Feedback: Love hate situation with my Rogue

So where to begin with this I’ve played a rogue since the Wrath of the Lich King. I fell in love with the class fantasy and I still am to this day ! …But Rogus have just become increasingly more complicated to play compared to other classes like Frost Mage, Warrior, Paladin, Monk, Demon Hunter and Hunters the sheer volume of abilities and cooldowns that require keybinds. Just the defensive abilities alone are 4 keybinds faint ,evasion ,cloak of Shadows, Crimson vial . if you want to go PVP you best add smoke bomb and dismantle to that as well .You want to CC Target you’re going to need another 4 keybinds .The rotation is completely unforgiving active DPS abilities are required to be stacked with passive DPS Buff’s well you are managing 2 resources if you make one mistake your DPS is tanked.( All Rogue specs have 27 Baseline abilities ) and that’s not even adding any of the different specs abilities
( assassination 8 abilities )
( Outlaw 7 abilities)
( sub 9 abilities )
That’s only presuming you don’t take a talent that adds yet another ability. It has gotten so bad that I have actually seriously looked at foot controls .
So what’s the point of this big whiny mess that I’ve just typed out ? I know blizzard is looking at streamlining raids and making them less complicated maybe we can streamline some of the classes as well ? do rogues need 2 different stuns three different incapacitates Sap ,Blind ,Gouge ?
I know some people are going to hate this that’s okay I’m just looking to have a conversation about it the best conversations of my life have started with a difference of opinion.


Yes rogues need all of it. Just get Opie.

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not sure what that supposed to mean in the Urban Dictionary definition would be questionable

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Opie is an addon. Lets you bind multiple abilities to one button and select with mouse movement.

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that is definitely a pretty cool looking addon . that’s kind of why I originally started this thread in the first place .if the classes and the abilities have become so complex that you have to create an addon such as this just to play the game !! maybe just maybe the game is becoming way too bloated over the years .

I’m positive I’m not the only guy playing a rogue that Wishes they didn’t have to have so many key bindings


I’ve used an MMO mouse (with 12 buttons on the side) since TBC. You can mousebind and keybind everything with standard presses and also using shift, ctrl, alt and combinations of those modifiers.

I’ve done this for every spec. The game is a lot more homogenous that it seems until you do this. Mobility, interrupt, ranged on melee, AOE, “oh sht!” buttons etc. – all bound to the same keys and mouse buttons. Those sort of “ability archetypes”.

Do this and you can drop the UI while you play if you want.

Stop trying to dumb down an already stupid experience. This game is a semi-enjoyable way to waste time. It doesn’t need to be boring on top of it.


The problem isnt the keybinds. Its the fact that youre not using half these abilities half the time. Each one still has a purpose and they should not he removed because players dont feel like finding a solution to keybinds. Its an MMO ffs. Youre gonna have buttons to press.

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I disagree because I shouldn’t have to have 10 fingers on one hand and a master’s degree in the mathematics play a character that sneaks through the night and stabs people in the back. I’m also willing to admit that my brain may have just become too smooth to play up the class I love anymore .

I’m not suggesting we get rid of abilities I’m suggesting that we simplify the suspect maybe combined abilities like kidney shot and cheap shot


No thank you. Most players manage just fine. Ive given you a solution and youve ignored it. Your refusals and failures are your own and arent an indication of any other players skill or lack thereof.


well that’s the point isn’t it you want a more complicated game I want a simpler game and a more forgiving DPS rotation . hopefully there’s something in the middle Maybe.

I don’t necessarily want a more complicated game, I just don’t want this to change. You can’t combine cheapshot and KS because both might be used within seconds of each other during shadowdance etc.

Just play a BM hunter.


the point is Rogue abilities have become bloated overtime depending on which spec you’re playing you have between 34 and 36 abilities some used in stealth some use out of stealth. I play multiple characters including a BM Hunter, survival Hunter ,Warrior and Demon Hunter all geared above 275 but my rogue is the character I love the most. I have gotten Cutting Edge my guild went five out of 10 this raid .but let’s face it the balancing between the three specks has always been out of whack maybe the problem for me is assassination just hasn’t been particularly viable in the last couple expansions

Sub and Outlaw have 28 abilities. Sin has 1 less at 27. Half of which are defensives, situational utility, or buffs/Cds that can be macroed to other abilities. Its not as much as youre making it out to be.

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well when you say (manage just fine) when I hear that it applies to me that there is room for improvement managing just fine isn’t excelling it’s getting by. I would be curious to know what abilities you’re using with Opie how you have it setup . what abilities are you using with it and how many key bindings do you think you free up ?

Yeah. They could improving it by embedding opie into the game. On Opie i put the the situational utility. Blind, Tricks, Distract, Shroud, Engineer belt and Cov Utility on one keybind. Any health items and dps potions on another. I have the option for more if id like but macros already save a lot of button space.

Fortunately, Dragonflight will provide a way to avoid many active abilities in the way the talent trees are set up. There will be options to have a less complex play-style.


As someone who has also mained Rogue since Wrath, I can see how all our buttons would be off-putting to new people, or even to people who may want to switch mains. I’m used to it and I think I’ve pretty much got it down. But it’s probably the reason why we’re the least played class by a large margin. You’d think such complicated rotations (in comparison to other classes) would mean we’d do pretty well. But as an Assassin Rogue, and Blizzard ignoring us the entire xpac. I’ll be spending season 4 as a Veng Demon Hunter. I’ll probably play my Rogue still because I love my Rogue and whenever I’ve tried something new I always came back. I’m just tired of playing the best I can, but still doing the worst. Only blizzard of today could make me not want to play my favorite class/spec.

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I couldn’t agree with you more. I started playing this game shortly after aq40 gates open I probably had 4 level 60 alts one of them being a rogue by the time burning Crusade started rogue became my main somewhere near the end of BC . it’s been my main ever since I still call it my main even though I don’t raid Mythic on it anymore . I think for me if the rotation was just a little bit more forgiving I be able to play it at a high level again but as it is right now my brain is just a little too smooth !!! hopefully dragonflight will fix some of these issues for me . to play a class for 14 years and then have to stop is frustrating . maybe I’m just getting old lol


i recently came back to my rouge and i’m having so much fun

it is fun !!! playing at a high level is where the cracks start to form for me via Mythic plus raid or even PVP too many keybinds in an unforgiving rotation