FEEDBACK: LFR Wing 1 - Ephemeral Plains

Please use this thread for feedback and bug reports regarding this encounter, or related issues. Noting the nature of your group (Mythic guild premade, PUG, etc.) is helpful, as are any logs. Thank you to everyone who has come out to help test!

Before you go home for the day, you might want to change the damage on the core detonate from 4% back to 20% so we can actually defeat the Vigilant Guardian and test the other bosses this weekend :slight_smile:

Same thing cores only doing 4% of bosses HP instead of 20% so impossible.

We have a hotfix in the works for the core damage issue on Vigilant Guardian. Thanks for your patience!

At the moment, you can pull Xy’mox out of his arena, negating all his ring attacks, and breaking the fight.

Artificer also goes immune at 30ish% and just spams rings. So you can’t kill him atm, cause no adds are spawning.

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At the moment, Xy’mox is unkillable due to immune bug, so I’ll review the whole thing except Halondrus who we couldn’t pull because of said bug.

First off, let me say that the color scheme for mechanics gets really annoying. In CN there were too many blood red mechanics, in SoD there were too many black/grey mechanics, and in Sep, there are too many gold/light mechanics. This was especially apparent on Vigilant Guardian and Artificer. Artificer especially, it was really easy to confuse the portal and traps and the random void zones shot from the ships. At one point in time rings, void zones, portals, and traps are all happening, and all the colors are the same. That’s just bad design.

Trash - Overall a good amount of trash between bosses. Wasn’t maddeningly long unlike the first LFR wing, so well done.

Vigilant Guardian - Pretty boring fight. Feels like it’s missing one or two dodgable mechanics, so it really feels like a glorified trash fight that’s annoying and long (especially p1). Everything worked well once the orb bug was fixed

Artificer - Great fight. Unfortunately bugged so you can’t kill it because he goes immune at 30ish% and you’re stuck, but the rest of the mechanics were working well. Not quite as fun or impressive as his fight in CN, but it’s also earlier in the raid, so it makes sense that it’s a simpler more boring fight. Nice job.

Skolex - Too boring for ranged. I’d add one or two random void zones that spawn all over melee to RNG spawn onto ranged to occasionally give them something to dodge, otherwise it is zzzzzzfest for ranged on this fight. It is cool that the boss ramps up over time, but the beginning is too long and boring.

Couldn’t test Halondrus, so yeah.

Apologies for the issue with Xy’mox. We haven’t seen this behavior in testing and are currently unable to reproduce it internally, but we’re looking into potential causes and will attempt to get a fix in before the weekend if possible.

I’m not sure how our group pulled him out of his arena, but perhaps that’s the way he ended up broken and unkillable? After we wiped the first time, we fought him in his arena, but he still ended up immuning at 30ish% with no adds to kill to break immune.

Just joined another group for their first pull on Artificer, and he immuned at 30ish% with no adds to kill as well. As of now, this fight is unkillable on LFR on ptr

We believe we’ve identified the issue that could cause Xy’mox to become unkillable, and have applied a hotfix. Please let us know if you encounter any further issues.

Thanks for your patience!

I was able to test all the bosses in the wing a few times. With the first encounter, there’s a lot going on, but nothing feels important except for exposed core, not necessarily a bad thing to only have one fatal mechanic in LFR but the only mechanics that people responded to are orbs to boss and get to defensive mech on exposed core. The fight isn’t my favorite, but generally I’m not fond of very add heavy fights, feels like there isn’t a boss, but that’s just me.

Skolex, now I think this boss is actually perfect for LFR currently, you have a couple of mechanics that are very readable. The stacks are manageable if you don’t cleanse but it’s certainly punishing. I didn’t really get the impression the boss was getting stronger through Insatiable but perhaps we just killed it quickly, the health did seem a bit low on this boss. Also the Dungeon Journal has incorrect links in the overview section. Ravening Burrow links to Dust Blast, as does Riftmaw.

Artificer Xy’mox feels pretty good, although I think the rings may be a bit wide, several times I jumped through after the ring animation had gone over the portal, and was killed upon exit although I wasn’t in the ring, could have been a discrepancy between my comp and server though. I would recommend having a more clear animation for when the portals will take you through. As it is, it’s a bit abstract and you want to be by the portal ready to jump in, but inadvertently go in early because you were too close. The Acolyte add also I think could use a bit more health in comparison to the others, most energy the acolyte got in any of my 15 pulls over 3 kills was 35 energy, and usually it was dead by 20.

Halondrus is a good fight, it was the most challenging for the groups I was in, generally failing the orb soaks, I don’t think that’s bad though. This fight was the best of the four for me, great job. I appreciate that you can’t push the boss without dealing with the pylons, I think it’s good to not be able to skip mechanics.

Ephemeral Plains?