Feedback: Lady Ashvane


Please use this thread for feedback and bug reports regarding this encounter, or related issues. Noting the nature of your group (Mythic guild premade, PUG, etc.) is helpful, as are any logs. Thank you to everyone who has come out to help test!

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Group of 9/9M + 2/2M players, all using Discord.

Logs here: /reports/4gYrd3wTXCLVaPmD/#fight=17&type=damage-taken&ability=296688

One major issue we came across was the small Rippling Waves were doing 80k average hits, instead of the listed 23K damage. We think this was the mythic mechanic of the Rippling Waves being empowered.

Outside of that, after we broke the shield the first time and she reached 100 energy, she regained the energy. The only issue was the 2nd shield was 50M absorb, compared to the initial absorb being only ~22M.


It seemed to me the numbers listed in the journal for both fights were off. Either the numbers were indeed overtuned to Mythic level / more people, or the journal just wasn’t updating correctly.


11/11M Titanslayer here and I have to say when we tried out this raid, Barnacle Bash was acting funny. Every time Ashvane used that ability, the tank goit too much extra damage taken even though we used the goitercycle between both of our tanks (MONK-MONK). I think something is wrong with the percentages.


Pug Group ~20, half on discord.

Logs: reports/3DJjGt4xHv8qaYXF

The amount of damage from the small Rippling waves were about 80k, which was much higher than expected/noted.

In addition, the coral spawn points the randomness can really put you in a tight pinch. Though this may become mute the more damage that is done.


9/9M guild group with a couple of DPS pugs. As others have said, Rippling wave damage seems too high, not sure if the numbers are set to mythic version or not.

Everything else seemed to be fine, although if some players trapped in bubbles got unlucky and had an upswirl spawn on them, they were pretty much dead. Maybe a slight reduction in bubble health needed?

We were able to get to Phase 2 , and the damage seemed fine there.

Lust was not resetting between wipes, making it a little bit harder.


Mix of mythic raiders, everyone in discord.
Major CD’s not reseting, some bubbles doing more damange than the journal says, waves seem to have larger hitboxes than normal.


You guys messed up your testing on this boss, so please bring her back without the bugs. Lust and cooldowns weren’t resetting properly. Eventually we progressed beyond wiping a minute in and when pulls began lasting more than 2 minutes everything eventually was back up for the next pull which was super helpful. Lust felt pretty much required in order to push p2 within 3 sets of bubbles, 4 being unhealable, so if that’s not how lust is intended to be used, please consider adjusting the numbers.

One way we dealt with swirls hitting bubbles was stacking them, and linking the 2nd set. We had similar issues to others but we treated this fight like Mother and loaded up healing cd. We thought coral spawns could be super rng but as we progressed we learned to adjust and figured out how to make it work to our advantage.

We used minor healing cds to cover the first set of bubbles, we loaded up a bunch of cds, stacked on the encase bubbles, hit link and aura and revival and just popped the 2nd set of bubbles almost all at once.

The third set was rough and I think you need to change swirls from spawning under encased bubble people as it encourages stacking double resto shaman and gives too much value to link which is already an exceedingly strong cd. We used whatever cds we had left, used them here, awesome place for barrier/darkness, and survived this. If we didn’t lose anyone we pushed easily on attempts when lust and cooldowns were resetting properly (they weren’t after you guys spawned Ashvane) but we managed to break the barrier and enter p2.

For anyone who moved on in the fight, the bubbles still spawn although you gain the ability to clear coral. Failing to clear coral plus soaking or failing to soak bubbles will result in almost instant raid wipe or her gaining a massive shield again. I think people falsely interpret what constitutes bad coral placement and once we reach p2 and have to clear it, we will instead desire clumped coral to spread coral. Yeah P1 feels slightly more uncomfortable but p2 has the potential to be so much worse.

Numbers probably need adjusting.