Feedback: Leatherworking

In this thread, please post your thoughts and feedback on updates to the Leatherworking profession in the Dragonflight alpha.


A few initial thoughts:

  1. Nice that LW has been given bows to round out the profession, but they have less skills available to support them in the specialist trees than weapons created by blacksmiths. With less total crafting skill and inspiration for such crafts (plus the best LW racial only giving +5 skill) I would question whether it would be viable to focus that path (the only end game bows that will sell consistently will be the rank 5 epics).
  2. In terms of the ‘primordial leatherworking’ specialty it wasn’t clear what crafts belonged to each sub skill (elemental, decay, bestial) - would help to have these flagged in the learned/unlearned rec list to help inform decision making. Also investment in these trees only makes sense if new recs for each sub spec will be rolled out each patch (and those recs being / continuing to be viable crafts for end game players).
  3. I could equip 2 ‘leatherworker’s smock’ concurrently - not sure if this is intended behaviour or the crafting gear should be unique equipped?
  4. Referencing comments made on the general crafting forum crafters will be at the mercy of bliz in terms of the roll out of legendary items or other systems in subsequent patches which ‘reserve’ a gear slot for optimal play - unless we know what is coming it seems better to either focus on generalist skills or bank skills rather than focusing in too narrowly on a niche path.
  5. In terms of impact for skill points invested it seems like: crafting skill >>> inspiration > resourcefulness > multicrafting. Potentially worth considering giving more gain per point of stats other than crafting skill to make them worth taking until the rest of the trees are maxed out.

Leveling LW, it feels like we’ve got a few stretches where we’re really limited in what is available to gain skill. Starting at 50, the best way to get skill increases seems to be making Profession Equipment, which is all BoP and can’t be sold to a vendor. After 75, every recipe that gives a guaranteed skill increase uses at minimum 30 Primal Chaos and one Spark of Ingenuity. Now, without context for what Primal Chaos or Sparks of Ingenuity are going to be like in the wild, that feels like it might be an overly expensive or overly time consuming prospect to level to 100, considering both objects are currently zero price (but purple) from the reagent vendor.


After the recent patch, nothing you learn from “Dragon Isles Leatherworking” is even usable at 60. The Resilient/Adamant craftable gear requires 61, as does every piece of Profession Equipment. Certainly doesn’t feel good not to be able to use the starter greens you get for choosing the profession until you probably won’t need them anymore.


Can we possibly get a Leatherworking specific set of drums (That only Leatherworkers can use) that give a full Bloodlust effect? Either that, or just un-nerf the normal drums.

Engineers get a battle rez, I don’t understand why drums are still 15%. It was an awful change in Shadowlands, and I really hope it doesn’t carry forward.


Anyone know where bloodwaxes scales/hide got moved to? My old characters had the recipe but now the pattern seems to have been moved.

What is even happening with LW in this build? I don’t see a way to learn Bloodsoaked Hide or Scales currently, and these seem to be required to level LW to max.

It could be a bit more intuitive regarding how to level up and gather the right skins, etc. Its pretty uninformative and if you could, for example, talk to a Leatherworking trainer and have some sort of extra screen to have the new system explained, it would be a big help.

As this pertains to beta experiance.

Great you can start both skinning and lether wirking in the beging stage of the xpac.

The bad gathering items for skining is difficult I went through first zone and without being able to craft one item due to items not dropping. I even went around the world as soon as i got dragonriding and grabbed all the flight piont i could. despite skinning dif animals only two items that dropped were adanmant scales the eventual resilient leather. The big problem is you need cacepose thunder scale non found, rock fang leather 1 found, windsong plumage 1 found drop of only one animal.

Point is im now level 63 and have only been able to craft 2 items which mean leather working is now at 2/100. This discuraging im okay with drop being harder at higher levels but not even being able raise crafting at least up level 10 by time your level 63 is not good

Adamant Scale vest and bracers should only require adamant scales (nothing else) at least for at least for one of those two items so you can a least level to 15

Update: 09/24 new character with skinning and leather. looks like new update made skinning and leather working a little better to level. I was able to get to 7 at least by level 62 compared to barley making 5 by level 67.

Stixs - the slow pacing is not limited to leatherworking, and at this stage it looks to be design intent. For gathering professions, I expect people will easily be able to max out to 100 in a day (albeit with specialisation trees which will not be capped out for months if not years), but for crafting professions I would realistically expect most non-goblins to be able to get to ~40 in the first week and somewhere in the order of 50-65 in the first month. Most probably wont be able to pass 80 until new recs are released in 10.1 or the mat imbalance is addressed by either increasing gathering rates or decreasing amounts of awakened required in the mid-range crafting.

Mats (especially the awakened variants) are going to be in short supply until gatherers get deep into their specialisation trees and I would expect the hardcore crafters to be snapping them up as soon as they are listed, which basically blocks everyone else from progressing at anything more than a trickle.

One trick I used when testing skinning on alpha was staying in the starter zone and just skinning proto-drakes till I hit 100 skill (doesn’t take long with the number of people running around killing them). That will let you unlock each of the skinning specialisation tabs which will increase the rate you get ‘rare’ materials and allow you to start pushing LW upwards.

So this is about skinning related to LW as LW requires a lot of materials to level. Basically either the rates of the uncommon/rare skinning materials “needs” to go up or halve the required materials for crafts. This is prior to awakened stuff mentioned just before me.

Even this low skill level(31 currently) its just extremely slow process to get a single point. This is largely cause there is simply no mats on AH really to even buy to test the crafting with and this has resulted in me spending hours on skinning mobs. I got enough mats to go to 35-40 skill level in my bags but this is just too slow progress for your average player, I would prefer it being faster myself but Im bit of an grinder and Ill deal with it even if were to go live like this.

asking for too many mats for low leveling items.

So I would like to give feedback on the updated way you get mettles when you gain knowledge and it being 5 per knowledge. This makes Essence of Tyr vs Wisp of Tyr an actual choice(I could make more than 1 wisp last I checked) - Essences cost more but you also dont have tot hrow points on things you dont want to if crafting armor is what you want to do. Meanwhile Wisps are cheaper but you have to take a "detour"outside armor crafting, which is fine, its not like the stuff you get on the way is useless.

There is plenty of recipes I cant seem to figure out where to get though, wondering if LW has lot to implement still or if I am just missing something?

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I have 100 in Dragon Isles Skinning and 4 points in Tanning spec, yet green-quality reagents still seem to only drop about once every 30 or so mobs skinned at best. Given that even the most basic beginning LW patterns require 2 green-quality reagents to make, I don’t see how anyone can skin enough to begin levelling their LW (i.e. get to even 5 or 10 skill, let alone their first specialisation) while levelling their character.

I feel like either there should be beginning patterns which don’t require green reagents or the drop rate of green reagents should be significantly increased once you get your base Skinning skill up a bit.

Crafting needs to be accessible at the beginning levels of skill, because hitting a wall once you’re ~15 points in (more than halfway to your first specialisation!) feels like a barrier to overcome, which will encourage people to push through, but hitting a wall at <5 points because you only got enough reagents while levelling to 70 to make two or three things will just turn most people off. You’ve got to get us far enough in to be invested before making it a slog is what I’m saying.

I have 14 points in skinning, all in tanning, and I get 1 green every 5-10 mobs I skin roughly. I do however also have some profession gear, which helps things. That being said there is also the if you are skinning right mobs. Not all types of animals can give a green mat, potentially a problem but skinning mammoths(magmammoths drop green though) or bears do not not any greens for example.

Id say while greens are a problem, they arent that big of a problem if you know where everything is for most parts. The blue mats however only drop from elites or rares currently, which is a big problem for getting LW beyond early levels.

If I had taken right specialization path or if I havent progressed “too early” I`d have 100 LW currently but essentially I am mettle starved because I got 1 per things before the latest changes after which they kinda throw the stuff at you. And I went trough specilization path, which would require Essences of Tyr, not Wisps, to upgrade my LW skill.

However the real roadbloack in LW(and all professions) will be the rousing/awakened elemental things. They are far too painful to grind out in bulk currently and if you want to do useful crafts, you need them in bulk.

Point of this message was to let you know the early progress, while feeling like slog, really isnt anything of the kind compared to whats to come. Which in turn mean the LW and profession progress in general is just too painful and should be adjusted. And hopefully blizz devs least consider it :).

Approaching level 64, been skinning since I started levelling through the Dragon Isles, so far at about 45 /100 , as yet though Leatherworking remains at 0. For 9 expansions I’ve been levelling crafts as I levelled, so far this expansion, it hasn’t been happening. While I am all for making professions better at end level and more useful, the journey there shouldn’t be painful.