FEEDBACK: Monk Class Changes

Touch of Death works fine now! THANKS!

  • “/cancelaura roll” still does not work… is this intended?
  • Jade statue only channels for 6 seconds at a time… this will have a hugely negative impact in pvp.

Just time for my daily Brewmaster update:

On paper, Kyrian should be a good covenant for Brewmaster. In reality, Weapons of Order is awful.

In an ideal world, Brewmaster would have 0% haste, as Keg Smash is the only thing we have that meaningfully scales on haste (RJW has 100% uptime @ 0% haste, and Purifying Brew CD just isn’t worth getting haste for). At 0% haste, you can’t stack the Weapons of Order debuff (8s CD on keg smash, 8s duration). While yes, if you run Stormstout’s (and we all will) you can “solve” this problem by selectively burning your second charge of Keg Smash (holding until there’s only 1s left on the debuff), this makes Weapons of Order nearly useless while leveling and continues to force us into this single legendary: it’s already like other legendaries don’t exist, why continue to force us into this one? This follows a trend of basically brutalizing brewmasters into a “chosen one” build where there is ONE good build for Brewmaster for ALL scenarios and if you don’t pick, you’re wrong.

Also speaking of Weapons of Order, it needs some love to be competitive with Bonedust Brew. Weapons of Order, because of its damage largely coming from being a debuff on a target, requires your target(s) to be alive for 30s to get full value out of it. This is a bizarre implementation as it limits the content Weapons of Order feels good in, though it doesn’t actually change anything, it’s largely just a tax in lower-level/lower difficulty content.

Suggested Changes:

  • debuff is turned into a buff that increases the monk’s damage with a 10s refresh timer. This should be fine, considering the debuff is already intended to be spread (it’s on keg smash after all)
  • Though covered above, the 10s timer allows this to be usable without stacking a dead stat or being forced into Stortmstout’s Last Keg

I’m pretty sure even with these changes Weapons of Order lags behind Bonedust Brew, but these changes would make it at least more competitive and take away the weird tax on low-level/low-difficulty content Weapons of Order currently has for Brewmaster. It already requires prep work in needing to burn Keg Smash before you should activate it; the current implementation puts in you a situation where you have to delay celestial brew (potentially) to not drop the debuff.


Jade statue’s duration changes based off your haste so the more haste = shorter channel
The healing is also higher than it was before

That’s not really what I’m referring to here. The duration of the statue channel lasts around 25 seconds while the duration on beta is 7.5 seconds. This has a big impact because it’s an important heal during CC chains in pvp.

It does appear to heal for a bit more than on live though.

Life Cocoon often doesn’t prevent damage in PVP. I frequently use it, only to see my target die immediately without the cocoon absorbing anything.

Hello, Monks! We have a slate of changes and updates in this week’s Beta build.


  • Energizing Elixir has been removed from the global cooldown.
  • Spinning Crane Kick’s damage is now increased by up to 6 unique targets (was 5) struck by Tiger Palm, Blackout Kick, or Rising Sun Kick, up to 60% damage (was 50% damage).
  • Haste now affects the periodic of Crackling Tiger Lightning.
  • Weapons of Order has been redesigned for Windwalker Monks. Now, for the next 30 seconds, your Mastery is increased by 13%. Additionally, Rising Sun Kick reduces Chi costs by 1 for 5 seconds, and Blackout Kick reduces the cooldown of affected abilities by an additional 1 second.
  • Faeline Stomp now deals Nature damage (or heals if Mistweaver) to targets in front of the Monk when cast and continues to deal additional damage to targets caught in the Faelines.

Bug Fixes

  • Fixed a bug where Rising Sun Kick and Whirling Dragon Punch were not contributing to Xuen’s Empowered Lightning.
  • Rising Sun Kick Rank 2 has been restored and increases the damage of Rising Sun Kick by 70%.

Works in Progress

We’re aware of balance concerns Windwalker Monks have about dual wield and 2 handed weapons. We’re considering different options to address the problem, and we’ll have more to share in the future. We’re also aware of many bugs related to Storm, Earth and Fire, particularly in relation to other spells. We’re making every effort to improve the reliability of this ability.


Any PvP talent changes coming in? I know Pressure Points in particular does not work with the new redesigned ToD.


Blue post at 666 posts…

Also, will there be any changes to the concerns Mistweavers have like bonedust brew cleave?


Wow, these are some pretty awesome changes! I’m still concerned about the resource cost issues for Weapons of Order for Windwalker, but the additional CD reduction on Blackout Kick is great. Absolutely love the Faeline Stomp change as well, it always seemed weird it didn’t do anything more than offer refreshes while staying around for 30 seconds. Hopefully it stacks up the damage if you can get multiple refreshes instead of just using the damage the first one is doing.

Now that we’ve gotten this, can we please have Celestial Brew off the GCD as well? It’s really painful having a defensive tanking spell interfering with our rotation and it doesn’t seem to line up at all with Brewmaster’s other defensive CDs or the new mindset with important CDs going forwards. Having Niuzao off the GCD would be great too, since it’s largely an offensive CD and should be treated with the same weight as the other offensive CDs.


This X10000!


Thank you for the updates! I like the changes


I’m glad to see WW has gotten a pass over. Any plans for MW as well?


Cool changes. Can we get a bug fix to fists of fury keeping players in combat after you’re no longer in combat? I dusted off my WW monk and realized this is a HUGE pain point while doing visions.


some rly good changes there, interested to see the Faeline Stomp one. Still sad to see our talents don’t seem to get touched upon at all. And agreeing with Zisho, Celestial Brew doesn’t belong on the gcd.

also, team #deleteSEF


That is a spicy good question. I’d like an answer to this Mr blue!

Can we just delete the ability? It would 100% solve the problems.
Its the ez way! We monks are easy people. We like to punch and kick enemies SUPER HARD IN THE FACE! Can we move from the zoomonk fantasy?


Are you also aware of the balance concerns Mistweaver Monks have about their entire spec’s existence?


Yes , please fix bone dust brew ??? Raid testing is coming Friday , and I would like to see how it compares to other covenants without it being broken the entire beta cycle . I love you blizz , plz fix this


please clarify if mistweaver fae stomp deals damage to enemies… or now ONLY heals allies.


TBH, I would prefer it damage and heal for all 3 specs.


Mistweavers generally competes with Resto Druid/Holy Priest for the “throughput” slot of a raid. As it stands now there is zero reason to bring a MW/HP over a RDruid, and there’s far more reason to bring a holy priest over a MW.

Despite the amount of throughput a MW has, no one will ever say “Boy, we need a MW for their throughput for this fight” They don’t have the raid cooldowns/DR/strong abilities that are brought by a Shaman, Paladin, Disc Priest, and despite all of their weaknesses that those specs have, their throughput and CDs like Revival/Life Cocoon do not make up for it. Despite those healers maybe not having as much pure healing throughput, they have more than enough to deal with any encounter, and come with the benefit of CDs.

Basically, they’re in a very bad spot, but you would never think it considering the utter lack of changes 5 weeks before expansion release.