “we need to play Pelagos / Nadija because they get triple reds” and I think it opens up a lot of the ones that I felt were harder to approach like Theotar and Bonesmith.

After sitting down and looking at them I think only a handful of places are going to run into big problems with cross spec gameplay. You’ll have to be smart and socket your cross specs close to the soulbinds you don’t spec into for the other spec but if I remember correctly it was only 3 of the Soulbind heroes across the 12 available that I saw issues with. (Draven, Nadijia, Niya).

Right now I feel like I need to fight to justify picking the covenant I want and that might have a lot to do with why I’m looking at things the way I am.

Kyrian monk players are definitely at what feels like a disadvantage and I get the impression as well with non tank monks that might want to play Necrolord.

I definitely do not think we’re walking into a scenario where we need more than one monk to enjoy the game. If you make another one that is entirely player preference.



  • Harm Denial: With a 15 energy cost, +1 chi, and a non existent GCD a full value heal from EH is a very efficient way to spend energy. With a 20% increase to that heal it just becomes a more efficient way to do damage and Reverse Harm exists already in the talent panel. I’d rather see some customization that effects the level 40 defensive talent row due to that row already being a place with a lot of preference in what is selected and this would only be a way to expand on that. As is, I’m worried that it’ll just be taken because it adds DPS and it isn’t any more of an impact defensively than the other options.

Potency Conduit selection:

  • Coordinated Offensive: Usually we’d see effects aimed at SEF also work in a way that allows us to spec into Serenity and still have benefit from it. Currently there are no conduit effects that work with Serenity, Coordinated Offensive doesn’t change over (not expecting it to), and Serenity already feels like it’s being left behind before we we’ve even hit a point in Alpha/Beta to give feedback on the two talents in M+ / Raiding / PvP. It would be really nice to see something happen here to change this.


  • Lingering Numbness: Couldn’t find an NPC to test it on. Does anyone know if it’ll trigger the slow if they’re immune to CC’s?

Legendary Powers:

  • Fatal Touch: Really nice to see this come back as a general legendary for all three specs and not just Windwalker. Really looking forward to legendary effects promoting some additional damage from tanks & healers.

  • Ancient Teachings of the Monastery: Happy to see this enter the selection. I hope it gets some build support instead of only being available on a limited # of pieces. Legendary effects don’t seem to be in so its hard to give feedback here. If supported well I think this may be my most enjoyable expansion for mistweaver gameplay since extend life.

  • The Emperor’s Capacitor: I don’t think I’ve seen anything suggesting legendary powers will not work in PvP so I am really excited to blast someone with this from a distance.

  • Rushing Tiger Palm: For the same reason as emperors cap I’m looking forward to stacking this one together with Alpha Tiger for 25% crit & 30% haste, and the dash effect.

I really think Monk is shaping up to do well. Hopefully with the release of the remaining information and the implementation of all of the data mined changes we can really sit down and get a feel for how everything feels to play when its all together instead of just looking and guessing based on what we know & have come to expect.


WW quality of life: Add the functionality to unfixate SEF clones by using the ability again on the currently fixated target. Also make the fixated debuff visible instead of hidden.


I see brewmaster still can-not dual wield, is this still a planned addition or is it being scrapped?

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I just watched Preach’s stream and Ion said they wanted feedback so here is more feedback about covenants from a mw pov.
Currently the covenant choices are very underwhelming as there is only 1 covenant that is worth anything and the weight is so high that it straight up doesn’t matter what the soulbinds are. We are talking about a difference of at least 10% higher from a single covenant compared to all 3 others combined. Quick preview these DON’T GET EFFECTED BY MASTERY.

First we have Kyrian which provides Weapons of Order which For the next 30 sec, your Mastery is increased by 15%. Additionally,Essence Font cooldown is reset instantly and heals nearby allies for (240% of Spell power) health on channel start and end. This each pulse of the healing is stronger than revival and with the reset this means you get a total of 6 hits of revival for just playing normally and hitting Essence Font on cooldown. (yes I tested and it all essence fonts not just the first one and the healing isn’t split) Then we have the mastery bonus which is our worst stat and we spend about 33% of the mastery bonus channeling Essence Font which DOESN’T GET EFFECTED BY MASTERY. If we look at what mastery effects its a total of 4 spells which you only cast two of them normally, Vivify and Renewing Mist, but you press these because you want their effect and will 100% throw away all mastery effect on Renewing Mist just to not cap on charges. This also means if you use any talents or dps abilities you don’t gain anything from the mastery buff. Kyrian also provides Summon Stewards which will provide you with a lot of noncombat effects but also a Phial of Serenity that heals you and dispells you. This is basically just combining Diffuse Magic without the Damage reduction or reflect and Healing Elixir. In the end its just a small heal and a dispel but as a mistweaver you are extremely tanky already and if you’re dropping to the point where a gcd on this is more important that a heal then you did something wrong.

Next we have Necrolords which provides Bonedust Brew which Hurl a brew created from the bones of your enemies at the ground, coating all targets struck for 10 sec. Your abilities have a 15% chance to affect the target a second time at 25% effectiveness as Shadow damage or healing and Gust of Mists heals targets with your Bonedust Brew active for an additional (33.75% of Attack power). If we do basic math (.15*.25) this is a 3.75% hps increase from the primary effect on whoever you hit which unless it is a stacked fight it won’t be many people. The secondary effect you can’t expect to get too much value out of as first it is a very low Attack power coefficient and to make use of our hps increase you’d want to use Essence Font our best hps ability which might I say again DOESN’T GET EFFECTED BY MASTERY. This means that 30% of the buff duration we don’t get benefit from the secondary effect… lets also ignore this is on gcd. This is also strange that it uses an Attack power coefficient when everything else for our spec in terms of healing uses spell power. This fall into the same issue of we can’t press talents or non mastery proccing abilities or I’m just not getting full benefit from the ability. Necrolords also grants you Fleshcraft which grants you a shield based on how long you channel it and how many corpses are nearby. This has a long channel time (4 seconds) to only provide more effective health so during those 4 second you best not need to heal anymore or they are dead. This also isn’t something all too impactful for mistweaver as is already very tanky with 2 defensives and a self heal button (expel harm).

Then we come to Night Fae which provides Faeline Stomp which Strike the ground fiercely to expose a faeline for 30 sec, dealing (60% of Attack power) Nature damage and healing allies with an Essence Font bolt.Your abilities have a 10% chance of resetting the cooldown of Faeline Stomp while fighting on a faeline.. This is basically a stronger chiburst as it is an instant cast, and can reset. The issues lie in the fact that at BEST it is an Essence Font cast on a full stacked raid and the worst case it is worst than just channel Soothing Mist for a 1 tick. There are also a few issues with this as the cast isn’t on you but in front of you so if you want to reset it you have to press it then walk forward meaning if you’re healing a stacked raid (which is the best case) you have to walk out, cast, walk in, which is very taxing for something that does very little healing. Might I say again DOESN’T GET EFFECTED BY MASTERY. Night Fae also grants you Soulshape which turns you into a Vulpin, grants some move speed and allows you to teleport 10 yard. As a monk who is one of the most mobile classes in the game this is just isn’t impactful or a thing we’d use.

Last but not least we come to the Venthyr which provides Fallen Order which Opens a mirror for 24 sec, summoning reflections of your order's fallen Ox, Crane, and Tiger adepts every 1 for 6 sec. Fallen Monks that have mastered Ox, Crane, Tiger Style will also attack your enemies with Breath of Fire, heal with Enveloping Mist, assault with Fists of Fury, and assist for an additional 2 sec.. This one has a few issues first of all it is random which ones you get aka complete rng which Ion stated is something they don’t want. These also only cast Soothing Mist as of current which their version is only slightly stronger than jade Serpent Statue version which is 50% of yours meaning 6 second of Soothing Mist is about 150 spell power which is around 1 Vivify including mastery. If you also get the damaging ones the damage they do doesn’t factor into Chi-ji so there is no synergy with the rest of the kit and it DOESN’T GET EFFECTED BY MASTERY. Venthyr also provides Door of Shadows which allows you to teleport somewhere after a 1.5 second channel up to 35 yards away. This is only good if we can skip or dodge something we couldn’t already with transcendence, the teleport we already have.


Since we have entered beta officially, and Ion just asked for more feedback in his most recent interview with Preach, I wanted to list the numerous bugs and flat out non-working aspects of Mistweaver I’ve come across in alpha/beta, since it makes the spec not really worth testing until they are fixed.

  1. Chiji Talent was literally just copy pasted code of Way of the Crane—Still 15s, and still costs 25% mana despite what the new tooltip says. Oh btw, WotC is still an option as a pvp talent lol. Chiji’s damage doesnt contribute to Chiji healing…like why? This feels so non-synergistic its laughable, theyre part of the same talent!!

  2. There are no healing spheres from any ability there is supposed to be based on what we saw back at blizzcon. Expel harm cost more mana than a vivify for an actual fraction of the healing. Nothing that affects Yulon (which is just reskinned old Chiji) translates to affecting Chiji when talented (Jade Bond soul bind, etc)

  3. NONE of our borrowed power abilities and systems interact with our mastery, while for some reason all seeming to, well, try to do something with our mastery? It makes no sense and feels extremely clunky.

  4. Legendaries aren’t implemented yet, but from the looks of it they will be soon based on the tweets of one designer.

The state of the spec is in such stark contrast compared to, say, disc priests, whose covenant abilities not only work with their atonement AND mastery, but shadow legendaries work for them as well. REALLY hoping we get a blue post or something soon because the spec absolutely can’t go live in its current state.